Think it's hard to laugh at terrorists forcing teenagers to kill each other? [[BlackComedy Think again.]]

[[folder: v 1 ]]

* Gabrielle Minase's death post being a simple "And then Gabrielle died of AIDS." This however was retconned by him being accidentally shot by Daisuke. This was also parodied in future versions.
* The terrorists Kaige, [=McLocke=], and Rice read a FanFic of contestants Jacob Starr and Uriel out loud. While the mic to the island was turned on.


[[folder: v 2 ]]

* Mitch Gunther's naïvety while on the island. It's... [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} memorable.]] Not to mention he has a CloudcuckoolandersMinder in Cathalie Meguro, who gets exasperated with it.
--->'''Mitch:''' "Dog eat dog. [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Dogs don't eat dogs, they eat birds and cats and Kibblebits if they have a family.]] Those words are silly. But I would have gotten that right if that silly glasses boy hadn't answered before me. Yes, I would have gotten it right."
* [[ A troll profile of Jim Greynold's pet penguin was submitted.]] The concept of Greynolds, a member of [[CoDragons The Big Four]], having a pet penguin is ridiculous enough on its own, but then you sit down and read it.
--> '''Hobbies and Interests:''' He is a penguin so he naturally enjoys penguin hobbies such as eating fish and of course swimming in cold water. He also has a natural affinity to cold things, so he'll hover about the refrigerator or freezer at times as well.


[[folder: v 3 ]]

* [[ Carson Baye's death.]] He stops to take a bathroom break... in a danger zone. This leads to him attempting to run like hell with his pants around his ankles, quoting ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}''.
* Also from v3, look in [[ The Pretender]], in which local looney tune Wade Wilson ([[{{Deadpool}} Not THAT Wade Wilson.]]) [[NoFourthWall has a conversation with the narrator]] before slaughtering five students. Hell, the said slaughtering is pretty funny [[BlackComedy in its own way,]] whether or not the handler intended it.


[[folder: v 4 ]]

* The entirety of [[ClusterFBomb Jimmy Brennan's]] [[ rapid descent into madness]]. It's an exercise in [[CrossesTheLineTwice crossing the line multiple times]].
* [[ Punch the fucking horse]].
* Richard Han's death starts out with him [[ attempting to climb down a mountain]] after losing the rest of his group. He slips and falls, screaming. He then enters a [[ different thread]], apparently still screaming until he hits the ground. It really must be seen to be believed.


[[folder: V 5 ]]

* The death of Tessa Blackridge, who challenges the GrimReaper to a game of Go Fish. Said Grim Reaper bears more than a passing resemblance to the one from Discworld.
* From V5 endgame: [[spoiler: Amaranta Montalvo is the last surviving student. When terrorists Sonia Nguyen and Cecily Lacoste come to pick her up, Cecily insults Mara. How does Mara respond? By planting a big kiss on Cecily's face.]]


[[folder: V 6 ]]

* In a very BlackHumor sort of way, Astrid Tate attempting to shoot Penelope Fitzgerald after the latter gives her a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech for planning to kill. Penelope demands that Astrid kill her if she's so determined to play, and Astrid ''attempts'' to do so, complete with a one-liner about how WeUsedToBeFriends... [[spoiler:only for the both of them to discover that the gun is fake when Astrid pulls the trigger. Penelope is understandably not pleased.]]
* The death of Jerry Fury, who initiates a confrontation with one of his allies and then [[spoiler:unceremoniously gets run over by another student driving a salvaged Jeep, in an almost literal ShockingSwerve.]]
* Noah Whitley's entire story both before the game and during the game could be said to be one of these, with a constant drip feed of good humor even during more serious moments. [[spoiler:Even his death manages to get one last good joke in, with his drag queen persona mentioning being "out of a job".]] The aftermath of his story, however, [[TearJerker is definitely not one of these]].
* The [[DevelopingDoomedCharacters pregame]] thread [[ My Friends Are Assholes]], just on premise alone. It starts with Darius Van Dyke gathering a group of students to find out who stole his Nintendo 3DS at a party. Said group includes [[SadClown Fiyori Senay]], [[DeadpanSnarker Jeremy Frasier]], [[TheGadfly Bradley Floyd]], and [[AttentionWhore Caedyn Miller]]. With Darius' [[SmallNameBigEgo own mentality]], this goes about as well as you'd expect. The entire thing is so absurd and humorous. In case you're wondering, [[spoiler:Fiyori took it. It's even referenced later [[ when she finds Darius' corpse]].]]