!! Pre-Crisis

* The MemeticMutation of Brainiac 5 creating a Supergirl robot to be a girlfriend in his sleep. It is both hilarious, creepy, and a wonderful example of [[UsefulNotes/TheSilverAgeOfComicBooks Silver Age]] nuttery.
* The inherent awesome silliness of Streaky the Supercat. The cat who gains super-intelligence and powers due to a magical marble.

!! Post-Crisis

* When the Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El tries to visit the Post-Crisis continuity and ends up getting confused at how reality works so differently. For example, trying (and failing) to push the Earth out of the way of an asteroid versus trying to move the asteroid (which the Justice League is taking care of anyway).
* Linda Danvers, in order to save the Pre-Crisis Supergirl's life, goes back in time to the Pre-Crisis universe and attempts to bluff Superman into believing she's his cousin. Her attempts to make up a story explaining how she's younger than him but from Krypton are a combination of BlatantLies and EpicFail. Made doubly funny for the ContinuityNod and GeniusBonus of being Supergirl's legitimate Pre-Crisis origins (which just SOUND like an {{Asspull}}) when said aloud). Superman pretends to be fooled, only to point out, years later, her costume is made of cotton and other Earth fabrics plus the fact he could tell she was not Kryptonian at a glance due to the whole super-senses thing.
** It becomes a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming when the Pre-Crisis Superman chooses to reveal he fell in love with her anyway.

!!Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade

* Kara's frequent daydreams about being "Moon Supergirl."
* Issue Three
** A meteorite crashes into the school and most of the students get superpowers, but those who don't are put into a remedial class where they're taught, as normal people, their existence is meaningless. Kara gets out of the class to answer a distress call by pretending some "invisible superhero" is manhandling her to cover her flying. As Kara is taken away "to her doom," Lena proclaims "I WILL AVENGE YOU!" Bonus points for their teacher clearly not giving a shit.
** Supergirl tries to give herself the power to time travel to go back and stop the meteorite from hitting the school, but because she doesn't know what powers the fragment will give her, fears at one point she'll be turned into cheese. "I'm too delicious to live!"
* Issue Four
** When Lena discovers that Linda is Supergirl, Linda briefly envisions a scene where Lena happily becomes Supergirl's sidekick and they join forces to fight crime in "The Supermobile." Lena's real answer is less than encouraging.
--->'''Lena Thorul''': Are you INSANE?!
--->'''Supergirl''': It was just a thought...
** Streaky punches Belinda through a wall, and the following exchange occurs:
--->'''Belinda Zee''': Did the cat just punch me?!
--->'''Supergirl''' (''Chasing after Streaky''): Bad kitten! Stop being evil!
--->'''Belinda Zee''': [[FlatWhat Hunh]].
--->'''Lena Thorul''' (''Chasing after Supergirl''): REVENGE!
--->'''Belinda Zee''': Okay then. As long as we're all on the same page.
** Belinda getting mauled by Streaky, plus the fact that Supergirl and Lena either don't notice or don't care.
* Issue Five
** In the midst of Belinda's chaotic rampage in the fifth issue, she sees Supragirl (Kara's doppelganger from another timeline) and accuses of her of thinking she's better than everyone else, and imagines herself as an arrogant little angel prancing through the sky on a magic flying horse. Cue Supergirl crashing into a building on Comet the Super-Horse's back. Belinda's only response is she wasn't being serious.
--->'''Supergirl''': Ah... hey guys. So, uh... what's going on?
--->'''Belinda Zee''': I was trying to give a big villainous speech, but apparently you're too busy [[ItMakesSenseInContext being two people and having a horse to let me do that.]]
** Lena's unhinged declaration that if anyone is going to subjugate the student body, it's gonna be ''her''.
* Issue Six
** Even being turned into a statue can't stop Belinda's snarkiness. And better yet, Supergirl realizes she can hear all of Belinda's thoughts inside her head... and promptly expresses how creepy that is.
** When an insane Lena shows up again, Supergirl drops Belinda on the ground.
--->'''Superior Girl''': ''Yeah I'm'' fine ''guys. Just been turned into a blue crystal statue. Been through'' horrible emotional turmoil. ''Obviously'' not ''a priority.''
--->'''Superior Girl''': ''Jerks.''

!!New 52:
* In issue 22, Supergirl meets Cyborg Superman while on another planet. He acts very friendly to her and offers a way to make her memories of Krypton come true. When he tells her [[AppendageAssimilation what he wants for the offer]], she retorts:
-->'''Supergirl:''' You want to say that again? I couldn't hear you through all the ''creepiness'' coming out of your mouth!
* Sanctuary's reaction to the two Karas - ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} and ComicBook/PowerGirl - is to try and kill one or the other. While this isn't intrinsically funny, it's the way it's written, with both versions of Kara being mostly just exasperated with Sanctuary, who proves to be something of a DeadpanSnarker.
* The way that Skallox, a powerful Red Lantern who has a SkullForAHead, gushes over Red Lantern Kara, even acting as her impromptu cheerleading squad when she yells at Superman.

!! 2015 TV series
* See Funny/Supergirl2015