[[caption-width-right:350:Who knew Mario liked seafood that much?]]

* The game's opening has Mario fantasizing about seafood, complete with [[WingdingEyes heart-shaped eyes]]. The glorious moment is pictured to the right.
** When they land at Delfino Airstrip, the sudden stop makes him, Peach, and Toadsworth fall out of their seats... and Mario is ''still'' daydreaming!
* Spraying any of the NPC characters. They'll yell something like "[[BigNo NOOOOOO!!!]]" and a string of [[{{Angrish}} random angry gibberish.]] Except for the Nokis, the Sunflowers and Peach; the Nokis just retreat into their shells, and the sunflowers mumble gibberish that sounds like "Oh, I'm loving it!" Peach just blocks the spray with her umbrella, and the biggest sunflower giggles an adorable sound like "lo-wanny-hee-hee-hah!"
** Especially funny if you're getting tired of the Piantas' [[{{Jerkass}} behavior]] and want to [[TakeThatScrappy give them a taste of their own medicine]]. Don't worry; [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential you won't get re-arrested]].
* Talk to Toadsworth. Sometimes he'll just scream what can only be described as "YABLABBABLABBA!". He also makes this sound when you spray him (after he spins around and almost loses his balance). He actually remembers this gibberish in ''Mario Party 7''.
* The boss fight music tracks are either this or the MostAnnoyingSound. They make use of rather whimsical instruments that either intentionally make a farce out of the battle or simply grate on your eardrums.
** There's two [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uFpYEOGqV4 boss]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXClZVWKlKc themes]], aside from the remix of the second used for Phantamanta and the theme for the final boss fight against Bowser.
* Even though Peach is clearly not Bowser Jr.'s mother, it's kind of funny [[{{Squick}} and heavily disturbing]] that she was considering the possibility of that happening.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WPteMFkI2k The game's commercial]]. It's so hilarious and cheesy to watch.
* When you talk to the hotel manager in episode 5 of Sirena Beach, he explains the problem, and then asks if he can "trick you - I mean let you in".
* When you beat Eely-Mouth in Noki Bay, FLUDD makes this statement:
--> '''FLUDD:''' Remember to take proper care of your teeth!
* Petey Piranha the first boss in Bianco Hills, upon Marios arrival at the top of the windmill, Petey lets out an ear piercing screech then gets ready for a fight only for the roof below him to crack. Mario and Petey make the exact same movements as they look around for the source of the noise the first time, then slowly up at each other the second time once they glance down and see the cracks. You can practically see the mutual OhCrap look on both their faces when they realize whats about to happen.