In addition to fun gameplay, ''[[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Mario]]'' has a great deal of humor.

''Funny/PaperMario'', ''Funny/SuperMarioRPG'', ''Funny/MarioAndLuigi'', ''Funny/SuperMarioGalaxy'', ''Funny/SuperMarioGalaxy2'', ''Funny/SuperMarioOdyssey'', and [[Funny/TheSuperMarioBrosSuperShow all]] [[Funny/TheAdventuresOfSuperMarioBros3 three]] [[Funny/SuperMarioWorld cartoons]] have their own pages.

!!From the games
* ''VideoGame/SuperMarioSunshine'' has this:
-->'''Toad:''' "The princess is on that island! I think it's called 'Pineapple' or something... How do you think you can get there?"
** For context; this is said [[FailedASpotCheck right next to the cannon you use to get there]]. And no, the Toad doesn't even have the excuse of "Who in their right minds would launch themselves out of a cannon?!?", given that Mario [[VideoGame/SuperMario64 has done precisely that]] [[VideoGame/SuperMarioWorld on at least two previous adventures]].
* ''Yoshi's Island'': You're heading towards the boss of World 3, the Naval Piranha Plant. You get into the room, close enough to hop up on the ledge, and you can even see the little bugger that'll get transformed... but the cutscene hasn't cued up yet. Well, maybe you'll just take a quick cheap-shot with an egg for laughs...
--> Kamek: '''''[[OhCrap OH MY!!]]'''''
--> Piranha Plant: (''EXPLODES'')
** Not to mention the look on Yoshi's face [[spoiler:before Prince Froggy eats him and ''after'' shitting him out of his stomach]]. Yoshi goes from "O_o" to ":3" in seconds flat!
* In the later ''VideoGame/MarioParty'' titles, games played in 2-on-2 Team Mode started getting "team names" handed to them depending on which characters were in the team. While some of them were predictable for obvious character combinations (like Luigi and Yoshi being called "Green Machines"), sticking together any really ''weird'' combination of characters results in weird and often hilarious team names:
** Daisy and Waluigi: Awkward Date
** Wario and Toadette: Secret Friends
** Birdo and Blooper: What The [[UnusualEuphemism Bloop]]
** A lot of teams with Dry Bones qualify. Teaming with Mario makes BBQ Ribs, Luigi makes [[OcularGushers Cry Bones]], Wario or Waluigi leads to bonehead/numbskull comments, and Daisy leads to the darkly apt Daisy Pushers.
** Then there's Dry Bones and Hammer Brother: [[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy What-The-Deuce]].
** [[RefugeInAudacity None of them can compare]] [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar to the combination of]] Dry Bones and Birdo: [[ADateWithRosiePalms Bone Chokers]].
* ''Mario Power Tennis'' gives us these [[ bloopers]]. One particular gem involves Wario lifting weights... only to get a phone call from his mother.
-->'''Wario''': (''[[CharlesAtlasSuperpower lifts the enormous weight onto one shoulder casually and answers his phone]]'') Hello? Ma, I told you not to call me today! I'm making a movie... (''Waluigi shakes his head in disbelief and puts his hand over the camera as the director yells "Cut"'')
** The GBA version, ''Mario Tennis: Power Tour'' gives us this gem.
--> Harry: [[ItMakesSenseInContext Thanks to the power of Kate's rear end, I'm not scared of spinning things any more!]]
* There's some in the actual intro as well, such as the Mario Bros. watching Bowser's Bob-Omb-packed vehicle descend towards the ground.
-->'''Luigi:''' "[[OhCrap Oh, this looks bad...]]"
* In ''Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour'', when Waluigi gets an eagle or better, he does a dance routine that ends with a lengthy spin followed by a pose where he holds the brim of his hat and points at the camera with an audible sound effect. After a {{beat}}, he realizes he's pointing in the wrong direction.
** He does it again in ''Mario Super Sluggers''. Most character introductions show them boasting or preparing to hit the ball. Waluigi enters, shouting WAAAAAALUIGI and preparing to hit the ball, only to realize he is facing the player. He makes a "I meant to do that" gesture [[BreakingTheFourthWall to the player]] and switches to the right side.
** In Superstars Baseball, Boswer gets a platinum one when you decide to not face Mario in Bowser mode at the final boss battle.
-->'''Bowser:''' NO! Remember your blood sugar Bowser. Ok, now go wash your hands...
* When you unlock the last row of tours in ''VideoGame/FortuneStreet'', the first area is Alefgard from ''VideoGame/DragonQuestI'', which reintroduces the Dragonlord and his LargeHam[=/=]YeOldeButcheredeEnglishe[=/=]RhymesOnADime villainous speeches. Unfortunately, they still pale before the interactions between the other two computer characters: ChivalrousPervert [[VideoGame/DragonQuestVIII Angelo]] and AbhorrentAdmirer [[VideoGame/SuperMarioBros2 Birdo]]. They go as well as expected.
** Bowser, when chosen as an opponent on the Super Mario Bros. stage, complains about how he'll [[EarWorm/VideoGames never get that music out of his head now]].
** One of Waluigi´s lines comes when he is in Delfino Plaza. Waluigi, being [[TalkativeLoon Wa]][[PsychopathicManchild luigi]], declares this:
-->'''Waluigi:''' Argh! That stupid sun is blinding me! Think you can outshine the great Waluigi?
** While it may be pure coincidence, during another one of Waluigi´s lines, he ends up referencing another [[DastardlyWhiplash purple villain with a mustache]] who looks just like him...
-->'''Waluigi:''' [[WesternAnimation/WackyRaces Drat]]! That big dumb statue is stealing all my thunder!
* In the Boss Battle minigame "Bombard King Bob-omb" in Mario Party 9, players must choose one of four bombs to throw at King Bob-omb. The hilarity is if that more than one player chooses the same bomb, [[{{AmusingInjuries}} they'll bonk into each other as they're running toward the bomb they chose.]]
* In ''Super Mario Bros. 3'' if you complete a level as Tanooki Mario, the Toad next to the restored King says "Thank you, kind raccoon. Please tell me your name." As if the exposed face of a mustached Italian-American man wasn't enough of a hint as to who you are.
** If you finish any of the Koopalings in a suit (Frog, Hammer, Tanooki) the restored King will have a different dialog depending on the suit, such as thinking that Mario's become the next victim of transformation.
* A Toad near "Jolly Roger Bay" in ''VideoGame/SuperMario64'' gives us this gem.[[note]]In [[VideoGameRemake Super Mario 64 DS]], he will only say this if Mario talks to him.[[/note]]
--> '''Toad''': Being imprisoned in these walls can drive a fungus crazy. When I really start to freak out, I think to myself, "Well, I'm going to be here for a while, so I might as well stare at the fish. They are oddly hypnotic." Then I actually start to like being captured............Aaaguugh! IT'S MADNESS! I've got to snap out of this! You have to free us before we're all completely {{brainwashed}}! ...[[MoodWhiplash But for now, why don't you gaze at the fish with me]]. You look tense. Come relax.
* During the end credits of Super Mario 3D World, [[spoiler: Bowser gets his just desserts by being trapped in a bottle, helplessly tapping against the glass.]]
* What Tuxie says in ''VideoGame/SuperMario64 DS'' when Yoshi puts her in his mouth.
--> '''Tuxie:''' Ayiiieee! Please don't eat me. I promise that I don't taste good. Plus, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking I'll give you cavities.]]
* Similarly, when Yoshi eats a rabbit he's already captured.
--> '''Rabbit:''' What part of "I'm not your lunch" do you not understand? I already gave you the key! Put me down! ''(rabbit is spat out)'' I'm not chow. How many many times do I have to tell you that? I know I'm [[RidiculouslyCuteCritter irresistibly cute]], but try to restrain yourself!
* The intro to the DS version adds Wario and Luigi go along with Mario. The three can't even make it into the castle without doing something silly. Luigi jumps on Wario, who growls angrily and fails at punching him. Then Mario comes back to check on them but crashes into Luigi. Hilariously, it makes Wario look like the voice of reason when he points in the castle direction. Oh, and Yoshi's asleep on the roof.
* In ''VideoGame/SuperMarioLand2SixGoldenCoins'', there is a level in the Clockwork Mario world that takes place in a very... suggestive area. And the level itself is made almost entirely of various types of balls.
* The ways Peach gets kidnapped in the ''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBros'' series are pretty outlandish, but no less hilarious.
** In [[VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBros1 the first game]], while Mario is distracted by the castle being under attack, Bowser Jr. just sneaks up and runs off with her. Mario gives chase, but somehow Jr. manages to hit Mario ''mid-cutscene''.
** ''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBrosWii'' has Jr. and the then-returning Koopalings infiltrating the castle in a giant cake, then throwing said cake onto "Mama" Peach to take her away.
** ''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBros2'' has Mario and Luigi simply turning their backs for a few seconds to get some coins, and the Koopalings ''immediately'' manage to swipe her offscreen.
** ''VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBrosU'' and ''VideoGame/NewSuperLuigiU'' up the ante by having Mario (unless it's the latter game), Luigi, and both Toads ''with'' Princess Peach. Bowser's fleet flies overhead, and a giant claw emerges out of his airship, and he proceeds to... [[EvenEvilHasStandards politely move Peach's chair out of the way]] before pounding the heroes, picking them up, and throwing them like a baseball into the ''very tree'' barring [[NiceJobFixingItVillain the very Super Acorns that lead to his inevitable demise]].

!!From [[Film/SuperMarioBros the movie]]
* Iggy and Spike's stupidity.
-->'''Spike:''' We were wrong again. How many times have we got this wrong?\\
'''Iggy:''' ''You've'' gotten it wrong five times.\\
'''Spike:''' 0 for five. 0 for five. What percent is that?\\
'''Iggy:''' I dunno. Let me think.\\
'''Iggy:''' I dunno. But it's not good.
** The dialogue above was due to mistaking Daniella for Daisy.
-->'''Spike:''' I'm gonna get the girl.\\
'''Iggy:''' That's not the girl.\\
'''Spike:''' Yeah it is, she's wearing a disguise. I could spot her a mile away.\\
'''Iggy:''' Of course she's wearing a disguise. She thinks she can fool us.
* Gotta love the Troopas dancing to that elevator music.
** It's even funnier when their commander catches them at it.
** Later, Toad is able to distract them by playing the same song on his harmonica.
--->'''Koopa:''' [[SurroundedByIdiots STUPID!]] ''[punches one, [[DisasterDominoes causing him to knock the rest down]]!]''
* There's also this brief scene where [[VillainsOutShopping Koopa is ordering some pizza for delivery]]. It isn't funny at first, [[BrickJoke but when he's confronting the Mario Bros. at the climax...]]
-->'''Walky-Talky''': "Sir, your pizza is here!"
-->'''Koopa:''' "Not now."
** Another brick joke, related to the above example:
--> '''Walky-Talky''': Sir, the Goombas are dancing again!
--> '''Koopa''': *pissed* Deal with it!
* The scene where Koopa orders the pizza is a bit surreal because the teenaged clerk clearly recognizes him but treats him like any other customer, which implies by FridgeLogic that Koopa knows him and orders from there a lot (there's even a Koopa Special named after him). Think he gets the crazy bread too?
* Mario and Luigi having their mugshots taken.
-->'''Mario:''' Are we dead?
** To elaborate, the police station is set up incredibly creepily (the suspects are kept in cages suspended from the ceiling, among other things) and Mario and Luigi are forcibly brought into a room, stood against the wall, and have a mysterious light shined on them while they panic. When the mug shot comes out, both look absolutely terrified.
** During the escape from the police station, the two hear a news bulletin that "aliens" are on the loose. Luigi is dismayed that they have to deal with aliens on top of everything else... until Mario points out that ''they're'' the aliens.
-->'''Luigi:''' We are? Oh, cool!
* Hopper's deadpan delivery as he spins a globe of the alternate dimension, showing that aside from Dinohattan, it's all a giant wasteland. No wonder he wants to break into the human world.
-->"Ruler of all that you see. A few miserable streets, and... an endless desert."
* Koopa has Iggy and Spike put into the Devo Chamber to evolve them and make them smarter... and when they pop out of it looking exactly the same, his stare of utter confusion is priceless. The rest of the scene is pretty good as the two suddenly demonstrate their new intelligence by indulging in SesquipedalianLoquaciousness.
-->'''Koopa:''' Both of you, go to the desert! \\
'''Iggy:''' Excuse me, excuse me. That hardly seems logical, does it? Perhaps we should stay here and formulate our own strategy. Tete-tete, inner circle, that sort of thing. \\
'''King Koopa:''' Here's what's ''logical'' to me -- If you do not return with the plumbers and the rock... I shall personally, kill you. \\
'''Iggy:''' We're going.\\
'''Spike:''' After you.
* Mario and Luigi are hopelessly lost in the Koopahari Desert and they argue along the way.
-->'''Mario:''' You said the tunnel.\\
'''Luigi:''' I did not, I said parkway!\\
'''Mario:''' But you ''meant'' the tunnel! [[SarcasmMode Go on, pick a direction! Any direction you like!]]\\
'''Luigi:''' ''(hits Mario's head and mocking him)'' Na na na na na!\\
'''Mario:''' Hey, that looks good over there! ''(pointing at quicksand)'' That's it, let's die there!
* This dialogue, while Mario and Luigi are hopelessly lost in Dinohattan.
-->'''Luigi:''' Excuse me, miss. Can you tell me where I am?\\
'''Woman:''' Yeah, you're in my way! ''(pushed them away)'' Egg-suckers!\\
'''Mario:''' Who are these people?!
** The fact that after only just arriving, they're mugged by a sweet-looking old lady.
* When Daisy introduces Mario and Luigi to her father, who's currently a de-evolved giant fungus, Luigi treats the conversation as perfectly normal and thanks him for his help.
* Angelica shouting "Hey, Mario!" as he's attempting to break the girls out silently.
* Koopa calling himself "an egg-sucking [[SonOfAnApe son of a snake]]". You gotta wonder if that's seriously what he thinks of himself.
* When Luigi first meets Daisy, he tries to talk to her but just ends up saying dumb things. Even drifting off into tangents.
-->'''Mario:''' What my brother is trying to say, is he doesn't know what to say. Doesn't even know how to begin.
* When Mario walks out of the store with bottled water.
-->"Everybody's got tap water! ''(slams the door and looks at the bottle)'' Three bucks."

* For a time, Gamestop did a publicity stunt where it called customers and left messages of Charles Martinet doing his Mario voice, plugging the release of a new Mario game. [[ Here is just one example.]] (also crosses over into CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming for the fans who got the message)
** [[ Another.]]
* From the Nintendo Booth at E3 2007, [[ Mario's impressions of famous movie characters]]. [[spoiler:Especially the Darth Vader one.]]
* [[ On 9/10/15, Shigeru Miyamoto finally revealed]], after years of speculation, [[TheReveal who Bowser Jr's real mother was.]] [[spoiler: [[{{Squick}} It's]] [[MetaphoricallyTrue Miyamoto himself,]] [[ExactWords apparently.]]]]
* The [[ Nintendo Switch Parental Controls video]] shows how the system's parental controls work using Bowser and Bowser Jr.
** When Jr. is playing a game too long, Bowser yells while breathing fire, scaring Jr. so much that he hides in his shell.
*** Before that, he folds his arms as he glares at Jr., proceeding to tap his foot in impatience...soon starting to tap it rapidly before finally losing it.
** Bowser is shown using a smartphone. A regular smartphone that is clearly too small for him. His smartphone also has a picture of Peach as its background. He also manages to tap and swipe on the phone with his huge nails without even scratching the screen!
** Bowser sees that Jr. has been playing ''VideoGame/MarioKart8'' two hours over the set time limit and he contemplates suspending the game from the phone, only to have an ImagineSpot of Jr. being completely heartbroken and upset over his game being turned off milliseconds before winning the race. Even the narrator says this feature should be a last resort.
** When Jr. plays a game that's age restricted, Bowser runs over to him and covers his eyes with his arms.
*** This actually became a [[MemeticMutation meme]]. [[ Just look!]]
** Jr. talks to Bowser about his awesome moment in ''Mario Kart'' where he hits Mario with a Red Shell. Bowser laughs at that.
** When some Boos are sneaking up behind Jr. (meant to represent internet trolls) Bowser falls out of nowhere to scare them off.
* The stickers released by Nintendo from the [=LINE=] messaging app.
** From [[ Talking Super Mario Animated Stickers]] set:
*** A Goomba suddenly got stomped by Mario, letting out its death cry "WHYYY?!"
*** Bowser attempting to kidnap Peach, and Bowser ends up being slapped.
*** Yoshi drooling over a Goomba.
*** Koopa Troopa struggling to get up.
** From [[ ''Super Mario Bros.'' 8-Bit Stickers]] set:
*** Mario being cornered by two Hammer Bros.
** From [[ Super Mario's Relaxing Life]] set:
*** Luigi running around with groceries.
*** Dry Bones collapsing after getting hit by a soccer ball.
*** Yoshi uses his tongue to eat a pie and ends up having a "pie face".