[[folder: General ]]

* Gundam. Looks, sounds and speaks like an evil warlord, what is his talent? Animal breeding, his current pets being four cute hamsters. And the hamsters are [[DeathbringerTheAdorable called]] The Four Dark Gods of Destruction!
* A number of the characters have rather ridiculous expression or faces that betray your thoughts on them.
** Kuzuryuu, a baby-faced, small, rosy-cheeked Super High School Level Gangster!
** Nanami's sleepy face, as well as her "offended" face.
** Ibuki Mioda's pinnochio-like "oni" face.
* Sonia Nevermind speaking like a formal princess, exactly as you'd expect...and then randomly throwing "hella", "tomfoolery", or "you betcha" into the mix or making references to outdated Japanese popular culture. Then she proceeds to one-up herself by cursing like a sailor in Chapter 5.


[[folder: Chapter 1 ]]

* The conversation that results from Fatogami's attempts at unifying the group.
--> '''Fatogami:''' If we wish to live through this extraordinary ordeal, what do you think is of the utmost importance right now?
--> '''Akane:''' ...Of the utmost importance? You don't mean food and sleep, do you?
--> '''Nidai:''' Ku... you're forgetting bowel movements. EAT WELL, SLEEP WELL, ''SHIT'' WELL!
* During the trial, [[spoiler:Komaeda]] reveals his intentions, leading to this gem:
-->'''Ibuki:''' Oh no! This guy is definitely the type who killed animals in his neighborhood when he was a kid!
-->'''Sonia:''' The type who watches "Friday the 13th" with a gleam in his eyes... [[NightmareFetishist Just like me]].
* One more for the count:
-->'''Akane:''' What's an 'aspersion'? Does it taste good?
-->'''Hiyoko:''' Asbestos is also excellent, you know. You should try some, later.
* [[spoiler: Hanamura's breakdown]] at the end of the trial; he devolves into completely unintelligible rural gibberish which somehow ends with him screaming "AVRIL LAVIGNE!". As the cherry on top, Monomi - who has been translating for the other students - dutifully parrots this last line even though everyone could hear it. To put this one in context, Avril Lavigne is a popular Canadian singer-songwriter. She has absolutely ''nothing to do with'' [[spoiler: Hanamura]]'s profession; her name is just dropped out of nowhere to show how crazy [[spoiler: Hanamura]] has become.
** It's also funny to see [[spoiler:Pekoyama]] near him, locked in a sprite with [[spoiler:her]] mouth wide open while gesturing, which lasts for the duration of [[spoiler:his]] VillainousBreakdown. Considering [[spoiler:her]] tendency to be TheStoic, it seems that even [[spoiler:Pekoyama]] is rendered speechless by the culprit's breakdown.
* After the end of the chapter, Komaeda goes on this really hokey spiel about hope [[spoiler: after having led Hanamura and Togami to their deaths]]. Akane offers to punch him, but Hinata tells her to lay off and ignore him. Not a minute later, and...
-->'''Komaeda''': You don't even remember your own talent...
-->'''Hinata''': ...Owari, go ahead and punch him.
* The tradition of silly multiple-choice options continues.
-->'''Hinata:''' Komaeda's talent...? His talent was...
-->Super High-school Level Bad Luck / Super High-school Level Good Luck / Super High-school Level Boyish Face / Super High-school Level Pot-luck Dinner Organizer
* [[BigEater Owari]] [[http://www.veooz.com/photos/yH2t4GT.html crying over food]] at the party.


[[folder: Chapter 2 ]]

* Monobear's [[http://lpix.org/1344244/096-mb.png super-muscular transformation]].
* Komaeda monologuing at the beginning, only to be interrupted by someone shouting [[BigShutUp "SHUT UUUUUUUUUP!!"]] and a crashing sound. Turns out it was either [[spoiler:Souda or Nidai, who then proceed to tie him and lock him away]]. Their attempt to negate any involvement with it is abysmal.
* Souda gets himself and Hinata invited to the girls' beach party hoping to see Sonia in a bikini. Cue Sonia showing up in a wetsuit.
* Tanaka, true to form, offers a line that's both [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome magnificent]] and hysterical:
-->'''Gundam:''' Monobear. I will listen to your jests later, as I smoke a cigar standing over your ''corpse''.
* This little moment:
-->'''Souda''': When life gives you lemons, you make limoncello!
-->'''Hinata''': Lemonade. [[StraightMan You make lemonade]].


[[folder: Chapter 3 ]]

* The group's general reaction to Ibuki Mioda's singing performance. Souda's face specifically. Or the fact that Hiyoko is the only one who enjoys it.
* The entirety of [[ShowWithinAShow the "Wizard of Monomi" movie]], which is StylisticSuck in its finest form. From the film being shot in "2.5 D" (to say nothing of the very crude animation style), to the Monokuma in the film being an AuthorAvatar JerkSue who cons old people and kills various WizardOfOz characters with Monomi's likeness, to a vague description of how he killed the "Wizard" (Monomi again), Hinata is rendered speechless at the end, as Monokuma fishes for compliments.
-->'''Hinata''': ...The phrase "stunned silence" was invented for moments like this.
* Later on, in the middle of the trial, Akane complains about how all of the killers are getting their supplies from the same place:
-->'''Akane:''' The Mart, again...? That place is pretty much the one-stop-shop for all your criminal needs, huh.


[[folder: Chapter 4 ]]

* The roller coaster ride. Souda pretty much had to be forced onto the coaster by the rest of the group, and his and Gundam's expressions during the ride are priceless.
* Sonia's reaction to [[spoiler:[=RoboNidai=].]]
** Souda's reaction is pretty hilarious as well. He's a little too enthusiastic when [[spoiler:he asks Nidai if he could take him apart so he could study him.]] And both times when [[spoiler:Nidai claims he has a new ability]], Souda's first question is "Is it flying?"
* [[spoiler: [=RoboNidai=]'s ability to create beverages from his eyes]]. And his enthusiasm in offering Hinata a drink.
* Gundam calling Sonia a virgin, and Sonia revealing she isn't. And the fact that she's only disappointed because it means she can't go to an amusement park in Hell with Gundam.
* Sonia, [[spoiler: who hasn't eaten due to Monobear's sick game of locking them in a tower without food unless someone is murdered]] starts seeing her friends' faces as ''cake'' and even asks, as politely as always, if she could eat a part of them.
-->'''Sonia''': Oh my, Mr. HinataNow that Ive taken a closer look, your face is a Sachertorte! May I take a portion of the center? Ill make sure to return it to you later!
--> '''Hinata''': Sonia...Seriously...Get a hold of yourself....
* The gang splits up several times to explore the new island; each time, Souda declares that he'll be going with Sonia, only for someone else to inform him that she already left with Gundam.


[[folder: Chapter 5 ]]

* The group is debating whether or not [[spoiler: Komaeda would have died instantaneously from his spear wound]]:
--> '''Sonia''': [[InnocentInnuendo You could not last very long with such a large, thick object inside of you!]]
--> '''Souda''': ...C-Could you say that again, please?
--> '''Sonia''': As I said, you could not last very long with such a large, thick object inside of you!
--> '''Souda (blushing)''': Could you say it one more time, so I could record you...?
* Hinata finds [[spoiler: the helicopter that was used in Hanamura's execution]]. So what does he do? [[WhatAnIdiot He tries punching the "piece of shit"]] which (obviously) only ends up hurting himself instead. Seems like Akane's violent habits have started rubbing off on him.
* When the group is discussing how the victim could have done certain things while his hands were tied, Akane [[RunningGag repeatedly]] suggests that the victim used his penis.


[[folder: Chapter 6 ]]

* During the final trial [[spoiler: the original Byakuya shows up]]. [[DumbMuscle Akane]] apparently forgot that [[spoiler: the "Togami" they knew before was an imposter and the true Togami was much thinner]] since her first reaction to his arrival is to comment on [[spoiler: how much weight he has "lost"]] and voice ''pity'' for him [[BigEater because of his current "condition"]]. [[spoiler: Togami]] is not amused.
* When it's finally time for the mastermind to reveal their true identity, Monokuma starts [[LampshadeHanging Lampshading]] OneWingedAngel tropes before transforming. Their first lines afterwards are a whole bunch of LampshadeHanging of other videogame cliches, from action to ''bishojo games''.
* In the epilogue, [[spoiler:Kirigiri makes a subtle reference about how "there's someone waiting for (Togami) to return," and he groans, "Don't remind me..." It's fairly clear that she's talking about Fukawa/Genocider]].


[[folder: Free Time Events ]]

* "Fat Togami"'s Free Time events, in which Togami talks in perfect seriousness about body mass indexes or deciding which meat is better than the other.
* In Komaeda's first Free Time event, he tries to help Hinata figure out his talent by suggesting some, which include Super High School Level Therapist, [[AmnesiacHero Amnesiac]], Eccentric, and [[AnimeHair Spiky Hair]].