* Short #1:
** Kara's reason for using the Invisible Jet? She wants to show Lex Luthor just how "secret" his secret lair is...[[ToiletPaperPrank with about 50 rolls of TP!!!]]
** The camera pulling back to "reveal" the Invisible Jet.
* Short #3:
** Kara giving ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' a wedgie... followed by him screaming "Moooom!!!" and Martha Kent ordering Kara to her room by merely wagging her finger with an exasperated look on her face.
** Batgirl accidentally hitting Supergirl on the head with a rock after she opens the window. [[{{Mundangerous}} And she went 'ow!' as if in pain.]]
** Superman can make even Wonder Girl and Batgirl run, with a stern look. The grin that follows just sells it.
* Short #5:
** The team trying to get Solomon Grundy to fight them.
--->'''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}''': Come on! It'll be fun!\\
'''Comicbook/{{Batgirl}}''': Please?\\
'''Comicbook/WonderGirl''': We'll let you almost win!
** The first time Solomon Grundy screams "SOLOMON GRUNDY '''''NO FIGHT GIRLS!'''''"? Pretty funny. The second time he says it, walking away and speaking with the tone of a snooty UpperClassTwit? ''Hilarious.''
** The girls repeatedly pushing Grundy's BerserkButton, with his [[TwitchyEye eye twitches]] and rage getting more intense with every trolling. To his credit, he managed to rein himself in.