!Visual Novel
* Okabe's reaction to meeting Ruka for the first time:
-->'''Okabe:''' Urushibara Ruka. Delicate as an orchid, fair as a cherry blossom, the personification of feminine grace. [[DudeLooksLikeALady But he's a guy]]. Tall as a willow, slender as a reed... but he's a guy. Radiant in [[{{Miko}} shrine vestments]]. But he's a guy. The sun dips low in a rosy sky, cicadas buzz... But he's a guy.
** It's even funnier in the official translation, which makes it sound like Okabe is [[StupidSexyFlanders trying to fight off a rising sense of latent attraction]].
* "Anata no banana puni puni da ne!" Your banana is so soft and squishy, by yours truly Mayushii!
* In the TrueEnding, [[spoiler:when Okabe encounters Beta World Suzuha]]:
-->[[spoiler:'''Beta!Suzuha:''']] There lies a worldline unaffected by any attractor field. A worldline knows as [[ArcWords Steins Gate.]]\\
'''Okabe:''' But that's the chunni name I pulled out of my ass! It doesn't even mean anything!
* In Faris' ending, [[spoiler: Okabe "loses" his ability to play Rai-Net (which he really never had, thanks to his RippleEffectProofMemory)[[note]]In this timeline, Faris' father is still alive, Okabe and Faris met at a Rai-Net tournament, and Okabe never met Mayuri, Daru, or Kurisu, thus the lab was never formed[[/note]].]] They try and play some games, which of course he does terrible at.
-->'''Faris:''' I didn't think you'd get this poopy, ''nya''...\\
'''Okabe:''' [[WellExcuseMePrincess Well, excuse me for being poopy]].
** Faris also reveals that immediately after she confessed to him in this timeline, he kissed her and they moved in together, making Okabe wonder if he's [[HiddenDepths always been that smooth with women.]]
* In the middle of a [[BlackComedy serious scene]] with Moeka:
-->'''Okabe:''' Does she want another headbutt that badly?
* Okabe using his Reading Steiner ability to mess with Kurisu in an optional phonecall:
-->'''Okabe:''' Before I time leaped, you made a tearful confession. You said, "I'm an @channeler, a Nicojunkie, [[BlatantLies and a camwhore who posts tits]], but will you still accept me as your assistant?"
* The VisualNovel has a less-[[CompressedAdaptation cutdown]] version of the very first time Okabe & Daru manage to time-warp a banana. Their reaction to this is a wonder worth seeing.
** Someone even [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvOWtSQoQws made]] a StupidStatementDanceMix to it.
* In a bit of BlackComedy, during the final sequence of events, after Okabe [[spoiler:allows himself to be stabbed by Nakabachi]], [[ItMakesSenseInContext he threatens to massacre everyone, including Kurisu.]] Despite this, she still worries for his safety, much to his amazement. Doubles as a [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming heartwarming]] moment.
-->'''Okabe:''' I just said 'massacre everyone', so why is this woman running towards me? She's good natured, even though she's a {{tsundere}}.
* In Chapter 8, after Luka's LoveConfession, Okabe returns to the lab really in shock and says gibberish about the invention of the Microwave. Mayuri, who saw him has this to say...
-->'''Mayuri:''' Oh no! Okarin is broken.

* There's one moment when he calls Kurisu using his self-appointed name for her, "Christina," except he draws it all out so long [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-GqSWsISVs it sounds like he's trying to sing opera.]]
* Moeka misspelling Hououin Kyouma as "Hoboing Coma" from Episode 2.
* This talk from episode 3:
-->'''Daru:''' What do you want the text message to say?\\
'''Okabe:''' How about "Christina is a pervert."\\
'''Kurisu:''' Don't go pushing your luck, jerkwad.\\
'''Daru:''' How about I just split the difference: "Okarin is a pervert."\\
'''Okabe:''' What!?\\
'''Kurisu:''' Atta boy! Good thinking!\\
'''Daru:''' Firing torpedoes, captain!
* Okabe & Makise getting into an argument over [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8Dli1hX3jo which of them is the bigger pervert.]] [[InherentlyFunnyWords "Hentai tensai shoujo yo!"]]
* Episode 5:
** While serving a microwaved banana; "Enjoy, I demand it!".
** When Kurisu decides to wear one of Okabe's spare lab coats, Okabe ends up experiencing a GeekyTurnOn and demands that she poses with him. The really funny thing is [[NotSoAboveItAll Kurisu complies.]]
* Episode 7 had a pretty interesting case of EveryoneCanSeeIt.
-->'''Daru:''' They're the [[OneTruePairing OTP]] in the fanfic I call my life.
-->'''Kurisu:''' [[HesNotMyBoyfriend We are not OTP]]!
-->'''Daru:''' Oh, so you know the jargon of the fanfiction community.
-->'''Kurisu:''' Huh? [[BlatantLies I-I don't know what you're talking about]].
--> '''Okabe:''' Yet it rolled off your tongue so naturally.
* Kurisu's tsundere moments. For example, this little gem in episode 12.
-->'''Kurisu:''' I-I'm not... I'm not grateful to you. I'm just being polite...\\
'''Okabe:''' What kind of tsundere is that?\\
'''Kurisu:''' [[IResembleThatRemark I'm not a tsundere!]] ''[[[NotHelpingYourCase shove]]]''
* In Episode 10, when Mayushii is discussing cosplay with Ruka:
-->'''Mayushii:''' [[PetitePride Small boobies will have their day!]]\\
'''Kurisu:''' ''[[[SpitTake chokes on her drink]]]''
* Episode 14:
** "Right now, What you want most is your own personal fork."...look at Kurisu's reaction.
-->'''Kurisu:''' Screw you future me!
*** The GratuitousEnglish makes if even funnier. "My fork" and "my spoon" indeed...
*** Apparently "my fork" and "my spoon" was at some point 2chan slang for "lover" and "friend", respectively. No wonder Kurisu was so pissed with herself.
* Episode 15:
** Okabe's reveal of his @channel handle, "Hououin Kyouma", which everybody already knew.
** Okabe's attempt to communicate with a foreign looking person.
-->'''Okabe:''' ''[in SurprisinglyGoodEnglish]'' Hey Mister, I am Mad Scientist! It's so cool! Sonuvabitch.
** In the Funimation dub, instead of GratuitousEnglish, he tries to [[JiveTurkey speak jive.]]
-->'''Okabe:''' Word to your mother!\\
'''Suzuha:''' I cannot believe you just said "word to your mother" to this guy, you freak.
* Episode 18:
** Kurisu recognizing that Okabe is a virgin.
** Daru attempting to give Okabe dating advice.
-->'''Daru:''' Have you considered giving the wisdom between these pages a try?\\
'''Okabe:''' That's a hentai game strategy guide, jackass!
* Episode 23: Okabe describing [[spoiler:his future self]] as "an otaku who read too many bad light novels". This is sadly lost in the dub.
* In episode 23, Daru consistently being confused and looking for a different person in the background whenever [[spoiler:Suzuha refers to him as her dad, thinking that she must be talking to someone else. Poor guy doesn't have a clue.]]
* Episode 25: The return of GratuitousEnglish Okabe, only this time he tries on American airport security. It goes slightly less well.
-->'''Security Guard:''' ''[in English]'' What's your purpose here?\\
'''Okabe:''' ''[in Japanese]'' I guess I have no choice... ''[switches to English]'' I am mad scientist! United States! Chaooooossss! And invade! ''[[[EvilLaugh begins to laugh maniacally]]]''
-->''[[[GilliganCut cut to Okabe being handcuffed]]]''
** '''''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46FXWkSrbfE IT'S A MOTEL!!!]]'''''
** After Okabe questions Kurisu's driving, causing her to speed off from the airport without him, cut to Okabe trudging along the road, seemingly exhausted.
-->'''Kurisu:''' ...I watched you get out of the stupid cab, you big faker.\\
''[Okabe's taxi zooms past them in the background]''
** Kurisu in the cat maid outfit.
** If you're a Los Angeles native, it's pretty amusing to see familiar places in this episode. The details of the Staples Center, LAX, and the LA Convention Center are spot on.
* The Somei Eichi no Cognitive Computing shorts are usually very amusing
** The first one has the [[BuffySpeak computer upa AI thing]] help out [[LethalChef Kurisu]] cook. Both Okabe and Daru react [[OhCrap appropriately]]. It leads to them making chocolate burritos which Okabe tries to force Daru to try first. It ends in Okabe admitting they taste great.
** The third one has Nae calling out Okabe and Daru on their limited wardrobe, causing them to ask Kurisu for a make over. When she has the computer Upa help. It creates some really ridiculous outfits for Daru. And for the audience and Kurisu's shock, some outfits that ''really'' [[SheCleansUpNicely fit Okabe]] to the point Kurisu can't breathe.

!Movie/Visual Novel & Anime/Unsorted
* Any time Okabe goes off in [[CloudCuckooLander weird tangents of thought]], leaving everyone bewildered.
* Okabe discovers, in one world line after he sends a D-mail - [[CrotchGrabSexCheck the hard way]] - that Ruka is now actually a girl instead of a guy wanting to be one.
** Or Kurisu, earlier before the world shift, discovering that Ruka was a boy pretty much the same way. Cut to Kurisu leaning against a wall, looking ill, and Mayuri asking her, "You okay, there?"
* EVERY time Okabe talks to his ImaginaryFriend on his phone, to the point that he has to come up with BlatantLies as to how his phone magically turns off when anyone besides him touches it when Kurisu grabs his phone and sees that it's off. While many of Okabe's paranoid and/or nonsensical rantings turn out to have [[ProperlyParanoid some measure]] [[TheCuckoolanderWasRight of truth]] to them, this is the one aspect of him that is purely fictional.
* In the movie: Kurisu, in an attempt to jog the other lab members' memories of Okabe, pulling a [[LargeHam comically-theatrical]] impersonation of his Hououin Kyouma persona.
* Any time Daru keenly takes notice of a DoubleEntendre, since the viewers usually notice them at the same time.
** Also, any time Daru compares what's happening in-universe to a LN or an anime, considering the show's source material.
* Any time Moeka talks about how much FB means to her because to a lot of people interpret it as "Facebook"
* Kurisu mistaking Daru's underwear for a lab coat.
** Pretty much all of drunk Kurisu in the movie.
* After receiving a text, Okabe runs back to the Lab, then walks in on Mayushii and Kurisu in the shower. He's booted out, and then pulls out his phone...
-->'''Okabe:''' It's me. We have a problem. I'm under attack from Mongolian Spot and Ditzy sisters. They're going directly after my sanity, a bold move against the insane mad scientist Hououin Kyouma.\\
This is the strongest offensive I've encountered so far. I realize now that vulnerability itself can be a powerful weapon. They're pulling out all the stops, and I don't think my pants can take it.\\
Give in to the temptation? Nonsense. I could never do that. They're fellow lab members, my loyal assistant and my childhood friend.\\
...Must I? Is it truly the will of Steins Gate that I give in? That I raise my hand against my closest companions? If so... then how cruel the fates be!\\
El... Psy... Kongroo!
* Okabe and Ruka's painfully awkward date.
* The entirety of the "My Darling is an idiot!" segment counts as one. From Okabe's and Kurisu's mutual Tsundere tendencies making the whole situation one huge [[BelligerentSexualTension bicker fest]], to the fact that the "World Ending Data" that the crew is trying so hard to keep from broadcasting turns out to be [[spoiler:a [[SickeninglySweethearts sickeningly sweet]] dream of her and Okabe.]]
* Kurisu calling Okabe an "airhead" in a D-mail (written in English). Okabe wonders what that means, and she tells him it's a compliment in America. He later looks it up and gets outraged.
* When Kurisu sees [[MenCantKeepHouse the condition of the lab's bathroom]], she makes Mayushii promise never to take a shower there again.
* Daru looks at [[DudeLooksLikeALady Ruka]] in drag and states to Okabe "Balls or not man, I would so hit that."