'''Star Wars''' has inspired uncountable parodies, homages and spoofs, but the source material itself has some classic laughs as well.



[[folder: The Original Trilogy ]]

* Funny/ANewHope
* Funny/TheEmpireStrikesBack
* Funny/ReturnOfTheJedi

* R2-D2 turning into a ''fire extinguisher''. Also the scene in ''Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack'' when he gets eaten and vomited up by a monster, and does the robot equivalent of vomiting in response.
* Also from Empire: The scene where Yoda goes through Luke's supplies and fights R2-D2 over food.
* And also from Empire: [[WhatAPieceOfJunk The Millenium Falcon]] is having trouble evading Imperial TIE Fighters. Han yells for Chewie to get him the hydrospanner. Chewie brings the tool tray over to Han's workplace (a hole in the floor). Han grabs the tool and ducks back down. The ship rocks, [[NoOSHACompliance and the tool tray falls on Han's head.]]
* When leaving Echo Base, Han goes into the cockpit and powers up the Falcon's engines; then they die, so he [[PercussiveMaintenance hits his fist against the control panel]] and they power up again.
* "I'd just as soon kiss a Wookiee." "I can arrange that! You could use a good kiss!"
* '''C-3P0''': Sir, I'm not sure this asteroid is entirely stable.
-->'''Han''': [[SarcasmMode I'm so glad you're around to tell us these things!]] Chewie, take the professor in the back and plug him into the hyperdrive.
* Just as good as Obi-Wan's original JediMindTrick in ''Film/ANewHope'' is when Luke demonstrates the trick in ''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi'', using it on Jabba the Hutt's Twi'lek major domo Bib Fortuna - because Fortuna is SpeakingSimlish, but it's still perfectly clear what's going on.
* Han's expression when he realized that [[IncestIsRelative Leia and Luke are twins]].
* The whole "C-3PO is an Ewok god" sequence, especially when the Ewoks misunderstand Threepio's instructions to free his friends.
** Made even funnier when '''Luke''' starts laughing. He's been playing TheStoic the entire movie.
* [=C-3PO=] narrating the whole Star Wars story to the Ewoks at the end of Episode VI, complete with sound effects.
* Jabba holding a party on his sailbarge as he takes Luke, Han, and Chewie to the Sarlacc in ''Return of the Jedi''.
** R2-D2 repurposed to serve drinks was the best part.
*** Particularly his CaptainObvious back and forth with 3PO:
-->'''[=C3PO=]:''' R2! What are you doing here?
-->'''R2-D2:''' Beep, beep, beep.
-->'''[=C3PO=]:''' Yes, I can see you're serving drinks!
* Darth Vader's arrival on the second Death Star.
-->'''Commander:''' We shall double our efforts.
-->'''Vader:''' I hope so, Commander, for your sake. The Emperor is [[UpToEleven not as forgiving as I am]].
* When Luke arrives at the [[BadGuyBar cantina]] in Mos Eisley we are given a few shots of the... ''local fauna'', where the ''least'' weird things are RubberForeheadAliens. Then the barman points at them shouting, "We don't serve their kind here!". He then clarifies that he was talking about the droids.
** FridgeBrilliance: The anti-droid prejudice is probably a holdover from the days of the Clone Wars, in which the Republic fought against the battle droids of the Trade Federation and Techno-Union Army.
* Han Solo's observation when they are in the garbage chute:
-->'''Han Solo:''' One thing's for sure; we're all gonna be a lot thinner.
* When the rebels are sneaking into the shield generator on Endor, and Luke tells Han to be careful so he is not seen. Han responds with a cocky, "Hey. It's me!" The look Luke and Leia exchange is priceless.
** On a similar note, the enormously smug grin Han gives the Imperials after he tricks them into opening the door.
** The Imperial officer sneering "YouRebelScum!", and the guy getting hit by a duffel bag that Han throws at him, causing him to [[RailingKill topple over a railing]] and let out a [[StockScream Wilhelm Scream]].
* Another Threepio moment, from ''A New Hope''.
-->'''Han''': Let him have it. It's not wise to upset a Wookiee.
-->'''Threepio''': But sir, nobody worries about upsetting a droid.
-->'''Han''': That's 'cause droids don't pull people's arms out of their sockets when they lose. Wookiees are known to do that.
-->'''Threepio''': I see your point, sir. I suggest a new strategy, R2: let the Wookiee win.
** Chewie sitting back during this discussion, clearly looking smug at this bit of information about his race.
* One moment in ''Return of the Jedi'' is when the Han's squad, now teamed up with the Ewoks, begin their assault on the Death Star mk II's shield generator. Just as their figuring out how to deal with the guards without raising the alarm, one bold Ewok scurries onto the group. Just when the rebels think this is turning into a LeeroyJenkins moment, he takes off on a stormtrooper's speeder bike, causing most of the guards to chase after him. Han's summation acts as the punchline;
-->'''Han''': Not bad for a little fuzzball - Now there's only one left.
* Although only found in the script and novelization, there's something really amusing about the line "Ben reacts to Solo's stupid attempt to impress them with obvious misinformation".
* During the first act of ''Return of the Jedi'', Han and Luke have this exchange as they dragged out to face Jabba's wrath:
-->'''Han''': How we doing?
-->'''Luke''': Same as always.
-->'''Han''': That bad, huh?
* A visually impaired Han trying to aim a blaster at the Sarlacc's tentacle, which is around Lando's leg and dragging them all into the pit, while the skiff is tipping over.
->'''Lando''': Wait, I thought you said you were blind!
->'''Han''': It's alright, I can see a lot better now.
* Han's line "Threepio! You tell that slimy piece of worm-ridden filth he'll get no such pleasure from us!" is much funnier in the novelization, where he begins saying it while unknowingly facing the wrong way, then Chewbacca turns him around to face the sail barge so he can finish it.
* This is sort of a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but this conversation between Threepio and Artoo in ''Empire Strikes Back'' on Hoth is hysterical:
-->'''Threepio:''' Don't try to blame me. ''I'' didn't tell you to turn on the thermal heater, I merely commented that it was freezing in the princess's chambers.
-->'''Artoo:''' beep beep beep.
-->'''Threepio:''' ''But it's '''supposed''' to be freezing!'' How we're going to dry out all her clothes, I'll never know, but -
--->'''Artoo:''' *bleeps sourly*
--->'''Threepio:''' Oh, switch off!
* From ''The Empire Strikes Back'', when they find out that the cave they landed in isn't a cave.
-->'''Han''': There's no time to discuss this in a committee!
-->'''Leia''': I AM ''NOT'' A COMMITTEE!
-->''(3PO comes after them, then stumbles back down the hallway he came out of with [[ScreamsLikeALittleGirl a girly scream]])''
* When Han and Leia are making out in the passageway onboard the Falcon, after while 3P0 ruins the moment by excitedly walking in on them and giving them some irrelevant news about the hyperdrive. Han's reaction to being cockblocked by a droid is hilarious.
* More of a HilariousInHindsight moment, but in Ep. 4, ''A New Hope'', after Leia is captured by storm troopers she, naturally having attitude, gives attitude to Vader. But if you think about it, Vader is Luke's father, right? And Luke and Leia are twins, right? So then that makes Vader Leia's father! ''She's backsassing her father!!!''
* In ''Return of the Jedi,'' after the Super Star Destroyer crashes into the Death Star, the Rebels on Admiral Ackbar's ship start cheering wildly. And if you listen carefully, you can hear someone exclaim, "DIE, DICKHEADS!"
** Also hilarious is the reactions of Admiral Piett and a second observing officer on the Super Star Destroyer's bridge just before the A-wing crashes into it.
--->'''Admiral Piett:''' Intensify the forward batteries, [[TemptingFate I don't want anything to get through]].
--->'''Officer 2:''' *Points at the incoming wildly-spinning A-wing*
--->'''Admiral Piett:''' [[OhCrap Intensify forward firepower!]]
--->'''Officer 2:''' Too late!
--->*Both dive away from the window*
* Vader tells the bounty hunters that they're free to use any means at their disposal to find the ''Millennium Falcon,'' but he wants the passengers alive. "'''No disintegrations'''," he says, pointing right at Boba Fett as if to say, "This means you."
** The best part is Fett's response- he just sorta looks down dejectedly, as if he were silently complaining.
* In ''Empire'', Yoda standing on Luke's feet when he's doing a handstand and telling him to concentrate as he levitating a rock. Then Luke's X-wing sinks deeper into the lake and Luke loses his balance and he falls and so does Yoda! Yoda: "Concen-TRAAAATE!. Yoda's expression as he falls and his pissed off look at Luke afterwards is hilarious!
* When Luke tells the Emperor "Your overconfidence is your weakness" near the end of ''Return of the Jedi'', the way Palpatine delivers the rebuttal "Your faith in your friends is yours" always makes it seem like he might as well have been saying "[[YourMom Yeah, well, your mother.]]"
* When Grand Moff Tarkin realizes Leia lied to him about the location of the rebel base. He's quite shocked and indignant considering he lied to her about not vaporizing her homeworld if she gave him that information.


[[folder: The Prequel Trilogy ]]

* Funny/ThePhantomMenace
* Funny/AttackOfTheClones
* Funny/RevengeOfTheSith

* "The ability to speak does not make you intelligent."
* Obi-Wan is chock full of sassy little one liners scattered throughout Episodes II and III
* Obi-Wan immediately after killing Grievous with a blaster of all things:
-->'''Obi-Wan:''' SO uncivilized...
** Becomes even funnier when you relize that he's not referring to Grievous, he's referring to the act of using a blaster. It's a callback to a line in A New Hope, in which he describes the lightsaber as a "weapon of elegance" and subtly expresses disdain for blasters.
* From ''Film/ThePhantomMenace'' - watch Padme's expression when she hears that Anakin has never finished a podrace till then.
* The scene where Anakin and Qui-Gon are discussing podracing while Jar Jar is snagging food from Qui-Gon's plate with his tongue:
-->'''Qui-Gon:''' You must have Jedi reflexes if you race pods.
-->''' Jar Jar's tongue whips out, Qui-Gon catches it in the blink of an eye, completely casually'''
-->'''Qui-Gon:''' Don't do that again.
* As thanks for him helping establish an alliance between the Gungans and Naboo, Boss Nass makes Jar Jar Binks a general in the Gungan army. Jar Jar faints almost immediately, and Nass's response is to laugh, before casually walking over him to discuss war plans.
* "Why do I get the feeling you're going to be the death of me?" Foreshadowing at its very best.
* The following exchange in ''Film/AttackOfTheClones'', between Obi-Wan and a man named [[MeaningfulName Elan Sleazebagganno]]:
--->'''Elan:''' You wanna buy some deathsticks?
--->'''Obi-Wan:''' [[JediMindTrick You don't want to sell me deathsticks.]]
--->'''Elan:''' I don't want to sell you deathsticks.
--->'''Obi-Wan:''' You want to go home and re-think your life.
--->'''Elan:''' [gets up and leaves] I want to go home and re-think my life.
** Even funnier if you know the Expanded Universe: Elan found an honest job after that.
* At the start of the arena fight in Episode II when Padme climbs the pillar:
--->'''Anakin:''' What about Padme?
--->'''Obi-Wan:''' She seems to be on top of things.
* The whole sequence of C-3PO swapping heads with a battle droid, especially the way it begins - R2 gleefully pushing Threepio over the edge - is hilarious.
** "DIE, JEDI DOGS! Oh! What am I saying?!"
* A tense moment in ''Revenge of the Sith'' has Yoda entering the new Emperor's office to confront him. Two Imperial Guards bar his way - and with a shrug, Yoda [[OffhandBackhand bashes them both against the wall, knocking them senseless]].
** Also, Yoda transforming into a Tasmanian Devil-caliber spinning bouncing whirlwind of lightsaber fury for his duel with Count Douku... and then picking up his staff afterward and ''shuffling'' away like an enfeebled old man.
* R2-D2 [[CurbStompBattle curb-stomping]] two super battle droids.
* "Not to worry. We're still flying ''half'' the ship."
-->'''Obi-Wan:''' Can you fly a cruiser like this?\\
'''Anakin:''' You mean, do I know how to land what's left of this thing?\\
'''Obi-Wan:''' Well?\\
'''Anakin:''' Under the circumstances, I'd say the ability to pilot this thing is irrelevant. Strap yourselves in.
* This:
-->'''Battle droid''': "Hands up, Jedi!"
-->''Obi-Wan and Anakin pause, look behind them and slice the battle droids to bits.''
* Obi-Wan, who has been knocked unconscious, comes to while hanging upside down in an elevator shaft with the Chancellor clinging to Anakin's leg. The only thing he says is "Did I miss something?"
* Anakin and Padme are brought into the arena, met by the already chained up Obi-Wan:
-->'''Obi-Wan:''' I was beginning to wonder if you'd gotten my message.
-->'''Anakin:''' I transmitted it to Coruscant as you requested, Master. Then we decided to come rescue you.
-->'''Obi-Wan:''' [[SarcasmMode Good job!]]
** The expression on Obi-Wan's face as he says this (right after glancing up at his chains and then looking back to Anakin) is a hilarious mix of sarcasm, false congratulations and frustration.
* Obi-Wan is fighting Jango Fett, and kicks Jango off of the platform they're on. Then he realizes that he's still bound to Jango's cable.
-->'''Obi-Wan''': (dejected) [[OhCrap Oh, not good!]]
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8l7ft9BQGU bloopers]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&v=qkhjN6xUG4M&NR=1 from the]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uZH9i3J4rw prequels]] are utterly hilarious.
** LiamNeeson taking out his lightsaber...only to lose his grip and send it flying over his shoulder.
** In the Gungan scene, R2 falls over. The funniest part is that the animators bothered to animate Ahmed's reaction.
** Yoda forgetting his lines.
** Qui-Gon torturing Jar Jar.
** "Let go of me."
** Hayden breaking the handle of his speeder.
** R2 getting stuck and Creator/EwanMcGregor going to help him.
** Jango Fett tap-dancing with an umbrella is now canon.
*** He later slips while fighting and falls off camera.
** If Hayden Christensen and Creator/ChristopherLee fighting with toy lightsabers wasn't funny enough, Hayden ends up tripping.
** Hayden tripping during the chase scene, and then when leaving Padme's room. The guy has no luck.
** "God, that's hot!"
** Ewan dancing while driving a speeder.
** "This is ridiculous! This is just a mean joke! This isn't part of the movie at all!"
** C-3PO crashing into the set, and both Natalie and Ewan's reaction to it.
** Creator/SamuelLJackson's many falls. "Oh my God, I'm awake! It's morning!"
** Hayden going to the wrong door.
** When Anakin is about to kill Dooku, instead of Palpatine yelling to FinishHim it's some random guy. "He got the job!"


[[folder: Expanded Universe Novels and Comics ]]


[[folder: Comic Book/X Wing Series ]]

* Funny/XWingSeries

* In the Labyrinth of Evil novel, the NoodleIncident mentioned in Episode III is elaborated upon. During an underground commando raid on Cato Nemoidia that Anakin and Obi-Wan are leading, the Jedi split up, with one team to act as a diversion. Obi-Wan and the majority of the force engage the majority of the droids in underground storage bays, and Obi-Wan accidentally deflects a blaster bolt into a canister of spores. Thinking quickly, he reaches for his breather mask, but discovers it to be missing. [[GilliganCut Cue Anakin]] getting a message from Obi-Wan's second-in-command, Commander Cody, that they need assistance. Puzzled why the larger force would need assistance, Anakin remembers something, and pulls out of his pocket... Obi-Wan's breather mask. Frantic, he races back to the tunnels, to discover Obi-Wan falling all over himself, intoxicated by the spores, and humorously declares that Obi-Wan has invented a ''[[DrunkenBoxing new lightsaber form]]''. Anakin then discovers that Obi-Wan [[DrunkenMaster single-handedly destroyed over fifty droids]] ''despite'' being completely intoxicated.
* "What the Empire would have done was build a supercolossal Yuuzhan Vong-killing battle machine. They would have called it the [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Nova Colossus or the Galaxy Destructor]] or the Nostril of Palpatine or something equally grandiose… And you know what would have happened? It ''wouldn't have worked''. They'd forget to bolt down a metal plate over an access hatch leading to the main reactors, or some other mistake, and a hotshot enemy pilot would drop a bomb down there and [[ForMassiveDamage blow the whole thing up]]. Now ''that's'' what the Empire would have done." Thank you General Solo, the EU so rarely does you justice.
** Also from NewJediOrder (''Star By Star'', to be precise):
--->'''Ganner Rhysode''' (in Yuuzhan Vong disguise) ''Pol dwag, kane a bar''. [(phrase unknown), dung of a rotting meat maggot]\\
'''Yuuzhan Vong''': ''Kanabar''? [Low-caste person]\\
'''Ganner''': ''Dwi, kane a bar''! [Yes, dung of a rotting meat maggot]\\
'''Yuuzhan Vong''': ''Yadag dakl, ignot''! [(Meaning unknown, but certainly an angry response)]
* Creator/MattStover's ''Literature/{{Shatterpoint}}'' has a ''ton'' of these. I'm fairly certain the best is [[spoiler:Mace grabbing Nick just before they jump out of a gunship. Without parachutes.]]
-->'''Nick:''' Don't tell me.
-->'''Mace:''' (deadpan) All right. [[spoiler:(They jump out)]]
-->'''Nick:''' (shrieks)
-->'''Mace:''' (mouths) You told me not to tell you.
-->[+[[spoiler:(Don't worry, they live) Nick spent the rest of the fall complaining about "having to end his young life as 'some fraggin' nikkle nut-brained Jedi Master's ''straight'' man.' "]]+]
** Or else it's his line immediately after [[spoiler: seizing control of a militia gunship]]:
--->'''Nick''': "[[spoiler: Fire control?]] For ''me''? Oh, General, you ''shouldn't'' have!"
--->'''Mace''': ''(deadpan)'' "I realize that."
* In ''Heir to the Empire'', Han lands the ''Falcon'' in the dense forests of Wayland, a maneuver that required him to tilt the ''Falcon'' sideways at one point to squeeze in.
-->'''Lando:''' Nice landing.
-->'''Han:''' [[CallBack At least the communications array is still there.]]
-->'''Lando:''' You're never going to let that go, are you?
-->'''Han:''' You said, 'not a scratch.'
* ''ShadowsOfTheEmpire'':
** When Lando has [[LethalChef cooked something that looks like melted boot plastic and fertilizer, sprinkled with pond scum]].
--> '''Lando:''' Come on, I spent an hour in the galley fixing this. Everybody dig in!
--> '''Chewie:''' (''Growls something that doesn't sound complimentary.'')
--> '''Lando:''' Hey pal, you don't like it, you cook next time.
--> '''Luke:''' Giju stew? It looks like old boot plastic and fertilizer drenched in pond scum. Smells like it too-
--> '''Leia:''' (''Chuckles.'')
--> '''Lando:''' Fine, fine! Don't eat it, that'll just mean more for me. (''Eats a spoonful of it.'') See? It tastes great, it - (''His expression goes from irritated to amazed, slides to horror, then right into disgust.'')
*** What makes that scene really funny is that Leia is thinking the exact thing that Luke says about the stew.
** The scene where Luke and Dash Rendar are trying to bribe a droid.
--> '''Dash:''' *Grins and pulls out his blaster* Okay, Goldie. My name is Man with a Blaster About to Cook You. Either you open the door or your busy Bothan is going to have to get himself a new receptionist.
--> '''The droid:''' Oh, dear.
--> '''Dash:''' And no security alarms, either. I'm watching you real carefully. Up, and do the door manually.
--> '''The droid:''' Very well, Man with a Blaster About to Cook You.
** When Luke, Lando, Dash and Chewie are walking through the sewers to Xizor's palace, and Chewie has just nearly fallen into the stuff.
--> '''Lando:''' *Chuckles* Yeah, be careful, you big clumsy - yow! *Skids and sits down in the sludge, getting his backside soaked.*
--> '''Dash:''' You should have worn old clothes.
--> '''Lando:''' Hey, Rendar, I don't ''have'' any old clothes.
--> '''Dash:''' You do now. I don't think you'll ever get 'em clean enough to wear in public. They'd drum you right out of the Elite Stormtroopers smelling like that.
--> '''Lando:''' Shut up.
** "Lando swore at the ship, a long string of highly colorful phrases describing what he wished the ship would go do with itself."
* A great one towards the end of ''The Ahakista Gambit'' story arc of the ''Star Wars: Rebellion'' series. Wyl Tarson and Laynara are inspecting "one of those impenetrable doors" (don't you just hate them?) that they need to get through. Not to worry, they've brought tech expert and SnarkyNonHumanSidekick Baco Par along to open it. Then they turn around to see Baco pointing a blaster at them. He knows they're planning to betray him, he's a little ticked off that they kidnapped him for this caper, and the Empire can have the galaxy.
-->'''Baco''': Some people just want to be left alone! Some people just aren't good enough to make a difference! Don't you get that?!\\
'''Laynara''': ''(plucks Baco's blaster out of his hand)'' You're shaking. Don't be afraid, Baco--you can do this.\\
'''Baco''': Yes, I--you wouldn't happen to have a drink on you, do you?\\
'''Laynara''': No.\\
'''Baco''': I suppose I'd better get on with it, then.
** The disgruntled teammate's cut-and-run gambit {{subverted|Trope}} in nothing flat.
* While the totally CanonDiscontinuity comic books starring Tag & Bink might be considered a SugarWiki/{{Funny Moment|s}} for Star Wars comics generally, they have their own when Imperial agents shoot the spy who gave Tag and Bink information about the second Death Star. The spy's name? [[{{Pun}} Manny Both-Hans.]]
* "Apocalypse Endor", from ''Star Wars Tales #14'', which - in addition to depicting Ewoks [[TheVietnamWar sticking flowers down troopers' gun barrels and using brutal guerilla tactics in jungle warfare]] - beautifully torpedoes a long-standing fan theory:
-->'''Retired Imperial Soldier:''' ''(narrating over a splash panel of Ewoks running from giant bits of flaming shrapnel)'' At least I can take comfort in the fact that when thirty billion tons of metal explodes in the lower atmosphere of a small moon, it's only got one place to go.
-->'''Punk:''' [[WordOfDante That's a myth.]] [[NoEndorHolocaust Everyone knows the most of the Death Star simply vaporized, and the Rebel fleet intercepted the rest of the wreckage.]]
-->'''Soldier:''' Really?
-->'''Punk:''' Um, yeah.
-->'''Soldier:''' ''(sadly)'' Oh.
* The ''Star Wars: Underworld'' comic has several, mainly because it perfectly summarizes Greedo's role as the galaxy's ButtMonkey.
-->'''Greedo''': ''(Puts his hand on Boba Fett's shoulder in a friendly manner)'' Nice shot! We make a pretty good team.
-->'''Boba Fett''': Don't touch me.
-->'''Greedo''': Sorry.


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* In ShadowsOfTheEmpire, lingering at your ship too long will prompt Leebo to say things like "We'll never get paid if you stay here all day." and then "Go away, sir."
* ''Rogue Squadron'': [[WhatTheHellPlayer "Lord Vader, please stop firing at me!"]]
* [[KnightsOfTheOldRepublic "No! What are you doing, Master? REMOVE THE ARC WRENCH! REMOVE THE ARC WRENCH! .....medic!"]]
** "But I ''need'' those circuits, Master. Please do not destroy them out of frustration. Calm yourself, I implore you."
** "That is not it, Master. No, that is not it either. *sigh* That is a hinge, Master."
** That, plus ''everything else'' [[CrazyAwesome HK-47]] says.
*** [[http://lparchive.org/LetsPlay/KOTOR%202/content/Ebon%20Hawk%20-%20HK-47%20Mocks%20KOTOR%201.mp3 "Mockery: Oh master, I love you, but I hate all you stand for, but I think we should go press our slimy, mucus-covered lips together in the cargo hold!"]]
*** "Definition: Love is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometres away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope."
*** His knock-off brand, the HK-50 series, can get some good ones too:
--->''Mocking Query: Coooorta? Coorta, are you dead yet?''
** An absolute classic from the sequel:
--->Exile: [Force Persuade] Give me all your credits and jump into that pit over there.
--->Exchange Mook #1: Yes. Jumping into pit is good.
--->Exchange Mook #2: Get to ground faster that way.
*** At this point, some followers will react with a light-side style Influence reaction...
--->'''Rakatan Elder Councillor''': Is this some type of test, Revan? Some type of trick? You came seeking our aid; you came in search of a way to enter the Temple of the Ancients. You claimed to be seeking a way to destroy the Star Forge, and we were foolish enough to believe you. Unaware of your true nature, we helped you enter the Temple. But you betrayed us, Revan. Instead of destroying the terrible legacy of our ancestors, you unleashed the evil of the Star Forge upon an unsuspecting galaxy. And now you stand before the Council of Elders once more. And once more we ask you: for what reason have you returned, Revan?
--->'''Revan''': Uh... I need to get into the Temple so I can destroy the Star Forge.
** During the questions for what kind of Jedi you'll be:
--->There is a locked door, and you need to get to the other side. What do you do?
---->1. Blast it open.
---->2. Hack into the lock to get it open.
---->3. [[CommonSense Knock.]]
** This exchange from the first game:
-->'''[[ButtMonkey Dead-Eye Duncan]]''': You'd better watch yourself. I'm the number five ranked duelist in the Arena!
-->'''Player''': Out of how many?
-->'''Duncan''': Uh... five. But it's an elite group, okay? It's not like just anyone can step into the dueling chamber! Well, actually, anyone can... but not many do!
---> '''Lashowe''': "Do you know how many Sith there are here on Korriban?"
---> '''Jolee''': "Twelve! No, wait, Thirteen!"
---> '''Canderous''': "Nice one, old man."
---> '''Jolee''': "Thank you, it takes effort to be properly irreverent at my age."
--->"Are you an angel? Aw, I'm just kidding. That's the worst line I've ever used. [[Film/ThePhantomMenace Hope some poor kid doesn't start using it.]]"
---> '''Atton''': "Did anybody here catch that? All I understood was 'very.'"
---> '''Bao-Dur''': "I think he wanted us to give up the General to his poorly-trained collection of bounty hunters."
---> '''Atton''': "Ah. Well that should explain it. Which one do you want?"
---> '''Bao-Dur''': "I'll take the stupid one who decided to threaten us rather than shoot us when he had the chance."
** [[SarcasmBlind The Disciple or Handmaiden]] completely not getting Atton's sardonicism. "No, Atton! I think it might ''be'' a trap!"/"What are you talking about? [[CaptainObvious It's obviously a trap!]]"
** Jolee and his story about "swirling Force" and destiny. "You know, you remind me of someone I used to know. Promising young man, great destiny. Breath like a bantha."
---> '''Exile''': [on being asked about Jedi falling in love] "I believe it's called 'Pulling a Bindo'."
---> '''Brianna''': "Pulling...a Bindo?"
---> '''Exile:''' "Sorry, bad joke, bald man, long story..."
** Carth and Revan flirting, her hurting his "man-feelings". "Don't tell me not to take it personally, you hairless wookiee!"
*** One of the few times [[SlapSlapKiss the Slap Slap]] is so much fun, it's almost a shame to get to the [[SlapSlapKiss Kiss]].
---> '''Bastila''': On which planet were you born?
---> '''Revan''': Kashyyyk. I'm a Wookiee...can't you tell?
---> '''Bastila''': What is your background?
---> '''Revan''': I'm a Hutt in human form planning to overthrow the Republic.
---> '''Bastilla''': How old are you?
---> '''Revan''': 3012. Healthy living, you know.
---> '''Bastila''': I see you intend to be childish about this.
** Any attempt at all to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiO5QkxoFcw flirt with Bastila]].
---> '''Vossk:''' There are the Twin Suns, two Twi'lek slaves from Ryloth, slaves who killed their masters and developed a taste for it. They have mastered a dance of death. Very beautiful, very dangerous.
---> '''Exile:''' Two beautiful Twi'leks are hunting me? How is that bad?
---> '''Brianna:''' ''* rolls eyes* ''
** Carth and Bastila play off each other so very well:
---> '''Carth:''' Wow she, er, really misses her droid, doesn't she?
---> '''Bastila:''' There's no need to make fun of her Carth, she's obviously desperate.
---> '''Carth:''' I'll say...
---> '''Bastila:''' Carth! ''Enough!''
*** From that same quest:
----> '''C8-42:''' She... she tried to treat me as her dead husband. It was not healthy for her. \\
'''Player:''' Er... ALL the time? \\
'''C8-42:''' You don't want to know... \\
'''Player:''' Um... probably not...
*** And if you decide to take the droid back to his master:
----> '''Elise:''' Don't worry. I'm going to hug you and oil you and care for you and make sure you never get away, ever again.\\
'''C8-42:''' Please kill me.

---> '''Bastila:''' [To a Sith] Ignore Carth. He's mentally deficient. And he drools.
** Either of them plus Mission is a good bet, too. For instance, one of Mission and Bastila's conversations opens with Mission asking Bastila if she's ever used the Force for pranks, which she denies rather vehemently. Yes, the conversation involves a Force-assisted pratfall.
* TheForceUnleashed, first level, where you play as Darth Vader. When you kill a certain number of Stormtroopers:
--> You have unlocked achievement: "[[ChadVader Worst Dayshift Manager Ever]]"
** This is even funnier considering that Darth Vader [[ActorAllusion is actually voiced by]] ChadVader in this game.
* Taking out an enemy Jedi/Sith hero in ''Battlefront''. Ways to do this include: grenading them out a window, landing a starfighter on top of them, running them over with a fast enough vehicle (ex: speeder bike), etc.
* The SillinessSwitch in ''[[StarWarsRebelAssault Rebel Assault II]]'' that adds an MST3K style Vader at the bottom of the screen, and adds Dada-esque subtitles to all the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tubBVY0K68Y cutscene dialogue]].
--> '''Imperial Admiral:''' As you can see, Snookums, the whole crew has been putting in overtime... in fact, I think the Christmas recital will be the bestest in years! Little Timmy's ''Drummer Boy'' is--
--> '''Darth Vader:''' What I see, Choralmeister Lumpy, is that no has been washing these windows in my absence! This ship isn't your personal garbage can, young man!
* In Battlefront 2, if you're playing as the Separatists and get enough kills to play as Jango Fett, sometimes you may hear a clone say something along the lines of "It's Jango Fett! And he's brought his head!"
** A lot of normal soldiers in in Battlefront 2 will make comments on the appearance of special characters, usually along the lines of "OhCrap, it's ''[[TheDreaded him]]!''"
** The [[SillinessSwitch Party Mode]] cheat code. Cartoony "Pow" effects and confetti popping out when you hit things with a lightsaber. Such fun.
* ''JediStarfighter'' has plenty of funny moments. Highlights include the unlockable HilariousOuttakes, the "My Day At Work" short, and Adi's [[VitriolicBestBuds interactions]] with Nym.
** Finding the [[VisualPun literal]] {{Easter Egg}}s on Mt. Merakan.
* In the first ''RogueSquadron'', there is a cheat to turn the V-Wing into a flying Buick Electra. Also awesome.


[[folder: Other ]]

* Darth Vader is ''such'' a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5blbv4WFriM smartass]].
* Pfft. That's nothing. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDKiQfBs9lo]].
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkTQwP2gFxU This]] is what happens when Star Wars goes TotallyRadical.
* [[http://vadersoviet.ytmnd.com/ You will never take Darth Vader or Soviet Russia seriously again.]]
* "[[{{Mooks}} Prepare]] [[ButtMonkey for]] [[AmusingInjuries weapons]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YimijEkh8Fs test!]]"
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3Vya5lqPpw Salacious will be with you. Always.]]
* The Star Wars [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBzRmWeC6Ds Radio Play]], which is performed by some of the voice acting industry's finest actors, which also crosses into MomentOfAwesome.
** A few funny moments include [[WesternAnimation/ThePowerPuffGirls Bubbles]] as Darth Vader, [[VideoGame/BatmanArkhamCity Harley Quinn]] as R2-D2, a sudden PrecisionFStrike leading to the one of the characters to suddenly exclaim "We can cuss in this now? Hot damn!", TaraStrong being unable to keep up one role as [[WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents Poof]] and switching up to continue as [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Twilight Sparkle]], and Creator/JessHarnell using his [[Film/{{Transformers}} Ironhide]] voice for Aunt Beru.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4_dZPVg8KI The Star Tours opening commercial]]. Darth Vader wants to ride the Star Tours. It's not open. So he spends the day at Disneyland! Even funnier when it goes from the normal Imperial March to a whimsical variation! Then, there's the end.
* [[http://winterson.com/2009/01/episode-iii-backstroke-of-west-redux.html Backstroke of the West]]. Just... this TranslationTrainWreck of Film/RevengeOfTheSith is hilarious.
** R2, do you is fucking?
** He is in my behind!
** Reaching the west of reaches... or as we call him, Darth Vader
** The Presbyterian Church like enjoys you not
** I should really feeds you all dog
** The geography I stands compares you superior!
** You are a sacrifice article that I cut up rough now
* [[http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/11/death-star-petition_n_2460265.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000009 The White House's response to a petition to build the Death Star]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ezeYJUz-84 Star Wars: Uncut]] has many such moments:
** The text crawl at the beginning of the films... And then below that are the characters using chatroom names and criticizing the text crawl as if it were an actual online post and one even complimenting it.
** When Obi Wan is giving Luke his lightsaber, it suddenly changes into a commercial format.
* The behind-the-scenes documentary ''Empire of Dreams'' has the cast relate some pretty amusing moments from the film's production. One of the funniest is when Creator/MarkHamill talks about the moment when the ExecutiveMeddling just went a little too far. They got concerned that Chewbacca was not wearing any clothing, going so far as to suggest that he wear ''lederhosen ''. His summation of it became something of a {{meme|ticMutation}} and possibly the only reason why there is a [[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Pants page]] on pants in [[TheWikiRule Wookieepedia]] at all.
--> '''Mark''': Of all the things to worry about...The wookiee has no pants.
** The casting of Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca. According to Mayhew, his English-raised nature helped clinch the role: He stood up when George and Gary Kurtz arrived to meet him. Naturally, a seven-foot man standing up to greet you is quite significant.
* It seems Han and Chewie had a [[NoodleIncident falling out over Leia]]. Watch them argue on Jimmy Kimmel Live [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T0vs9gYydo here]].
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ97s396kb0 Carrie Fisher roasting George Lucas at the reception for his AFI Lifetime Achievement Award]]
-->And in conclusion, your honor, I hope I [[CastingCouch slept with you to get the job]], because if not, who the Hell was that guy?
* At last, we KNOW EMPEROR PALPATINE's name. What is it? [[spoiler: Sheev]]!