* Issue 2: Riker, Doctor Crusher, and Data hear the TARDIS materializing in the Holodeck, but mistake it for an error with the holographic simulation.
* The Doctor meets Lt. Cmdr. Data. HilarityEnsues.
--> '''Doctor:''' An android! A positively splendid android! What do you have in here, a positronic brain? Those can be tricky to untangle, need lots of artificial synapse jumping. Looks like you've got it running very smoothly.\\
'''Data:''' Curious...\\
'''Riker:''' Um...\\
'''Amy:''' Doctor, you're being rude!\\
'''Doctor:''' Top-notch workmanship, I have to say. Did you build him yourself?\\
'''Data:''' Please let go of my head.
* Worf tires of the Doctor's nonstop GibberingGenius tendencies:
--> '''The Doctor''': Very nice, very impressive. Roomy. I like roomy. I like the lines. Very nice use of space.
--> '''Worf''': Will you ''PLEASE'' stop talking!
* Issue #3 has Spock giving a detailed analysis of the jelly baby that the 4th Doctor gives him.
* Issue #7, Worf rescues Rory from a squad of Cybermen, and then, holding him aloft by his collar, hands him to Amy.
--> '''Worf''': ''Watch him''.