* The "[[http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/File:KIRK_IS_A_JERK.jpg KIRK IS A JERK]]" moment from "The Practical Joker."
* "The Practical Joker" again: the computer has fun ordering Kirk around.
-->'''Computer:''' Say "please."\\
'''Spock:''' Compliance would seem to be the logical response, Captain.\\
'''Kirk:''' ''[from between his teeth]'' ''PLEASE.''\\
'''Computer:''' Say "pretty please with sugar on."
* In the episode "The Jihad", from ''[[TheSpock Spock]]'' no less.
-->'''Em/3/Green:''' We'll all die here!
-->'''Spock:''' A statistical probability.
-->'''Lara:''' You ever quote anything beside statistics, Vulcan?
-->'''Spock:''' Yes, but philosophy and poetry are not appropriate here.
* "Sometimes, Spock, I wish I'd been a librarian."
* "Bem". After being captured and caged by the local LizardFolk:
--> '''Kirk:''' [[LampshadeHanging How come we always end up like this?]]
--> '''Spock:''' I assume that's a rhetorical question, Captain, not requiring an answer.
--> '''Kirk:''' I was just expressing my curiosity at our ability to get into these kinds of situations.
--> '''Spock:''' ''Fate,'' Captain, fate..
--> '''Kirk:''' ''Fate,'' Spock?
--> '''Spock:''' I believe that's the correct Earth term.
--> '''Kirk:''' Well, why don't you try your, uh, Vulcan Nerve Pinch?
--> '''Spock:''' Captain. I am only a Vulcan. There ''are'' limits.
* "More Tribbles, More Troubles" is a CallBack to [=TOS=]'s most hilarious episode, "The Trouble with Tribbles", and introduces a number of new gags:
** Remember when Kirk accidentally sat on a tribble that was in the captain's chair? This time, there is a RunningGag where a large tribble chooses the same spot. Twice, Kirk has to shove it off. [[RuleOfThree The third time]], it's too large to deal with, and he concedes: "I think I'll stand."
** The Klingons use a new weapon to cripple the ''Enterprise'' and prepare it for boarding. So Kirk initiates "Emergency Defense Plan B": [[spoiler:Beam a bunch of huge tribbles onto the Klingon ship. [[CrazyEnoughToWork The tribbles cover the Klingon transporters and generally raise havoc, making the move very effective.]]]] Perhaps the funnier part? It was Spock's idea.
--->'''Spock:''' We could always throw tribbles at them.\\
'''Kirk:''' Spock, I thought Vulcans didn't have senses of humor.\\
'''Spock:''' They don't, Captain.
** Koloth orders Korax to shoot a giant tribble with a disruptor. It explodes into hundreds of little tribbles which bury them.
--->'''Korax:''' Any other orders, sir?\\
'''Koloth:''' Yes. [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain Don't do that again. Ever.]]
** The glommer, a critter that eats tribbles, meets a gigantic one and flees in terror.
** Finally, at the end [=McCoy=] has begun to administer a treatment to the tribbles which keeps them from endlessly reproducing ''or'' forming giant colony balls. Kirk notices one that's up a Jeffries tube and calls attention to it, but he has barely finished speaking when the ball disintegrates into individual tribbles and buries the captain [[ContinuityNod once again]].
--->'''Kirk:''' Some day I'll learn.