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* Funny/SonicBoom

Also, the series has [[Narm/SonicTheHedgehog a page]] for being [[{{Narm}} unintentionally hilarious]].

* Shadow's LV. 2 attack in the first SonicRiders involves him roundhouse kicking anyone he comes close to... yes, even [[TokenMiniMoe Cream]]. Try it sometime.
* The opponent related throws in ''VideoGame/SonicTheFighters''.
** For Amy's, the character takes her hammer and smacks her over the head with it.
*** The way all the characters' heads look when flattened are hilarious.
** The character yanks back Espio's tongue and releases it, causing it to smack him in his face like a rubber band.
*** Depicted in fanart [[ here]].
** The character steals Fang's popgun from his holster, causing him to panic before shooting him in the face with it.
** The character takes a bomb from Bean, [[FeedItABomb shoves it in his mouth]], and ducks in cover for a few seconds while Bean makes hilarious faces and the bomb explodes.
** Several of the attacks in general are funny. The game is practically ''Sonic the Hedgehog'' [[XMeetsY meets]] ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' meets ''VideoGame/VirtuaFighter''.
* ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2'' had a promotion where you could receive it for free with the purchase of any Sega Genesis that came with ''Sonic 1''. [[ The commercial]], however, [[AdvertisingTropes didn't stop there]].
* Meta example: Locked-on ''[[VideoGame/Sonic3AndKnuckles Sonic & Knuckles]]'' cartridge [[ x 30]] = glitchy craziness.
* [[ The official twitter account of the series]] was fairly standard as far as corporate accounts go. [[ Then they got a new community manager.]]