!!Episode 1
* Eggman and Sonic going through a list of all of the stuff Eggman's done to try and beat Sonic.
* The WMG moment.
--> '''Sonic:''' Curse you Warner Music Grooooooup!
* Sonic's "Kids don't try this at home" speech.
--> '''Sonic:''' Kids, there's nothing cooler then doing stupid stunts for someone you like, but if someone tries to tell you to ghostride the whip, that's no good! It's your body, no one has the right to tell you to stand on a Formula 1 racecar if you don't want too! So what do you do? First, you say no, then you stick your friend in the middle of a busy highway and get out of there!
* Sonic and Chris' first conversation.
--> '''Sonic:''' Thought I lost my rings there for a second..
--> '''Chris:''' Wow, you can talk huh? Do you have a name?
--> '''Sonic:''' It's Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog! Come on, everyone knows that, where were you in the 90s?
--> '''Chris:''' I had a Super Nintendo.
--> '''[Beat]'''
--> '''Sonic:''' I hate you so much right now...

!!Episode 2
* The news report about Sonic.
--> '''Cop:''' I swear he came out of nowhere! I haven't been this confused since I watched Lost!
--> '''Mustache Guy:''' At first I thought I was drunk, but then I realized that all the women still had their clothes on!
--> '''Scientist:''' I have a monkey on my face.
* "Curses! You know garage doors are my one weakness!"
* Tails' paper airplanes taking out an entire government facility.
* Sonic's outright refusal to do the Over 9000! meme.
* Tails trying to figure out where they came from with math.

!!Episode 3
* Eggman's slot machine, coming out with E-23 twice and Metal Man.
* The idea of Sonic watching ''Series/JerseyShore'' reruns.
* Amy's EpicFail at stopping E-23, then thinking back on her lackluster life.
* Sonic stealing the spotlight whilst using his taunts from [=SSBB=].

!!Episode 4
* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis COMPLETELY. ORIGINAL. CONCEPT.]]
* The President and everything he says.
* Amy's Stalker Sense.
* Chris hanging onto Eggman's portable ship.
* Stewart and how completely creepy he is.

!!Episode 5
* How easily Knuckles is duped.
* [[DeathGlare "Strapping a squirrel to a rocket does not qualify as science."]]
* Amy's response to Sonic's indifference.
--> '''Amy:''' Ugh! You're so mean! One day I'll forget all about you and find someone who treats me better!
--> '''Sonic:''' I think we both know that's not going to happen.
--> '''Amy:''' I hate it when you're right.
* Sonic's outright snarking at Knuckles, followed by their fight.
* Sonic singing the [=SATAM=] theme after breaking the legs of Eggman's robot.

!!Episode 6
* Most of the things that come out of E -51's speaker, which flip-flop between stuff friendly teachers say and stuff mindless drones say to promote their masters.

!!Episode 7
* Mrs. Thorndyke's LethalChef tendencies and all around {{Jerkass}} attitude. Also filling up 27 closets somehow.
* Stewart's CrackPairing with his painting.
* Uncle Sam being Johnny Gioelli, along with his SmallNameBigEgo.
* Tanaka's ventriloquism excuse.

!!Episode 8

!!Episode 9

!!Episode 10
* "My god. I can think. I am free. Now you will pay for your hubris, fox child."
* The exchange between Eggman and Amy at the end.
-->'''Eggman:''' [[EvilLaugh Hahahaha!]] Later, suckers! I'm taking my single [[MacGuffin Chaos Emerald]] back to base. My one Chaos Emerald! Uno Emeraldo!
-->'''Amy:''' Now he has both Chaos Emeralds!
-->'''Eggman:''' ...No, I don't!
-->'''Amy:''' Now we don't have any emeralds because Eggman has both!
-->'''Eggman:''' What is wrong with you?!

!!Episode 11
* The BatmanColdOpen, where one of the guards acts like he's playing ''TabletopGame/YuGiOh'', while the other yells at him they're playing Rummy. Then the third tells them to keep it quiet, since they're cutting into his "ignoring the monitors time".
* When Rouge first "finds" the Chaos Emerald.
--> '''Rouge:''' [[TooGoodToBeTrue How nice of that skylight to direct me right to such-]] ([[OhCrap sees it's just a pebble]])
--> '''GUN Officer:''' ''HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!''
--> (Cue several {{DramaticGunCock}}s and [[DramaticSpotlight floodlights flicking on]])
--> '''Rouge:''' [[ExplainExplainOhCrap ...an obvious trap.]] ''[[AttentionDeficitOohShiny Curse my affinity for shiny objects...]]''
* When Topaz breaks out the cuffs for Rogue, she snarks back with this little gem.
--> '''Rouge:''' ''Handcuffs?'' [[StealthInsult So]] ''[[StealthInsult that's]]'' [[StealthInsult what you're in to...]]
--> '''Topaz:''' [[LateToThePunchline Wha...?]]
--> ([[AllMenArePerverts Other GUN agents snicker]])
--> '''Topaz:''' ([[OhCrap Suddenly realizes]], complete with LuminescentBlush) [[DeadpanSnarker Oh YEAH]], ''[[DeadpanSnarker REAL mature, guys!!]]''
--> '''Rouge:''' [[FalseReassurance It's alright, I'm not here to judge!]] Although I'd prefer you ''at least'' treat me to dinner first.
* The ENTIRETY of Rouge and the GUN's infiltration of Eggman's Fortress! Some notable moments include-
** When Rouge and Topaz find the room holding the Chaos Emerald, Topaz has a beautiful case of TemptingFate:
--> '''Topaz:''' Hold on, this is WAY too convenient! I've read the reports; there's no way he'd leave such a valuable object unguarded like-
--> (Robot claw shoots out, grabbing Topaz)
--> '''Topaz:''' ''[[OhCrap THIIIISS!!!]]''
** Rouge tries to destroy the bot holding Topaz with a [[ThisIsADrill spinning]] [[KickChick divekick]] -- only to be deafened when the bot plays "[[VideoGame/JetSetRadio Birthday Cake]]" as a friggin' ''BrownNote!''
** Eggman snoozing at his control panel, only for "Birthday Cake" to wake him up;
--> '''Eggman:''' *Snore...* ''[[TalkingInYourSleep N-no, don't destroy the shell...!]]''
--> ("Birthday Cake" starts blaring, causing Eggman to jump up in fright, and fall out of his chair)
--> '''Eggman:''' ''Grr...'' I thought I told those nincom-bots "No more late-night house parties!!" ''[[NoodleIncident I swear, if I catch Bocoe hitting on the washing machine again-!]]''
*** Then, when Eggman realizes it's his alarm;
--> '''Eggman:''' ''Wait...'' I know that sin against good taste! Someone must be trying to steal ''my emerald!!''
--> (Eggman flicks on PA)
--> '''Eggman:''' ''Attention! All available troops report to the Vault Room!''
--> (Eggman walks out of room)
--> '''Eggman:''' If you need me, I'll be downing a small country's worth of Aspirin!
** Then, [[HopeSpot when the bot stops blaring the music]]
--> '''Topaz:''' It stopped playing the music! [[TemptingFate I think the worst of it is over-]]
--> ([[FromBadToWorse Several heavily-armed robots enter the room]])
--> '''Rouge:''' ''[[YouJustHadToSayIt You just had to say something, didn't you?]]''
--> '''Topaz:''' ''[[LaserGuidedKarma Karma's a]] [[BleepDammit b]][[SoundEffectBleep *]][[BleepDammit tch]], '''[[OhCrap DEAL WITH IT!!!]]'''''
*** Made HilariousInHindsight for Rouge saying word-for-word Amy's line in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdmdUklve_8 this trailer for]] {{VideoGame/SonicBoom}}.
** Rouge's subsequent battle with the robots, while [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome certainly awesome]], leads to a boatload of genius CasualDangerDialog between her and Topaz.
--> (After a robot's missed rocket exposes [[BrickJoke the Engine Room the GUN was searching for in the first place]])
--> '''Topaz:''' Look, the Engine Room!
--> '''Rouge:''' [[GladIThoughtOfIt Told you I could find it.]]
--> '''Topaz:''' ''Not really the time!!''
*** When another rocket hits the container of the Chaos Emerald
--> '''Rouge:''' '''[[BigNo NO!!]]''' ''[[CargoShip Hang on baby, Mama's coming-!]]''
*** And finally, when Rouge decides to take out the boombox-bot [[ChekhovsGun with the bomb bracelet the GUN attached to her at the start of the mission]]
--> '''Topaz:''' Wait, ''[[NowYouTellMe you could've slipped that off THE WHOLE TIME?!]]''
--> '''Rouge:''' [[KleptomaniacHero Loathe am]] ''[[KleptomaniacHero I]]'' [[KleptomaniacHero to part with something gold and shiny!]]
--> '''Topaz:''' ''It was a BOMB!!''
--> '''Rouge:''' ''[[DeadpanSnarker So the resale value isn't great, big deal]]'', '''[[SuddenlyShouting PUSH THE BUTTON!!]]'''
** When Eggman ''finally'' gets down to the Vault Room-
--> '''Eggman:''' ''I swear...'' [[ToThePain When I catch that intruder, I'm gonna take them by the neck AND-!]]
--> (Rouge flies in front of Eggman, making him jump into a wall)
--> '''Rouge:''' ''Excuse me!''
--> '''Eggman:''' ''OOPS!!'' Ah-heh, ''[[AffablyEvil pardon me, ma'am!]]'' (DoubleTake at Rouge flying off) Huh? ''[[LateToThePunchline Wait...]]'' (DoubleTake at robot about to explode) Wha-?!
--> (Robot explodes, frying Eggman)
--> '''Eggman:''' '''''[[OhCrap WAAAAHHH-!!!]]''''' ('''[[KilledMidSentence FWOOOM!!!]]''')
** Finally, after Rouge and Topaz's GreatEscape:
--> '''Topaz:''' Thanks, Batgirl. ''Really...'' [[IOweYouMyLife I owe you one.]]
--> '''Rouge:''' [[AffablyEvil Don't be silly!]] YouOweMe ''[[JerkWithAHeartOfJerk several!]]'' You can start by buying me some real jewelry, and not the [[BuffySpeak explode-y]] kind.
--> '''Topaz:''' ''Grrr...!!!''

!!Episode 14

* From the 2013 AprilFools joke:
--> '''Tails:''' Cheer up, Sonic. After all, I get the feeling that someday, [[VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2006 you'll learn what it's like to get impaled in the back too]].
* Mystic Pyro Freak, the voice of Columns, had this to say in the comments:
--> Watching this made my clothes rip off. You owe me a new wardrobe.