* When Snoopy is dictating to Woodstock his letter protesting the beach's new 'No Dogs Allowed' policy, he gets carried away and accidentally claims he's a taxpayer. The embarrassed look on Snoopy's face when he realizes his mistake was priceless.
* Woodstock's "flying". He wasn't a very good flier even in the strips, but seeing it in motion is just hilarious. He twirls and even flies upside down as if he's constantly off balance.
** Snoopy and Woodstock come to a sidewalk grate. Snoopy is big enough to walk across it, but Woodstock, fearing falling in, decides to walk up and down every metal bar, which [[OverlyLongGag takes him about a minute]] while Snoopy waits for him on the other side. When Woodstock attempts to do it again at a second grate, Snoopy just carries him across.
* Charlie Brown faints at the news about who Lila is. Several times. ...''before'' Linus tells him the news!
-->'''Linus:''' Are you ready for a shock?\\
''[Charlie Brown promptly faints]''\\
'''Linus:''' He wasn't ready for a shock.
** Charlie Brown keeps fainting several times during the exposition as well.
* [[ItMakesSenseInContext After Snoopy spends the night in a nest with Woodstock]], Snoopy's alarm clock wakes him up and he whacks it. This causes a sleeping Woodstock to randomly burst into laughter...until [[ButtMonkey Snoopy whacks him, too.]]
* Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty at the carnival. Just them entering the carnival is hilarious, because the first thing Charlie Brown does is get caught in the entrance turnstile, spin around it several times and then get thrown off. Peppermint Patty remarks that she has seen people get motion sickness from the roller coaster and the bumper cars, but never from the turnstile.
** While going through the Barrel
O Fun, a spinning tunnel, Peppermint Patty has no problem staying on her feet. Chuck...doesn't have the same luck.
*** After going on several rides, Peppermint Patty asks, "Aren't we having fun?" Charlie Brown, who looks half dead at that point, doesn't seem to agree.
** The fortunes they get from the Fortune Telling Machine:
--->'''Peppermint Patty's card:''' You are a very loving person and your life will be filled with romance.
--->'''Charlie Brown's card:''' FORGET IT, KID.
* While otherwise a very sad, emotional scene, the going-away party has a few. There's this part where Charlie Brown has speak to the entire room. Before he can make his speech, Snoopy starts sobbing. Charlie Brown then cries in the most hilariously forced way possible. It never fails to crack this troper up.