[[folder: Generation One]]
* "Chris and that Polish girl... they got out of the car at hospital, right?" "...Yeah. Yeah, I think so, yeah."
* The glue factory scene in the Russia episode.
-->'''Translator:''' First, we break legs...
-->'''Sid: '''[[ITakeOffenceToThatLastOne Michelle would never, ever fuck a horse!]]
* In Chris' S2 episode, he is asked by his career guidance counseller to avoid swear words.
-->'''Chris:''' So I told him he was a pitty boss and a pastard, and he could pucking shove his pucked polo up his packside! Stupid prick!
-->'''Josie:''' I think one slipped through there Chris...
-->'''Chris:''' Stupid punt...
** For a job interview, Chris is asked to sell a mug of tea to the interviewer. His method is to light the man's tie on fire.
--> Just a teeny note, that won't work with houses.
* [[https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ijpoI_OoJXA This whole dialogue between Devil!Maxxie and Angel!Anwar.]] And then, at the end...
-->'''[[CloudCuckoolander Cassie]]:''' Wow, Maxxie! You look all horny!
-->'''Maxxie:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint You can tell?]]

[[folder: Generation Two]]
* [[LoveableSexManiac James Fitch's]] glorious announcement of what is inside Emily's secret box.
-->"FANNIES! It's full of fannies!"
* Let's also not forget James' total awesomeness during Katie and Emily's S3 episode when he walks in on Katie changing.
--> "Whoa, you're naked, BITCH!"
* James again:
--> "Mrs [=McPherson=] says as long as swearing's used in context, it's fucking A."
* Effy's father to her mother:
--> "Don't you DARE use cunt and Oxfam in the same sentence!"
* Cook and JJ try to crash a party:
--> Cook: Did we invite Freddie?
--> JJ: No
--> Cook: And why didn't we invite him?
--> JJ: Because he's a fun sponge?
--> Cook: You got it
* This exchange from Emily's season 4 episode:
--> Emily: "Fake tan, fake boyfriend, fake concern."
--> Katie: "I ''am'' concerned... BITCH!"

[[folder: Generation Three]]
* After Franky asks Mini and co to just start something or fuck off, because she's had enough shit already:
-->'''Grace''': Ooh, like, before Bristol or before? 'Cause I had a dream last night that I was like a slave, and I was working on a plantation-
-->'''Mini and Liv''': Shut up, Grace.
* The series 5 finale:
-->'''Nick''': Leave me to the bears!
-->'''Alo''': We're in ''Somerset''!
-->'''Nick''': To the squirrels, then!
** The whole scene where Mini is looking for Franky, Liv and Matty.
-->'''Mini''': Hi! Have you by any chance seen, erm, two girls and a boy?
-->'''Old man''': Bugger off!
-->'''Mini''': Er, ''rudeness''!
** "David Fucking Blood!" Made even funnier by Sean Teale and Will Merrick's delivery.
* Rich's [[DiggingYourselfDeeper attempt at chatting up the "Angel of Death"]] in his S5 episode.