!! The video game:
Nothing here yet.

!! The roleplay:
* Basically, every other thing that came out of Karkat's mouth. (Note: The following links contain [[WallOfText walls of]] gray capslock and may be difficult to read for some users.)
** [[http://singularityrpg.dreamwidth.org/233253.html Karkat teaches the station about troll romance.]]
** [[http://singularityrpg.dreamwidth.org/347363.html Karkat teaches the station about the dangers of robots.]]
** [[http://singularityrpg.dreamwidth.org/423187.html Karkat teaches the station about earth human pregnancy.]]
** [[http://singularityrpg.dreamwidth.org/593297.html Karkat teaches the station about...]] Uh... Who knows.
* [[Franchise/MassEffect Shepard]] gets the Mako. [[http://singularityrpg.dreamwidth.org/250870.html Everyone is promptly reminded]] why letting her have it [[DrivesLikeCrazy is a bad idea.]] What really makes this post is either Shepard calmly asking for help fixing a flat while the vehicle in question is ''upside down and on fire'', or Alejandro's reaction when he realizes who the destroyed building in the video belonged to.
* [[http://singularityrpg.dreamwidth.org/584234.html?thread=63890986#cmt63890986 Garrus's adventures in]] AccidentalInnuendo. Especially when the visual aids (don't worry, no actual genitals are involved) come out.