* #4 of Dan Slott's run is essentially a constant stream of these, as Jen represents {{Spider-Man}} in court against J. Jonah Jameson for libel.
** Jen's really bad "Spider-Signal".
** Spidey [[http://i.imgur.com/mVjXV9D.jpg?1 claims that 3J hates him because he's black]] - [[JustJokingJustification and then says he's just kidding]], [[ActuallyPrettyFunny cracking up the entire courtroom]], including the judge (though he calls for order anyway).
*** J. Jonah Jameson insists that [[BlackBestFriend "Some of my best friends are black!"]]... which is actually true when you consider Robbie Robertson.
** Spidey and Jen team-up to smack the Scorpion around.
--->'''Spider-Man''': Y'know, for all my years in the longjohn game... ...That's the first time I've ''ever'' seen someone argue their way out of a fight. Say, where can I get one a' them law degrees?\\
'''Jen''': Oh, stop!
** ...but despite Jen's mad skillz, ''"Peter Parker"'' gets caught up in the lawsuit. But Spidey has a novel settlement...
--->'''Pug''': Our client is willing to drop ''all'' monetary damages ''and'' forgo any future claims... ...on ''one'' condition.\\
'''3J's Lawyer''': Okay, let's hear it.\\
'''Pug''': Both Jameson and Parker have to hand out public apologies for one ''entire'' business day.\\
'''Spider-Man''': ''[[CoolAndUnusualPunishment While dressed in chicken suits!]]''
* Jen trying to talk John Jameson into having sex with her while she's in She-Hulk form:
-->'''Jen''': And if things get too... you know, just use the safe word.
-->'''John''': No kidding. I've got a few more "safe words," like "Ow!" and "Dear God!" and "Crushed pelvis."
* From the original ''Sensational'' run, a both Funny and Awesome moment sees She-Hulk and friends escaping a dangerous situation by running across the two-page mail-away ad spread in the middle of the comic. Every single entry mocks the title and/or creators involved with it, from numerous jabs on the ''NewUniverse'' to pointing out the open joke that Walter and Louise Simonson are the models for the parents in ''PowerPack''.