[[caption-width-right:350:"Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!"]]

''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' is a sketch comedy show that, despite its near-constant changing of cast members and writers and occasional [[SeasonalRot dips in quality]] (often due to the aforementioned cast and writer changes), has remained on Creator/{{NBC}} for almost 40 years (completed 40 seasons and is about to complete its 41st). And it stayed around for two reasons: 1) NBC didn't want to lose the show, even in the early-to-mid 1980s when it always seemed to be teetering on the brink of cancellation, and 2) because, even at its lowest point, it still turns out some memorably funny moments (your mileage may vary, of course).


* [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/2306/saturday-night-live-point-counterpoint-lee-marvin-and-michelle-triola "Jane, you ignorant slut."]] "Dan, you pompous ass."
* From the original cast, [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/19046/saturday-night-live-bassomatic the Ronco Bassomatic '76 commercial.]]
* Lorne Michaels trying to bribe Music/TheBeatles to come on the show...with $3,000. "You can split up the money however you want. If you want to give [[Music/RingoStarr Ringo]] less, that's fine."
** Turned into a really lost opportunity when you find out that Music/PaulMcCartney and Music/JohnLennon were in Lennon's New York apartment that night watching the show, and seriously considered taking a taxi down to Rockerfeller Plaza and taking Lorne up on his offer.
** In a second-season episode, Music/PaulSimon opened the show by performing "Still Crazy After All These Years" in a turkey costume, but stopped mid-song and left the stage because it was too silly. As he walks backstage, the camera catches Lorne Michaels talking to musical guest Music/GeorgeHarrison, explaining that [[BrickJoke the money was for all 4 of the Beatles]], and that he wouldn't be able to cash in alone.
** ''Sixteen years later,'' during an episode hosted by Creator/AlecBaldwin, this brief exchange between Lorne and that night's musical guest:
-->'''Lorne Michaels''': I just assumed George would have given you the money..
-->'''Music/PaulMcCartney''': No, I-I never even heard from George..
-->'''Lorne Michaels''': I mean, I can't be responsible for that. I mean, he said that he would take care of the band..
* The classic Creator/RichardPryor-Chevy Chase [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6341HeJDgU racist word association sketch]] - taking RefugeInAudacity to a whole new level and forever cementing ''SNL'''s reputation as the edgy late-night show where anything can happen (scripted or otherwise).
* From 1978, it's the new live entertainment sensation -- ''Music/ElvisPresley's Coat''! See his coat live on stage and hear the legendary songs! You may have seen those imitation coat shows but this is the real deal! (This ParodyCommercial is also HilariousInHindsight; in addition to the Elvis merchandising, tribute shows, and so on that persist to this day, the ''Los Angeles Times'''s review of ''Theatre/MichaelJacksonTheIMMORTALWorldTour'' compared its approach to this skit's premise.)
* "The Last Voyage of the Starship 'Enterprise'". A hilarious takeoff on ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'', as the crew faces their greatest threat: cancellation by Creator/{{NBC}}. Features Chevy Chase as Mr. Spock, Creator/DanAykroyd as [=McCoy=] (and the voice of Scotty), and Creator/JohnBelushi as Kirk.
* From season two: in an episode aired in January, 1977 (hosted by Fran Tarkenton[[note]]The first sports star ever to host the show; Tarkenton was a football player for the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Giants[[/note]]), "Weekend Update" opens with Jane Curtin reading a letter from a female viewer who complains that Curtain doesn't have the sex appeal of her predecessor, Chevy Chase. Curtin replies that she thought viewers were interested in good journalism, rather than sex and lowest common denominator entertainment, but that she was evidently wrong. [[spoiler: She closes her reply with, "All I can say is, ''try these for size Connie Chung''!", ripping open her blouse and showing her bra. As the audience roars, she adds, "If it's raw thrills you want, it's raw thrills you're going to get!" And she spends the rest of the segment throwing suggestive glances at the camera between stories.]]
* From Season four: in an episode aired in November, 1978, host Buck Henry gives his monologue, talking about how much he appreciates being asked back to host and how the people on the show appreciate him. While he's talking, a roller caption informs the audience that Buck's wrong. Actually, the writers were exhausted after working hard on the previous show, hosted by Steve Martin. By comparison, Buck is so low key that his show is like having a week off. Then, the caption notes that Creator/CarrieFisher would host next week's show and that the writers had seen ''[[Film/ANewHope Star Wars]]'' several times in preparation. They then start running the gunport sequence from the movie, followed by a list of a few ideas they're working on (like "Star Whores" and "Car Wars"). All the while, Buck continues his monologue without a break. [[RunningGag This was the second time they'd run captions over Buck's monologue]], and they'd do a variation of the gag when he returned for the season's finale.
* From season two: Creator/JohnBelushi doing an editorial on "the luck of the Irish". He quickly turns it into a speech about the "''bad'' luck of the Irish", which then turns into an extended rant about his friend Dan Sullivan, a "drunken, Irish junkie", with Jane Curtin trying in vain to calm him down. As with his other editorials, it escalates until he collapses in apoplexy.
* From season 4, [[http://snltranscripts.jt.org/78/78ppepsi.phtml The Pepsi Syndrome]] Despite running 14(!!!) minutes long, it's one of the, if not the only, long sketches to have a hilarious pay-off.
* "Samurai Hotel", the first Samurai Sketch, featuring John Belushi and Creator/RichardPryor as feuding hotel-clerk samurai. [[spoiler: two words: YO MAMA-SAN!]]
* From the 1979 episode hosted by Creator/MichaelPalin. "The Adventures of Miles Cowperthwaite" A sketch similar to an episode of Palin's ''Series/RippingYarns'' series. It is purportedly based on a 19th century novel about a British orphan(Palin) who becomes a cabin boy on a ship "The Raging Queen".
* Dan Ackroyd as "Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute".
* Garrett Morris as frequent Weekend Update commentator Dominican baseball player Chico Esquela when he tried to go back to spring training with his old team the Mets despite being 41 and having written a tell-all book about them. And when he says his CatchPhrase. "Basa-ball been berry, berry good to me."
* Steve Martin dressed as and singing about "King Tut".
* There's a season four episode where Franken and Davis perform a skit about male beauty pageants. Davis's dance for the talent portion must be seen to be believed.

* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_w_3uYQHCWk several times]] on Weekend Update when Creator/DennisMiller sat next to DanaCarvey...''dressed up as'' Creator/DennisMiller. He [[ActuallyPrettyFunny seemed to enjoy the satirical image of himself]].
-->'''Miller''': You know...I'm just narcissistic enough to love that.
** And then Creator/TomHanks [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/282825 joined the act.]]
* The short film starring Martin Short, Creator/HarryShearer, and Creator/ChristopherGuest about aspiring synchronized swimmers (who perform to the Frank Stallone tune "Far from Over" to boot).
* The Amazing Alexander, a Broadway hypnotist! [[CreepyMonotone "I loved it. It was much better than ''Cats''. I'm going to see it again and again"]] was a MemeticMutation for years afterward.
* The famous sketch where Creator/WilliamShatner tells a group of nerds at a ''Franchise/StarTrek'' convention to "Get a life!"
** From the same episode: The "lost" ending to ''Film/ItsAWonderfulLife'', in which Mr. Potter finally gets what he deserves (since the real movie doesn't show that).
* The "Jackie Rogers Jr.'s $100,000 Jackpot Wad" game show sketch with Martin Short as Jackie Rogers Jr. Billy Crystal as Sammy Davis Jr, Jim Belushi as Captain Kangaroo, Christopher Guest and Mary Gross as the contestants.
* Eddie Murphy as Music/StevieWonder collaborating with Music/FrankSinatra (Joe Piscopo) on a new version of Wonder's hit duet with Music/PaulMcCartney, "Ebony and Ivory" for the upcoming album ''Frank Sings Songs the Young People Will Enjoy''. Sample Sinatra lyrics include:
-->'''Sinatra:'''(singing) You are black and I am white/Life's an Eskimo pie/Let's take a bite!
-->Side by side you are my amigo, negro/Let's not fiiiight!
* Creator/PhilHartman as President UsefulNotes/RonaldReagan -- he's all ObfuscatingStupidity in public, but in private with his staff he's the EvilGenius and the mastermind behind the Iran-Contra scandal.
* From the season 12 premiere hosted by Creator/SigourneyWeaver: Dana Carvey as a hack British rock piano ballader improvising the song "Choppin' Broccoli" on the piano in front of his record execs.
* Eddie Murphy as [[Film/TheLittleRascals Buckwheat]] singing his "Greatest Hits".
* Creator/TomHanks showing DeletedScenes from his movie ''Film/{{Big}}'' where he plays a 13 year old whose wish to become a 30 year old man comes true. The cut scenes show his character deciding to stay and attend school where he bullies the other kids.
* When Eddie Murphy returned to host in the 1984-85 season he did a short film called "White Like Eddie" where he is made up to look like a white man. First he learns how to act white by watching episodes of "Dynasty" and reading Hallmark cards. Once in public he makes the discovery that when white people are alone "they give each other things for free." When he goes into a bank to apply for a loan without any collateral, the black loan officer refuses, then his white bank manager tells him he can go to lunch. When he leaves, the bank manager laughs and tears up the loan application and actually offers to give "Mr. White" (Eddie) whatever amount of money he wants."
-->'''Eddie as "Mr White":'''(laughing) "What a silly negro!"
* From the episode hosted by SanFrancisco49ers quarterback Joe Montana and ChicagoBears running back Walter Payton. Phil Hartman has Jan Hooks over to his place and they each think things while saying the opposite. Montana comes in as Hartman's roommate and he is shown thinking something and then says the exact same thing.
* "Waikiki Hockey" a spoof of ElvisPresley movies with hockey legend Wayne Gretsky as a waiter in a Hawaiian nightclub and Jan Hooks as Ann-Margaret.
* A sketch where host Robert Wagner is on a date and characteristically debonair but is also the world's sloppiest eater.
* The [[http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/7b266f28c7/attack-of-the-masturbating-zombies?_cc=__d___&_ccid=e9f1ad33-052e-470d-8384-143e7b41ec8c infamous "Attack Of The Masturbating Zombies"]] skit, meant as a parody of Grade-B 1950's horror movies, but generating such controversy that numerous advertisers yanked their commercials from the episode.

* "The Creator/ChrisFarley Show", with Chris meeting Music/PaulMcCartney. Also a CrowningMomentOfAwesome.
* The Schweddy Balls sketch. Even funnier if you close your eyes during it.
* Any [[MemeticBadass Bill Brasky]] sketch. "I once saw him scissor kick Angela Lansbury!"
** Here's [[http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/148829/ one]] from his [[TheFunInFuneral funeral]].
* "[[http://www.funnyhub.com/videos/pages/happy-fun-ball.html Do not taunt]] HappyFunBall."
* A site devoted to transcribing ''SNL'' sketches [[http://snltranscripts.jt.org/95/1995.phtml notes]] that the "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc0FeUMQIA4 Wake Up and Smile]]" sketch in Season 21 defined how the show was recovering from season 20 (which, had its moments, but was really suffering from SeasonalRot in the same way the show was in its 6th and 11th seasons), and indeed it did — the audience response to the revelation of the winner in the battle between the host (Will Ferrell) and the weatherman is one of true, and truly ''shocked'', laughter. Four words: "'''[[spoiler:The weatherman is DEAD!]]'''"
* [[http://videosift.com/video/Jingleheimer-Junction?theme=dark Jingleheimer Junction.]] Four glorious minutes of GettingCrapPastTheRadar. The Junction Gang's [[GenreBlindness inability to see what the big deal is]] and Jingleheimer Joe's [[GenreSavvy near-violent reactions to what's going on]] make it even funnier.
* From a 1993 episode, Creator/ChristopherWalken as "Ed Glosser, Trivial Psychic" a spoof of his movie ''Film/TheDeadZone'' where Walken is an office worker who can foretell events whenever he makes contact with people but they're all insignificant:
-->'''New Employee:''' (''played by Rob Schneider'') Nice to meet you! (''shakes Ed's hand and suddenly he and Ed act like a shock of electricity goes between them'')\\
'''Ed Glosser:''' (''falls into his trance'') Tomorrow... on the way to work... you're gonna buy a cup of coffee...\\
'''New Employee:''' (''anxious'') Yeah?\\
'''Ed Glosser:''' Then you're gonna hail a cab...\\
'''New Employee:''' Uh huh! Does the cab crash?!\\
'''Ed Glosser:''' No.. you're gonna leave the coffee in the cab!\\
'''New Employee:''' Okay.. I guess I'll just have to get another cup when I get here.\\
'''Ed Glosser:''' (''grabs him by the shoulders'') Look! you don't get it! You're wasting coffee!
* The real Janet Reno appearing in the final "Janet Reno's Dance Party" sketch. "It's Reno time!"
* [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/4183/saturday-night-live-down-by-the-river "I LIVE IN A VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER!"]]
* During the 1993 World Series, the opening skit was that poking fun at the Blue Jays/Phillies series. It showed the Phillies in their dugout while "O Canada" was being sung, but each and every one of the Phillies were A) not standing at attention, B) had their caps or helmets on, and C) were chewing Chewin' Tobacco and occasionally spitting on the ground — all spot-on representations of the at-the-time Phillies. Extra points go to Creator/ChrisFarley, whose impersonation of John Kruk was ''dead on''.
* Creator/ChrisFarley, in his last ''SNL'' appearance before his untimely death, playing the [[TropeNamer Trope]]-[[ElNinoIsSpanishForTheNino naming]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEoHz56jWGY El Nino.]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQYVRr0EYBA Jimmy Tango's FAT Busters]]. '''RIDE THE SNAKE.'''
* Creator/ChrisFarley, Creator/DavidSpade and Creator/AdamSandler as teenaged girls hanging out at a mall food court. Aside from three grown men trying their best to imitate a teenaged girl's voice, one of Farley's reactions is legendary:
-->'''Spade's character:''' Aren't you trying to cut back?\\
'''Farley's Character:''' ''(Farley briefly dropping the teenaged girl routine)'' LAY OFF ME, I'M STARVING!
* One of the few times Creator/PhilHartman ever corpsed during his tenure. By the end of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgEe28dOViU this skit,]] he's quite visibly having difficulty keeping it together.
** Apparently Hartman was thinking about the absurdity of the situation, and how Franke nstein's Monster would deal with it, and then he thought about how the Monster would sound laughing. [[HilarityEnsues It just got worse from there]].
--->'''Frankenstein''': FIRE--''([[ThrowItIn realizes he's going the wrong way]])''--BAD! ''(smashes through back wall of set)''
* The 1993 sketch where newly-elected president UsefulNotes/BillClinton (Phil Hartman) stops by a [=McDonald=]'s while jogging. He talks with every diner in there while taking a bite out of their food.
-->'''Clinton:''' I just want to mingle with the American people, talk with some real folks... and maybe get a Diet Coke, or something...
-->'''Secret Service Agent''': Fine. But please don't tell Mrs. Clinton.
-->'''Clinton:''' Jim, let me tell you something - there's gonna be a lot of things we don't tell Mrs. Clinton about!
* "Unforgivable" a commercial spoofing Natalie Cole's duet with her dead father Nat King Cole "Unforgettable". This time Natalie sings along with recordings of her dad's old dead friends like Sammy Davis Jr (Tim Meadows), Ethel Merman (Julia Sweeney), Judy Garland (Mike Myers), Mama Cass (Chris Farley), young (Rob Schneider) AND old Elvis (John Goodman) and even Tammy Wynette (Melanie Hutsell) who's actually still alive, and she's '''pissed''':
-->(Natalie Cole sings ''"Stand By Your Man"'')\\
'''Tammy Wynett:''' Hey! I am NOT dead!\\
'''Natalie Cole:''' (singing) ''I am not dead''\\
'''Tammy Wynett:''' This is how rumors gets started!\\
'''Natalie Cole:''' ''This is how rumors get started''\\
'''Tammy Wynett:''' Cut it out, bitch!\\
'''Natalie Cole:''' ''Cut it out, biiitch''
* [[http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/80a71ef8cb/more-cowbell The infamous Cowbell sketch]]. A performance such as ChristopherWalken's, in which he got ''the entire assembled cast'' to [[{{Corpsing}} corpse]] due to his LargeHam performance was an absolute joy to see.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wu46A69a1TE "OVER THE WEEKEND, YOU STUPID BITCH!"]] The part that really sells it is Creator/ChrisFarley's "What now?!" expression, practically daring his co-stars to start corpsing.
* Creator/ChrisFarley and Creator/PatrickSwayze [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLA3cdUt5to auditioning]] as ChippendalesDancers. Although it's now considered a FunnyAneurysmMoment thanks to their untimely deaths.
* The first ''[=McLaughlin=] Group'' sketch with Dana Carvey as host and moderator John [=McLaughlin=] who always yells "WRONG!" interrupting a member of the group when they try to give an answer and gives his answer which is usually insane. In another sketch, after he declares a prediction on how the show will start to be "WRONG!" he declares the subsequent rimshot "WRONG!" And on an earlier issue:
-->'''John [=McLaughlin=]:''' ''[rapidly]'' Jack, wrong! Pat, wrong! Fred, wrong! Morton, wrong!
** The Halloween edition of that skit, which had [=McLaughlin=] himself showing up and taking over the discussion.
* [[http://youtu.be/ELvRWY4uQtI The coffee commercial sketch]], spoofing Folger's "We've secretly replaced their coffee" commercials, showing an outtake in which a customer played by Creator/ChrisFarley [[BerserkButton goes batshit]] when he's informed [[FelonyMisdemeanor this isn't the coffee he originally ordered]].
-->'''Knorben Knussen:''' Mr. Huff, how do feel about your experience on hidden camera?
-->'''Mr. Huff:''' An-gry...
* [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/3531/saturday-night-live-the-sinatra-group The Sinatra Group]] is an all-time classic which premise is Frank Sinatra (Phil Hartman) hosting a roundtable of music discussions which featured Sinead O'Connor (Jan Hooks), Billy Idol (Sting), Luther Campbell (Chris Rock), Steve Lawrence (Mike Myers) and Eydie Gorme (Victoria Jackson). This sketch's hilarity ranges from Sinatra insisting that Campbell has talent, Sting's pretty dead-on Billy Idol impression, and the numerous Sinead O'Connor nicknames( "Sinbad", "Uncle Fester", "Sign Aid") but the capper is what may be one of the single greatest lines ever uttered on SNL.
-->'''Sinatra"''' [[BadassBoast You don't scare me, I got CHUNKS of guys like you in my STOOL!]]
* The Old Glory Robot Insurance commercial wouldn't work in most normal cases, but with Sam Waterston in the sketch as the spokesman, it's one of the greatest commercials in SNL history.
* [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/264431/saturday-night-live-compulsion Compulsion]], a spoof of the self-important Calvin Klein perfume ads. Just a hilarious all around performance from everybody involved.
* From the first time Charles Barkley hosted (in 1993), there was the monologue where he challenges Barney the Dinosaur to a game of basketball-- and Barney gets his ass handed to him (to the point that stuffing is coming out of tears in the costume and his fake eye is hanging out). Made all the funnier when the two becomes friends in the end and walk off the court to the end theme of ''Series/BarneyAndFriends''.
* In a fantastic parody of ''Film/{{Planet of the Apes|1968}}'', the first fifteen minutes of the episode hosted by Charlton Heston from season 19 (he hosted before in season 12, but that episode never had this sketch), he oversleeps in his dressing room for a very '''long''' time and wakes up the show is taken over by apes (really people in ape masks, of course)! The people in the opening credits were all replaced by apes -- their names referencing actual characters from the movie series -- and even the audience during the monologue were apes!
** During the cold open Heston finds the regular human cast all locked up in a cage all dirty with long hair and dressed in rags. He goes to talk to Phil but he has a blank look on his face and sees a big scar on the side of his head:
-->'''Charlton Heston:''' Oh damn you! Damn you all to hell! You [[{{Lobotomy}} cut out his brain!]](goes to Creator/ChrisFarley next oh him) Chris! Chris what about you? Talk to me! Are you okay?\\
(sees Chris has a dumb smile on his face like he's been lobotomized like Phil)
-->'''Heston:''' Oh my god you've cut out his brain too!
-->'''Tim Meadows:''' No, Mr. Heston Chris is fine, he's always like this.
-->'''Chris Farley:''' Film/TheTenCommandments was awesome!
* From a 1995 "Hollywood Minute" segment of "Weekend Update", Creator/DavidSpade says [[TakeThat "Look, kids, a falling star! Make a wish!"]] as he mocks Creator/EddieMurphy's (then-)lackluster career. Even though this ''really'' [[BerserkButton pissed Murphy off]] (and it was met with shocked groans from the audience), it's hilariously scathing.
* The [[http://youtu.be/OKJZbUsXHGI "Herlihy Boy" sketch]] with Creator/AdamSandler and Creator/ChrisFarley. Chris makes a hilarious "Heh?" sound after each line, while Adam struggles so hard to maintain composure as Farley loses his temper:
* A sketch from a 1993 Jeff Goldblum episode where a street guitarist (Rob Schneider) in a subway station who gets angry when a rider played by Goldblum tries to give him money. The guitarist keeps insisting he's not a beggar even though everything he sings suggests otherwise:
-->''"Please give me money\\
I'm very hungry.\\
Please give me money\\
So I can eat.\\
I don't have another job\\
This is what I do for a living.\\
Please give me money\\
So I won't starve.''
** Later, Adam Sandler asks if he can join him on harmonica. Schneider enthusiastically agrees, only for his next verse to command Sandler to go away because he'd rather play alone. Sandler says he'll go, but Schneider insists he stay, and then sings the following:
-->''You didn't go away\\
So now I have to kill you\\
When you are not looking\\
I'll push you into the next train.''
* In an otherwise lackluster season, the David Hyde Pierce episode of Season 20 had some good moments. In one of them, he and Michael [=McKean=] play accountants burning the midnight oil in order to improve the fine print of a contract. During the sketch, Michael begins to tap a pencil against his desk, which annoys David. "Sorry, it's a nervous habit." But David has an even weirder "nervous habit". "You're shearing a sheep. Could you cut it out? It's very distracting. If I can't tap the pencil, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't shear."
* Creator/ChrisFarley's impersonation of New York City mayor's Rudy Giuliani's hyperactive young son.
* On October 23 1993, during ''Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon'', Creator/ChrisFarley appeared as Philadelphia Phillies player John Kruk for a commentary. This was also the same night [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1993_World_Series#Game_6 Game 6 of the World Series]] took place between the Phillies and the Toronto Blue Jays, the latter leading three games to two at the time. Nealon asks him why he’s not in Toronto at the game. [[OhCrap Realizing there was a game that same night]], Kruk becomes speechless and embarrassed. Kruk then asks dejectedly what happened at the game, to which Nealon replied "Toronto won 8-6," which also meant the Blue Jays won the World Series. This lead Kruk to get even more flustered. What also makes this skit funnier is that ''Weekend Update'' occurred right after the game was over.
* ''Space: The Infinite Universe with Harry Caray'', with Ferrell's impersonation of the memorably eccentric Cubs announcer going down as one of his iconic moments. Jeff Goldblum, the only other actor in the skit, has a really tough time not corpsing at Ferrell!Caray's nonsensical babble ("It's a simple question, would you eat the moon if it was made out of barbecued spare ribs?! Just say yes and we'll move on!") and at one point, completely breaks down to the point where the camera stays on Ferrell while Goldblum works it out with the crowd going wild. Also delivers a fantastic BrickJoke that's so good, Ferrell almost corpses himself before delivering it ("That's why my friends call me 'Whiskers'!"). And never once is it brought up why Harry Caray is hosting a science show in the first place.
* [[HappyFunBall Happy]] [[http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/happy-fun-ball/229058/ Fun Ball.]]
* The first time the {{WWE}} did a crossover with SNL (read: DwayneJohnson hosted). To wit:
** The Rock appearing on a morning talk show and freaking out the hosts just with his presence alone. It caps off with him singing [[ElvisPresley "Are You Lonesome Tonight?"]] (with Wrestling/MickFoley providing backup vocals while Wrestling/TheBigShow does interpretive dance in the background)
** The Nicotrel skit, where The Rock is a live-in smoking habit breaker:
--->'''Husband''': ''(pulls out a pack of cigarettes)'' Now, whenever I want a cigarette--''(get snatched out of his seat by The Rock from behind)'' OH GOD NO...\\
'''Nick O. Trell''': STOP SMOKING! ''(punches the husband a few times)'' Here's how it works...''(punch)'' Nick lives with you...''(punch)'' Nick sees you smoking...''(punch)'' Nick gets angry--Nick gets angry, you don't smoke, period. ''([[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill wails on the husband before chucking him out the front window]])''
*** This also has a run-in by other wrestler friends, with Wrestling/TripleH, Wrestling/TheBigShow and Wrestling/MickFoley trying to stop the Rock...only to beat him up harder. Mick even drops a People's Elbow!
* In a sketch spoofing the 1992 Presidential debates, featuring PhilHartman as UsefulNotes/BillClinton and DanaCarvey as UsefulNotes/GeorgeHWBush [[ActingForTwo and Ross Perot]], Clinton imagines Bush as an old woman in a silly dress, Bush imagines Clinton as a bong-smoking hippie, and Bush ''and'' Clinton imagine Perot as a Munchkin from ''Film/TheWizardOfOz''.
* From the 1999 episode hosted by Creator/JerrySeinfeld, Seinfeld after being sent to prison in the ''{{Series/Seinfeld}}'' finale is transferred to the one seen on the prison series ''Series/{{Oz}}''. The fastidious Jerry blithely goes through his daily routine while interacting with that show's characters like white supremacist Schillinger and his bitch/nemesis Tobias Beecher. Things like PrisonRape are talked about like about the mundane minutia on his own show:
-->'''Jerry Seinfeld:''' You missed out on the make-up sodomy?
-->'''Tobias Beecher:''' I missed out on the sodomy!
-->'''Jerry:''' The make-up sodomy's the best part of being nailed to a gym floor!
-->'''Beecher:''' Missed out, baby!
** And in a nod to ''Seinfeld'''s most famous episode:
-->'''Jerry''':(To Schillinger, O'Reilly and Augustus) Whoever goes the longest without committing male rape wins the Contest.
* Dana Carvey returning to host in 1996 and playing NBC anchor Tom Brokaw being coaxed by offscreen producer(Robert Smigel) into recording various contingency announcements of the death of former President UsefulNotes/GeraldFord. It includes unlikely scenarios as Ford overdosing on crack cocaine and eaten by wolves.
* From the 1996 Creator/RobertDowneyJr episode, a spoof of ''WestSideStory'' with Norm MacDonald as a gang leader wondering why and how his friends are suddenly able to spontaneously go into a choreographed song and dance.
* Creator/BarbraStreisand [[https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=127163020631848 dropping in]] on an episode of "Coffee Talk with Linda Richman". Note that Streisand wasn't even a guest that week--she dropped in entirely by surprise after a nearby performance and Mike Myers, Madonna, and Roseanne Barr screamed like fangirls.
* Another fun movie spoof for a guest host monologue: Bill Paxton mentions how nice the cast has been to him all week, but cutting to backstage we learn that it's a cruel setup for the old ''Film/{{Carrie}}'' pig's blood prank (complete with split-screens). They didn't count on Paxton having psychic powers of his own...once he's managed to set the studio and the conniving cast members on fire, he cheerfully assures the audience (apparently spared from the extra-crispy treatment) that there's a great show coming up!
** From the same episode, an AlternateEnding to ''Film/{{Titanic 1997}}'' where Paxton's character and his salvage crew get tired of listening to Old Rose' story and beat her up.
* From the Creator/LucyLawless episode, Lucy as Music/FleetwoodMac singer Music/StevieNicks doing a commercial for her new Tex-Mex restaurant "Stevie Nicks' Fajita Roundup". Lucy does a dead on impression of Nicks singing all her famous songs but with Mexican food items placed in them!
-->"(sings to the tune of "Rhiannon") "Chicken fajitas taste real fine/Wouldn't you love to eat them?
-->My chips and salsa are mighty fine/No one round here can beat 'em."
* From 1994, Creator/AdamSandler performing his song "Lunchlady Land" on guitar with Creator/ChrisFarley dancing around as the "lunchlady" and most of the other cast members and a few writers dressed as various food items and Kevin Nealon as "Sloppy Joe". Sandler breaks as Farley and Nealon slow dance together.
* From the Emilio Estevez episode, Estevez, Sandler, Farley, and Spade as bodybuilders hosting a show called "How Much Ya Bench?" When discussing actors they don't like, Estevez's character makes fun of CharlieSheen (Estevez's real life brother) and says he will beat him up. Later on, Sheen calls the show and BreaksTheFourthWall by threatening Estevez himself to which the latter tries explaining that it's just a sketch.

* Everything Sean Connery says in the ''Celebrity Jeopardy!'' sketches. "I'll take Anal Bum Cover for 7,000."
** There's plenty of times during these skits where you wonder how anyone managed to keep a straight face. The banter between Creator/WillFerrell as Alex Trebek and Darrell Hammond as SeanConnery is the stuff of legends. The skit from Norm [=MacDonald's=] hosting gig also brings back Norm's hilarious take on Burt Reynolds (who insists on being called "Turd Ferguson" and dons a big foam cowboy hat, which is "funny 'cause it's bigger than a normal hat") and opens with a NoodleIncident:
--->'''Trebek''': Welcome back to ''Celebrity {{Jeopardy}}''. Before we begin the Double Jeopardy round, I'd like to ask our contestants, once again, please refrain from using ethnic slurs. That said, let's take a look at the scores. SeanConnery has set a new ''Jeopardy'' record with -$230,000.\\
'''Connery''': You think you're pretty smart, don't ya, Trebek? What with your dago mustache and your greasy hair!\\
'''Trebek''': ''Look, what did I '''just''' say about ethnic slurs?!''
*** "You're not selling penis mightiers? You're sitting on a ''gold mine'', Trebek!"
** The 40th Anniversary sketch starts going ''completely'' off the rails, starting with [[Creator/BurtReynolds Turd Ferguson]] arriving, apparently having "driven" his customized podium (he claims he was late because he had to pick it up from the garage). From there, celebrities start randomly replacing one another, with Alec Baldwin's Tony Bennett suddenly replaced by Jim Carrey as Matthew McConagahey, who apparently recorded his own voiceover for it, referencing his recent Lincoln car ads.
** Also there's a Video Daily Double filmed by Bill Cosby. Trebek ''immediately'' orders it off the air, seeing how it was "filmed six months ago" and shit with Cosby had gone considerably south for him since then.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pXfHLUlZf4 "Jizz — in — my pants!"]]
* Will Ferrell as the ultimate BadBoss "Mr. Tarkanian" who goes from calmly interviewing a nebbish job applicant (Creator/PierceBrosnan) to enraged, screaming and abusing his employees:
-->(to male employee played by Chris Kattan): "You do NOT hand in CRAP like THIS!! This looks like you took a CRAP or a DUMP in the PRINTER!! You are SCUM!! I should FIRE you and BURN down your FRIGGIN' HOUSE!! I am THIS close to RAPING YOU!!"
* A parody of ''Literature/TheScarletLetter'' where a 17th century Puritan town led by the reverend (Chris Parnell) prepare to shun Hester Prynne(Ana Gasteyer) and make her wear a scarlet letter "A" for adultery. Then a woman(Lara Flynn Boyle) from exiled from another town arrives. She removes her cloak to reveal a scarlet "BJ"(for Blow Job) and suddenly the men all welcome her openly!
-->'''BJ:''' I am so grateful for your kindness. But I must be honest. I am no mere traveler. I have been shunned.
-->'''Reverend:''' What? Shunned? I mean, do people do that anymore?
-->'''Hester Prynne:''' Ahem! Hellooo?!
* The very first [[TheEeyore Debbie Downer]] [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/68225/saturday-night-live-debbie-downer sketch]] is so funny, even the entire ''cast'' in the sketch starts cracking up.
* ''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin D* ck in the Box]]''. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhwbxEfy7fg 'Nuff said.]]
* NataliePortman does a TakeThat on her squeaky clean image by dropping a ClusterFBomb in a hilarious [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8e6-IeQ0aw rap number.]]
* An early 2001 sketch based on the RealLife captured US spy plane and it's crew held prisoner by the Chinese. Among the Americans a tough, grizzled old SergeantRock type from the Marines played by Creator/AlecBaldwin who tries to get the others to join him in a dangerous escape attempt but the other soldiers are just noncombat techies who just want to stay put and wait for the US government to negotiate their release. The Marine's RousingSpeech to them is hilarious:
--> Oh, I get the picture. I know how you all feel. [ patriotic music plays over him ] War was a rough business. Women and college boys need not apply! When we signed on for this gig, we knew it wasn't gonna be a cakewalk! We also knew we were signing up on the winning team - OUR TEAM!! Now, I don't pretend to know who these Chinese people are - I know they're small, maybe 1 or 2 feet high! I know they sound funny when they talk, I know the womenfolk have sideways vaginas! But underneath their scales, they're just like you and me. Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I can't take on a billion of them..
-->'''Another soldier:''' Yeah you can't.
* The TakeThatUs ([[AlternateCharacterInterpretation or call to arms to continue to be funny despite troubling times, whichever]]) which opened the first show back after 9/11:
-->'''Lorne Michaels''': Can we be funny?\\
'''Rudy Guliani''': Why start now?
** Creator/WillFerrell, in another post-9/11 skit, plays a guy going along with his company's policy of wearing patriotic articles. He comes in [[{{Squick}} wearing a belly shirt with the American flag and a star-spangled thong]].
* "The Barry Gibb Talk Show" skits with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake as brothers Barry and Robin Gibb of Music/TheBeeGees who host a roundtable political discussion show. The highlight of each is Barry flying into a rage at his guests over the littlest thing, shouting "I AM BARRY EFFING GIBB!"
** Along with Music/JustinTimberlake visibly struggling not to crack up (he's usually quite unflappable) at his antics.
* Anything that comes out of Will Forte's mouth as Zell Miller in the ''[[http://snltranscripts.jt.org/04/04chardball.phtml Hardball]]'' [[http://snltranscripts.jt.org/04/04i.phtml sketches.]] '''''PISTOLS AT DAAAAWN, MATTHEWS!'''''
** Not to mention the way he's able to turn his face red, even borderline purple, on live television.
* Will Ferrell as UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush explaining the conditions under which China would return a U.S. spy plane. These include a guarantee that America would get all their top-secret documents back; the Chinese would have photocopies. China also agreed not to share those photocopies with other nations; however, photocopies ''of'' photocopies are still allowed...''provided they are '''readable'''''. "I fought hard for that one."
* The first George Bush / Al Gore debate, where Will Ferrell cements his Bush character by summing up his presidential plan in one word — "Strategery".
* Any time Bill Hader shows up as Stefon on Weekend Update. Seth Meyers, Hader (despite his best efforts to hide it and not be like Creator/JimmyFallon [[note]]though, unlike Jimmy Fallon, Hader's cracking up stems from the writers -- specifically John Mulaney -- changing what Stefon says and keeping it from Bill Hader until the dress rehearsal...and then doing the same thing again on the live show[[/note]] -- the most recent time on the second time Jonah Hill hosted, he actually kept it together until he had to describe what a "human Roomba" was), and the entire audience begins cracking up. For good reason.
** The latest Stefon segment from the Jonah Hill episode where he gives Creator/SethMeyers a St. Patrick's Day pin with the words, "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" on it -- [[AccidentalKiss which Stefon takes as an invitation]]. Bonus points for [[CrossingTheLineTwice Stefon pretending to jack off Seth Meyers]] and the revelation that Stefon [[CrazyPrepared kept that "Kiss Me I'm Irish" button all year]] [[RefugeInAudacity just to pull that trick on him]].
* Will Ferrell as Neil Diamond on ''VH1 Storytellers'':
-->"Here's a song I wrote after I killed a drifter to get an erection! (sings): Forever in blue jeans..."
* The entire "Brain Busters" sketch on the season 28 episode hosted by Bernie Mac. Especially the ending.
* JustinTimberlake singing "Rainbow Connection" with [[Series/TheMuppetShow Kermit the Frog]], only to get into a fight with Kermit's puppeteer.
-->'''Kermit''': Some day we'll find it, the rainbow connection. The lovers, the ''[[BerserkButton douchebag]]'', and me.
* After Diana Ross got jailed for drunk driving in early 2004, Weekend Update had Tina Fey do some entertaining interviews with the "soul diva" (played by Maya Rudolph):
** In the first, Miss Ross - or "Inmate #54899-B", as she claims to be called in jail - laments from inside her cell that jail is ''not'' like several of her career's highlights, or even a spa - although she does note that her burly and mustoiched bunkmate Roberta (played by Finesse Mitchell) bears a surprisingly strong resemblance to her ''Mahogany'' co-star Billy Dee Williams.
** In the second, Diana Ross counteracts news of her 48-hour sentence remaining incomplete by insisting to "Tina-na-naa" that she spent all that time in the vicinity of the jail, until she confesses leaving a few times. [[spoiler:When Tina asks Diana Ross how much time she ''actually'' spent at the jail, Ross admits, "About 45 minutes. But it felt like an hour! Ooh, cut me some slack, Teeny-tootsie-tiny-Tina!"]]
* The skit with [[DwayneJohnson The Rock]] as {{Superman}}. The idea that the entire staff of The Daily Planet already knows Clark is Superman and just plays along to screw with him is hilarious
-->'''Jimmy Olsen:''' Uh, y-- Hey, yeah and it's also weird that that guy, uh, Superman is a full-on, out-of-the-closet homosexual.\\
'''Clark Kent:''' Well, that's what they say-- Oh, wha--? What? Huh? Wa - wait a minute. [chuckles] Superman isn't gay!\\
'''Lois:''' Oh, sure he is.\\
'''Jimmy:''' Real gay.\\
'''Clark:''' No, no. Now, wait. I always heard he was pretty manly.\\
'''Perry White:''' Oh, ho ho! No way! You get Superman in a truck stop men's room, you won't need kryptonite to bring him to his knees!\\
'''Clark:''' Hey, hey, hey! Come on! Really! Superman isn't gay! Sure, he experimented a little back in Smallville ... \\
[Lois, Jimmy and Perry try to suppress their laughter.]\\
'''Jimmy Olsen:''' [to Lois and Perry] I was just makin' that up, I swear!
** Also from an episode hosted by [[DwayneJohnson The Rock]] (from season 34), the sketch where two hula-dancing brothers from Hawaii (played by The Rock and Fred Armisen) keep insulting the tourists by bashing Hawaii and the cliched idea of taking a Hawaiian vacation. It was pretty funny, despite that the state of Hawaii actually protested against it a week after the sketch aired.
* The 2005 sketch set in Santa's workshop where Creator/AlecBaldwin appears as "Winter's Breath", an "elf from the home office" and recreates his famous TheReasonYouSuckSpeech from ''Theatre/GlengarryGlenRoss'' almost word for word to a group of elves to motivate them to work faster building toys for Christmas.
-->'''Winter's Breath:''' You got tools. Santa paid good money for those tools. You can't build with the tools you have? You can't build garbage? You ARE garbage, hit the bricks, pal, and beat it, 'cause you are going out!
** Not to mention the point where Alec Baldwin slips up and say "Always be ''closing''", rather than "cobbling". The audience cracks up, and for a split second, so does the usually unflappable Baldwin.
* Kanye West walking out of his dressing room to do his musical performance. . .and running smack dab into none other than Mike Myers, a few weeks after West's and Myers' appearance on a telethon during which the former harshly criticized then-President Bush for the administration's poor handling of Hurricane Katrina. To say Myers looked like a deer caught in headlights--much as he did the night of the telethon--is an understatement. HilariousInHindsight, coincidentally in 1994 Meyers was in a sketch featuring Heather Locklear as host of an infomercial about a kitchen appliance. During the pitch Locklear would say racist remarks and the phones in the back would suddenly light up with angry phone calls. Myers' horrified reaction every time Locklear would make a slur looked exactly like his reaction to Kanye making his remarks about President Bush!
* The Digital Short "Dear Sister" featuring Andy Samberg, Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig and host Shia LeBouf in an OverlyLongGag featuring various tropes like SurprisinglySuddenDeath, DeathIsDramatic, DiesWideOpen, KilledMidSentence, SlowMotionFall and ForeseeingMyDeath. Based on a scene from ''Series/TheOC'' where Marissa [[spoiler: shoots Trey]] and it even uses the same song "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap.
* TinaFey as Sarah Palin. Just... ''always'' whenever Tina Fey shows up to parody Sarah Palin. Fey's impression of Palin is so note-perfect people can't tell the difference.

* [[Creator/NormMacDonald Norm [=MacDonald=]]] making a surprise cameo as Burt Reynolds for ''Celebrity Jeopardy!'' and Tom Hanks playing a moronic version of himself on the last episode of Season 34 (hosted by Will Ferrell with musical guest Green Day).
* Creator/JimCarrey as Lily on the show's parody of ''Film/BlackSwan'', which showed that JimCarrey can still do silly physical comedy after all these years.
** "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwby0YmAXVc Sorry I'm late. I had to take numbers three and four]]."
* Creator/BettyWhite, unsurprisingly, was funny all over the place when she (finally) hosted in 2010, starting from her opening monologue in which she called Facebook, on which the petition to have her host had started, a "huge waste of time," to the "Scared Straight" sketch where she played [=MacIntosh=]'s badass grandma:
-->'''Loretta:''' ''Wizard'' of ''ass''!
* The 2011 season finale with JustinTimberlake and Music/LadyGaga. THE. ENTIRE. EPISODE. including but not limited to ''It's Not Gay if It's a Three-Way'' aka ''[[Music/TheLonelyIsland Dick in a Box: Part III]]'', Justin and Gaga dressed as a beer bottle and a wine glass [[ItMakesSenseInContext making fun of Kristen Wiig for being a teabag]], Justin Timberlake appearing on a game show where he doesn't recognize his old bandmate from *NSYNC, Chris Kirkpatrick (played by Taran Killam), and a cameo by [[Creator/JimmyFallon Jimmy]] [[Series/LateNight Fallon]] for the return of ''The Barry Gibb Talk Show'' who made a point of noting he had [[RippedFromTheHeadlines survived the Rapture said to happen on May 21st]].
* The "Who's on Top?" skit.
-->'''Host''': Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz--who's on top?\\
'''Contestant''': OprahWinfrey.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE0TksI1s60 The Merryville Brothers]]. Also doubles as NightmareFuel due to the UncannyValley looks of Taran Killam, JimCarrey, and Bill Hader and the gruesome ending ([[spoiler:which was originally supposed to have Kenan's character beheaded onscreen, but it was changed at the very last minute for being too violent. Still, the implication that Kenan's character was going to be turned into one of the Merryville robots by being murdered was there]]).
** If you're afraid of animatronics, you'll find it scary, funny or both.
* Creator/SethMeyers' installment of "Really?!" (about Congress declaring pizza as a vegetable in public schools) with Kermit the Frog.
* The Creator/AnneHathaway as Film/MaryPoppins [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/37754/saturday-night-live-mary-poppins sketch]]. Turns out, Mary isn't the PuritySue you'd think she is.
* The SNL Digital Short from the Creator/SteveBuscemi episode (season 37, not season 23) with Batman (Andy Samberg) stalking Commissioner Gordon (Buscemi). Parts of note:
** Batman (and Aquaman [played by Paul Brittain]) in Commissioner Gordon's shower (with Gordon telling Batman and Aquaman to put some pants on).
** Batman taking a picture of Commissioner Gordon's prostate exam (and the doctor posing for it)
** The end with Batman poorly disguised as a supervillain called "The Squirrel," followed by Batman snarling, "I always loved you!"
* "Michael Buble's Christmas Duets" on the Season 37 Christmas episode hosted by Creator/JimmyFallon. Highlights include Fallon's dead-on impressions of Justin Beiber (which actually puts Fallon's notorious mugging to good use) and RussellBrand (not only in appearance, but his voice is spot-on -- and the rambling about a man named Angel who's high is ''exactly'' what you'd expect to come out of Brand's mouth), M.I.A (Nasim Pedrad) blasting holes in the ceiling with her gun during "Up On The Rooftop," Ke$ha's (Creator/AbbyElliott) take on "The 12 Days of Christmas", Music/LadyGaga being nothing more than a sparkly tree (Buble: "Oh come on, is that even real?"), and Music/KanyeWest (Jay Pharoah) upstaging Buble [[RefugeInAudacity and claiming that he's better than Jesus right in the baby Jesus doll's face in autotune]].
** Also in the Creator/JimmyFallon Christmas episode: The monologue in which Fallon finally admits that his cracking up ruined a lot of the sketches he was in that were already established to be [[CrowningMomentOfFunny crowning moments of funny]] (like The Cowbell Sketch and the Debbie Downer in Disneyland sketch).
** Also also from the Creator/JimmyFallon episode, but not featuring Fallon was "Tommy Palmese, Half-Jewish, Half-Italian, All Neurotic." Fred Armisen portraying a very bizarre one-man stage show where he acts out the very weird story of his life, with the narrator reading excerpts from various reviews of the show such as "The whole thing just stressed me out from beginning to end" and "It's a show that can only be described as...four hours".
*** The entire Fallon episode was a FunnyMoment, so it's not surprising it's the highest rated episode of the season.
** Jimmy as LudwigVanBeethoven, after he premieres his famous 'Ninth Symphony' in Vienna and introducing all the members of his orchestra like he's BruceSpringsteen.
* Daniel Radcliffe as a [[FutureLoser washed up]] Film/HarryPotter still hanging around Hogwarts ten years after the events of ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows'', while everyone else has moved on with their lives, including Hagrid [Bobby Moynihan] who married Harry's CloudCuckoolander classmate Luna Lovegood (Vanessa Bayer):
-->'''Luna:''' He's huuuge!
* The Channing Tatum episode (with musical guest Bon Iver) has three:
** The cold opening of Newt Gingrich (Bobby Moynihan) as President of the Moon, played out like a B-grade sci-fi flick from the 1950s.
** The monolgue, in which Channing Tatum mentions that he was a stripper before he became an actor -- and points out the former customers he had in the audience, one of which is a man named Leslie, who denies ever seeing him. Tatum tries to refresh Leslie's memory by doing his stripper moves -- and Leslie ends up [[IncrediblyLamePun dying happy]]. The kicker: Tatum also recognizes the doctor (played by Andy Samberg) who pronounced Leslie dead as one of his customers.
** Kristen Wiig appearing as Music/LanaDelRey on Weekend Update, defending the claims that her ''SNL'' performance on the Daniel Radcliffe episode was a disaster because her horrible singing and lack of movement, while, at the same time, admitting that she's terrible and no different from other flavor-of-the-moment singers and singers who change their names to be more marketable (like Music/LadyGaga, Sting, Bob Dylan, and every rapper since rap became a mainstream genre).
* The "High School Musical 4" sketch from the season 34 episode hosted by Zac Efron. [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/67437/saturday-night-live-high-school-musical-4 All of it]].
* The [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/335970/saturday-night-live-disney-housewives#s-p1-sr-i1 "Real Housewives Of Disney"]] sketch from the Lindsay Lohan episode
-->'''[[Disney/{{Aladdin}} Princess Jasmine]]:'''(sobbing) I had sex with Iago!
-->'''Snow White:''' The parrot?
-->'''Jasmine:''' I thought it was Aladdin! He was mimicking his voice!

--> A CampGay '''[[Disney/{{Cinderella}} Prince Charming]]''': "Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Burn that dress! A ha ha ha."(smirks)
-->'''[[Disney/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs Snow White]]:''' (TalkingHead)Looks like my stepmother isn't the ''only'' evil 'queen' in town! (gets high fives from all seven dwarfs who are below the screen)

-->'''[[Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast Belle]]''': Who does your hair? Birds?
-->'''Snow White''': At least I'm not married to a beast!
-->'''Belle'''(angrily): His name is Kelsey Grammer!

** Also the [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/338523/saturday-night-live-snl-backstage-real-housewives-of-disney-deleted-scenes?from=fb_share outtakes and deleted scenes of the skit.]]
-->'''Cinderella''': Oh no! Did we forget to invite Disney/{{Mulan}}?
-->([[Disney/{{Tangled}} Rapunzel]], Jasmine, Belle and Snow White all laugh)
-->'''Cinderella:''' (laughing)We didn't forget! We didn't forget!
* The [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/335962/saturday-night-live-scared-straight#s-p2-sr-i1 "Scared Straight"]] bit from the same ep (with LindsayLohan playing herself as a convict) was pretty funny as well ("Every kiss begins with rape!")
** From the same episode, during the monologue: Kenan Thompson admitting that he's been stoned since ''Film/GoodBurger''.
** Also, Creator/LindsayLohan getting "patted down" by Kirsten Wiig whilst hugging and Wiig trying to cover it up by saying that "I'm a lesbian now" to which Lindsay responds "[[TakeThatMe Been there done that]]."
** Also from the Lindsay Lohan/Jack White episode: "Rude Buddha," a one-shot sketch depicting Buddha as a JerkAss who cracks jokes about his disciples, has a part where the title character (played by Andy Samberg) uses the lyrics to ''Series/TheFactsOfLife'' as sage advice.
** James Carville's (Bill Hader) story of how he dressed in drag and tricked Newt Gingrich into dating him, especially the line, "Now, it doesn't matter why, but I am friends with some alligators." [[note]] The alligators of which were swimming in the Potomac River and sent to attack Gingrich when Carville revealed that he was a man[[/note]]
* The delightfully insane 2-episode wonder [[note]]so called because Paul Brittain -- the actor who plays the character -- left the show in the middle of the season[[/note]] known as Lord Wyndemere. It's an 18th-century scamp in modern times who charms the hell out of a girl and her father (played by Jason Sudeikis). Along with his creepy assistant Turlington (with a tiny harpsichord), hilarity ensues.
* Host Sofia Vergara in a sketch where she's playing herself and Penelope Cruz (played by new feature player Kate [=McKinnon=]) shoot a Pantene shampoo commercial. They both have to say their lines to a camera and move sexily on a couch while a wind machine blows. Penelope becomes increasingly annoyed that her lines are complicated like "Follicular development" and "Arteriovenous Plexus" which are hard to understand with her thick Spanish accent. Meanwhile Sofia gets easy words like "glossy" and "Yaaay!" The director (Jason Sudekis) tries to teach Penelope how to say "Phytomorphogenesis" but what comes out of her is "refrigerator" and "Jeff Bridges."
* From the Josh Brolin episode (the second time he hosted with musical guest Gotye): a teacher (Bill Hader) shows a new student (Vanessa Bayer) around the high school and the most popular couple, a blonde jock (Taran Killam) and cheerleader (Nasim Pedrad) walk in slow motion down the hall as "We Got More Bounce in California" plays. As the sketch goes on, it's revealed that the whole sketch is parodying the "slow motion power walk" cliche used in many a high school teen movie (or TV show) by revealing that the hallway is either some sort of scientific anomaly or it's been cursed by a witch. [[spoiler: The end reveals that the slow-motion hallway is the work of a witch's curse]].
* From the Eli Manning episode: a fake commercial for Amazon.com showing men getting Mother's Day gifts for their wives and elderly mothers, only to find them jerking off to the book "Fifty Shades of Grey." Two standout moments: the little girl singing into her mom's (Kristen Wiig) vibrator like a microphone and an adult son (Taran Killam) finding his elderly mom (Nasim Pedrad) with her crotch pressed against a vibrating washing machine with a picture of Joel [=McHale=] on top and the mom telling her son that it's his father.
** Also from the Eli Manning episode: The "Little Brothers" mentor program fake commercial (it ''is'' similar to the Peyton Manning one, but only in the fact that both sketches have a Manning brother as a member of a mentor program for kids who don't have any strong role models in their lives and that said Manning brother abuses kids for laughs), where little brothers can hire Eli Manning himself to beat up their older brothers. Funniest parts are: Eli Manning giving an older brother a wedgie while playing video games, Eli tackling an older brother (Andy Samberg) to the ground, a couple of scenes later where the same boy is locked in the trunk of a car and Eli calls him "Peyton" (with Samberg's character pleading that he's not Peyton before getting the trunk door slammed on him), and the maniacal laughter of Eli Manning and all the kids.
* Most of the MelissaMcCarthy episode but especially two sketches. The first, where she plays "Arlene" who comes on '''very strongly''' to office co-worker Tim played by Jason Sudeikis. (Inspecting underside of horse balloon sent to office) "Is this you Tim? Are you my Italian Stallion?"
** Second is where she's one of three people asked by Hidden Valley Ranch company to sample and give their opinion on their new salad dressing.
* From the 2012 season premiere hosted by SethMacFarlane, a sketch set in a puppeteering class. One of the students (Bill Hader) is a ShellShockedVeteran discharged in 1983. His puppet "Tony" looks like him with a long grey mullet, wearing sunglasses, and a camouflage army jacket, speaking in a raspy voice and smoking a cigarette. He keeps recalling horrible things from the [[OperationUrgentFury invasion of Grenada]]. Bonnie(Vanessa Bayer) is a student whose puppet Nicki has a ValleyGirl persona:
-->'''"Nicki"''': I'm like so into my phone! I'm always like texting, texting, texting! LOL!
-->'''"Tony"''': Nobody was laughing out loud that day in Grenada. Many people were saying "OMG." Me, I was saying TTYL to my innocence!"
** From the same episode, MacFarlane's imitation of Ryan Lochte was spot-on.
-->'''Ryan Lochte''': I played... America? In... Olympics...
* From the 2012 Joseph Gordon-Levitt episode, Ann Romney (Kate [=McKinnon=]) defending her husband Republican candidate Mitt Romney and revealing she's a {{Beyonce}} fan.
** Speaking of Kate [=McKinnon=], the Daniel Craig episode shows that she's shaping up to be the new Kristen Wiig, as seen in the parody of ''Long Island Medium'' and her spot-on impressions of JodieFoster and Ellen [=DeGeneres=]
** Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the mooching son of "Advertising/TheMostInterestingManInTheWorld".
* In the 2012 Christina Applegate episode, a spoof of ''Literature/TheOdyssey'' where Odysseus (Jason Sudekis) has his men put beeswax in their ears and tie him to the mast to resist the [[EnthrallingSiren Sirens]] (Applegate, Kate [=McKinnon=] and Cecily Strong) whose singing enchants sailors to crash against the rocks of their island. However they sing songs by female artists from TheNineties like Lisa Loeb, Music/PaulaCole, Music/ShaniaTwain, Music/SherylCrow and Music/{{TLC}} which Odysseus can't help but love and sing along to:
-->'''The Sirens:'''(singing) [[DawsonsCreek ''I don't want to wait, for our lives to be over...'']]
-->'''Odysseus:''' (singing) ''...I want to know right now what will it be!'' Oh my god, how do I know the words?! I only know manly sea-chants!"
** The "Tech Talk" sketch where three gadget reviewers get insulted by the Chinese sweatshop workers who created the new [=iPhone=].
* From the Bruno Mars episode:
** Stefon (Bill Hader) recounting his daily routine: waking up (at 7 o'clock at night), going home (which is revealed to be a trash can next to a Radio Shack at 23rd and 7th), taking a shower (from where, we don't know), and feeding his dog, Bark Ruffalo.
** Tom Hanks as one of the murderous Merryville Brother robots.
* LouisCK as UsefulNotes/AbrahamLincoln in a parody of his show ''{{Louie}}''. Lincoln doing stand up in club:
-->'''Lincoln:''' The only thing I'm really tired of is arguing with slave owners as if they'e not just (bleep)ing (bleep) holes. They're like ''Oh but I like owning people!'' 'I get it. I totally get it.' You gotta act like you're totally cool with it. 'Naw if I could own a couple of dudes, I'd love to own a couple of dudes. I totally get it.' You gotta act like it's a 50/50 issue. You know... I kind of think...that owning a person is NOT COOL YOU STUPID DICK.
-->'''Lincoln''': You know who I feel bad for is the detective who's going to have to solve my murder. Because they're gonna go, "Well, let's see, who might have done it." "Oh I dunno, everybody from the middle of the country down?"
* From the Creator/JeremyRenner episode, ''Film/{{The Avengers|2012}}'' sketch that trashed Renner's Hawkeye character as being useless.
-->'''Black Widow''': How many arrows did you bring?
-->'''Hawkeye''': Eleven.
-->'''Captain America''': There are a hundred thousand aliens attacking!
-->'''Hawkeye''': And I killed eleven of them! You're welcome.
** From the same episode the short film that exaggerated and parodied the MexicanStandoff trope. In it, Renner, Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan are criminals in the middle of a deal, pointing guns at each other and not relenting until one of them gives up a very valuable hard drive. It starts off in a parking garage, but Renner is late picking up his daughter from ballet practice so they all take a cab, their guns pointing at each other. They pick up the daughter, read her a bed time story, sleep in the same bed, take a shower, go to Thanksgiving dinner at Renner's family, go ice skating, give directions to Creator/AdamLevine, all while still pointing their guns at each other. The three return to the parking garage, and Moynihan's character remarks that he had a good time with Killam and Renner. He's then shot, and it's just Killam and Renner left, and the whole thing starts all over again. It is ''just'' as ridiculous and hilarious as it sounds.
* From the Jamie Foxx/Ne-Yo episode:
** Jamie Foxx as a Ding-Dong (one of Hostess's many snack cakes) speaking out against Hostess going out of business and how the Twinkie has replaced him as the company's flagship snack cake.
--> '''Ding Dong:''' Me and Shug...er got into a fight.
** The "Alex Cross 2" trailer with Tyler Perry (Jamie Foxx) as both Alex Cross and Madea (as in, one half of him is Alex Cross and the other is Madea). Foxx's vocal impression of Madea is ''spot-on''.
** A bizarre courtroom reality show called ''Maine Justice'', where a Southern judge and several stereotypically Southern characters (including a cameo appearance from [[Series/ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia Charlie Day]] as a redneck senator) run a court in Bangor, Maine.
* From the Martin Short Christmas episode: The fake commercial for the Broadway show ''You're a Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown'' with Bill Hader's Creator/AlPacino as Charlie Brown, Kate [=McKinnon=] Lucy Van Pelt as played by Edie Falco and Martin Short as Linus Van Pelt as played by [[Series/CurbYourEnthusiasm Larry David]] (who, coincidentally, was a writer on ''SNL'' around the time Martin Short was a cast member[[note]]the tenth season from October 1984 to April 1985 -- this season was cut short due to budget issues and a Writer's Guild strike[[/note]]).
** Also, the sketch with Bill Hader as the newly selected OB-GYN for the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge and Martin Short as "Rupert Smythe-Pennington", a representative from Buckingham Palace who briefs the doctor on the appropriate protocol examining the mother of the future King or Queen of England. Hader tries to keep from laughing at Short's StuffyBrit character (an impression of British comic Terry-Thomas, complete with gap in his teeth) as he goes into detail on how to react when first seeing the Duchess' vagina or "Royal Ahem".
-->'''Doctor:''' Must we call it the 'Royal Ahem'?
-->'''Rupert Smythe-Pennington:''' (Reading through book) Well the other acceptable terms that I know of is "The Governess", "The Kingmaker" Her "Series/DowntonAbbey", "The Chunnel", "Dame Judy Dench"[[note]]which, in a BrickJoe, is what the Queen (played by Fred Armisen) refers to her nether-regions[[/note]], "Picadilly Cervix" and "Thomas' English Muffin".
* From the Adam Levine/Kendrick Lamar episode: The commercial for "The Sopranos Diaries" a parody of the ''Series/SexAndTheCity'' prequel series on TheCW, ''The Carrie Diaries''. It that takes a look at characters from ''Series/TheSopranos'' [[EveryoneWentToSchoolTogether going to the same high school]] in TheEighties (with reviews stating how anachronistic the show is and how it was only done as a FollowTheLeader to ''The Carrie Diaries'').
** The YOLO music video, especially the part with Adam Levine as a homeless man and the entire Lonely Island crew (former cast member Andy Samberg and occasional ''SNL'' writers Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer) holing themselves up in a boarded-up house.
* On the Justin Bieber episode, there's a sketch where a security guard (Jason Sudeikis) introduces Justin Bieber to an army of body doubles he can use to throw off his insane fans -- some of which are women, and some of which are black. When Bieber points out that the black doubles of him aren't fooling anyone, his security guard quips, "[[TakeThat Yeah, well, neither are you, homie]]."
** The "TakeThatMe" on "The Miley Cyrus Show" with Justin Bieber as president of Miley Cyrus' (Vanessa Bayer) fan club who bad-mouths Bieber as "looking like a lesbian" and being a douchebag.
** The Super Bowl report cold opening, especially the messed-up local commercial with Bill Hader as a Russian(?) man named Dmitiri.
* ''Djesus: Uncrossed'' from the Christoph Waltz episode was wildly hilarious, despite some viewer complaints of being blasphemous[[note]]It doesn't help that it aired on the same week that Pope Benedict announced that he was leaving the Papacy, and that, prior to that, they had a fake commercial with Christoph Waltz as Pope Benedict signing up for a financial consulting company that specializes in helping retired popes, which is extremely rare, as the only other time a Pope retired was in the year 1415[[/note]]. It's ''Film/DjangoUnchained'' but with Jesus as the one out for revenge. Also spoofs other movies by Creator/QuentinTarantino like ''Film/IngloriousBasterds'' (the part with Brad Pitt [played by Taran Killam] as St. Peter recruiting 11 apostles to kill Roman soldiers), ''Kill Bill'' (the beginning sword fight scene in the trailer), and ''Film/PulpFiction'' (the appearance of Samuel L. Jackson[[note]]as played by Jay Pharoah[[/note]] as Judas Iscariot). Also a CrowningMomentOfAwesome, as it proves that ''SNL'', in its 38 years on the air with many peaks and valleys, can still do a wildly outrageous sketch that gets people talking the day after the show aired (whether it's good or bad).
** Kate [=McKinnon=] on Weekend Update as "Olya Povlatsky" a Russian peasant woman from the Ural Mountains who wished the recent meteor that landed there would have killed her, then proceeds to detail her miserable existence, which includes standing in line for five hours for recreation, living in a frozen house with a bear, and being eighteen years old, despite looking and sounding like someone's Russian grandmother. She's the living embodiment of the trope [[RussianGuySuffersMost Russian Girl Suffers Most]].
-->''I saw it comink and I said 'Meteor! Come to Olya! Take me away from this barren wasteland!"
** The "Stranded Carnival Cruise" cold opening had a rather [[BlackComedy dark]] FunnyMoment when Dan the Animal Man (played by Bobby Moynihan) comes out, wailing that someone ate his pet monkey (as depicted by the monkey skeleton he has in his hands) -- despite that the stranded cruise ''still'' had food.
* From the 2013 Justin Timberlake episode:
** The filmed commercial parody featuring Kate [=McKinnon=], Vanessa Bayer, and Cecily Strong for "[=NuvaBling=]" a diamond encrusted female birth control ring that's inserted into the vagina(The face Vanessa Bayer makes as she does so below the camera is hilarious)
-->(voice over):"[=NuvaBling=] provides a low dose of hormones and a megadose of FABOOSH"
-->'''Cecily:''' "It's pizazz that slides right up into my choch!"
-->(V.O.): [=NuvaBling=] is 70% effective at preventing pregnancy and 100% effective at getting dat swag on!
-->(The commercial also states that you can reuse [=NuvaBling=] as other jewelry)
-->'''Aidy Bryant:''' Did you get those earrings at Tiffany's?
-->'''Cecily:''' "Close. I got them from my vagina!"
-->'''Kate:''' "So wow up that womb.."
-->'''Cecily:''' "glam up that clam..."
-->'''Vanessa:''' "and shine up that 'gine..."
-->(all three) "...with [=NuvaBling=]!"
** Even better was the appearance of Bill Hader's Stefon character on the episode's Weekend Update. Everything that comes out of his mouth is hilarious.
-->"The hottest club in New York is '''YOUR MOTHER AND I ARE SEPARATING.'''"
-->"You can dance the night away to the sounds of Donald Duck having a Vietnam nightmare."
-->"The hottest club in New York is ''SELFIE!!!!!''" (Pause for Stefon pantomiming him taking a selfie, complete with duckface) "Based on the novel ''Push'' by Sapphire..."
** Special mention also goes to the Moet & Chandon sketch, in which two former porn stars advertise a champagne that they repeatedly mispronounce as "Moey Chambon."
*** Especially when Justin Timberlake's character calls it "Monica and Chandler" champagne.
-->"You'll feel like you're balancing on the skates of luxury..."
-->"You'll think you just graduated magna cum loudly."
* From Melissa [=McCarthy=]'s second show, a spoof of the Rutgers University basketball coach recently fired for being caught on tape abusing and yelling slurs at his players. [=McCarthy=] plays Sheila Kelly, head coach of the women's basketball team at "Middle Delaware State" and is being investigated by a sports news program for similar charges of abuse. They show footage of Kelly yelling and terrorizing her players in outrageous ways like throwing basketballs, bricks and '''toasters''' at them, forcing players to do free throws while on roller skates, shooting a T-shirt gun at them, forcing them to serve her meals during practice (and pelting them with bread), trying to run them down while driving a golf cart, and attacking them (and the professor) during class.
** From that episode's Weekend Update: Creator/PeterDinklage makes a surprise appearance as the brother-in-law of "Drunk Uncle" (Bobby Moynihan), "Peter Drunklage", who has the same grey hair and wears a similar beige "Members Only" jacket while holding a glass of liquor and being completely intoxicated.
-->(slurring speech)"Y'know, kids today don't wear garters anymore. They just skateboard from Nintendo to Nintendo. It's like a bunch of Music/{{Taylor Swift}}s! All they care about is '{{Tumblr}} me! Tumblr me! Tumblr me!' You know what's in my Tumblr? Regret."
* From Vince Vaughn's second time hosting: Kate [=McKinnon=] as a Colombian woman said to be raised by monkeys.
* From the Zach Galifianakis episode:
** A sketch where Galifianakis plays a racist man in an M&M costume who apologizes to everyone he offended (and ends up getting fired anyway).
** The "Jennifer Aniston Lookalike" contest, where Zach Galifianakis' character loses out to two guys played by guest stars Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms.
* From the Kristen Wiig/Vampire Weekend episode:
** The fake commercial for the Disney Channel's latest kidcom about a brother and sister whose mom dies during a trip to Korea and now returns as a Korean water ghost (think Samara from ''The Ring'').
* From the Creator/BenAffleck and Music/KanyeWest season finale:
** The "HBO: First Look" at Iran's version of ''Film/{{Argo}}'', and Ben Affleck stating that he took the job on the film so he can be in something worse than ''Film/{{Gigli}}''.
** The "Hermes Handbags" sketch with Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong as the [[BrainlessBeauty brainless former porn stars-turned-models]].
-->'''Other One''': One time I got banged through a glass ceiling. I changed everything for women. Turns out I'm a feminist. Thanks Herman's!
* From the Tina Fey/ Arcade Fire season premiere.
** The "New Cast Member or Arcade Fire" sketch, Tina Fey is the contestant on a game show hosted by Kenan Thompson where she has to figure out which of the people featured is a new ''SNL'' cast member (Beck Bennett, John Milhiser, Kyle Mooney, Brooks Wheelan, Michael Patrick O'Brien[[note]]though Michael Patrick O'Brien has been a writer on the show for a long time and only appeared in bit roles prior to being hired as a cast member. He's not considered "new" unless you haven't noticed him before[[/note]], and Noel Wells) or a member of Arcade Fire (William "Win" Butler, Regine Chassagne, Sarah Neufeld, Richard Parry, Jeremy Gara, and Tim Kingsbury[[note]]all of which do sound like the names of up-and-coming sketch comedians who have been hired as ''SNL'' feature players[[/note]]). At a particular difficult choice (Win Butler and Michael Patrick O'Brien), Tina Fey brings out Lorne Michaels to help her decide. After considering the option for a bit, Lorne asks "Is it the black one?" (referring to Kenan Thompson[[note]]who's been on the show for ten years and is now the longest-running black cast member, surpassing Tim Meadows[[/note]], in a running joke about how the black cast members on the show are usually marginalized or ignored).
** The e-meth commercial, a new electronic cigarette for meth addicts. Highlights include a woman (Kate [=McKinnon=]) enjoying crack in a rusty bathtub in the middle of the road, a man (Kenan Thompson) dragging a half-naked smoker (new cast member Brooks Wheelan) out of his living room, and an appearance by Aaron Paul as [[Series/BreakingBad Jesse Pinkman]].
** The old-timey used car commercial, where a Model-T salesman (Michael Patrick O'Brien) brings out his wife, who is crazy (as in "mentally unstable and a threat to herself and others").
*** Also, the salesman, who talks like a modern-day used car salesman but is selling the first car ever on the road, at one point says, sounding like he's starting a list, "We have ''every model out there'', Model T's..." (stops). Later he does it again: "And these babies are ''fully loaded''. They got seats..." (stops).
** The spoof of HBO's ''Series/{{Girls}}'' with new cast member Noel Wells doing a dead on impression of lead character Hannah(Lena Dunham) and Tina as "Blerta" an immigrant from Albania. Blerta's tales of suffering in her homeland make Hannah and her friends' problems seem trivial:
-->'''Hannah:''' I just don't know how anything is going to turn out!
-->'''Blerta:'''(hugging her) It's okay. You are only 15.
-->'''Hannah:''' No I'm not, I'm 24.
-->'''Blerta:''' 24! What the (bleep) is wrong with you?!
* From MileyCyrus's second time hosting:
** The cold opening where two survivors of a post-apocalyptic America (Noel Wells and Kenan Thompson) reveal that America's downfall wasn't because of the government shutdown or Obamacare; it was because no one thought to stop Miley Cyrus's infamous performance at the 2013 [=VMA=]s (not even Miley's past self [as played by Vanessa Bayer]).
** The parody of Miley Cyrus' "We Won't Stop" music video, parodying the Republican party shutting down the government. Also a MomentOfAwesome as the video was a spot-on parody (and an excellent example of ParodyAssistance), and included the kind of pointed political satire that most viewers feel is missing from ''Saturday Night Live'' these days (or is only seen during election years).
** Kate [=McKinnon=] as a suburban mom from Connecticut who comes on Weekend Update to review ''Grand Theft Auto V'', which has become one of the most best-selling video games, despite claims that the video game (like all of the other installments of GTA) are violent and misogynistic. Rather than be offended by the violence and misogyny, she loves it to the point of obsession and thanks it for freeing her from being repressed.
* From the Bruce Willis/Katy Perry episode:
** Brooks Wheelan's commentary on getting {{embarrassing tattoo}}s (three of which Wheelan actually got in real life: a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribal tattoo on his left upper arm, a red nautical star on his right bicep, and a weird seascape tattoo on his right side, which doesn't make sense as Wheelan was born in Iowa and has never seen the ocean) -- and the fact that this doesn't stop him from plans on getting a tattoo featuring Sigourney Weaver's Grace Augustine character from ''Avatar''.
** The commercial for "24 Hour Energy Drink For Dating Actresses," a new energy drink for men who date wannabe actresses (and also includes one for women who date hack stand-up comedians).
** The cold open parodying the movie ''Gravity'' with the astronauts (Taran Killam and Cecily Strong) trying to call mission control, only to find that, because of the government shutdown, the only people at work in the NASA station are the janitors.
** "Boys Dance Party", showing - in an ironic twist - a bunch of guys who have a wild dance party while their girlfriends are away, all under the pretense that they're watching a football game on TV. It's particularly amusing watching the 58-year-old Willis throwing his all into reciting the phrase "It's a Boy Dance Party".
* Kate [=McKinnon=] as Kathleen Sibelius, looking like she'd rather be ''anywhere'' else, explaining how to register at the notoriously glitchy healthcare.gov website. After unsuccessfully navigating through a few screens, she then explains that if all else fails, you can use the "lite" version. The screen then switches to a website that looks like something from the early 90's meant to attract children that says, in big candy letters, "U WANT DOCTR??"
* From the Ed Norton episode, a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSEzGDzZ1dY&feature=youtu.be fake trailer]] for ''The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders'' ("A Tale of Handmade Horror"), an AffectionateParody of Creator/WesAnderson films mixing the director's signature style with a home-invasion SlasherMovie. Ed Norton (who was in Anderson's ''Film/MoonriseKingdom'') does a spot-on impression of Anderson's regular collaborator Owen Wilson as the trailer features many of Anderson's touches like centered, symmetrical shots, quirky production design and costumes, vintage pop songs, a BinocularShot, montage editing, precocious kids, yellow font titles, lists of objects shot from directly above, and a ProductionPosse that includes Jason Schwartzman (played by Kyle Mooney), Adrien Brody (played by former ''SNL'' writer and current cast member Michael Patrick O'Brien), Gwyneth Paltrow (played by Noël Wells), and a [[WesternAnimation/FantasticMrFox StopMotion mouse]]. The real Creator/AlecBaldwin appears as "The Narrator" as he was in ''TheRoyalTenenbaums''.
-->'''Narrator:''' The New York Times calls it: "You had me at Wes Anderson." And Fangoria magazine says: "Da Fuh?"
* From the Kerry Washington episode, there's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foMQX9ZExsE "My Girl"]], a spoof of the memetic "What Does the Fox Say" video, with Kerry Washington and Jay Pharoah as a couple who sing about each other after Washington's character finds out Pharoah has been sexting other girls.
** The cold opening which goes from yet another political/current events sketch to a fourth-wall-leaning sketch that addresses the show's current casting crisis (the fact that they haven't had a black female cast member since Creator/MayaRudolph left the show in 2007, and that they didn't hire any black female cast members for the new season. Most of the new cast members they currently have are white males [Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, John Milhiser, Michael Patrick O'Brien, and Brooks Wheelan] and Noël Wells [[ButNotTooForeign looks white, but is actually part-Mexican and half-Tunisian]]) and forces Kerry Washington to play Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Beyonce Knowles to make up for it, since Kenan Thompson refuses to dress in drag to make up for the fact that the show doesn't have a black female cast member.
-->'''Announcer''': The producers at "Saturday Night Live" would like to apologize to Kerry Washington for the number of black women she will be asked to play tonight. We made these requests both because Ms. Washington is an actress of considerable range and talent and also because ''SNL'' does not currently have a black woman in the cast. As for the latter reason, we agree this is not an ideal situation and look forward to rectifying it in the near future...unless, of course, we fall in love with another white guy first.
*** The cold opening is now HilariousInHindsight as ''SNL'' held auditions for black female cast members only (though an East Asian comedian by the name of Jennifer Kwok also auditioned, as ''SNL'' has never had a female cast member from the part of Asia that includes countries like China, Japan, Korea, The Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, etc[[note]]the only two Asian cast members ''SNL'' ever had were part Asian and men. Rob Schneider is half-Filipino and Fred Armisen is one-third Japanese[[/note]]) and chose Sasheer Zamata as the new cast member (along with [=LaKendra=] Tookes and Leslie Jones as writers).
** The "Good Neighbor" video where an ice cream shop worker (Kyle Mooney) zones out after two customers (Beck Bennett and Vanessa Bayer) joke that they're going to need an ambulance after ordering a large amount of ice cream, particularly the scenes of the ice cream shop worker in a library and a high school chemistry class trying to find the right way to respond to the joke. It's all so bizarre and funny, much like the actual "Good Neighbor" videos (which have been described as a more surreal version of Music/TheLonelyIsland).
* Another sketch has people complaining to President Obama about their Obamacare problems, only for [[ArchEnemy Ted Cruz]] to show up.
-->'''Obama:''' No more Creator/DrSeuss please.
-->'''Cruz:''' [[TheLorax I speak for the trees.]] But if they could speak, they could be saying '''SHUT DOWN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!'''
* Taran Killam's appearances on Weekend Update as Jebediah Atkinson, a bitchy, CampGay critic from the 19th century making snarky negative reviews, on different subjects like famous speeches or Christmas TV specials.
* From the Paul Rudd episode, the ColdOpen sketch ''Theatre/TheSoundOfMusic Live & Condensed'' requires Kate [=McKinnon=]'s Maria to compress the already-quick music lesson into a few seconds. It goes as well as you'd expect.
-->'''Maria:''' "Let's sing a song!"
-->'''Children:''' "What's a song?" "What does 'sing' mean?" [[TooDumbToLive "And what does 'Let's' mean? Or 'a'?"]]
-->'''Maria:''' "I'll show you, children. It's simple. [[MotorMouth A song is when you put notes together in a certain order and notes are the noises you make with your mouth and that's music does that make sense?]]"
-->'''Children:''' "NO!"
* From the Jimmy Fallon and JustinTimberlake Christmas episode: [[http://www.hulu.com/watch/575537?playlist_id=2144#i0,p4 "(Do It On My) Twin Bed"]], A music video featuring all the current female cast members performing a song in the style of Music/ThePussycatDolls about bringing their boyfriends home to their parents' for the holidays and having sex in their childhood bedrooms.
** Another one from the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Christmas episode: Both of them reprising their roles as Robin and Barry Gibb on The Barry Gibb Talk Show. The real Barry Gibb shows up to sing with them at the end.
** Jimmy and Cecily Strong singing the old Christmas standard "Baby It's Cold Outside" but with added lyrics after they have sex where the guy becomes wants her to leave and the girl gets clingy and sings the "But baby it's cold outside" part. Also a minor AwesomeMoment as ''SNL'' took the high road, didn't go for the obvious rape undertones of the song like so many others have done, and actually made the song heartwarming.
** The Family Feud: Celebrity Edition sketch with NBC vs CBS that has Jimmy as Creator/JimParsons, Justin as Jimmy and Brooks Wheelan as...himself. [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg Who nobody is aware of]].
--> '''Steve Harvey''': And finally we got mister Brooks Wheelan. And what do you do Brooks?
--> '''Brooks''': I'm on Saturday Night Live.
--> '''Steve''': Hmmm, I doubt it.
* In the ColdOpen of the episode with Music/{{Drake}} as host/musical guest, Kate [=McKinnon=] doing a dead on impression of Music/JustinBieber, as he explains to Piers Mogan(Taran Killam) why he egged his neighbor's house.
** Also, host Drake as a dead-on impression of A-Rod, who declares he is [[FrivolousLawsuit suing]] Major League Baseball for suspending him, the players union for to tricking MLB, steroids (for being inside of him), his iPhone (for autocorrecting his texts into steroid-related phrases) and the dictionary (for those words existing).
* Creator/JonahHill is at his boss' house for a dinner party. He keeps excusing himself after making an insignificant faux pas like mistaking a Cobb salad for a Waldorf to go to the bathroom and screams and berates himself which the other guests can hear.
* The third time Melissa [=McCarthy=] hosted. A woman's group of suburban housewives meet to drink white wine and talk about goals and showing their "vision boards". Melissa plays "PJ", who's goal is to avenge the murder of her father by "El Scorpion" ten years earlier.
** The return of Melissa [=McCarthy=]'s violent basketball coach character, Sheila Kelly, now a Delaware senator who threatens a news anchor (John Milhiser), hits a camera man (Brooks Wheelan) in the face with his own camera, chases down a passerby (Kyle Mooney) who recorded the incident on his cell phone into a parking garage, blasts three of the security cameras, and dispatches two police officers (Beck Bennett and Michael Patrick O'Brien) and steals their squad car, declaring "I'm gonna live forever!" as she drives in reverse.
* From the [[Series/{{Girls}} Lena Dunham]] episode. A short film where a group of four friends played by Lena, Cecily Strong, Taran Killam, and Kenan Thompson, are riding in a car. The song "Ooh Child" by the Five Stairsteps is playing on the phone on the dash. Everyone takes a turn singing but every time it's Lena's character's turn the GPS keeps interrupts with directions. She eventually gets to sing the final chorus of the song with her friends. The short has a TwistEnding where they stop the car by the woods and [[spoiler: it's revealed they've had a man (Brooks Wheelan) bound and gagged in the backseat the whole time. Lena hits him and tells him to shut up and Cecily tells him: "Shut up! If the courts won't convict you, we will!" Taran says stoicly "I'll go dig a hole." and gets out. The short ends with an ominous TitleCard: "Ooh Child".]]
* From LouisCK's second time hosting:
** Louis playing a white Black History college professor on a game show called ''Black Jeopardy''.
** The ''Series/CagneyAndLacey''/70s CopShow parody ''Dyke and Fats'', about a lesbian cop (Kate [=McKinnon=]) and a plus-sized female cop (Aidy Bryant) fighting crime, and their shared BerserkButton of people [[NWordPrivileges calling them Dyke and Fats, because those have long been used as insults to women]].
* From the Anna Kendrick episode:
** The parody of ''The Little Mermaid'', where Ursula (Aidy Bryant) wants Ariel (Anna Kendrick) to sing so she can steal her voice, but the only songs Ariel knows are trashy pop songs by Ke$ha, Britney Spears, and Iggy Azalea.
** Brooks Wheelan's public service announcement about excessive alcohol drinking (similar to the one about the tattoos he got, in that both have been heard in his stand-up acts), where, thanks to his asshole roommates putting butter down his pants while he was black-out drunk, Wheelan was worried that he had an unknown sexual disease (calling himself "the Lou Gehrig of STDs" and "patient zero for Brooks Wheelan's Disease") until his roommates played the prank again on another person and Brooks yelled at them. Brooks' moral is the funniest part of this: "Drink responsibly, or you can be stricken with an STD you created in your own mind."
* The fake trailer for "The Beygency" a GovernmentConspiracy thriller spoof starring host Creator/AndrewGarfield as a man who makes the innocent mistake of offhandedly saying he's not a fan of a song off the new {{Beyonce}} album and is now [[DisproportionateRetribution hunted by a mysterious group known as the 'Beygency']], a group of men wearing suits and hats and spell work, 'werk' and does occasional Single Ladies choreography. When he tries to use his card at a gas station he discovers his identity is being erased. The cashier (Bobby Moynihan) steps back in horror:
-->'''Cashier:''' They're erasing you! I know what you've done! You stay away from here!
-->'''Garfield:''' I like most of her music!
-->'''Cashier:''' MOST?!! ''(takes out shotgun)'' GET OUT OF MY STORE!!
-->''(Garfield runs out)''
-->'''Cashier:''' SHE'S THE QUEEN B!!!
** From the same sketch KieferSutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub make cameos, possibly as their characters from ''Series/TwentyFour: Live Another Day''. They grab Garfield and push him against a wall in a parking garage.
-->'''Garfield:''' Wait, who are you guys?
-->'''Kiefer:''' Just a couple of other people that made a mistake. ''(pulls down sweater to reveal a "{{Rihanna}} #1" tattoo)''
-->'''Mary Lynn:''' Everything you need is in the box to the left.
-->'''Garfield:''' Where?
-->'''Kiefer:''' To the left. ''To the left.''
-->'''Garfield:''' Isn't that a Beyoncé song?
-->''' Kiefer and Mary Lynn:''' ''(together and smirking at each other)'' Yeah, the only good one!
-->''(suddenly both are shot in the head and the sound of tires screech by)''
-->'''Garfield:''' ''([[ScreamsLikeALittleGirl high pitched scream]])''
** A sketch where Andrew and his ''Film/TheAmazingSpiderMan2'' co-star (and RealLife girlfriend) Creator/EmmaStone film a scene where Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy kiss in front of a green screen. Each attempt results in a hilarious AwkwardKiss. Finally Chris Martin of Music/{{Coldplay}} (who's the episode's musical guest) arrives as he's doing the soundtrack for the movie. The director asks him to help fill in for one of the two and complete the kiss. Martin agrees much to Emma's delight, but Martin takes her aside, puts a wig on and kisses a confused Andrew.
--->'''Variety headline:''' AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 HAS WEIRD ENDING
** TheTeaser with Donald Sterling atoning for his racist remarks. For example:
*** His idea to start a Million Man Cruise to send black men to Africa...never to return.
*** Him introducing the press to his new 3/4-black girlfriend (played by Sasheer Zamata).
*** The bit with the head of the NAACP giving Sterling a second Lifetime Achievement Award, with him not even hiding the fact that Sterling paid him $10 million to do it (saying that he was their biggest donor since Michael Richards).
** Leslie Jones'[[note]]Leslie Jones is one of the three black female comedians hired on ''SNL'' after people complained that ''SNL'' had no racial diversity with its new cast. She's one of the new writers along with [=LaKendra Tookes=], but she did audition to act on the show[[/note]] Weekend Update commentary on African American beauty, which includes her flirting with Colin Jost, her comments on how [[RefugeInAudacity if she were in the slave days, her love life would be better because her white master would use her to make babies and how it would be similar to the NBA draft]], and her end line, "Can a bitch get a beef bowl? '''''CAN A BITCH GET A BEEF BOWL'''''?!"[[note]]It should be noted that the commentary did gain some controversy, but most people actually saw through the satire and commended ''SNL'' for it.[[/note]]
* From the Chris Pratt season premiere:
** A sketch where a lonely little boy (Kyle Mooney) wishes his He-Man (Chris Pratt) and Lion-O (Taran Killam) action figures were real -- and gets his wish, only for them to eat his cake, fondle themselves, trash his kitchen, and hit on his mom.
* Creator/SarahSilverman's monologue where she sits on the lap of a female audience member in the front row and chats with her and then answers questions from clips of her 20 years before when she was a featured player on SNL and only appeared on the show as a plant (a phony audience member who asks the host questions).
** Also in the episode, the mock trailer for the sequel to ''Film/TheFaultInOurStars'' starring Taran Killam and Sarah where instead of cancer, the girl has the Ebola virus.
** The "Good Neighbor" video where a jealous boyfriend (Beck Bennett) beats up a man (Kyle Mooney) talking to his girlfriend (Creator/SarahSilverman) to [[SoundtrackDissonance romantic music]] and shot like a "falling in love" montage.
* From the Bill Hader episode:
** The Help Fund fake commercial where four starving Africans (Kenan Thompson, Jay Pharoah, Sasheer Zamata, and Leslie Jones[[note]]who's not a cast member, but made such a splash from last year's Weekend Update commentary about her love life being better if she were a slave that she has been making occasional appearances in sketches[[/note]]) badger Charlie Daniels (Bill Hader) with questions of why it only takes 39 cents to save their village and ends with a hostage situation where Leslie Jones' character addresses the camera with, "If you wanna see this cheap-ass white man again, send $200 cash ''right now''! Don't hesitate!"
** The return of Hader's characters Herb Welch (the angry, elderly field reporter), Stefon (the burnt-out ClubKid who married Creator/SethMeyers two seasons ago and [[spoiler:revealed that he's now pregnant]]), and the ShellShockedVeteran in a puppeteer class (a one-shot character from the season 38 premiere hosted by Creator/SethMacFarlane).
** Not to mention Pete Davidson's appearance as the hip-hop fan who tells Michael Che why it's a bad idea for a skinny, white kid like him to wear a gold chain in a city like New York ("If I wear a gold chain, it'll get stolen immediately. I might as well walk through the 'hood with it on and scream 'Dinner's ready!'"). Pete Davidson, the youngest cast member this season (born November of 1993), in general makes for hilarious comedy. Of particular note is his "Would You Go Down On A Guy?" in Season 40's premier episode, his confession to his mother that he stole her good coat and covered it in ketchup for a horror movie he made when he was nine years old, and in the season finale, when he realizes that he's too inexperienced for ''SNL'' (stating that he can't sing, dance, act, or [[NeverLearnedToRead read]]) and that he probably got the job because his mom blackmailed an NBC executive after seeing the exec run over a child.
* In Jim Carrey's episode:
** The recurring sketches where Jim Carrey spoofs [[MatthewMcConaughey Matthew McConaughey's]] Lincoln car commercials, with the last one ending on an insomnia-riddled [=McConaughey=] running down Dennis Haysbert (as played by Kenan Thompson) in the middle of an All-State advertisement.
** The sketch where Jim Carrey and Kate [=McKinnon=] play characters competing for first prize in an Office Costume Contest. The two, dressed up as Maddie Ziegler from Sia's "Chandelier" music video, decide to settle things with a dance-off that results in them prancing through the studio audience (as well as through the other sets from that night's episode).
** The Halloween sketch where a couple find themselves in a graveyard, accosted by various ghoulies who sing a spooky song, including a scary tree (Kenan Thompson), the Grim Reaper (Jay Pharoah), talking tombstones (Bobby Moynihan and Kate [=McKinnon=]) and...Paul and Phil (Taran Killam and Jim Carrey), a couple of good-natured ghosts who just want to join in the song.
-->"Are Paul and Phil actually a part of this? Because I'm not scared of Paul and Phil. Like at all."
* From the 2014 ChrisRock episode, a commercial parody for "Swiftamine", a pill for adults who get vertigo when they realize they love the TaylorSwift song "Shake It Off" or others from her latest album (See {{EarWorm}}).
* From the Cameron Diaz episode, the SchoolhouseRock cold opening that explains that executive orders always trump bills being turned into laws, which President Obama (Jay Pharaoh) throwing the bill (Kenan Thompson) down the Congress stairs.
* From the James Franco episode, Tinkerbell's half-sister, Tonkerbell (portrayed by Aidy Bryant, reprising a role from Jim Parson's episode the previous season), flies onto the set of ''Theatre/PeterPan Live!'', and ridicules the un-intimidating incarnation of Captain Hook (portrayed by Franco attempting a Christopher Walken impression). She also refers to herself as the "Reverse Tooth Fairy", who flies into a kid's bedroom, takes a dollar, and leaves behind one of her own teeth.
* From the MartinFreeman episode, "The Office: Middle Earth" combining the UK version of ''TheOffice'' and ''TheHobbit'' movies with Freeman as Bilbo who works at a paper company, Bobby Moynihan as Gandalf the Grey who acts like David Brent, and Taran Killam as Gollum/Gareth.
** The commercial for the "St. Joseph's Mass Spectacular" with a voiceover (Beck Bennett) hyping Christmas services like it's a rock concert. For any Catholics (whether you grew up Catholic and abandoned the faith or you're still devout), it is a hilariously accurate depiction of who and what to see at Christmas mass.
* From the Creator/AmyAdams episode, the entire cold opening with Creator/MikeMyers reprising his role as [[Film/AustinPowers Dr. Evil]] interrupting a depressing Christmas special hosted by Sam Smith (played by Taran Killam) and giving advice to North Korea in its conflict with Sony over the James Franco-Seth Rogen movie ''Film/TheInterview''.
-->"First of all, North Korea, you're one of the most evil countries in the world, and your act of war is to kill a movie? It's easy to kill a movie. [[DumpMonths Just move it to January.]]"
-->"If you're going to put a bomb in a theater, do what I did and [[SelfDeprecation put in]] ''Film/TheLoveGuru''."
* From the Kevin Hart's second time hosting, the digital short [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAsBta25OGQ Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015]]. From the Hitfix.com recap:
-->''Three men on a Brooklyn corner wax poetic about artisanal mayonnaise, spin class, and brunches. "It's a low-key, fantastic interaction between Thompson, Hart, and Jay Pharaoah. The biggest conflict arises from the use of the word "Evite"...and also the fact that Hart’s character actually kills someone during his dogwalking job. And yet $8 mayonnaise gets a bigger rise out of the other two than the tale of murder. Great writing and acting, coupled with a great twist (which came on the heels of the segment-as-twist) make this a season highlight. Like the best "SNL" sketches, it feels like it only could have come at this time with this cast.''
* From the Creator/JKSimmons show, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzg9Iu0uEeg "The Jay-Z Story"]], a BioPic that details Music/JayZ's rise from drug dealer to rapper to mogul but with Mike O'Brien as Jay Z, Sasheer Zameda as Music/{{Beyonce}}, former cast member Jason Sudeikis as Music/KanyeWest and J. K. Simmons as Music/{{Nas}}. Mike plays Jay-Z as a bashful, humble guy.
-->'''Record executive:''' Jay Z you are great at rap!
-->'''Mike as Jay Z'''(reacting like schoolboy) This is amazing! I can't believe I'm great at rap!
** Also from the JK Simmons episode:[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQKVIJnfiNM "Cinema Classics" sketch featuring an alternate ending to ''Film/Casablanca'']] where Ilsa(Kate [=McKinnon=] after hearing the Nazis might put her in a concentration camp suddenly decices to leave on the plane than be with Rick.
* From the 40th anniversary special: Jon Lovitz being accidentally listed in the montage of the ''SNL'' staff members (cast members, writers, technical crew members, and memorable guest stars) who died during the show's 40 years.
* From the March 7, 2015 episode, Colin expresses disappointment that Michael gets all the "funnier" jokes to read on-air. Michael casually gives him one... whereupon Colin, independently of the bit, beefs the set-up:
-->'''Colin:''' A new report reveals the average length of a man's flaccid penis [[GagPenis is thirty-six inches]]. ''(Beat)''\\
'''Michael:''' Wait a min--\\
'''Colin:''' THREE-point-six. Never saw this before; three-point-six, that's more reasonable. ''(Starts chuckling)'' A guy can dream!\\
'''Michael:''' ''(Laughing)'' See? My jokes ARE harder to read.\\
'''Colin:''' Annnd let me just say, as a man with an extremely SMALL pen... okay...\\
'''Michael:''' No, no, keep goin', keep goin'!\\
'''Colin:''' ...I feel so very bad for myself and my teensy-weensy peensy.\\
'''Michael:''' That was a great job, man!\\
'''Colin:''' Thanks, man, I - I don't understand, how was that even a joke?\\
'''Michael:''' Well, it's a joke when I read it, because I DON'T have a tiny penis.\\
''(Audience ohhhhhh's, beat)''\\
'''Colin:''' It's thirty-six inches.\\
'''Michael:''' It was! ''(Breaks up laughing)''
* From the episode with Wrestling/DwayneJohnson, the glorious return of The Rock Obama, with Michelle Obama (Sasheer Zamata) transforming into She-Rock Obama (Leslie Jones) after the Secret Service agent (Beck Bennett) reports that a mentally-ill man has been living in the White House garden for two months.
** From the same episode, the sketch where a Wrestlemania promo is being shot with two wrestlers, Coco Watchout(Johnson) and the Trashyard Mutt(Bobby Moynihan) are trash-talking each other. Instead of the usual bluster, Coco knows very personal information about Mutt like that he has herpes, googles ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' porn and that he had a daughter with a college girlfriend he never knew about. All this while Taran as the announcer goes through the usual routine and texts between taping. It all leads to the revelation that the college age girl Mutt's had a relationship over the internet for months but never met was really Coco! "I catfished your ass!" Mutt says he's going to be sick and leaves and when they wrap, the appalled announcer yells "Too far Coco!"
* In the Creator/MichaelKeaton episode, during his monologue Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan appear and fanboy over him about his roles as Batman and Beetlejuice. They sing a song about how much they meant to him when they were growing up. Then they show clips, first Taran as Creator/JackNicholson's Joker and Bobby as the Creator/DannyDevito's Penguin then cutting to Michael Keaton reading a magazine with the Batman costume imposed on him. Then they show Taran as Deelia Ditz and Bobby as Otho from ''Film/BeetleJuice'', then cut to Michael Keaton unawares backstage with the Beetlejuice costume imposed on him. Jay Pharoah pops up first dressed as Prince doing the Batdance then Harry Belafonte singing the Calypso song from ''BeetleJuice'' and Taran and Bobby yell at him for coming in on the wrong time.
** The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOpapeX6Vzs "Neurotology"]] video, a NoCelebritiesWereHarmed TakeThat of Scientology with a parody of their 1980s recruitment music video "We Stand Tall" showing a choir of Scientologists singing but with a WhereAreTheyNow update. It is based on the information revealed in the recent documentary "Going Clear" exposing the Church of Scientology nefarious activities. Several of the people in the video singing happily have now left the Neurotology and denounced it or now possibly killed or missing. One member (Colin Jost) "Blackmails gay actors".
** On Weekend Update, Pete Davidson getting shot by Norman Reedus as Darryl Dixon from ''Series/TheWalkingDead'' because his pasty complexion and the fact that he smoked weed before he came out to do his review on ''The Walking Dead'' (which turns into a commentary on how Davidson would be mistaken for a zombie if a ZombieApocalypse ever happened due to how white he looks and his marijuana smoking) makes him look like a zombie.
* Kate [=McKinnon=] carrying on the show's tradition of political skewering as she takes on the job of parodying Hillary Clinton preparing for her 2016 Presidential campaign... and [[https://youtu.be/BXdNYXMQoy8 hitting it out of the park]].
** In the 41st season premiere hosted by MileyCyrus she plays Hilary getting drunk in a bar in a sketch opposite the '''real''' Hillary Clinton, playing "Val" a bartender. When "Val" tells her she's great for supporting gay marriage, [=McKinnon=] as Hillary says "she could have done it sooner."
* Host AmySchumer and Vanessa Bayer play two flight attendants who try to do a song and dance number to the SpiceGirls "Wannabe" for the passengers but keep accidentally opening the adoor and hanging on to the side of the plane off screaming.
* The Democratic Debate cold open with the perfect casting of ''Series/CurbYourEnthusiasm'' LarryDavid(a former SNL writer) to play presidential candidate Bernie Sanders because the real Sanders looks and sounds just like him.
* The return of Tracy Morgan as crazy animal expert Brian Fellowes and a camel they brought on unintentially blocks the camera.
* Bill Hader as Clint Eastwood during the special Election episode.
* "First Got Horny 2 U" a Music/BackstreetBoys style parody but with all female members(Cecily Strong, Kate [=McKinnon=], Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant and guest ElizabethBanks) singing about the men who first got them started masturbating when they were younger. Cecily's was Carson Daly, Kate's was Taylor Hanson(who's androgynous look made her realize she was gay), Elizabeth was Mr. Sheffield from ''Series/TheNanny'', Vanessa was the Menendez Brothers and Aidy was Robbie Sinclair from ''Series/{{Dinosaurs}}''.
* The "High School Theatre" sketch (first shown on the Cameron Diaz episode from season 40 and has been seen on the Reese Witherspoon episode [also from season 40] and the Elizabeth Banks episode from season 41), centred around a political avant-garde high school theatre production wherein the students, despite their pompous self-righteousness, clearly aren't as radical or well-informed about issues as they think they are, as lampshaded by their exasperated parents in the audience.
* From the Donald Trump episode, the filmed sketch centered around Music/{{MIA}}'s "Bad Girls", in which the women proudly commit several "bad" acts, such as:
** Leslie Jones, Sasheer Zamata, and Kate [=McKinnon=] visit a restaurant, and when the maitre d' (Taran Killam) informs them that he can't seat them until all four members of their party have arrived, Jones explains that the fourth member "...is just in the bathroom." As the maitre d' leads the three ladies to their table, Jones reveals to the viewers where their friend ''really'' is: "The bathroom at ''her house!''"
** Vanessa Bayer goes grocery shopping with Bobby Moynihan, and when she puts a container of ice cream in the cart, he points out that he already picked one up. In response, she volunteers to put her container back...but leaves it in the bread aisle instead.
** Kate [=McKinnon=] notices the toilet paper roll in the bathroom has gone empty, so...she silently removes her sock, then shrugs before supposedly using it to wipe herself.
* From the Matthew McConaughey episode, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2zyjbH9zzA "A Thanksgiving Miracle"]] a filmed sketch where a family arguing over politics and current events is stopped when a little girl plays Music/{{Adele}}'s new song "Hello" and they all suddenly start lip synching to the song. They start to dress like Adele and with hair, makeup, fur coat and walking outside and everything turns black and white like in the "Hello" video.
** Music/{{Adele}} was the musical guest that night and was laughing watching it backstage as seen in this [[https://41.media.tumblr.com/8259166aa039192a9706b4f3b06786bd/tumblr_ny7di6CJmT1qzcunco1_1280.jpg photo]].
** The ''Star Wars: The Force Awakens'' auditions. Highlights include:
*** John Boyega (appearing as himself) laughing at the idea of a black Stormtrooper, until he reads the script and realizes it's not a joke.
*** Maggie Smith (Kate [=McKinnon=]) auditioning as a Stormtrooper
*** George Lucas (Bobby Moynihan) trying to use the Force to get a Coke Zero (even though they only have Diet Coke)
*** David Beckham (Taran Killam) using BB-8 as a soccer ball and [[BendItLikeBeckham bending it]].
*** Leslie Jones (appearing as herself) in Klingon make-up thinking she's auditioning for ''Star Trek'' and flipping out when the director tells her that she's auditioning for the wrong movie.
* From the Creator/RyanGosling episode in early December:
** The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkrpvCs-kfE filmed short "Santa Baby"]] where a nice Christmas party in someone's home gets taken hostage by the new couple in the neighborhood who seem pleasant at first suddenly begin acting like they're straight out of Creator/QuentinTarantino movie when think that Santa Claus is in the house and they demand to see him.
** Also from the episode this [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfPdYYsEfAE sketch]] where three people from a small town are interviewed by the government about their AlienAbduction. Two of them(Gosling and Cecily Strong) have had beautiful, transcendent experiences where it felt like they saw god, while Kate [=McKinnon=]'s middle aged, chainsmoking character talks about being in a room pantsless, forced to pee in a bowl and a line of 40 aliens look like TheGreys took turns "batting her 'knockers' around". The other actors especially Gosling and Aidy Bryant as a government agent can't help but break character laughing at Kate's performance!
** The crossover between 2015's ''Theatre/TheWiz Live!'' and 1939's ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'' has, among other exchanges, the Dorothy from 2015 (Sasheer Zamata) asking the Scarecrow from 1939 (Ryan Gosling) if his friend, the Dorothy from 1939, can "whip, dab, and do the Nae Nae". After a {{beat}}, the '39 Scarecrow answers, "Yeah, I have no idea what those words are." The '15 Dorothy and Tin Man (Jay Pharoah) explain that they're dance moves, and that the two of them and their friends do a lot of dancing. The '15 Cowardly Lion (Kenan Thompson) adds, "Yes, three hours' worth. Minus about 150 commercials!"
* From the ChrisHemsworth episode in December. A group of women are having a galpal brunch talking about who their favorite male celebrity is, Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd. One of them, "Claire" is very enthusiastic about Chris Hemsworth, when the other women try to move on she keeps going on about Hemsworth. When she leaves to go to the bathroom the woman played by Cecily Strong asks "Is our friend Claire really Chris Hemsworth in disguise?" The others at first think that's impossible until they realize they've never met her before! Claire comes back and continues to say how hot Hemsworth is and it's become increasingly obvious "she" is talking about himself. "Claire" finally takes off her wig and confesses he is Chris Hemsworth and that he did it because he's insecure. The other women assure him he's still a hunk except for Aidy who says "No this is bad and you're weird now!" The sketch's biggest visual RunningGag is that Hemsworth in drag is a very PaperThinDisguise.
* December 12, 2015: The show starts with Creator/WillFerrell as UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush mocking the current GOP presidential candidates, including Jeb Bush, saying "You gotta admit, it's a pretty good plot twist that I turned out to be the smart one."
* From the TinaFey and AmyPoehler show, Amy and Tina(playing herself) host a game show called "Meet Your Second Wife" where three men are introduced to the women who will become their second wives in the future. The first is currently just a 13 year old girl, whom Bobby Moynihan's character will leave his wife for when he becomes a successful novelist in seven years. The second is a five year old who Taran Killian will meet when she becomes an intern at his software company who was recommended by her college roommate, Killian's daughter. The last contestant played by Keenan Thompson(whose current wife Leslie Jones is sitting angrily in the audience) hopes his second wife isn't white but Cecily Strong walks out. At first he's relieved she isn't a child but Amy and Tina reveal that actually Cecily is '''three months pregnant with his future second wife''' and they show a sonogram of her!
* The GOP debate Cold Open. Including the part where Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond) reveals Jeb Bush's real first name on his birth certificate: [[spoiler: Jeborah]].
** Ted Cruz (Taran Killam) stating that everyone who knows him hates him; Politico did a poll and he was voted the candidate most people wanted to throw a beer at.
* From the Adam Driver episode: Kylo Ren becoming "Matt", the radar technician, in a parody of ''Undercover Boss''. He doesn't try to hide his identity very well.
** Adam Driver playing the host of a cat blooper show ''America's Funniest Cats'' with the unfortunate name of "Finn Raynal-Beads", which, according to his rant at the beginning of the sketch, is actually what the people behind the scenes call him and no one will admit who started it (his real name is Finn Reynolds).
* The recurring sketch of Aidy Bryant as a little girl who appears in a porno and thinks she's in an actual school (in ''Hot for Teacher 8'' on the Amy Schumer episode) and a doctor's office (in ''The Doctor Is In...My Butt 4'' on the Adam Driver episode).
* February 6, 2016: Larry David is Bernie Sanders in ''[[Series/CurbYourEnthusiasm Bern Your Enthusiasm]]'', which reveals the "real" reason Bernie narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton during the Iowa primaries.
** A sketch set at the FBI academy ShootingGallery that use life like animatronic targets. A cadet played by Kenan does well figuring out which targets are dangerous criminals and which are innocent civilians but is immediately perplexed when a target (played by LarryDavid) dressed like in a neon orange suit, CoolShades and a clunky cell phone from the 80s pops up and says "I'm Kevin Roberts and I'm the coolest bitch in town!". "Kevin Roberts" continues popping up, asking for a donut and declaring that he "just went to second base with a lady!" much to Kenan's dumbfoundment.
* From the season 41 Melissa [=McCarthy=] episode:
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ociMBfkDG1w "The Day Beyoncé Turned Black"]]
** Weekend Update's [[https://youtu.be/Xr3ypM5-XsI?t=3m15s interview]] with Rachel from ''Series/{{Friends}}''.
* March 12, 2016: The Hillary Clinton commercial, in which Hillary (Kate [=McKinnon=]) slowly transforms into Bernie Sanders.
* Music/ArianaGrande:
** A sketch where she plays Chloe, a shy intern at the Tidal music streaming service. The power breaks down and the supervisor(KenanThompson) gets Chloe to quickly fill in as they get the songs back online. Grande does perfect singing impressions of Music/BritneySpears, Music/{{Shakira}}, Music/{{Rihanna}}, Music/CelineDion, and Music/WhitneyHouston.
** Later in a celebrity FamilyFeud sketch Grande does a dead on impersonation of actress Creator/JenniferLawrence.
* A celebrity edition of ''Series/NakedAndAfraid'' featuring Creator/PeterDinklage and Leslie Jones, with Leslie Jones trying to eat Peter Dinklage by pouring hot sauce on him, Dinklage wondering why Leslie Jones hasn't been sued for sexual harassment due to her suggestive comments about Peter's body, Leslie trying to keep Peter warm in the tent, and the announcer stating that Peter is a better survivor than Leslie Jones because he did one thing no man has ever done: survive 21 days with Leslie Jones.
* "[[http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/god-is-a-boob-man/3021131 God Is a Boob Man]]" a parody of heavy-handed Christian films like ''Film/GodsNotDead''. Vanessa Bayer plays a baker named Beth who refuses to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple who sue her and force her to say "God is gay".
-->'''Beth:''' They say we're bigots but Christians are the most oppressed group in this country!
* From the 41st season finale with returning cast member Fred Armisen as host, a parody of ''Film/DeadPoetsSociety'' called [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie6LpKOJVf0 "Farewell Mr. Bunting"]]. It's better not to explain beforehand. Just watch it.
** [[spoiler:After all is said and done, the other students look absolutely horrified and shocked, but Beck Bennett's character (who just had a torrent of blood spray directly into his face and mouth) only shows a placid, emotionless ThousandYardStare.]]