!!The Game
* Morte ''really'' wanted Kyrie to end the world at first...
-->'''Morte:''' ''(shaking Kyrie by the collar)'' Make with the panicking and ''destroy the world!''
** Her lurching zombie-walk towards him is [[{{Narm}} probably unintentional]], but funny nonetheless.
* After rescuing Agan and [[spoiler:Morte killing Rajiv as painfully as possible]], Kyrie finally notes "[[CaptainObvious Morte has a dark side]]" with an extreme dose of melodrama. [[SarcasmMode Naw, her schpiel about ending the world when you first met didn't give it away?]]
* After Kyrie [[spoiler:is resurrected at the Tower of Light]], he and Morte are delighted to see each other and spend several minutes conversing as if they're the only two people there...before it's pointed out that ''the entire team'' went through just as much trouble as she did. Kyrie swiftly [[AndTheRest thanks the rest of them, too]].
* The team helps Rhi'a break a curse in the Wind Tower that was keeping one of her ancestors as a zombie. She thanks them, and Agan asks her to stop because it's embarrassing. She the declares, quite cheerfully, that she and her ancestor thank everyone [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg except Agan]]. Of course he complains.

!!The Anime
* Kyrie's various attempts to distract Morte so that he can mend the tear in her skirt without her noticing, or to dissuade her from moving around and ripping it more without actually telling her she's got a WardrobeMalfunction.

!!The Manga
* When they hear an explosion from the port, Agan suggests to Morte that they should go back and check it out and make sure their companions are okay. His "true feelings" bubble, however, shows that he's really more worried about his ship than Kyrie and Taupy.
* Rhi'a's [[TheDitz air-headed]] [[CloudCuckooLander silliness]] and propensity to provide FunnyBackgroundEvents means just about any time she's in a scene, [[PluckyComicRelief something funny is bound to be happening]].