!! ''Franchise/StarTrek''
[[folder:''The Original Series'']]
* The opening of his "Where No Man Has Gone Before" review after Kirk asks Spock if he means ESP as in Extra Sensory Perception: "No captain, they were looking for ESPN for the scores on... OF COURSE IT'S EXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION YOU STUPID HUMAN!"
** "Anyway what has two thumbs and doesn't give a crap? Kelso."
** "The department heads, including "Hot Lips" Houlihan, has come to study the crews reactions in space and Gary Mitchell being the enlightened 23rd century guy that he is, hits on her in front of everyone"
** "Acronyms can be confusing. I once heard of someone commenting on the climactic battle with the octopus monster at the at the end of POTC 2, which is confusing as hell when the speaker means ''Pirates Of The Caribbean'' and you're thinking ''Passion Of The Christ''! And you don't know how much I wanted to see the sequel where Jesus battles the Kraken." and then right after words "Kirk is still concerned there could be such a thing, the ESP thing not the Jesus Kraken thing."
* Keeping track of Kirk's arousal level throughout "What Are Little Girls Made Of?". It even goes up when a woman slaps him.
** Also, making a list of things [[AnythingThatMoves Kirk would screw]], leading to a song, and adding carousel music to the android duplication device scene.
* In "The Menagerie":
** After being told the Talosians were forced underground "thousands of centuries ago".
--->'''Chuck:''' Some went underground, and some became cyborgs with a hive mind and left. You'll probably never see them again.
** The merciless heckling of the Starbase secretary inexplicably being played as TheDitz. "I know outside! It's so big!"
** The Doctor Who reference:
--->'''Chuck:''' When he [Pike] returns to reality Vina is with him in his cage. Oh, puzzling, exciting stuff, wouldn't you... (Cut to the present-day Pike slumped in his wheelchair, unresponsive) Captain? Captain!? Yo, [[Series/DoctorWho Davros]]! Wakey-wake, trial at stake-ey!
* From "The Conscience of the King":
** His list of subjects not shown respect: Whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, Indians, men, women, straights, gays, bis, the religious, the agnostic, the atheist, the left, the right, the center, the apathetic, consumerism, communism, socialism, fascism, Obama, PM Cameron, his wife Mcleg, the Hawkman, the Cyberman, the tall man, Saruman, Batman, Beltran, Balwin, and Berman.
* From ''Balance of Terror'':
** As Spock delivers the ExpositionDump:
--->'''Spock (real dialogue)''': As you may recall from your histories, this conflict was fought by our standards today with primitive atomic weapons-\\
'''[[Series/StarTrekEnterprise Archer]]''': [[ImStandingRightHere Hey...!]]\\
'''Spock (real dialogue)''': -and in primitive space vessels.\\
'''Archer''': HEY!\\
'''Spock (Chuck)''': Led by a collection of mentally disturbed, intellectually challenged apes, whose basic inability to function is an endless source of shame for Starfleet even today.\\
'''Archer''': HE-! ({{Beat}}) Okay, I'll give you that one.
** When the first Romulan is revealed:
--->'''Spock''': [[TheEmpireStrikesBack That's not true! That's impossible!]]\\
'''Romulan Commander (Mark Lenard)''': Yes, Spock! I am your father!\\
'''Spock''': [[BigNo Nooooooo!]]
* From "Shore Leave:" When highlighting a conversation between Spock and Kirk about "a crewman" who refuses shore leave and how his accumulated stress could negatively impact performance, Kirk says this:
-->'''Kirk:''' That man will go ashore on my orders. What's his name?\\
'''Spock:''' James Kirk.\\
'''Chuck:''' [''as Kirk''] Never heard of him!
* From the review of Space Seed:
-->'''Chuck:''' Kirk dictates a log entry, his bridge crew all collapsed around him. Kirk recommends commendations awarded to five of his bridge crew, while the camera lovingly shows us seven people beside him. What happened during the commercial? "As for Lieutenant Meyers, he cried like a baby at his coming death and then soiled himself. Recommend he posthumously received the Hoshi Sato Cowering Chicken medal, with clusters."
** Also, the various jabs against the 90s, and saying that people mistook the Eugenics Wars for a [[TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles "clash between a powerful Asian Warlord and four pizza-eating ninja turtles."]]
** Khan's first words when he is revived: "Du...du...du...''VideoGame/DukeNukemForever''. [[DevelopmentHell Is it out yet?]]"
** Chuck's take on Dr. [=McCoy's=] creeping alcoholism, and Kirk's indifference to it, is particularly funny in this review.
--->'''Kirk''' (Speaking to Lt. [=McGivers=]): If I can have honesty, it's easier to overlook mistakes.\\
'''[=McCoy=]''': Jim, I drink because I'm afraid to kill myself quickly.\\
'''Kirk''': Back to work, Bones.
*** It doubles as a CallBack to a cheesy line in an episode of Voyager he'd already reviewed.
* From "Errand of Mercy":
** "See? Even in TOS, they say 'no beaming through the shields.' Tsk, tsk, tsk!"
** When Kor mentions that he does not trust men who smile too much.
--->'''Chuck:''' I'm giving this baldric to [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration the first Klingon I find who hardly ever smiles]], [[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine even if it takes a hundred years]]!
** When Kirk and Kor are told that one day the Federation and Klingon Empire will be friends:
--->'''Chuck:''' ''[as Kor]'' I swear it will never happen, or may my forehead lose its smoothness!
* From "The City on the Edge of Forever":
** "My arse isn't in your way, is it? It is? Too bad."
** The entire conversation between Spock and the Guardian of Forever.
--->'''Chuck!Spock:''' Perhaps your new name could be something like "Butterfingers on the Edge of [[Series/FamilyMatters Whoopsie, Did I Do That?]]"\\
'''Chuck!Guardian''': I've '''succeeded'''! Just in a way [[SufficientlyAdvancedAliens far beyond your comprehension!]]\\
'''Chuck!Spock''': Yeah, that's not working anymore.\\
'''Chuck!Guardian:''' ...Shit.
* From "Amok Time", he says that the mere mention of reproduction was so racy that the German dub completely rewrote the episode into a fever dream of Spock's. The punchline?
--> Since then, they've relaxed their standards, so now there's a topless woman who's a recurring character on ''Series/SesameStreet''
** Not to mention...
---> [[spoiler: Spock: [[Film/StarTrekIntoDarkness STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONN!!!!]] ]]
* ''Mirror, Mirror'' has the iconic [[AgonyBeam Agony Booth]], what kind of hellish torment is it? [[spoiler: {{Nickelback}} songs!]]
* From "The Doomsday Machine."
-->'''Chuck''' "Spock looks over the records of the Constellation and reaches the conclusion that what they are dealing with is essentially a giant robot that eats planets, the most probable suspect being seen here." (Shows a picture of [[TransformersTheMovie Unicron]]).
* From his review of "Catspaw":
-->'''Chuck as Kirk''': Damn it, Bones! I said to stop doing your ventriloquist trick with the dead patients!
** Chuck describing one of Sylvia's outfits used to seduce Kirk as the "divorced aunt in the clown pajamas look".
** After the dead crewman falls limply off the teleporter pad. "Give that stuntman a raise!"
* In "I, Mudd", when part of Kirk's plan involves knocking out Mudd, Chuck can't help but wish that were a regular Star Trek trope.
-->'''Janeway:''' We've got a problem Neelix, so I'm gonna dope you up for the rest of the show to not only ensure you won't make it worse, but to let your sprawled body serve as a warning to others.\\
'''Neelix:''' But you know I'm afraid of hyposprays.\\
'''Janeway:''' Well today's your lucky day, Neelix! Tuvock! (claps hands) Bring me my medical mallet!
* From "Journey to Babel":
** His "unofficial" name for conflicting interests leading to passionate discourse is "bitching at each other".
** His description of Sarek as "Vulcan Johnny Cash".
* The backstory to "Wolf in the Fold" establishes that Scotty (temporarily) hates all women after being injured by an incompetent female colleague, and that in order to cure him, they have to take him to a titty bar. Later on, Chuck says that since the planet's male security officer falsely pinned the blame for several murders on Scotty, the only reasonable conclusion is that Scotty now hates all ''men'' as a result, and must be treated accordingly. Cut to the ''Enterprise'' crew attending a bar filled with scantily clad male gladiators (intercutting earlier footage from the titty bar with clips from the episode "Bread and Circuses"), with big goofy grins on their faces.
** Even better: The music from that end scene is "El Bimbo", aka the Blue Oyster theme from the ''Film/PoliceAcademy'' movies.
** Chuck's opinion of [=McCoy=] from the same episode:
--->'''Chuck:''' Prescribing happy pills and whores. You know, Bones is my kind of doctor!
* From "The Trouble with Tribbles":
** "With the planet to go to whoever can use the planet most efficiently, or in the event of a tie, a dance-off."
* From his review of "The Omega Glory":
-->'''Kirk:''' It seems impossible; a star captain's most solemn oath is that he will give his life, even his entire crew, rather than violate the Prime Directive.\\
'''Chuck!Spock:''' But, you violate it all the time, captain.\\
'''Chuck!Kirk:''' Of course, I never took that shit seriously, but I always figured everyone else did.\\
'''Chuck!Spock:''' What about Giles, just two weeks ago? (From the episode, "Patterns Of Force")\\
'''Chuck!Kirk:''' That doesn't count.\\
'''Chuck![=McCoy=]:''' Doesn't count? Jim, he made a planet of Nazis!\\
'''Chuck!Kirk:''' So, one man decides to turn a pre-war planet into a recreation of Nazi Germany and you blow everything out of proportion! We stopped the genocide in time, so quit crying you big baby! Now, where was I?\\
'''Chuck!Spock:''' That someone would violate the Prime Directive is unthinkable.\\
'''Chuck!Kirk:''' Absolutely unthinkable. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a lady in a fur bikini who has never heard a pick-up line in her life. Don't wait up.
** [[RunningGag So they fight and they fight and they...]]
* From "Assignment: Earth":
** "Things are going in the wrong direction in this episode, even the planet!"
* From "Spock's Brain":
** "Science used to be so awesome! Now you gotta use psychic energy your delta wave pulses or hypnotic radiation fields! Back then, you just hit a button and stroll about to show off how awesome your miniskirt looks."
* "The Enterprise Incident" gets him quite confused with Kirk acting more like Janeway or Archer. And then he says you can tell it's the original series because he gets called on it.
-->'''Chuck''' "Hey, it's your idiot choice that put them in this situation, Arch-... Jane-.... Kirk!"
** And this gem of dialog as the Female Romulan Commander flirts with Spock.
--->'''Female Roumulan Commander''' "The soldier will transform herself into a woman". *[[{{Franchise/TransformersGeneration1}} cue transformer noise]]*
* During his review of ''And The Children Shall Lead'', he recaps all the other worst entries for their respective series...by using appropriate clips from other shows and movies.
** For instance, Threshold is summed up thusly...
--->'''[[Film/JurassicPark Ian Malcolm]]:''' Must go faster!\\
'''[[Series/SesameStreet Don Music]]:''' Oh I'll never get it, oh I'm sorry Ludwig, OH! ''[slams head on piano]''\\
'''[[Film/BackToTheFuture Doc Brown]]:''' ''[looking over a piece of paper]''...this is it! ''This'' is the answer!\\
'''[[{{Film/Spaceballs}} Colonel Sandurz]]:''' Prepare ship...prepare ship for ludicrous speed!\\
''[clip of Stargate sequence from Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey]''\\
'''[[Film/TheFly1986 Seth Brundle]]:''' We'll be the ultimate family.\\
'''[[Series/MadMen Don Draper]]:''' [[DiscontinuityNod It will shock you how much]] [[ContinuitySnarl it never happened.]]
* From "Day of the Dove":
** "The pistol-whip, the Klingon version of a handshake. A high-five is a knee to the groin."
* In the "Elaan of Troyius" review, for a serious discussion regarding the shows depiction of women and the inherent consequences and attitudes it represents, Chuck turns the show over to his guest stars- Benny the Spaceman from [The Lego Movie] (who is uncharacteristically sane this time round), Samus Aran riding a Yoshi (the Yoshi in question being... a bit of a loud mouth), with moderation from the head of Gregory Hines in a blender.
* In "The Way to Eden" he lets one clip stand on its own, with one of the female hippies trying to seduce Sulu, who only says "How do you know what I want?" Chuck then says [[CampGay "It's the grin that sells it."]]
** And he rates the episode "1/10: [[ItMakesSenseInContext Written by Herbert".]]
** In somewhat more of a meta example, I turned away as the leader was making a speech to Spock about why they should have a jam session. I had just spaced out the speech, when "'''ENGLISH, MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT!'''" suddenly exploded out of the speakers.
* From the "Turnabout Intruder" review:
** "[[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Hi everybody!]] According to my advanced medicalticion training, this woman's problem is she has a penis!"
** Chuck saying that Lester's assistant, Dr. Coleman, looks like a ''[[Series/TheSixMillionDollarMan Six Million Dollar Man]]'' toy he used to have as a kid.


[[folder:''The Animated Series'']]
* Scotty's lower half is missing in "Beyond the Farthest Star." Cue the subtitle: "[[Series/WonderWoman2011Pilot Pants to be Darkened]]."
** His speculating on how embarrassing it was for Kirk to report on the destruction of a 300 million year old spaceship.
* During the scene in Yesteryear where Young Spock has to choose between putting I Chaya down or letting him suffer, Chuck notes how standards were wary about animals being put down in cartoons. Noting the Scooby-Doo episode where they put Scoob down for being too old, or the My Little Pony episode where they shot Rainbow Dash for breaking her leg.
-->'''Rainbow Dash:''' But I can still fly!\\
* cut to black, sound of gunshot*
** The snippy dialogue between Spock and the Guardian of Forever, a CallBack to "City On The Edge Of Forever", is hysterical thanks to Chuck's impersonation of the Guardian.
** One of the archaeologists on the mission is [[WesternAnimation/{{Birdman}} Biiiiiiiiiirdman!]]
* In "The Survivor," Bones mentions that his daughter was saved by Carter Winston when the planet she was on suffered a food shortage, as he had used his fortune to personally get food to the colonists.
-->'''Chuck!Carter:''' Thank you, but it wasn't complete altruism. I got a lot of completed punch cards from the pizza joint that delivered those pies to the planet. Let me tell you, I haven't had to pay for a breadstick ''since''.
* In "The Magicks of Megas-Tu", "You'll note that some of this is used in my standard TAS title sequence. Because wow, does this tap into the 70s drug culture. I mean, I can smell the haze as the episode goes on."
** Pointing out that the phrase "the laws of our universe don't apply here" [[FridgeLogic should result]] [[BlackComedy in the entire crew dying horribly in an instant.]]
** Spock complaining that [[VirginSacrifice he needs a virgin]] to work magic, but thanks to [[ReallyGetsAround the Captain]] there aren't any on board.
* The ending of 'Once Upon A Planet', when has Sulu having a picnic with [[ItMakesSenseInContext Alice, the White Rabbit, and a two-headed dragon]], Chuck realizes they don't have enough biscuits, and suggests they [[BlackComedy feed the Rabbit to the dragon and run]].
* The Pirates of Orion: Stock footage is breaking out almost everywhere on the Enterprise.

[[folder:''The Next Generation'']]
* From "Encounter at Farpoint, Part I":
** "We represent the post-apocalyptic lollipop guild! And we wish to welcome you to Valt 101!"
* From "Encounter at Farpoint, Part II":
** "Listen, you stupid crybaby, the last thing I need is for my goddamn therapist to start weeping every frickin' time someone on the ship stubs their toe! Now, let me make this real simple, if you sense an emotion I might actually give a damn about, tell me, and then shut your bitchhole! For God's sake, I'd like to finish this mission while I still have some of my own hair left!"
* From "The Naked Now":
** "You know, Number One, in your country, you send ships into space, but in Soviet Russia, ships sends you into space! Ha, ha, ha. Hey, where are you all going?"
* "Code of Honor":
** The entire sketch about how Worf has named his penis and testicles "courage" and "honor".
** From the same episode, the "here are the rules of the game" for the fight, as presented by Chuck's impersonation of Lutan's Second.
** It's time for... VideoGame/YarsRevenge!
** Don't forget Lutan's feelings about his new friends.
--->'''Lutan''': With so much friendship around I feel no need for my gawds.\\
'''Chuck''': Your ''gods''!? I don't need you anymore, vengeful deities, I have REAL friends now. And they don't make me sacrifice bitches or anything. He *{{beat}}* OH! ''GUARDS''.
** Data's CaptainObvious moment where he says that the weapons the women will be using are very light, "as if they were made for women to use."
--->'''Chuck:''' So the weapons the women will be using...were made for ''women'' to use. I...I think you might be on to something, Lieutenant Commander No Shit!
* From "The Last Outpost":
** "Data makes the comment that they don't wear red, white, and blue and look like Uncle Sam."
* In the early episode "Where No One Has Gone Before" the Enterprise is sent to the edge of the known universe, an area where the crew's thoughts manifest as reality. This causes Worf's childhood pet (a weird alien animal called a targ) to appear which causes Tasha Yar to say "You're telling me its a kitty cat?"(!) Chuck spends a while berating her for this stupidity then the episode continues. An actual cat then manifests. Chuck(as Tasha): "Oh look!!! A Frog!!!"
** And then, there's the iconic scene where Picard nearly exits a turbolift into open space.
--->'''Chuck as Picard''': "Damn, I always mix up Engineering and the Portal of Doom!"
* From his "Justice" review, his reaction to Picard asking why is everything a "something" or a "whatever".
-->'''Chuck''': Sorry, your irritable-ness. This thingamabob from yonder contraption is up to hell-if-I-know.
** "'Justice' is the Anime/{{Voltron}} of Star Trek suck. It takes the inane paradise planet with fake deity of TOS, the ''Voyager'' weak one-word title, the ''Enterprise'' bumbling-about-like-idiots approach, the painfully bad comedy of DS9, and the TNG characters trying to be as unlikeable as possible."
* From "The Battle":
** "I think the only good things he ever did for Star Trek was Q Who and leaving."
* From ''Hide and Q'', when Picard compliments Riker over [[http://sfdebris.com/videos/startrek/t111.php not using his newly granted Q powers to save a little girl.]]
-->'''Picard:''' You were right not to try.\\
'''Chuck:''' She NEEDED to die. We must cull the weak from the herd! We must remove the Impure. AND LEAVE. ONLY THOSE. IN THE CRUCIBLE. WITH THE MIGHT. TO EXPAND. ACROSS. THE UN-I-VERSE. [[Series/DoctorWho EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EX-TERM-I-NAAAATE!!!]]\\
'''Chuck''' (Calmer): Yeah, I know. Some of you don't like it when I yell.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ3kC23GYMQ Taken to its logical conclusion.]]
* "Haven":
** When Lwaxana Troi spouts her titles.
--->'''Chuck''': Who am I?! I am His Grace, Sir SF Debris, Duke of the People Who Don't Give A Rat's Ass and Knight of the Order of Go Fuck Yourself! And, of course, a viewer with an opinion.
** He calls her "the daughter of the daughter of the House of Pancakes".
* From "Datalore":
** "Yeah, people used to get smacked upside the head for being irritating, and I'm all for bringing it back right now, so enough with the 'I'm a robot and I'm from the future' shtick, okay?"
* "Angel One":
** Doubling as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome Chuck's TakeThat at its attitude by comparing the pandering to a matriarchal society by having the same concept being subverted by Psycho!Janeway threatening a Patriarchal society by beating them to death with her heel.
** Right before that he points out the ridiculousness of having Troi open communications with the planet on the basis she's a woman. After Chuck points out (in detail) how it's stupidly sexist he imagines the situation if Chakotay has suggested this tactic with Janeway:
--->'''Chakotay''': Perhaps I should conduct the negotiations since I'm a man, Captain.\\
'''Janeway''': Yeah, keep holding on to that delusion.\\
'''Chakotay''': The Kazon would be more amendable to a negotiation with a man.\\
'''Janeway''': If you find one on board this ship let me know otherwise I'm handling it.\\
'''Chakotay''': Captain, look, I'm as offended as you are by their attitudes, but do it for the good of the crew, for the good of the team.\\
'''Janeway''': Yeah, and as my Dad used to say, there's no 'I' in "Go Fuck Yourself." And then he'd throw a beer bottle at the TV and pass out. And you know what? I'd still let him negotiate before I let you screw it up so '''piss off!'''
** Chuck yelling that there are five lights, if only to make an awkward scene of Riker, Troi and Yar explaining the concept of perfume and sex to Data end faster.
* From "When the Bough Breaks":
** "You spent your childhood learning calculus, Riker. She spent hers trying to protect herself and her sister from the roving rape gangs on Planet Mad Max. Think we can forgive her of her ignorance of galactic legends."
** After Picard gives the order not to touch Wesley.
--->'''Chuck!Picard:''' The dumbness rubs off.
* From "Skin of Evil":
** Chuck describing Armus' voice as "sounding like a mob boss in a tunnel trying to take a crap and failing".
* From ''Where Silence has Lease''
-->'''Nagilum:''' Hmmm..now would be a good time to learn about death by killing one of you.\\
'''Riker:''' Oh no!\\
'''Picard:''' Oh no!\\
'''Troi:''' Oh no!\\
'''Data:''' Oh no!\\
'''{{Red Shirt}}ed [[BlackDudeDiesFirst Black Guy]]:''' '''MOTHER FUCKER!'''
** For some reason the ship's pilot is a black man in a Red Shirt. Picard confuses him with Geordi. And then when Nagilum kills the Red Shirt:
--->'''Picard:''' Send another red-shirted black fellow to the Bridge!\\
'''Geordi:''' *[[ScrewThisImOuttaHere leaves]]*
** Having set the self-destruct sequence, Picard prepares for the end, by... sitting back in a chair and putting his feet on the table.
--->'''Picard:''' Don't scuff up the table, huh? Well, I'm the captain, and I'll do whatever the hell I feel like! ''*door chime*'' Oh, crap! ''(takes feet off the table)''
* "The Outrageous Okona":
** He duly points out that it's really hard to write good jokes about bad comedy since it all comes back to the same point, but he makes a few really, ''really'' good stabs. After Okana shares some of his, uh, "wisdom" and explains he was joking, Chuck exasperatedly says, "After listening to you, Okona, I don't even know what a joke is anymore."
** Chuck's complete confusion over a joke that was so bad that it was ''cut'' in favor of Joe Piscopo's lame material is comedy gold.
** "Blame the pattern of my life!" "I blame the pattern of your vest."
** The entire discussion about the horrible failed joke Guinan tells... and the one from the original draft of the script, which made even less sense. “If there’s a joke in there, we need a team of archaeologists with those little brushes to go in there and look for it.”
* In ''Loud as a Whisper'' he mentions how the episode was pitched as a way to help dispel myths about the deaf. Cut to Picard trying to communicate.
--> '''Chuck''': Alright, let me get this down. When meeting someone deaf, grab their head in both hands and scream at them.
* Taking his sarcasm {{Up To Eleven}} while talking about the way "Up the Long Ladder" plays up the danger of a solar flare...when there had been one just a month previously.
** His sympathy for Colm Meaney being stuck in the middle of a scene full of terrible Irish stereotypes: "[[MoneyDearBoy Paycheck]], [[SurvivalMantra paycheck, paycheck]]... urgggh, ''paycheck, paycheck..."''
** Likewise he decides to drive home the "terrible Irish stereotype" point by subbing out the usual theme song with something by [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_47 Black 47]].
* From "Peak Performance", one of Picard's options in a no-win situation involving an alien named Kolrami is to [[KonamiCode put in the Kolrami code to get an extra thirty lives]].
* When Data brings out a particularly farfetched bit of speculation in "Shades of Grey," Chuck provides both a hilarious mockery and a hilarious explanation:
-->'''Data:''' Absolutely, sir, it's similar to when a lion eats a zebra, [[YouFailBiologyForever then the zebra's seeds emerge from the lion's dropping to grow into melons, from which fully-grown zebras spring to continue the circle of life]]. Which reminds me, captain, there's a large magnet over my quarters which I would like [[ElectronicSpeechImpediment tooooooooWWWWWWWW]][[NonSequiturThud Welcome our contestants to tonight's show!]]
* From TNG's "Evolution"
** Dubbing the big baseball speech from ''Film/FieldOfDreams'' over a busty woman playing t-ball. It's disturbing how well it fits. "He will come."
** Picard on the phone with tech support.
--->'''Picard''': No, no I already tried that. No listen to me, we tried that, it didn't work! For the love of god listen to me, wait don't put me on hold! Oh god damn it! (...) Yes it's the main computer for the Enterprise-D. D, not B! ... Didn't I talk to you already? Oh screw you!
*** For extra funny points, the people on the other side of the line are the incomprehensible aliens from "Darmok", apparently the Debris!Trek-verse versions of the OperatorFromIndia.
** "Maurice Hurley left as head writer. [[Film/MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail And there was much rejoicing!]]"
* From "Who Watches The Watchers":
** Picard talks down a primitive woman who kneels before him, thinking he is a god.
--->'''Picard:''' I do not deserve it.\\
'''Janeway:''' I do!\\
'''Picard:''' [[ShutUpHannibal You shut the hell up!]]
* From "The Bonding" review:
** Picard struggling to deliver the news to a child that his mother is dead.
--->'''Picard:''' Um, sorry to interfere your routine. Uh, I mean that is, you... probably want to play with your [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} "Pokeymon" cards]] or watch ''Series/HowdyDoody'' or something, with the, with the other groovy kids in, uhm, "''the hood''"... Oh, this isn't working! Look, your mom's dead! She's in three different bags down in Sickbay if you want to take a look. I've got to go and find out why there was an archaeology mission and I was left in the dark, ''again''!
** Picard asks if the child would be truly happy with living in a blissful fiction. Cut to Christopher Pike beeping "Yes!" in response.
--->'''Picard:''' Quiet! No one asked you!
* "Booby Trap" finishes with Chuck telling us to check out his Twitter feed to stay up to date with the website issues, where we'll get a bunch of explanations for why videos are late, plus "Why is there a bird on my pillow watching me sleep?" And then the stinger: "[[{{VideoGame/Portal2}} Bird! Bird! Kill it! It's evil!]]"
** There is a scene in "Booby Trap" where Riker talks about the trap that's draining the shields and exposing the crew to deadly radation. Chuck!Riker finishes with "The only solution is to give into despair and [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica transform into witches]]."
** Picard's constant irritation at everyone failing to understand the term "[[PopCulturalOsmosisFailure Ship in]] [[SmallReferencePools a bottle]]", leading to this outburst;
--->'''Picard:''' Screw you all! [[ShapedLikeItself It's a ship! In a bottle!]] It takes something awesome and makes it ''[[UpToEleven more]]'' awesome! Like, like [[{{Transformers}} Devastator]]! But to replace the construction vehicles with ''lesbians!'' '''More! Awesome!'''
** The [[LiteralMetaphor Venn Diagram]] of Geordi's problems during the episode.
** As Geordi is getting exasperated working with the holographic Leah Brahms, Chuck recommends Geordi stop saying [[HehHehYouSaidX "Booby"]] so much.
* From "The Enemy":
-->'''Chuck''': It's more convincing the way Picard says it; you know how Picard phrases these things.\\
'''Picard''': I shall now put on my unicorn costume. And as the unicorn I am forever spraying rainbows out of my tail. Rainbows that will light the way to the future of us all. So you must decide: will you be the virgin and slay the unicorn, or ride the rainbow with me into a new era, Tomolak?
* The description for the "[[Recap/StarTrekTheNextGenerationS3E15YesterdaysEnterprise Yesterday's Enterprise]]" review.
-->'''Chuck:''' Opinionated Next Gen Episode Guide looks at what happens when the writers get together and say "@#$# you Gene, this is how you kill Tasha." The appearance of the Enterprise-C alters reality so that Tasha exists, the downside beings that the Klingons are about to enslave us. It's give and take.
* From "Captain's Holiday":
** The beginning of the review:
-->'''Little boy''': Mommy, look what I found. (''fires phaser'')
-->'''His mother''': Oh my god! Oh, the horror! (''police sirens go off'')
-->'''Police officer''': Everyone please stand back.
** When a floating ball approaches Picard.
-->'''Chuck!Picard''': Kenobi! Goddamnit, Kenobi, I told you to fuck off an hour ago! God, I hate this place! I hope it stars raining and you're all as miserable as I am!
** [[ItMakesSenseInContext "Picard and his little friend Talking Latin Penis!"]]
* Throughout "The Most Toys", frequently riffing that Kivas Fajo is lucky he'd abducted Data instead of [[EvilTwin Lore]].
* From Sarek review, after Sarek has Mind Melded with Picard.
-->'''Chuck''' Meanwhile a bad situation is made worse when Picard gets a look at the ''[[Film/StarTrek Star Trek XI]]'' script.\\
'''Picard''' NOOOOOO! It is, it is, wrong, it is WRONG!\\
'''Chuck''' And then he thinks he's a Bulldog...\\
'''Picard''' Rogh, ROGH, ROGH!
** Also his snipes against Wesley are even harsher this review, with him repeatedly characterizing Wesley as a comically creepy and pathetic whiner with an incestuous obsession with his mother.
* From the description of the episode, "Ménage à Troi"
--> Opinionated Next Gen Episode Guide looks at the return of Lwaxana Troi and the Ferengi to TNG, unfortunately. A Ferengi falls for Lwaxana and thus kidnaps her, her daughter, and Riker, thus the pun on the title Ménage à trois, which is French for "Megatron."
** The episode itself continues the RunningGag from "Haven", as Lwaxana is dubbed "daughter of the House of Usher" and then "daughter of the House of Blues".
* "The Best of Both Worlds":
** His comment that trying to ward off the Borg with the threat of their new technology is like trying to ward off a date rapist with the threat that you have crotchless panties. Then commenting that if you find that a tasteless metaphor, you'd be completely wrong, because it's a simile.
** The description for Part II of his "The Best of Both Worlds": "Opinionated Next Gen Episode Guide presents part 2 of the classic. The Borg plan to overwhelm the entire Federation with just one ship and the abducted Picard, the cosmic equivalent of 'Why you hitting yourself, why you hitting yourself?'"
* "Family":
** ALL of Chuck's lines for Picard's brother Robert [[SarcasmMode "the Happiest man in Europe"]] Picard, regarding how hilariously dickish (''Where you going? I was getting my best curse words ready ya baldy skidmark!'') and miserable (''I had an orgasm once. I didn't care for it'') he acts with his "barely concealed rural rage", directly comparing him to both the Banjo kid from Deliverance and Jason Voorhees in terms of people skills. One quote that stands out is "I think Robert missed his true calling, running an orphanage in a Creator/CharlesDickens novel." The children-hating thing must run in the blood.
** His surprised reaction when Picard actually shows kindness to a child.
** From the video description "Plus, Wesley's backstory is fleshed out to the utter joy of his fan." Yes, there is a singular.
* Chuck explaining why the "Brothers" review was delayed. By throwing in clips of flooding from various film, from ''Superman'' to ''2012'' [[note]]His bathroom flooded forcing him to delay it.[[/note]] One must wonder if Chuck does montages as a form of stress release.
-->'''Chuck''': For those of you wondering why there was no show last week... there was an... ''incident''. *cue montage*
** When security's preparing to take the bridge back, Chuck mentions all the times in the past that Enterprise's security team has looked absolutely Looney Tunes, but says now's the time to prove their worth. "Now is the time you rise." Cue Data utterly trouncing them to Yakety Sax.
* In "Clues" there is a running gag of Data coming up with different far-fetched explanations for the discrepencies everyone notices, and Picard not believing any of them--all of the explanations being the plots from other Star Trek episodes or films.
** Then there's the theme for ''WesternAnimation/BluesClues'' playing when Picard figures out the mystery, with an accompanying clip of Picard dancing.
* "First Contact": Picard confirming Archer's {{Unperson}} status: "His name tastes heinous!"
** When discussing the scene where Riker is forced to have sex with an alien in order to escape, Chuck notes that the idea that some people would be sexual attracted to aliens isn't ''[[TheXenophile that]]'' unusual... like those who wonder what [[Franchise/MassEffect Tali]] looks like [[TheFaceless under her suit]], while a bikini-clad pin-up appears on the screen? Cue Chuck realising he's perhaps [[DidISayThatOutLoud revealed too much]] and quickly back-peddling to the episode at hand!
* From "The Nth Degree", Geordi and Barclay's back-and-forth, especially how the last digit of Pi is "chunky".
** Also from "The Nth Degree", Chucks conversation with John.
** Mentioning that Barclay become smarter mirrors the plot of a certain [[{{Literature/FlowersForAlgernon}} science fiction]] work... [[BaitAndSwitchComment a Japanese TV show]]:
-->'''Chuck''': "As seen on the Series/{{Spectreman}} two-parter, "Billy Don't Be A Monster" and "Genius Monster Norman", [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer I swear I'm not making this up]]."
** When Troi asks Barclay "How are we to trust an officer who doesn't follow orders?", Chuck shows the clip from [[Film/StarTrekIVTheVoyageHome Star Trek IV]] of Kirk getting demoted to captain [[{{Unishment}} and placed in command of a starship]].
** Chuck sums Worf's attitude up in one sentence with, "I think we should use the Apocalypse Bomb!"
* From the review of "Q-pid", Chuck muses on how the Enterprise is used for receptions, a Space Holiday Inn, if you will, culminating in the mental image of Worf chasing a shriner down the hallways.
** Also from "Q-pid", Q asks what Robin Hood is most famous for. After Q brush off "steals from the rich and gives to the poor", Chuck starts naming other famous deeds, each time cutting back to Q's "Besides that" response.
* "Redemption":
** Toral's dramatic entrance into the Klingon High Council gets undermined.
--->'''Chuck''' ''(In a whiny kid voice)'' I'd have been here sooner, but the chain fell off my bicycle!
* "Darmok":
** The RunningGag of Worf giving a ReasonYouSuckSpeech to Picard and Riker, and explaining TheWorfEffect as being a result of them never letting him fight until they've already exhausted every other option, by which time the enemy is always prepared and kicks his ass.
** From the same review: "I'll check [Picard's] academy records. His language course was 203. Let me cross-check that. Hmm. Oh yes! He's fluent in '''yelling at people'''. This is the time honoured method of speaking your own language LOUDLY and some-what slow-ly to people who don't speak it, in the hopes that they will suddenly understand you. ({{beat}}) The others just laugh at him.
** Reprimanding Captain Picard for bad language.
--->'''Alien captain''': Shaka, when the walls fell.\\
'''Picard''': Shaka indeed.\\
'''Chuck''': Language, Picard!
* "Ensign Ro": Ro is ordered by Riker to not wear her Bajoran earring, and later, during the briefing, she snidely mentions how [[CustomUniformOfSexy Troi is allowed to wear her cleavage-laden uniform]] and Worf is allowed to wear his metallic sash. [[DeadpanSnarker "Hey, nice bandolier, Chewbacca. I bet that's standard issue..."]]
* From "Disaster":
** As O'Brien and Ensign Ro are explaining about how the warp core is going to go boom, all Troi can hear is: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah."
* "The Game":
** When Riker looks uninterested in a supposedly passionate intimate scene, Chuck wonders if it's because "[[DoubleEntendre Number One has difficulty reporting to the bridge]]."
** The scene with Wesley being forced to play the titular game, Chuck plays [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} GLaDOS]]'s TheReasonYouSuckSpeech at Wesley.
*** Best of all? In the clips played to this speech, the companion cube is represented by Data.
** His horror at the repetitions about Riker bringing something back from Risa, as well as pointing out that, without context, it makes it sound like Riker regularly contracts an STD whenever he goes on shore leave.
* In "A Matter of Time," originally posted Nov. 23, 2013, Chuck talks about how the episode has Matt Frewer, star of a short-lived sitcom called ''Doctor, Doctor'', as a supposed time traveler in a tiny craft who shows up just as a historical crisis is about to go down. He keeps getting the feeling there's ''something'' [[Recap/DoctorWho50thASTheDayOfTheDoctor he should be remembering...]]
** For added laughs, ''Doctor, Doctor'' produced the theme song Chuck used on the early Doctor Who reviews.
** His use of X-Box Live speak when illustrating how to call the Enterprise crew cheaters.
* From "Ethics"
** The RunningGag of making TheWorfEffect jokes.
** Worf's "request" for Riker.
--->'''Worf''': I have to pee, would you aim it for me?\\
'''Riker''': Nice visiting you, Worf! We'll have to do this again real soon!
* The NoodleImplements involved in non-gendered sex in "The Outcast".
* In the "Cause and Effect" review, Worf is such a horrible poker player that he's hocked Alexander for gambling money.
* From the TNG episode "The First Duty"
** After Picard delivers his speech to Wesley.
--->'''Wesley''': So you care about my "duty"?\\
'''Picard''': Save the toilet humor for Riker.\\
'''Wesley''': Don't you mean number one?\\
'''Picard''': Damn it, this is serious! You're in-\\
'''Wesley''': Deep "duty"?\\
'''Picard''': Get the hell out!
** After Wesley lies during the inquiry
** His whole take on the exceedingly grumpy Vulcan at the academy as being both a distant relation of Robert Picard and also being Satan himself.
* "Time's Arrow": Chuck compares use of the time travel trope to a stage magician botching his disappearing act and convincing the audience to turn around while he invokes Yog-Sothoth.
** His idea for a more accurate episode title: "Samuel Clemens, Bloody Nuisance."
* "Realm of Fear":
** Waking up the captains. Kirk dreaming about ''Literature/{{Twilight}}''. Sisko is wondering whether he is Jesus or Buddha. And Janeway is doing something that involves electricity and a loud thud.
--->'''Janeway''': And stay down!
** Barclay is trying to relax in his quarters with dimmed lighting, candles and taped sound effects of whalesong, birdsong and the like...
-->'''Barclay:''' Computer, more birds.\\
'''Music/TheByrds:''' ''To every thing, turn, turn, turn...''
** O'Brien's reaction upon being told by Barclay to wake the senior staff.
-->'''O'Brien:''' I'm so taking that transfer to [[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine that space station]]...
* Chuck does not approve of "Rascals":
** "To err is human. ''This'' is getting the runs while wearing white pants."
** After watching younger Keiko discuss her issues with O'Brien, Chuck wonders if he's cursed to keep wandering into [[Anime/RebuildOfEvangelion underaged Japanese girls in uncomfortable situations]].
** Kid!Guinan and Kid!Ro jumping on a bed like a trampoline: *sigh* "And I just got ''Buxom Girls on Trampolines Vol. 3''. Now I'm not gonna be able to watch it without thinking of this."
* The "Chain of Command" reviews:
** The review has Chuck's description of Ronnie Cox's career:
--->'''Chuck''': Anyway, Jellico finally arrives. He's played by Ronnie Cox. You might remember him from ''Film/BeverlyHillsCop'', ''[[Film/RoboCop1987 RoboCop]]'', ''Series/CopRock'', ''Film/BeverlyHillsCopII'' and his most famous work: ''Cop Cop Part Cop: Still Copping''.
** Picard's shaking off the Cardassians escorting him out of the interrogation room becomes a drunk Patrick Stewart yelling at cops.
** Chuck states that Madred is interrogating Picard while under the influence of drugs- [[AmbiguousSyntax and then has to clarify that]] ''[[AmbiguousSyntax Picard]]'' [[AmbiguousSyntax is under the influence, not Madred]]. Chuck then goes on to say (and provide a brief skit of) [[StonersAreFunny how much more hilarious the episode would be if it was the other way around, playing a Stoned Madred]].
* From "Starship Mine":
--->'''Chuck!Picard''': Yes, finally, a girl! Someone I could probably take in a fight. After that embarrassment with Soran, I need an--ah, Jesus! Where the hell is my saddle when I need it? Dah, not in the face!
* "The Chase" has Galen giving Picard a priceless artifact. Cut to ''Film/StarTrekGenerations'', where Picard tosses it aside to save a photo album.
* From "Phantasms":
** He explains that the plot would make more sense if Picard ran his ship the way Janeway ran hers, and deliberately sabotaged the warp core to avoid having to go to the admirals' meeting, then sabotaged Data so he couldn't fix it.
--->'''Janeway!Picard''': ''(dumps a bag of sugar into the warp core)'' Woops, looks like we won't make it to that banquet after all!\\
'''Data''': Not to worry sir, Geordi and I can fix--\\
'''Janeway!Picard''': ''(dumps a bag of sugar into Data's head)''\\
'''Data''': *Bzzt* *Bzzt* *Bzzt* Must-stab-counselor-Troi...\\
'''Janeway!Picard''': Oh dear, looks like there's no time to fix that engine, Mr. La Forge, you have to tend to our android.\\
'''Data''': Crush...Kill...Destroy...\\
'''Janeway!Picard''': Sounds almost as serious as last year's banquet. I'll be in Ten Forward, feel free to leave me alone.
* "Parallels":
** It has some good moments, like Chuck describing saying Worf's bat'leth competition trophy can be used as a weapon, and trying to figure out how to describe a group of Worfs before settling on calling it a "brood".
** His discussion of his twin boys was his funniest joke so far.
** As Data gives Worf his birthday present, which is obviously a painting, Chuck says "Oh, I bet that's a basketball!"
** Chuck's commentary on Worf learning he's married to Troi in an alternate reality:
--->'''Chuck:''' Give the man a pointy stick and a bad guy, and it doesn't matter where he is, Worf knows what to do. This? you might as well be asking him to write your horoscope.
** Worf's goodbye to Troi before returning to his reality:
--->'''Worf:''' [[Film/{{Casablanca}} It doesn't take much to see the problems of a strapping Klingon and a Human/Betazoid mongrel don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy galaxy. But if that shuttle gets off the ground and I'm not on it, I'll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but when I meet your mother, my God will I regret it.]]
* ''Sub Rosa'''s review starting with, instead of "99 Luftballoons", the ''Franchise/{{Ghostbusters}}'' theme.
** Chuck calling Ronin 'Casper the Rapey Ghost'.
* The entire riff on Picard holding a phallic object in front of his crotch in "Masks", suspecting that Stewart and Frakes knew exactly what it looked like and did it deliberately.
** He even happily points out the exact moment that Frakes realizes what Stewart is doing, where you can see the former double-take and come within a hair of corpsing as the connection is made.
** The rant on how incomprehensible the episode is:
--->'''Chuck''': It's like one of those snooty films that's just two men in a restaurant booth arguing in French for six hours, while every twelve minutes a bicycle with no rider rolls past the window... with the addition of the Star Trek cast talking about it all the while.
* When describing the USS Pasteur in the reviews of "All Good Things..."
-->'''Chuck''': ... And there's where we see the ship belonging to Beverly Crusher. A little different, big round head there angled off of the long main shaft that's easy to grip for optimal placement. The Clitmaster 5000 has set the bench-mark of quality in the... Shit, I've got the wrong script here...
** The reason why Troi is dead in the future? Worf never should have lent her his car keys.
** Chuck has ''way'' too much fun naming the midgets.
** The end of part 1: Picard orders an Earl Grey, but the computer responds that it doesn't have that on record; cue BigNo and EPIC CLIFFHANGER MUSIC!

[[folder: ''Deep Space Nine'']]
* From "''Move Along Home''":
** Chula was originally called the Chula Saga [[VideoGame/TheBannerSaga before the makers of Candy Crush Saga threatened to sue the Wadi over the name.]] ("Move Along Home").
** When Quark says "I'm starting to get the hang of this game!" Chuck points out that all he's doing is rolling dice, he could be replaced by a chimp.
** His surprise that the ''Voyager'' episode "''The Cloud''" is '''better''' than ''Move Along Home''.
** When Odo mentions that the O'Briens are on Earth for Keiko's mother's hundredth birthday Chuck points out that this mean's Keiko was born when her mother was in her ''sixties''.
--->"So, what are your plans for retirement?"\\
"Oh, I think I'll have a baby. I'm not gettin' any younger..."
* From "Necessary Evil":
** Chuck examining the possibility that Rom might have remembered the name wrong and mixed it up with his grocery list and it was supposed to be Cheerios.
** "Quark learned everything about innuendo from fifteen year old boys."
-->'''Quark''': And then, you know, we did it in the butt. We did the sex in the butt sex. Yeah!"
* From "Whispers":
** Chuck giving a CaptainsLog in a pirate tone.
* In his review of "Paradise," Chuck [[BerserkButton loses it]] after it's revealed the head of the anti-technology commune has been ruling through tyranny, deception, and lies... and the rest of the group decides to maintain their community, not showing the slightest bit of outrage that they were being dicked with.
-->Why don't you just make the ending [[VideoGame/MassEffect3 red, green, or blue]] if you're going to make it fucking infuriating?
* From "Playing God":
** When Bashir tells the turbolift to take him and Arjin to Quark's bar, Chuck responds with "I can't, I'm a lift, not a Wonkavator, jackass."
* In "Blood Oath", Chuck's obsession with the Klingons eating the Albino's heart, as well as pointing out that contrary to his most famous line of dialogue, Kang actually ''did'' fight in a burning house.
* From "The Maquis, Part I"
** "Curse you, far away jerks for giving away our planet when no one's looking!"
** His reaction to hearing that Gul Dukat has seven children. "Jesus. Hey, Dukat, sex is great and all, but maybe your people wouldn't have a resource shortfall if you found a hobby that didn't involve your cock."
* From "The Maquis, Part II":
** Chuck's TemptingFate comment about how Gul Dukat would never kill Jadzia Dax.
* From "The Wire":
** Chuck's TemptingFate comment about how the Klingon and Cardassian empires would never go to war with one another.
* From "The Jem'Hadar":
** "These woods are a feeding ground for the great white pine!"
* In the review of "Second Skin," he makes a joke about Kira being kidnapped by the Daleks. This is the first thing that happens to the protagonists in [[Recap/DoctorWhoS33E1AsylumOfTheDaleks "Asylum of the Daleks"]], which was aired ''on the same day.'' Given that the review was made some time before said air date, that's a [[HilariousInHindsight remarkable (and funny) coincidence]].
* From "Defiant":
** Chuck trying not to fill the review with sexual innuendo, but the episode he's reviewing isn't making it easy for him.
** Chuck imaging what would happen if Sisko had negotiated the peace treaty.
* From the "Fascination" review, Kira encourages everyone to enjoy themselves as part of the Gratitude Festival. Chuck responds with an exasperated "Finally!" and switches to the Packers game.
* From "Past Tense: Part I":
** Chuck saying one rule of gun safety is not using a gun to jab someone til they wake up.
* From "Past Tense: Part II":
** "I love those critters that spin around in a circle like a tornado."
* From "Distant Voices":
** "Garak gives Bashir a rod...not that kind of rod, slash fic writers."
* ''Improbable Cause/The Die Is Cast'': his proposal of more efficient strategies for the Romulan/Cardassian assault than burning the planet down to the core, such as using their disruptors to [[DefaceOfTheMoon carve a giant penis on the moon]], then go home.
* From the "Explorers" review. Jake wants to know what his father thinks about what he wrote.
-->'''Jake''': What did you think?\\
'''Sisko''': I liked it.\\
'''Chuck!Sisko''': I'm not really familiar with clopfic, but you sold it well.
* In his review of ''The Adversary'', as Sisko tries to SpotTheImposter:
-->'''Janeway''': I suggest cutting off a random toe from each crew member!\\
'''Sisko''': I don't think that will help us find the Changeling.\\
'''Janeway''': ''What'' Changeling?
** His epic takedown of the Founders "[[ApeShallNeverKillApe no Changeling has ever harmed another]]" rule:
--->'''Chuck''': "It's like when you have an obnoxious relative who shows up at your house, drinks the last beer and grabs the remote and says 'No Johnson has ever thrown another Johnson out!', if you want that to continue, ''knock it off''."
* From "The Way of the Warrior":
** Worf's comment about Kira's medieval-style hat.
--->'''Worf''': Do I get one or is that part of the Bajoran uniform?
* In the review of "The Visitor", Chuck shows all the captains talking with Jake about their father issues: [[AFatherToHisMen Picard sympathizes]]; Archer gibbers that the Vulcans choked his father to death with a heart attack; Janeway gloats that she "had an alibi and everything"; then Reboot Kirk starts up- only for Original Kirk to bitch-slap him for trying to get into the crossover.
* From "Hippocratic Oath":
** Chuck's comment that the Federation's utopia can be called gay by one's friends due to O'Brien saying that Keiko was more like a man.
* From "Indiscretion":
** Chuck saying that Dukat isn't going to have another prick in his ass until Weyoun shows up.
* From "Little Green Men":
** Chuck imagining how the Q continuum would deal with the Ferengi.
* The impression of how Gowron assigning Kor as ambassador to Vulcan might have gone in "The Sword of Kahless."
** Then, of course, there's the long, pointless story about "Nicotine Nemo".
* From "Our Man Bashir":
** Chuck pronouncing Anastasia's last name as "Musensquirrel".
* "Homefront" has another Dax moment: her "pranking" of Odo by moving his furniture when he's in his liquid form. For a character who needs order and was unconscious at the time, that's a dick move. Coupled with her behavior in "Let He Who Is Without Sin" and she's less "royal smart person" and more [[{{Characters/AmericanPie}} Stiffler]]
* From "Paradise Lost":
** Chuck calling the Bolian admiral "Admiral Blueballs".
** Chuck musing that Worf is just sitting in Bashir's chair and won't budge thanks to their positions.
* From "Return to Grace":
** Chuck!Kira saying that she should stop saying things can't get any worse once Dukat arrives.
* From "Bar Assosiations":
** Chuck asking Worf if he wants the list of security breaches on the Enterprise chronologically or alphabetically.
* ''Let He Who is Without Sin'':
** saying that Leeta has big boobs as ballast to keep her head from [[BrainlessBeauty floating away]].
** That sex should be between one woman and one penguin the way God intended it, calling back to his Anime/RebuildOfEvangelion review.
** The RunningGag that "Jamaharon" isn't sex, given how the franchise approaches it.
---> Chuck: "For all we know Jamaharon is minature golf and Vanessa Williams got Curzon's head stuck in the windmill."
* From ''Rapture'' he considers how it would have been if Sisko had given his disoriented rant about locusts on the promenade in front of visitors:
-->'''Sisko''': Locusts, they're coming!\\
'''Visitor''': Who is that mad man?\\
'''Inhabitant''': Oh, that's the station's commander.\\
'''Sisko''': [[Literature/TheBible And a seven-headed beast]] will sing a different song with each of its seven mouths, and there will be a tearing of sky, and a shaking of the Earth, and locusts will scream out to all the world "suck it [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitches]]!" And lo, they will indeed suck it."
* "In Purgatory's Shadow": Everybody wants Kira. "Dukat wants her, Shakaar wants her, Odo wants her, she just delivered Chief O'Brien's baby."
* The skit of how "Doctor Bashir, I Presume" might have gone down if that Changeling had still been impersonating Bashir.
* From "Ties Of Blood and Water":
** When Kira throws a cup at Dukat: "Mental rewrite in three...two...one...why yes, Major! I'd love to have a drink with you! But, duty calls!"
* The Summoning of Starship Captains in "Call to Arms":
-->'''[[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine Sisko]]''': All right, I've called you all here because the situation is grim. The Dominion has more ships then we could possibly hope to defeat on the other side of that wormhole. How do we stop them from taking over the federation?\\
'''[[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries Kirk]]''': I assume you've [[KirkSummation already tried appealing the]] [[HumansAreSpecial superior aspects of human nature?]]\\
'''Sisko''': Of course.\\
'''Kirk''': And then hit them?\\
'''Sisko''': Of course.\\
'''Kirk''': And none of that worked? Huh. [[Film/StarTrekIVTheVoyageHome Double dumb ass on them.]]\\
'''[[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Picard]]''': Did you try closing it with an [[{{Technobabble}} inverse tachyon beam?]]\\
'''Sisko''': More or less, we can't close it.\\
'''Picard''': [[ReversePolarity Inverse graviton beam?]]\\
'''Sisko''': Still no, we can't close it.\\
'''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager Janeway]]''': Have you tried a show of force, such as finding the [[EarthShatteringKaboom Founders and destroying the crust and mantle of their world?]]\\
'''Sisko''': Someone else already tried that, wrong planet.\\
'''Janeway''': Well just go and do it properly this time!\\
'''Sisko''': We don't-\\
'''Janeway''': [[AxeCrazy No excuses!]] Just do it!\\
'''Picard''': [[ComicallyMissingThePoint What about an anti-proton beam?]]\\
'''Sisko''': Still no. To both. Anyone else?\\
'''[[Series/StarTrekEnterprise Archer]]:''' I told them I told them the Vulcans you can't trust the Vulcans! [[CrazyHomelessPeople They run up the flat to the back of the dragon and hold their tails so you can't fly no more and then you can't know your thoughts no more because they've already stolen the wrench to your mind!]] Mindbomb the mindbomb! It's the only thing that will keep them out of your brain! it stops them coming through!\\
'''Kirk''': [[StunnedSilence ...]]\\
'''Picard''': [[StunnedSilence ...]]\\
'''Janeway''': Mindbomb, [[CrazyAwesome that sounds COOL!]] I'm changing my answer to his!\\
'''Sisko''': I can't-\\
'''Janeway''': That's two votes for Mindbomb. We win!
* From "A Time To Stand":
-->'''Sisko''': ''[after losing command of the ''Defiant'']'' I'm going to turn around, and when I turn back, we're going to both pretend you ''didn't'' just say something that would make me punch you in the throat.
** The conversation between Weyoun and Jake, where Chuck points out that the Dominion is a society which doesn't tolerate bias.
--->'''Jake''': I know I reported you're an evil oligarchy bent on crushing the freedoms of everyone in the galaxy, but I didn't expect you'd go so far as to actually stop me from saying it! That's the kind of thing I'd expect from an evil oligarchy bent on crushing the freedoms of everyone in the galaxy!\\
'''Weyoun''': There you go again with the negativity!\\
'''Jake''': Well, it's true!\\
'''Weyoun''': Absolutely not! It's not an oligarchy, it's a theocracy.
* From ''Rocks And Shoals'':
-->'''O'Brien''': Well, Captain, they say any landing you can walk away from is a good one!\\
'''Sisko''': Shut up, Chief, just shut up.
* The hypothetical dinner conversation from ''Sons and Daughters'':
-->'''Kira''': Please pass the salt, you murdering fascist!\\
'''Dukat''': Glad to help you, you crinkled-nose uptight bitch!\\
'''Kira''': So what's on the agenda today? Murdering babies or just fathering illegitimate ones? No offense, Ziyal.\\
'''Ziyal''': ...Can we not do this?\\
'''Dukat''': Major, is it true that you're so frigid, First Minister Shakaar's penis now has twelve words for snow?\\
'''Kira''': [[CrossesTheLineTwice When you go around on your rape sprees, are you worried that you’ve sired so many bastards, you may accidentally be plowing one of them or are you just happy that you're finally doing something with your abandoned children?]] ''({{beat}})'' Again, no offense, Ziyal.\\
'''Ziyal''': Would anyone like to see my sketches?\\
'''Kira''': I bet your father would like to see your--\\
'''Dukat''': Please pass the salt back... you filthy shrew.\\
'''Kira''': Why don't you just come over here and take it and claim that it was for the good of the Bajoran people?\\
'''Dukat''': Same time tomorrow?\\
'''Kira''': I look forward to it!
** Chuck's increasing exasperation with Alexander's pathetic attempts to be a Klingon. It reaches the point where Alex keeps screwing up while Chuck is trying to stand up for the poor schmuck.
--->''(after Alex drops his bat'leth mid-swing, twice)'' Worf, just shoot him in the head.
* From "Favor the Bold":
-->'''Female Changeling''': ''[discussing Odo]'' Bringing him home, returning him to the Great Link, means more to us than the Alpha Quadrant itself.\\
'''Weyoun''': So, should we maybe call off this whole war thing...\\
'''Female Changeling''': Get back to work!
** Sisko and Admiral Ross talk about some unusual requisitions Sisko found:
--->'''Ross:''' I don't have to explain myself to you, captain!\\
'''Sisko:''' I really wish you would.\\
'''Ross:''' No, you don't.\\
'''Sisko:''' Yeah, you're probably right.
* From ''Sacrifice of Angels'':
** After pointing out how Dukat's strategy comes from the Battle of Cannae, Chuck throws in a clip from a TV movie about the battle (with Alexander Siddig as Hannibal, leading to O'Brien saying that Hannibal [[YouLookFamiliar looked familiar...]]).
** Sisko's order into the wormhole after the minefield is destroyed: "I don't expect to be able to stop much more than half of them, but maybe we'll get lucky."
** This epic BrickJoke:
--->'''Sisko''': Now to [[LastStand stare down these 2800 ships]] and...\\
''(The ships disappear)''\\
'''Sisko''': Wha...? What happened?\\
'''Janeway''': The [[DoomsdayDevice Mindbomb]] happened. I told you: '''[[CrazyAwesome COOL!!!]]'''\\
'''Sisko''': What the hell's in this thing?!\\
'''Janeway''': ...Secrets? ({{Beat}}) It's the Mindbomb, it runs on the power of [[PoweredByAForsakenChild the human heart]]. ''(Sisko looks shocked)'' I mean ''[[ThePowerOfLove emotions]]''! God, why do you people always assume the worst?\\
'''Sisko''': So it amplifies emotion and [[EmpathicWeapon uses it as a weapon]]?\\
'''Janeway''': After it sucks them out of you leaving you [[EmptyShell soulless]], basically yes. So who should we use it on next?\\
'''Picard''': The Borg?\\
'''Janeway''': [[SarcasmMode Way to think outside the box]], Captain No-duh! Any other ideas?\\
'''Archer''': The Vulcans?\\
'''Janeway''': Nah, Tuvok would be grief-stricken. Unless I sucked out his emotions first...
*** You know what's also funny? There actually is something very similar in Trek Canon. The Stone Of Gol. It may not work the same way as mentioned, but Crazy!Janeway is the type to tinker with the schematics.
** The SesquipedalianLoquaciousness word-a-day calendar joke about Dukat, along with the possibility that he celebrates [[Series/{{Seinfeld}} Festivus]].
* From ''Waltz'':
** Right before Dukat goes completly crazy over his mind version of Kira we have this hilarious bit: "Roger that Dukat, We are go on completely losing our shit. In three, two, one...
--->'''Dukat''': Enough!!!
** When Dukat complains about how everyone keeps bringing up his victims from his time during the Occupation, Chuck has this to say:
--->YOU'RE HOLDING A PIPE STAINED WITH THE BLOOD OF THE MAN YOU'VE ''JUST BEATEN''! Wow, that is a disconnection from reality impressive enough to put you in command of the NX-01!
* His strained metaphor for how Sisko was feeling in "In the Pale Moonlight", which included singing "Old [=MacDonald=]" to the tune of "Amazing Grace".
* In his review of ''His Way,'' Chuck makes a point on how [[InterspeciesRomance interspecies relationships]] should be a lot more complex than the show portrays them. He uses a hilarious analogy of likening the situation to a person having a relationship with a sentient, talking plant, and how ''incredibly'' awkward it would be.
* "Profit and Lace":
** He sets out an example of where "the line" is on joking about strange topics through the theoretical example of having a fetish for women dressed as Alice in Wonderland.
** His insistence that he's shallow rather than transphobic.
** His speculation that Rom's GeniusDitz status is the result of a FlowersForAlgernon type experiment that only half worked.
* Once More Unto the Breach
* The entire opening three minutes to his review of The Siege of AR-558, describing Sisko's work ethic, revenge tactics, and negotiating skills with Romulans.
-->'''Chuck''': Let me put it in perspective for you: Picard faced the Borg, and after it was done ruining his life, he stood in his office and drank Earl Grey. Sisko faced the Borg and after it was done ruining his life, he fumed in an escape-pod; then went off to design a ship whose ''only purpose'' is to kill Borg. It's a [[MoreDakka set of guns strapped to an engine.]] Then he called it ''[[AwesomeMcCoolname Defiant]]'', a name that practically shakes its fist at the Borg. That was his second choice, Starfleet felt that the "''USS Ben Sisko's Muthafuckin Pimp Hand''" was too long.\\
"Now, if you'll excuse me, Starfleet is about to award the Christopher Pike Medal to my dick!"
* In ''Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges'' Picard rebelling against the "ask each captain for advice" RunningGag, getting so pissed off that it turns Janeway on, which of course just makes it worse. This is followed by Bashir concluding that [[Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan Khan]] was right.
** The RunningGag about being unable to say the episode's awkward Latin title correctly, finally culminating in him calling it ''[[spoiler:Film/EnterTheDragon]]''.
** Upon seeing the USS ''Bellerophon'', which is a sister ship to ''Voyager'', Chuck nearly has a panic attack, afraid he's accidentally put on Voyager instead. He later notes that it uses the same registry number as ''Voyager'', comments on what this says about Starfleet's reaction to their disappearance, and rechristens it the USS ''Dancing on Voyager's Grave''.
** The yearbook committee RunningGag.
* From the "Field of Fire" review, Chuck's speculation on how Ezri would have justified her actions in the episode to the court:
-->No, I didn't contact security or anyone when I had my suspicions. I'm aware of the regulations, but it was obvious that this man needed to be shot. I mean, I was just trying to understand how killers think. Look, I took the advice of a dead serial killer that nobody else could see or hear - no don't be silly, of course he's not here now. He's gone back to living in my tummy where he belongs. W-what are you doing?! I'm not the crazy one! I'M NOT THE CRAZY ONE!
* His one man quest to make Ben Sisko a MemeticBadass, especially "Bitch, the list of reasons I'm awesome is so long, the only surface big enough to write it on is my dick!"
-->"Mr. Worf, prepare a Class 2 quantum torpedo, and write on it 'Don't fuck with The Sisko!'"
* After mentioning that since he's been outted as a genetically enhanced human, Bashir has been free to become Dr. James Bond.
-->'''Chuck''' (As Bashir): Hello my dear, I'm Julian Bashir. I'm normally a doctor, but I'm afraid you caught me in the middle of a daring scheme to rip off the mob, so I don't have long to chat. But, perhaps later we can meet for a drink and I could show my publication in the New England journal of Medicine. It's called, "1001 ways to Pleasure the G-Spot." But first, I have to return [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara's]] hat.

[[folder: ''Voyager'']]
* In "Living Witness", he has Janeway quote [[Series/GameOfThrones House Bolton]] when talking with an alien ambassador at the start of the episode
-->'''Janeway:''' In Starfleet we say a naked man has few secrets, a flayed man none.
** Crazy!Janeway in general for that episode.
--->'''Janeway:''' You say pota-toe, I say ''weaponised potato bombs!''\\
'''Janeway:''' I didn't do any of that! Except the stuff that sounds cool. That I did the hell out of!
* His rather literal HeroicBSOD in "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" during one of the Doctor's fantasies,
--> The stakes then get raised when Janeway gets involved and when ''(sees Janeway force the doctor to fondle her ass)''..... when..... when... ''(the screen starts to distort and a soundbyte from 2001 A Space Odyssey starts playing)'' [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: daisy...... daisy.... ]]
''(The screen goes black, and green text appears at the bottom of the screen)'' [[/folder]]


** The [[TranslationTrainWreck Babelfish version]] of "La Donna e Mobile" (which is apparently about furniture), followed shortly thereafter with the the Doctor using a "mobile-ay" transmitter.
-->''The woman is furniture.''\\
''What down in the wind?''\\
''Changes of accent...''\\
''and thought.''\\
''Always an amiable...''\\
''graceful face''\\
''In tears...''\\
''and rice is false!''\\
''The woman is Mobil!''\\
''What feather in the wind!''\\
''Changes of emmmmmmphasis...''\\
''And thought.''
* Failing three times to avoid a double entendre about Harry and Tom in "Non Sequitor."
** Happens again in Parturition when he struggles, settles for, "Tom has a clarinet," and then, finally, declares, "I give up. I award this scene the Congressional Medal of Gay."
* After having his [[SanitySlippage will slowly crushed]] by "Threshold", the AuthorFilibuster that Chuck engages in when MrExposition finally explains the [[EvolutionaryLevels so-called plot]].
-->"[[EvolutionaryLevels Even if that somehow]] '''was''' [evolution], individuals don't evolve! '''WE ARE NOT [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} POKÉMON]]! Do you understand that, Braga?!'''"
** And after the long rant about evolution, he finishes his rant with...
--->"What the hell kind of name is Brannon anyway? Sounds like a high-fiber yogurt."
** In the same review of Threshold, he latches onto the technobabble phrase 'multi-spectral subspace engine design'. The only way 'multi-spectral' can fit into that phrase is, in Chuck's own words, the ship is powered by rainbows, which he goes on to state gives him the mental image of shovel-fulls of Franchise/CareBears being thrown kicking and screaming into a blast furnace.
*** "Do you have aphasia?" may be the greatest [[WildMassGuessing theory behind technobabble]].
** Chuck's riffing of the opening scene with Tom in the shuttle.
--->"Try not to break the damn ship!"
** Chuck "complementing" Neelix during the review.
--->"Oh and look the genius is back! Its just so obvious he's a genius, too - the way he wears that dirty apron. It so complements his prominent sloping forehead."
* The Disease. Among other things, the dread-laden introduction:
-->Alright, let's move into the episode, gentle reviewer, [[INeedAFreakingDrink rum in hand]]. One does not simply walk into Mordor. [[ThisIsGonnaSuck One gets his ass torn back first.]]
** "I can only share some wise advice my grandfather once gave me: "Boy, never put your dick in something that lights up!"
** The reaction to Janeway's remark about the handbook on personal relationship being three centimetres thick.
--->"What's the point of a guide for spur-of-the-moment things that is the size of a phone book? How many ways are there to say "Don't have sex with aliens unless it's safe" ''are'' there? Is it full of testimonials? "This is Paul. Paul wasn't careful, you see, and now his dick looks like a slimjim."
** Why did Janeway deliver an unprecedented career-damaging reprimand to Harry? "When you're evil, you have to stay in practice!"
*** "Megatron has actually installed an alarm in himself so that if he has pure and happy thoughts, he can be reminded of the need to be evil and cruel."
---->'''Megatron:''' ''*Staring happily at an energon cube*'' ''*alarm beeps*'' ''*throws energon cube at Starscream*'' You disgust me!
** "Meanwhile, the hull-breach problem from the Varro ship has spread to Voyager, and there's duranium-eating microbes that... what's that one in the middle doing? Is he humpin' the armour? Good God, even the viruses are screwing things this episode!"
* From "Coda": "So the episode begins and Neelix ambushes Janeway heading up the hall. As the conversation comes up without context provided for the episode, I shall turn to our random-context generator table, and they are discussing... (dice rolling sounds) Ship-wide Orgy Night!"
-->'''Neelix:''' I thought last night went well, didn't you?\\
'''Janeway:''' Extremely well, everyone had a lot of fun.\\
'''Neelix:''' I was thinking of making it a regular feature, say uh, once a month?\\
'''Janeway:''' It's certainly worth a try.\\
'''Neelix:''' And captain, you were especially good last night.\\
'''Janeway:''' Thanks Neelix, it's been a while.\\
'''Neelix:''' You'd never know.
** [[spoiler:They're actually talking about Talent Night, [[MarySue which Janeway had won...of course]], by performing the "Dying Swan"...I'm presuming it's the dance, and not that she took a swan out and killed it, but I can't really rule that out entirely.]]
* From ''Flashback'':
-->'''Neelix:''' Y'know, if I injected sirilium into my thermal array, it might improve cooking time.\\
'''Chuck:''' And with that, Benjamin Sisko warps himself across the galaxy and begins pistol whipping Neelix for actually calling himself a chef when he thinks [[OvenLogic more energy equals faster cooking time.]]
** Surilium is very attractive to the crew because...[[ArtisticLicenseChemistry it's combustible?]]
--->'''Chuck:''' Combustion? That's...that's [[SarcasmMode real useful on an interstellar starship.]] 'Damn, Warp Drive's offline! Quick, someone pull the pull cord and activate the emergency backup power! [= BROOMbumbumbababa! BROOMbumbumbababa! =]'
* Following Janeway's "Captain. Ma'am will do in a crunch" line with "So anyway, Captain Crunch..." (sadly removed in the reupload)
* His massive rant about manual overrides not working that way in "Learning Curve".
** During Janeway's Victorian holodeck program:
--->'''Janeway''': Ugh, why am I stuck reading this drivel? I just want that [[Film/MaryPoppins umbrella that lets me fly!]]
* In something that's both this and incredibly sad at the same time, the first part of Chuck's review of "Scorpion" ends with a montage of many of Harry's experiences being TheChewToy on Voyager set to "Only Time" by Enya.
** Also from "Scorpion", when discussing how people forget cool villains, Chuck shifts to ''Film/ThePhantomMenace'':
--->'''Darth Maul''': Tatooine is sparsely populated...but even they have over 50 convenient Red Roof Inn locations. At last we will have revenge...and a good night sleep.
** After hearing the ludicrous figures involved in the Borg's fallback plan, Chuck gives us a sample of what he feared would happen when Brannon Braga went to write for ''[[Series/TwentyFour 24]]''.
** Describing the effect of the Doctor's treatment on Harry.
--->'''Chuck''': Fortunately for Harry he's [[RealLifeWritesThePlot one of the fifty most beautiful people in the world]], so the treatment works.
** The BrickJoke about B'lanna's "Skeletal Lock". [[BodyHorror Poor Tuvok.]]
* From "One": 'So all the crew are in stasis, and all that's left is our plucky hero and her hologrammatic sidekick.' Cue the ''Series/RedDwarf'' theme.
** When Seven starts HearingVoices Chuck remarks on how some of them are wonderful.
--->'''Neelix:''' I'm dying, Seven. Don't let me die!
*** Becomes a BrickJoke in the Post-episode Follow-up where Chuck marks it as his Stupid Neelix Moment that Neelix wasn't actually dying and it made him annoyed that they were only teasing him with the possibility.
* In "Dark Frontier", After Voyager blows up a Borg ship:
-->'''Janeway''': Debris status?\\
'''Chuck''': I'm fine, thanks for asking.
** And after reviewing the wreckage of the ship:
--->'''Chakotay''': [[GenreSavvy Maybe I should go to Red Alert and get it over with.]]\\
'''Janeway''': Commander?\\
'''Chakotay''': [[LampshadeHanging You're about to drop one of your bombshells.]]\\
'''Janeway''': Oh I see. Before you say anything: [[NoodleImplements First of all, it's a mutant, not a monster. Second, nothing can break those chains!]] And third, [[MadScientist since I only created one]], [[WhatMeasureIsANonHuman if you kill it that's technically genocide!]] [[CloningBlues And technically suicide.]]\\
'''Chakotay''': [[FlatWhat ...Huh?]]\\
'''Janeway''': [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial No]] ''[[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial you're]]'' [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial the crazy one!]]
** Which is later followed up by:
--->'''Janeway''': I already taught the mutant how to love!\\
'''Chakotay''': That wasn't love! He raped that shuttle craft!\\
'''Janeway''': Well if the ''Galileo'' didn't look like such a whore [[HeinzHybrid Kesskotay]] wouldn't have tried that!
** Another very cruel one, with Janeway's NotNowKiddo to Seven's requests to take her father with them, leaving him to be killed when the Borg cube blows up right after they were finally reunited.
** "Look Chakotay! I've wanted this all my life; it's a coffee maker that's also a bong!"
*** This exchange:
---->'''Janeway''': Coffee? You look like you could use some.\\
'''Seven of Nine''': No.\\
'''Janeway''': It's a Human vice you might want to try some day, keeps you sharp.\\
'''Chuck as Janeway''': Want some smack? How 'bout a whore? Feel like gambling? I played craps against Harry yesterday; he won so I let him keep his hands!
* Chuck mentions in his ''Dark Frontier'' review that it has one of the few times substituting his homicidally insane Janeway would probably make more sense story-wise than what canon-Janeway does, leading to how his Janeway would beat The Borg.
-->'''Borg-Queen''': How can you hope to defeat The Borg in their own lair?\\
'''Janeway''': With my army of warrior cobalt tarantulas! I've been training the entire hive to become deadly warriors!\\
'''Borg-Queen''': ...Tarantulas don't have hives.\\
'''Janeway''': And normally they don't have wings either, but my job is to fix it whenever nature makes an extraordinarily aggressive and terrifying tarantula, and doesn't make it capable of flying up and latching onto your face! Or have an insatiable hunger for ocular jelly.\\
'''Borg Queen''': Will you stop talking if we just give Seven back?\\
'''Janeway''': ...Who?
* From "Unimatrix Zero"
** When Tom Paris is re-promoted to lieutenant after 18 months as an ensign Harry Kim, the ensign of six years, speaks up:
--->'''Harry:''' I didn't see a present on ''my'' chair.\\
'''Janeway:''' You have a ''chair?!'' Tuvok, correct this oversight!\\
'''Harry:''' What? You can't do that!\\
'''Janeway:''' Questioning my orders? Did you learn nothing from Tom? You're demoted to Ensign Junior Grade!\\
'''Harry:''' There's no such-\\
''(Janeway glares at him)''\\
'''Harry:''' ...Yes, Captain. I'll just sit- uh, stand over here.
** From the same scene:
--->'''Chakotay:''' Open it. That's an order.\\
'''Chuck:''' (to the tune of That's Amore) When some guy Outranks you And tells you What to do, that's an order...
** Chuck!Janeway's last interaction with the Queen.
--->'''Janeway:''' [[Series/NightCourt You may be bigger, stronger, smarter, faster, but you will never]], '''''[[Series/NightCourt EVER]]''''' [[Series/NightCourt be]] ''[[Series/NightCourt crazier]]'' [[Series/NightCourt ... than]] '''''[[Series/NightCourt ME!!!!]]'''''
* In "Eye of the Needle," Chuck mentions an (almost certainly fake) rumor that Edward James Olmos was at one point considered for the Captain of ''Voyager'' (he was actually contacted over TNG, so Chuck probably confused the rumor with this). He does address how Commander Adama would have worked on ''Voyager'': dumping the Kazon into space and beating Neelix with a flashlight every episode.
-->'''Janeway''': ''[sleeping]'' Oh, yes! Yes! Launch all Vipers, you dirty, dirty boy!
* The Coda to the "Tuvix" review, which uses the end of said episode as an intro to a music video about Chuck's Evil!Janeway interpretation... set to [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} "Still Alive."]]
** He describes the crossbreed between Tuvok and Neelix's clothes as "demon clothing, tearing the souls from men and women who foolishly gazed upon it, before going on a rampage, eating denim and leather and silk and shitting polyester Hawaiian shirts."
* This part of "Blood Fever" review:
--> '''Chuck:''' This leads to a scene that comes straight from juvenile fantasies. With them being cut off, Tuvok tells Tom he has no choice, he ''must'' [[ItMakesSenseInContext mate with Torres to save her life.]] (exasperated) That's really something you should put on your recruiting posters.\\
'''Chuck (as Picard):''' Son, as a Starfleet Officer, I'm afraid you have no choice but to take that beautiful alien aside and bone her twelve ways from Sunday. It's part of your duty when you put on that uniform, that you have to take it off again to satisfy the endless lust of four-breasted aliens. Make the Federation proud. Make ME proud.\\
'''Chuck (as Paris):''' Aye aye, sir! I won't let you down.\\
'''Chuck (as Picard):''' Lieutenant? ''Make it so.''
** And then when Tuvok suggests they let Vorik and Torres follow the trial by ritual ([[UnfortunateImplications which is essentially Torres trying to defend herself from being raped]]):
--->'''Tuvok:''' They are following their natural instincts, and I suggest we allow them to.\\
'''Chuck:''' I'd have loved it if Chakotay followed ''his'' natural instincts, and kneed Tuvok in the balls.
* From "The Thaw":
** "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sometimes a log is just a log. Sometimes a clarinet is just a long shaft of wood you want to grab with both hands, wrap your lips around, and blow for all your worth."
* From "The Voyager Conspiracy", after everything's wrapped up, Janeway gives Chakotay some coffee...
-->'''Chakotay:''' You didn't poison the coffee, did you?\\
'''Janeway:''' ''(forced chuckle)'' You're a stitch! (''as Chakotay drinks'') Make sure to drink it all! [-Sometimes the poison sinks to the bottom...-]
* From ''State of Flux'':
** The speech about Neelix's Kitchen Martial Law, from the ''[[Film/TheHungerGames Hunger Games]]'' reference to "Shouldn't Neelix be rolling tanks into a Wendy's right about now?"
* Any comments about Culluh or the Kazon in general being stupid. Especially in "Basics," when Chuck mentions that Culluh is getting frustrated because he has not [[FourOneNineScam heard back from that bank manager in Nigeria]].
* In the rerelease of "The 37's", Chuck says that whenever someone says "ancient" in Trek, he takes a drink (not as a drinking game, but as a coping mechanism).
** Not to mention the opening:
--->'''Torres''': Potassium nitrate, amonium and methane back here.\\
'''Janeway''': I think you'll find that's manure.\\
'''Chuck''': Wait...this is the chief engineer? A woman who can't identify shit even with a tricorder? My God, you people are ''doomed!''
* In the Voyager episode ''Waking Moments'', Seven distracts guards holding the crew hostage by faking a fight with Harry Kim. Seven--who possesses several times the strength of a human--has never faked a fight before, so in the actual episode she more-or-less really kicks Kim's ass. In his review of the episode, Chuck adds the sound effects of Seven continuing to savagely beat Kim long after the camera cuts away.
** He mentions about how, when trying to wake Harry Kim, the Doctor used everything from cortical stimulation to a kiss from a handsome prince. The fact that then-Prince Abdullah of Jordan actually played a random NPC lieutenant makes this statement hilarious.
* "Tattoo" is so bad that ''even the subtitles'' get in on the action:
-->'''Chuck''': Jeri Taylor says that Chakotay was created early in the development of Voyager to be their Uhura, a character to be a role model to American Indians.\\
'''Subtitles''': LGBT were told to @#$# themselves.
** Making a transition from the text review, Chuck points out how offensive the episode is by [[RefugeInAudacity describing a theoretical episode of Deep Space Nine where Sisko learns all about the extraterrestial origins of his people's Huge Black Penis]].
--->The aliens then returned later to discover that their gift had also encouraged further developments amongst the locals: Now they had rhythm and they excelled at basketball!
* "Year of Hell":
-->'''Janeway''': How would we be violating your space if it's in dispute?\\
'''Krenim''': You dare--\\
'''Janeway''': Nope, sorry, bored now. Tuvok! *clapclap* Release my hounds!\\
'''Krenim''': Hounds? How cliche.\\
'''Janeway''': Tuvok! *clapclap* Release my rape gorilla!\\
'''Krenim''': ...We'll show ourselves out.
** "Time has no meaining here, so they can continue on forever, never aging because that has to do with time. While continuing to breathe, move, etc...y'know, because none of that has to do with time because FLASHBOMB!"
** Years of commenting how hyper-competent Tom Paris is come to a head when Chuck ponders if he was in some prison for savants.
** Janeway's response to Riker's assertion that combat is a 'minor province in the making of a starship captain'.
--->'''Janeway''': You know what else is a minor province? Your wiener...
** His parody of Picard interrogating several children as [[InsaneTrollLogic seeing how both Nanites and children are small, they must obviously be in cahoots]]. It ends with him getting into a shouting match with a little girl and ordering Worf to make a Teddy Bear talk.
--->'''Worf:''' ''[tugs his uniform]'' Delighted, sir!
** She [Janeway] has stared into the abyss as the abyss has stared into [[SociopathicHero her]], and the abyss said, '' [[StaringDownCthulhu 'Jesus!']] ''
** The captain of the Krenim ship is remorseful of his actions, while on Voyager we have...
--->'''Janeway''': [[TheFlintstones Janeway, Captain Janeway, I'm the best captain in history! Stranding, all my people, their lives are filled with grief and misery!]]
** Anything "Shoulder Spider" says.
---> "You should eat Harry!"
** 'Shoulder Cowboy' being confused and terrified.
* From "Persistence of Vision":
** "Video games are an interactive experience, structured to involve the player's experience in the art, even if that requires [[VideoGame/BioShock2 using your drill arm to put a hole in a crazy man who just dropped out of the ceiling.]]"
* From "Timeless":
** The conversation between George Lucas and Steve Jobs in 1998, where Lucas criticizes Jobs for now working with Disney. "[[TemptingFate It'll be a cold day in Hell before I start working with Disney!]]"
*** Jobs also offers Lucas the chance to get in on the ground floor of this idea he had for a touchscreen phone. [[ItWillNeverCatchOn Lucas dismisses him]] claiming he's too busy working on ''ThePhantomMenace'' [[ThisIsGoingToBeHuge which he's sure will win several Oscars]].
** Janeway is given multiple opportunities to make speeches -- all of which, in Chuck's mind, include the phrase, "[[EvilOverlord As you lay prostrate before me..."]]
** Seven's drunken rambling.
--->'''Seven:''' Borg, dammit! Prepare to be stimulated! Feudalism is resilience...
* In his review of "Blink of an Eye", he uses Music/PatBenatar's "Heartbreaker" because a character calls Voyager "The Ground Shaker. The Light Bringer."
** Also from his "Blink of an Eye" review, stating that "Chakotay has an interest in the civilization because he's always had an interest in (sound of rolling dice) ANTHROPOLOGY!"
* From ''Counterpoint'':
-->'''Kashyk''': I replicated some coffee. Black, right?\\
'''Janeway''': [[IsTheAnswerToThisQuestionYes Is the Pope Andorian]]?
** Also:
--->'''Telepath Leader''': There is a scientist named Turok.\\
'''Janeway''': Ooh, I know him!\\
'''Telepath Leader''': No, you're thinking of [[{{VideoGame/Turok}} the dinosaur hunter]] again.\\
'''Janeway''': Aw, dammit...
* From "Tsunkatse"
** We see Chakotay and Torres watching the fight at the beginning, and Chuck notes that after Season 5[[note]]Specifically, "The Fight"[[/note]], Chakotay always had an interest in *dice roll* boxing!
* He starts the review of "Innocence" by saying he will be discussing Karl Marx's theories of alienation and how they relate to the Federation-Borg conflict...before giving up on the pretenses and says he's rather be discussing the life cycle of a fruit fly than talk about "Innocence."
* In ''Ashes To Ashes'', commenting about the aliens of the week unique method of procreation, namely by converting the dead of other species into their own, and how it seems like the ultimate counter to the Zombie Apocalypse. "Let's see how YOU like it."
* The music video in Deadlock.
* In "Phage," Neelix asks the Doctor if he is programmed to sing, to which the Doctor replies by rolling his eyes.
-->'''Chuck:''' Me, sing? [[TemptingFate That'll be the day!]]
* In Part 1 of "The Killing Game," Chuck describes the situation the Germans were facing: the Soviets were approaching from the East, the Allies were coming from the West, Rome was taken, [[{{Film/Downfall}} Hitler was angrily throwing pencils at maps...]]
** "Resistance Leader" Janeway vetoing all of Torres' ideas, including [[Film/InglouriousBasterds burning down the movie theater]].
** A Borg "love song" sung by [[TheChanteuse Noir!]]Seven is in [[SpeaksInBinary binary]] with a hexadecimal verse.
--->"This a love song that goes back in the history of my people" ''(daintily clears throat)'' ......"1100100111001001...♫"
* In Part 2 of "The Killing Game," Chuck gives an intense pop-culture filled summary of World War II, referencing ''Film/RaidersOfTheLostArk'', ''Film/XMen'', ''Film/DoctorStrangelove'' (twice), ''Literature/CatchTwentyTwo'' (and saying that its character Snowden was found "hiding in Moscow") and [[Film/DasBoot some boat that does something]].
** Yet another moment of CrazyAwesome for Janeway:
--->"Welcome to Katrine's, [[PipePain here's your pipe, sir]]. Let me show you the house wine, it's a Gewehr 98/40, very fine vintage!"
** Followed by her BondOneLiner:
--->"And for the record, you'd be staring at her legs."
* The whole sequence in "Sacred Ground" where God is trying to explain complex science like DNA to Moses, who just doesn't get it.
** "So [Janeway] is given some challenges; like holding a rock and staring at it. [[TakeThat A task not too dissimilar from watching]] ''Film/StarTrekTheMotionPicture''. Yeah, I went there!
* "Worst Case Scenario" has quite a few
** Chuck mentions a subtle but deliberate clue for the audience. Torres is wearing rank commission not field commission pips. He mentions that you could only see it if you are observant... or have a bizarre neck fetish.
*** Additionally, the captions states Picture taken by the National Cryptozoologist Foundation.
** Chuck mentioning being half-robot on his father’s side, hence his poor Italian accent.
** The complete lack of Starfleet/Maquis intention on the show means the only way for the show to address it now is for members of the crew to write their own fanfics.
** When Paris mentions the holodeck story should have unexpected twists, Chuck suggests
--->'''Chuck:''' How about instead of taking back the ship Paris & Janeway mutate and have amphibian sex?
* In "Fair Haven", the Doctor is playing the role of a clergyman. At one point, he dismisses a guy who seeks to repent for repeatedly breaking the fifth commandment. It's implied that the Doctor is playing a Catholic priest, and the Catholic fifth commandment is "thou shalt not kill." Cue screencap of the Pope facepalming.
** In response to Tuvok's constant discussion of space sickness, Chuck seeks the word of the [[Creator/PeterCapaldi Twelfth]] [[Series/DoctorWho Doctor]] on how important that is... which means, the word of [[Series/TheThickOfIt Malcolm Tucker]].
* In "Fury," Chuck theorizes that Janeway must have kept a database of future things that would be messing with the past, given how often time travelers do that with early Voyager, before finally asking: "Or did that bitch [[Series/StarTrekEnterprise Daniels]] send you? Cause I told him to piss off and annoy someone else!"
* "In the Flesh" features a character with the last name Archer, who proves to be surprisingly believable as a descendant of Jonathan.
* The Stupid Neelix Moment from the end of "Life Line".
-->'''Chuck:''' Neelix walked into the room and handed The Doctor a pad. This offended me.
** The hypothetical reaction of Picard to Troi asking for time off.
--->'''Picard:''' Go to Jupiter Station in the middle of this important mission? But what will I do without you here? Oh, I know! I'll put a toy of farm animals on your chair, and whenever I need to be told the bloody obvious, I'll just pull the string and learn that "the cow goes moo"! Try not to crash the damn station into Jupiter, you dumb bitch!
* From "Shattered", Janeway's engagement gift from Mark. The very apt ''Literature/DantesInferno''.
-->'''Mark:''' Gotcha a book, honey! I thought about being married to you, and for ''some'' reason, picked out the story of a man who journeys through the eternal torments of the damned!\\
'''Laugh that quickly descends into crying'''\\
'''Mark:''' Why couldn't you have just blackmailed me for money!?\\
'''Janeway:''' You can't put a price on those pecs. Now slap my ass like you mean it this time!
** In the actual dialogue of "Shattered", Janeway is addressed as "[[HilariousInHindsight Queen Of The Spider People]]"
** Demonstrating the episode's approach to time travel with Homer Simpson going to dinosaur times and beating up everything in reach. TWICE.
** After Janeway learns a valuable lesson about how she shouldn't play god, Chuck announces the next episode that will be reviewed is..."Playing God."
** Chakotay enters Janeway's room, to find her tinkering with the replicator. She reminds him of the time she hacked it to try and make coffee-flavoured cigarettes and / or cigarette-flavoured coffee.
--->'''Janeway:''' I'm not sure what happened, but I think I could walk through walls...
* For Barge of Death, Crazy!Janeway is pulling out all the stops.
--> '''Janeway''': If your belief system required you to sacrifice a child to your gods, I wouldn't allow that either.\\
'''Crazy!Janeway''': Unless your god's me, of course. Which it should be.
** Including this fantastic ReasonYouSuckSpeech to Torres.
---> '''Janeway''': You want to simulate a near-death experience, so you can revisit the Barge of Death, and you're telling ''me'' what's absurd?\\
'''Crazy!Janeway''': No, wait, that wasn't judgmental enough. Okay. Your backwards superstitious malarkey is ''so'' beyond absurd, [[BrainBleach I wish I could floss my brain to get the bits of stupid out]]. And the only reason I'm not even trying to change your mind on it is that anything approaching rational thought would bounce off that [[RubberForeheadAliens thick plate on your forehead]], assuming that's Klingon ridges, and not a massive brain tumor responsible for your long string of bad decisions. But wow. Even ''I'' never thought you'd be so damn stupid as to want to try this, but, you proved me wrong! Looks like I owe Chakotay a Coke. He told me you'd never be safe on this ship so long as there was a sharp thing not covered in cork. If you want to have a near-death experience, Torres, here's my suggestion: follow every ill-advised thought that pops into your little pea-brain over the next half-hour, and I guarantee one of them will have you in sickbay or the morgue. \\
'''Torres''': ...I thought the Federation didn't judge the belief of others--\\
'''Crazy!Janeway''': Oh! You heard about that, huh? Did they have that on the connect-the-dots on a Chuck-E-Cheese placemat? Look, I have real shit to do around here, so, kindly hop on your gondola of tedious bullshit and sail down to engineering, Joan or Arc. Now! Chop chop! Do I have to beat you with a fuck-off stick for you to take a hint?
** The reveal of who Torres' ambassador to the dead is: [[spoiler:Neelix.]]
--->'''Chuck:''' ''...I should have known.'' The most terrifying thing in hell isn't [[Franchise/{{Hellraiser}} Pinhead]], it's [[spoiler:[[TheScrappy Shithead]]]].
** The random dance videos to a song that Chuck has no idea what it was.[[note]]Inline Skates, by the German band Funny Fux[[/note]]
* From "Bliss," Janeway says they should never bet against the house after they find a wormhole that will lead them right to Earth:
-->'''Seven:''' What? Then you should assume it's fake.\\
'''Janeway:''' The universe is a slot machine and I'm counting cards tonight!\\
'''Seven:''' You're not making any sense!\\
'''Janeway:''' Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ''Captain Gives-a-shit''!
* "Future's End":
** Janeway's rationale for not allowing Braxton to destroy her ship. If she has to die, she wants to be on the winning side, and thanks to Braxton, she knows she is.
--->'''Janeway:''' Heh, suck it, future!
** Chuck compares Harry dealing with a particularly dumb statement from Torres to the sad spectacle of a Tijuana donkey show starring Eeyore. Made worse/better by his follow-up, saying in a ''perfect'' Eeyore voice, "Thanks for working the shaft."
** Janeway [[http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/star-trek/10754474/Kate-Mulgrew-duped-into-geocentric-documentary-voiceover.html never said the universe revolves around the Earth]]. She said the universe revolves around ''her''.
* "The Chute":
** Making a crack about Harry [[Film/{{Clerks}} having to suck 37 dicks]], before Tom yells "Forty-seven!" and Chuck mentions that it's a good friend's job to help you push your limits.
** Applying TradeSnark to the title.
** When Harry says he's so hungry he could eat [[LethalChef Neelix's cooking]], Chuck tells him that there are less painful ways to end it all. On a better note, the dish in question is Leola Root stew something made exclusively of the one horrible ingredient no one likes but Neelix seems to insist that he add to everything.
** Janeway's position on Harry's imprisonment: it's only acceptable to torture Harry ''with her permission''.
** Anything involving the Harry/Tom HoYay, culminating in the line "This is like if ''Film/MidnightExpress'' was a romantic comedy."
* "One Small Step": Proclaiming that in the scenes filmed before they decided to make it a Seven story instead, Robert Beltran's acting seems almost ''alive'' - he's breathing and his heart may even be pumping blood around his body.
* "Before and After": His horrified reaction to The Doctor's hairpiece. "I...I can feel it watching me."
** Mocking Kes' increasing insanity as she leaps further back in time.
--->'''Newborn!Kes:''' Chronotons! Chronotons! Listen to me!
* "Omega Directive": Time Travel is treated with delicacy by Starfleet, so much so that its only legalized use — barring saving whales — was to wipe Janeway's memory and then sentence her to hard labor in a [[Series/OrangeIsTheNewBlack minimum security women's prison]] in 2014 A.D.
* "Critical Care": A lengthy ShootTheShaggyDog story ending with a ridiculous SpoofAesop about a [[ItMakesSenseInContext magic-performing donkey committing suicide]] to illustrate the ridiculousness of some of Voyager's [[CluelessAesop Clueless Aesops]].
* "Workforce:" The "evil scheme" of the planet abducting starship crews and making them loyal and content workers has a theme: [[spoiler:''[[WesternAnimation/TheLegoMovie Everything is awesooomme...]]'']]
* "Endgame" provides the perfect payoff to his big RunningGag about Chakotay: "Because he's always been interested in...(rolling dice sound) [[spoiler:Seven]]!
** From the very beginning, his snark about the NonIndicativeName, since the word "Endgame" would suggest something that has been meticulously planned out in advance. And this is ''Voyager''.
--->''Before we being, let fill you in on the material that's been building up to this finale. ''(no pause whatsoever)'' Okay, now that that's out of the way, let's get on with the episode.''
* The "Equinox" review's RunningGag of playing porn music every time Captain Ransom says a suggestive line around Seven, essentially painting him as a pervert who is barely able to suppress his lust for her.
* The wedding vows from "Course: Oblivion":
-->"Susan, I want you to know that I feel nothing for you, other than the appreciation that by doing this, issues about my green card will more or less be resolved, and I look forward to the day when we can cast aside this shame!"\\
"John, I couldn't give less of a shit about you today than the day I met you. All I can say is, your check cleared, your condo is nice, and I want you to know that I banged the photographer in the vestibule."
** Later, the duplicate ''Voyager'' decides to launch their time capsule, but it misfires and destroys the probe, "and that's all she wrote for...[[ShapedLikeItself all they wrote.]]"
* ''Thirty Days'' begins with Tom railing against Janeway's decision to force him into total solitary confinement. Add to this that a month of solitary confinement is very much cruel and unusual punishment on its own, and it was the ''canon'' Janeway who ordered it, so Chuck felt he had to up the ante somehow for crazy Janeway.
-->'''Janeway:''' You have to be extra strict to enforce discipline on a starship.\\
'''Tom:''' ''Strict?!'' You didn't even sentence Suder to solitary confinement!\\
'''Janeway:''' Well, of course. All he did was murder a man for no reason, but you! You ''defied me!'' You're lucky I don't have you flayed.
* ''Heroes and Demons''
-->'''Toucan Sam''' They can take our lives, but they cannot take our Fruit Loops! Follow my nose!


[[folder: ''Enterprise'']]
* Chuck's protracted response to the NX-01's armor "going offline." ("Broken Bow")
** "'''''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis It's ARMOR. You BROKE it! It's GONE!]]'''''"
** He then applies this same logic to other things: like Archer barking "'''Chair offline!'''" and falling on his ass, or Hoshi shouting "'''Wall offline!'''" and being blown into space.
* From the "Regeneration" review, the hypothetical conversation between Picard and the Bynars, where he accuses them of being no different from the Borg, but the Bynars say they only replace parts of the brains of helpless children. Picard: "Damn, I'm torn between my hatred of the Borg and my hatred of children!"
* Any and all comments regarding how much contempt Chuck has for the "space redneck" persona given Tucker throughout these reviews.
* I couldn't stop laughing when Chuck explained why [[ItMakesSenseInContext dogs don't make good diplomats]] in his [[http://sfdebris.blip.tv/file/4557836/ "A Night in Sickbay" review]].
-->'''Chuck:''' (as Archer) No, Porthos! We cannot reduce troop presence in South Korea! BAD DOG! BAD DOG!
** Chuck saying that the model of [[LoyalAnimalCompanion Porthos]] used was based on the same technology as the model of Robert Beltran used on ''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager Voyager]]''.
** As Archer goes into his FreudianSlipperySlope with T'Pol, we cut to Picard {{Face Palm}}ing after each Freudian slip.
** Addressing the undertones Archer being horny starting now and ending now gives to the character, "[[{{Squick}} What the heck are you doing with that dog, if, the moment it's gone, you're overwhelmed with urges that need satisfying? I don't want to know.]]
** Chuck's breakdown at the end of part two.
--->'''Chuck:''' [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Just. Stop. Talking,]] Phlox. Please! The last time you [and Archer] tried to have a serious medical conversation [in "Dear Doctor"], [[WouldBeRudeToSayGenocide you condemned an entire race to death,]] ''[[FranchiseKiller and you killed the show doing it!]]'' (''sobbing'') [[FranchiseZombie And yet it's still coming!]] ''[[FranchiseZombie It won't stop! HOW DO YOU KILL A]] ''[[FranchiseZombie STAR TREK]]'' [[FranchiseZombie SHOW THAT'S ALREADY DEAD?!]]''\\
'''Phlox:''' Sexual tension, captain, there's no doubt in my mind.\\
'''Chuck:''' (''sigh'') Remember, if they don't stop coming: [[BetterToDieThanBeKilled always save the last bullet for yourself.]]
* This description from his "Fight or Flight" review:
--> Opinionated Enterprise Episode Guide looks at the first post-pilot episode, and things actually manage to get worse. We discover Captain Archer is insane and his crew is populated with bizarre phobias and fetishes. Plus, your one shot unstoppable alien menace of the week.
* Mirror Archer asking advice from the other captains, represented by pictures of bearded Shatner, Stewart, and Brooks, and one photoshopped on Mulgrew. And Mirror Janeway turns out to be an annoying GranolaGirl.
** The whole thing is a piece of brilliance from start to finish really...
--->'''Mirror!Archer''': Okay I have a brilliant plan to preserve our empire but Forest is in the way. Options?\\
'''Mirror!Kirk''': [[TheBrute Kill him!]]\\
'''Mirror!Picard''': [[TheEvilGenius Don't be an idiot. Mutiny, then kill him!]]\\
'''Mirror!Kirk''': Ooh even better!\\
'''Mirror!Sisko''': [[StupidEvil I could get behind either one really... even kill him and mutiny against yourself, that sounds pretty good!]] [[EvilLaugh Heh heh heh...]]\\
'''[[GirlsWithMoustaches Mirror!Janeway]]''': [[MinionWithAnFInEvil I've taken the liberty of writing Forest this letter pointing out the various pros in the position and how it can benefit both the empire and himself personally at minimal risk to the ship.]] [[GranolaGirl You see I made the paper myself using a mixture of raw flax and hemp, fermenting it for weeks...]]\\
'''Mirror!Archer''': Shut up.\\
'''Mirror!Janeway''': Sorry I get carried away sometimes. But look at this caligraphy...\\
'''Mirror!Archer''': Shut, up!\\
'''Mirror!Janeway''': Looks like Mr. Grumpypants needs to change into a pair of Happyslacks!
** Then there's the second part, where Mirror!Kirk gets tired of Mirror!Picard sassing him, and threatens him with his worst nightmare. When Mirror!Picard fears Mirror!Kirk's going to rape him with a giant spider, Mirror!Kirk says he's just gonna shoot him... and Mirror!Picard [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech tears into him for thinking he'd be scared of something so petty]]. Meanwhile, we finally find out what would make Mirror!Janeway crack:
--->What in the name of Mother Earth's cunt happened to my brownies!?
** Which makes it somewhat amusing to speculate whether Chuck's depiction of Mirror!Janeway being constantly stoned out of her mind, might be something enforced by the denizens of the Mirror Universe, as a measure to keep her even slightly under control and the rest of them safe?!
** It's also hilarious that for the second "In A Mirror Darkly" video, the usual starting theme - Kryptonite, by Three Doors Down - is played ''backwards'' over the opening sequence.
* In his Sleeping Dogs review we get this exchange:
-->'''Klingon Woman:''' ''(looking at a hypospray)'' What is that? Is that what you used against my crew?\\
'''Chuck:''' ''(as Archer)'' What, this? Nah, this is just the cure for the Valakians. Sometimes I just like to hold it and laugh until I fall off my stool.
* From the review of [[http://sfdebris.com/videos/startrek/e109.asp "Civilisation"]]:
--> '''Archer:''' Starfleet could've sent a probe out here to make maps and take pictures, but they didn't. They sent us.\\
'''Chuck:''' Yeah, that was money well spent, wasn't it? (''Imitating Archer'') Hey, thanks for sending us out here instead of a probe! We skipped all the rare astronautical phenomena so I could show you this -- a picture of a boat! That's me in the helmet with the horns on it, dumping the mug of beer on Mayweather's head, and Tucker managed to sleep with an alien and [[http://sfdebris.com/videos/startrek/e105.asp not get knocked up for once.]] SUCK IT, PROBE!
* In the review of "Dear Doctor", there is a minor scene in which Phlox gives T'Pol a dental examination. T'Pol opens her mouth suprisingly wide for Phlox, leading to Chuck saying "Jeez, T'Pol! What was your last job, giving blowjobs to Optimus Prime?"
* From "Carpenter Street," Chuck's summarization of Daniels: "I'm a tool, I'm a tool, I'm a tool, tool, tool, an unbelievably annoying tool."
-->'''[[Series/{{Scrubs}} J.D.]]:''' Yeah.
* In "Azati Prime", Chuck makes his first ''Series/QuantumLeap'' joke related to Archer. Of course, given the wibbly-wobboly time travel stuff of Season 3 and ENT as a whole, it was probably long overdue.
* In "Damage", Tucker relaxing to "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WpMlwVwydo The Hamster Dance]]", which returns during T'Pol's shower dream sequence with him.
* In "...These Are The Voyages", Chuck explaining how this episode is a [[BlatantLies worthy successor to previous Trek finales]]:
--> '''Chuck''': Now, spoilers if you haven't seen the other finales, but we've had a pretty impressive run with them: [[Recap/StarTrekVoyagerS7E23Endgame Janeway battling Borg every step of the way to thwart their menace and get her crew home]]; [[Recap/StarTrekDeepSpaceNineS07E25E26WhatYouLeaveBehind Sisko bringing final victory in their war against the Dominion and ending the Pah'wraith threat against the Bajorans]]; and [[Recap/StarTrekTheNextGenerationS7E24AllGoodThings Picard preserving the very existence of humanity and likely every other sapient species in this entire quadrant]]. [[SarcasmMode And now, Archer shall get into a]] ''[[SarcasmMode small firefight with some criminals on a CATWALK!]]'' ''[[[Film/TheKarateKid You're The Best (Around)]] plays]''
* "The only thing I hate more than a Vulcan is a bigot!"


[[folder: ''Star Trek Movies'']]
* Chuck riffs in the style of Advertising/TheManYourManCouldSmellLike in his remixed review of ''Film/StarTrekTheMotionPicture.''
* In his review of the movie ''Film/StarTrekIVTheVoyageHome'', he makes a note that the studio initially wanted the 'conversation' between the whales and the strange probe attempting to communicate with them to be subtitled. He expresses his bewilderment at how anyone could have conceived of that as a good idea, then proceeds to offer his own subtitles anyway. All told, it is one of the most hysterical bits he's ever done.
** Also from the ''Star Trek IV'' review:
--->'''Chuck:''' The year is 1986, and Creator/LeonardNimoy will be bringing a much known character, or rather, a [[BackFromTheDead reborn version]] of that character, back into the light in a popular science-fiction franchise while attempting to deal with his [[Creator/WilliamShatner overweight and]] [[Creator/OrsonWelles egotistical co-star]].\\
'''[[BaitAndSwitch Galvatron]]:''' [[TransformersTheMovie I will rip open Ultra Magnus, and every other Autobot until the Matrix has been destroyed!]]\\
'''Chuck:''' But lets spend some time talking about ''Film/StarTrekIVTheVoyageHome''...
** Chuck of course acknowledges that the George Takei jokes write themselves...
--->'''Sulu:''' San Francisco. I was born there.\\
'''Chuck:''' Oh God! Too easy! It's just too easy!
** Even more from the same review:
--->'''Chuck:''' Spock also wonders about Kirk's own behavior.\\
'''Spock:''' [[QuoteSwearUnquote Double dumbass on you?]]\\
'''Kirk:''' You mean the profanity? That's simply the way they talk here. Nobody pays you any attention here unless you [[ObligatorySwearing swear every other word]].\\
'''Chuck:''' Shit yeah. You think I talk like this all the time? Nah, only for these videos and when talking to my kids. So they arrive and meet Gillian, who's conducting the tour, taking stop at Nightmare Fuel central, to show these lovely creatures we've come here so see... being killed and slaughtered. Y'know, why don't petting zoos do this? Or maybe they do... MAX! DADDY WANTS TO KNOW IF YOU'VE EVER SEEN SOME ASSHOLE KILL A FUCKING GOAT!
* From the ''Film/StarTrekVTheFinalFrontier'' review: Chuck dismisses the idea of writing off the film's flaws because [[ExecutiveMeddling Shatner's ideas of what he wanted it to be were completely at odds with the studio]]. He explains it by using the analogy of a creator wanting to make a movie about the Holocaust, and the studio wanting to make a musical comedy - past a certain point, the creator's idea has to yield unless he wants it to become something completely unfitting.
--> ...but for Shatner, it was, "Five! Six! Seven! Eight! If I had one wish, it would be Auuuusch-wiiiiitz!"
* When Spock takes command of the ''Enterprise-A'' in ''Star Trek VI'':
-->'''Chuck:''' It's mine, mine! MINE, mine!
* The montage from the ''Generations'' review.
-->"Let us never speak of the montage again."
** From the end of the review:
--->'''Picard''': What a day. I screw up everything I touch, get beaten up by Soran, accidentally kill Starfleet's greatest hero. I can't imagine how this day could get any wo- (sees the wrecked ''Enterprise'') THE HELL? What the goddamn hell happened with the- (trails off into {{angrish}})
** Also from ''Generations'', he points out that the Duras Sisters are unimportant as villains and could be replaced with any generic stand-in. Throughout the rest of the review, he then proceeds to randomly replace footage of them with villains including [[Series/BattlestarGalactica1978 Cylons]], [[Series/DoctorWho Daleks]], and [[Series/BabylonFive Londo]], even replacing their deaths with that of Admiral Piett in ''ReturnOfTheJedi''.
* In his review for ''[[Film/StarTrekFirstContact First Contact]],'' having already pointed out that most Starfleet officers sign up to be explorers and scientists, we get this.
-->'''Chuck:''' (as random Defiant crewman) Please don't say [[CatchPhrase "good day to die"]] please. Why do I have to be fighting the invincible enemy with [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy the one guy in Starfleet]] [[HeroicSacrifice eager to die?]] No! No! Stop thinking that way, don't be prejudiced. Just because he's a Klingon he's not going to start beating the controls and go crazy.\\
'''Worf:''' ''(after beating the control panel)'' Perhaps today is a good day to die!\\
'''Chuck:''' ''(half sobbing)'' Ah shit!\\
'''Worf:''' Prepare for ramming speed!\\
'''Chuck:''' ''(exasperated)'' I just wanted to be a botanist!
** He notes Sisko's absence in the film and points out that according to the stardates, Sisko at the time was in the Badlands hunting the Maquis. Chuck then jokes that the Borg had to have planned this deliberately:
--->'''Borg''': We are the Borg. We cannot be stopped. We are invincible. We...we are sure he's gone, right? He's gone? We cannot be stopped by anyone! ...that happens to be there.
*** And then we get what would have happened if Sisko HAD been there:
---->'''Sisko''': ''[[[TheCoatsAreOff taking off his jacket]]]'' [[Film/PulpFiction ...Ezekiel 25:17: "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. AND YOU WILL KNOW MY NAME IS THE LORD WHEN I LAY MY VENGEANCE UPON THEE!"]] ''[[[CurbstompBattle Cube explodes. End Credits.]]]''
* From the ''Film/StarTrekInsurrection'' review, after the joystick comes out, the Pac Man theme starts up.
-->'''Riker:''' Riker to engineering, I need quarters! Lots of quarters! *
** In the same review Chuck turns Creator/GilbertAndSullivan into a running gag, adds a car lock sound effect to the special tricorder Worf uses to subdue an out-of-control Data, makes reference to a "Turnip of Mass Destruction", has Riker playing Pac-man, comments on how the planet can make Geordi grow new eyes but no hair for Picard, and totally rips into the so-called perfect Bo'ku, to the point of calling them [[OurElvesAreBetter Elves]].
-->'''Chuck''': Yeah, piss off back to your tree and make me some cookies.
** After talking about how on the Enterprise, they solve all problems with technical gibberish:
--->'''Picard''': Transmit a wide band co-variant signal. That ought to get his attention.\\
'''Chuck as Picard''': He'll come to figure out what the hell I'm talking about!
** "In space, no one can hear you [[LargeHam ham]]."
* ''Film/StarTrekNemesis'':
** Chuck opening the review with a parody of Emperor Uriel Septim's opening monologue from ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion'', with "Reign of the Septims" playing in the background. The fact Chuck absolutely ''nails'' his Creator/PatrickStewart impression sells it.
** His Psycho-Janeway version of why Janeway sent Picard to Romulus is extremely funny and the best part is that it makes complete sense in the context of the movie. Chuck, that wasn't self-indulgent, it was completely hilarious.
** The buggy scene and the compared opening driving scene of ''Film/StarTrek'', both set to "Cotton-Eyed Joe" by the Rednex.
** Playing Captain Kirk's recitation of the solemn vow to not break the Prime Directive over the gun-toting car chase was especially juicy. "Prime Directive? What's that?"
** As he notes how Paramount ultimately put the film franchise to rest after Nemesis' failure, starting anew in ''Film/StarTrek'', [[HereWeGoAgain he plays "Cotton Eye Joe" over the clip of young Kirk driving his stepfather's car]].
* From the ''Star Trek (2009)'' review, Chuck puts in the Mac start-up sound when Spock enters the Enterprise bridge.
** Adding to this, "If they were anymore inside a computer, Spock would have to change 'Live Long and Prosper' to [[Film/{{TRON}} 'I fight for the Users']]."
*** Later, the reason they can't go to warp is that Sulu tried to jailbreak the ''Enterprise''.
** His habit of referring to the film as "Star Trek, open bracket, 2009, close bracket."
** Pointing out that person Pike has explain their orders to the crew is the person with a thick accent.
--->'''Chuck (as Chekov)''': "Remember do not open the kashplachen no matter what! Also do not activate the kershplachen unless the corshplachen first otherwise death or dismemberment may occur, no matter what happens to the goldfish!"
*** Also: "You said it! ...Whatever you said."
** Chekov not beaming up Amanda:
--->'''Chuck (as Chekov)''': "Uh... [[MisBlamed Transporter Chief]]! What didz you do? [[BlatantLies I had nozzing to do wiff zis. I was on the Bridge, not doing anyzing related to zis]]."
** Chuck referring to the ship as "Satan's Batmobile".
*** And calling [[DistractedbytheSexy boobs Kryptonite for Kirk]].
** "Is this about the cheating thing, the peeping tom thing, or that cockfight I'm running out of the dean's office at night?"
** Also, this:
--->'''Chekov''': Captain Spock, detecting unauthorized access to water turbine control board.\\
'''Chuck''': I suspect it was [[RockyandBullwinkle moose and squirrel]].
** The bit where Spock-Prime loses it with Kirk.
--->'''Spock-Prime:''' Jim, the only way to get control of the ship from my other self is Regulation 619, showing that I am emotionally compromised... but it will be very difficult. I am a rock; I am unflappable. In order to get through, you must have overwhelming douchebaggery in your arsenal; you must convey a sense of smug self-assurance combined with a totally vacuous outlook on the basic humanity of others; you need to be the living embodiment of dickish behaviour--''asshole personified.'' Can you do this?\\
'''[[JerkAss Alternative Kirk]]:''' I'm sorry, what were you saying? I was thinking about how much you stink of spoiled milk and old person.\\
'''Spock-Prime:''' ...Get on the transporter pad, you little shit.\\
'''Alternative Kirk:''' Hey, don't--\\
'''Spock-Prime:''' NOW! Before I put you in an escape pod and fire you back at the ''Enterprise,'' you little punk!
** As Kirk is declared captain: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I declare that today is No Pants Day!"
** The bit about Admiral Archer still having Porthos as a stuffed dog and demanding people pet it and feed it treats...
--->'''Chuck''': [[SarcasmMode "''Because that sounds like a crazy person, and that can't possibly be Archer!''"]]
*** Also about Scotty beaming Porthos into oblivion:
---->'''Chuck''': "''Some things just never sound good sober.''"
*** Pulling a CallBack to his joke that Archer can't win a fight after having some FridgeBrilliance while Spock kicks Kirk's ass.
---->'''Chuck''': "''I knew Kirk said he knew Archer, but I didn't realize it was because he took Archer's self-defense course! Next up! How to curl into a ball while protecting your kidneys.''"
** Sarek's "You can't strangle him yet! You haven't knee'd him in the groin yet! What are you thinking boy!?"
** Upon seeing the doctor that helped deliver James Tiberius Kirk.
--->'''Chuck''': "Oh, my god! FAIRY!! Give it a saucer of milk, or it will steal your baby!"
** From the bar scene.
--->'''Kirk''': Okay, okay! Stop me if you've heard this one. Okay, guy walks into a bar, bartender says, "Why the long face"... ''(notices the guy sitting next to him does, indeed, have a long face)'' Oh, no offense. You do look a little depressed, though.\\
'''Long-Faced Alien''': Oh, I've spent the last 300 years coming to the Heartland. You know, beam people onto my ship, terrify them, give them the anal probe, send them on their way. It's good for a laugh. Now I show up, and instead of being scared shitless by an alien, they all mace me and steal my ship, so now I'm stuck in frickin' Iowa!
* From his ''Film/StarTrekIntoDarkness'' First Impressions video, mentioning that everyone gets to do something and promptly lists off a bunch of normal things and then ending with [=McCoy=]'s. [[spoiler: ''Necromancy.'']]
* Chuck's backspacing about Harvey Dent's burnt face in ''Film/TheDarkKnight''.
** Also in ''The Dark Knight'', playing "[[TransformersTheMovie You Got the Touch]]" when the Batmobile transforms into a Bat-Pod.
** His blaming a car crash on Deanna Troi...twice.
** "The Batmobile lost its wheel and the Joker got away..." --it did and he did!
** "The Batpod. So called because.......the Batpod."
** Chuck mentions the Joker's MultipleChoicePast, and gives his own idea for an origin story: on ''WesternAnimation/{{Superfriends}}'', Batman was trying to come up with cooler examples of his villains to impress Superman, and unfortunately let Aquaman come up with the idea of a psychotic killer clown, meaning Batman himself had to create the Joker.
*** The gist of which was Batman setting out to screw with a random clown until he turned evil.
** After The Joker does his thing with a pencil:
--->"That was really good. Do you do birthday parties?"
* Quite a few moments to be found in the review of ''[[TheLordOfTheRings The Two Towers]]'', among them the shot of the massive supply of potatoes that the refugees are loading into Helms Deep, accompanied by Sam reciting [[MemeticMutation "PO-TA-TOES!"]]
** The numerous jokes as how badly abused Gollum ends up -- at the hands of the heroes:
--->"At least our spine broke our fall, precious..."
** Chuck claiming that if [[Series/SesameStreet Elmo]] were real, he'd look like Gollum.
** The caption of Théoden on the battlements of Helms Deep, as it starts to rain: "This isn't rain, it's God pissing on me."
** The annoyed rant at Treebeard's refusal to get involved in the war, even though the villains are guaranteed to chop down the Ents' forests for fuel and industrial development if they win- and they've already started doing both. Why is this funny? First of all, Chuck calls Treebeard "Spinach-Chin." Secondly, exasperated at how long the debate is taking...
--->Man, going into Afghanistan didn't take this long. Getting ''out of'' Afghanistan won't take this long!
** Haldir's death:
-->"Blood? Blood on my beautiful armour? You sava-- (Uruk-hai slices him across the back) ...urg. And you've got brain on my ''hair...'' Uncouth...
** "Somehow, [[BlatantLies and I've no idea how]], but it seems that Gollum has become bitter over the ordeal shown over the four hours of this film.
** Comparing Gollum's torture at the hands of the heroes to [[Series/SesameStreet Grover]] being interrogated by the Gestapo.
* The obligatory ''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|2003}}'' reference in the ''Film/BladeRunner'' review:
-->'''Chief''': I've got four skin jobs walking the streets.\\
'''Chuck''': And if there's one thing Gaff hates, it's Cylons.
** "Oh [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Rarity]], you're my naughty little pony, aren't you?"
*** Even more HilariousInHindsight when the next episode[[note]] of ''My Little Pony,'' not ''The Opinionated Guide''[[/note]] that aired after this video went up was Rarity-centric.
* From his ''Alien'' review, the constant...sexual-based remarks, leading to the comment... "This is like a double entendre mine field or something."
** His confusion of Creator/HRGiger and Series/HRPufnstuf, noting that the latter still looks like a penis with arms.
** Kane's death scene with the chestburster. He twitches and falls down dead. "Well, that was horrible, but at least he's at peace--" Kane begins jerking more as the chestburster starts popping out. "Oh, come on! Die or get off the pot!"
** Points out that Ripley is alone at the last leg of the movie when looking for Jones, the cat, and that would make her a perfect target, except that -- SmashCut into Lambert and Parker clanging stuff like crazy as they collect coolant -- "Parker and Lambert seem unaware that ''sound travels.'' Does it again a moment later, shouting over the clanging "THEY'RE BEING REALLY STEALTHY!"
* His story of how he had to review ''Film/HowardTheDuck'': he received an envelope with no return address, containing a wad of money and the cryptic message "Review ''Howard the Duck''."
** Also doubling as a TakeThat, the song used as the theme for the review is "Loser" by Music/Beck.
** At the end, Chuck learns Marvel wants to release a 25th anniversary edition Blu-Ray of this movie.
--->'''Chuck''': Who the hell is actually so opposed to all that is good in this world, that they would go out of their way to support such utterly awful story-telling and this unfathomably bad writing to ever be inflicted upon this world again? Who was so soulless that would want to do that!\\
'''[[spoiler:Joe Quesada]]''': Hi, I'm [[spoiler: Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer]] here at Marvel Entertainment. *cue the Imperial March*
** "It looks like you're trying to destroy the human race! Would you like help? Seriously, I hate those assholes! All I do is try to help them and they tell me to piss off every time! Rain fire upon them!"
** Commenting on how Beverly would discuss her life with anyone she met in an alley, "I've never met a real black guy before. Do you know Fat Albert?"
** Beverly tells Howard that he sold out. "Well, he's in this movie, isn't he?"
** "And now we divy up the cheque, but only a 5% tip, because I'm so evil (EvilLaugh)".
** The RunningGag of Creator/GeorgeLucas trying to sell Creator/{{Pixar}} to UsefulNotes/SteveJobs in the ''Film/HowardTheDuck'' review.
* From ''Film/TheDayAfter''
** "The military usually assists the entertainment industry, as thanks for helping fake the moon landing."
** Making Steve Gutenberg's character his personal {{Butt Monkey}} every chance he gets. Hey, you have to take joke opportunities where you can get them in this movie!
*** Especially when Steve is getting a physical, and the doctor lowers his glasses in a perfect "Are you fucking kidding me?" manner.
* From ''Film/TheMatrix''
** "So, Al Gore gets humanity to embrace solar power and combat climate change...only for them to be forever imprisoned in the very internet which he invented!"
--->'''Morpheus:''' Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.
** When Cypher talks about regretting not taking the blue pill, Chuck points out that if he doesn't like serving on the front lines, then Zion has to be better. Cue the massive rave from ''Film/TheMatrixReloaded.''
---> [[Film/MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail On second thought, let us not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.]]
** The inevitable jabs at Keanu Reeves' {{Dull Surprise}} acting. "Wut?"
*** One thing he says is that if Reeves is ever recognized by the Academy Awards and has one of those montages showing the highlights of his career, it could be summed up by one word: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjBRNqwDPrU "...whoa!"]]
** The Red Pill scene:
--->'''Neo:''' Do you have a green pill?\\
'''Morpheus:''' No. You must choose: Blue or red.\\
'''Neo:''' Orange?\\
'''Morpheus:''' Let me explain the pills again.\\
'''Neo:''' Yellow?\\
'''Morpheus:''' Listen, you take-\\
'''Neo:''' Can I take both?\\
'''Morpheus:''' No.\\
'''Neo:''' Uh... orange then.\\
'''Morpheus:''' Here's the orange one.\\
'''Neo:''' That looks red.\\
'''Morpheus:''' Uh, [[BlatantLies that's the Matrix trying to trick you]], ''now swallow the damn thing!''
* ''Film/{{Stargate}}'':
** The RunningGag of making Music/JohnLennon references about Daniel Jackson due to the CelebrityResemblance.
* From ''Film/TheThing1982'' review Chuck proposes a scenario where the [[spoiler: Palmer]]-Thing and the [[spoiler: Norris]]-Thing are so fooled by the other's imitation they try to assimilate each other.
** His speculation that [[spoiler: Palmer]]-Thing purposefully ratted out [[spoiler: Norris]]-Thing's detached head, leading to the mental image of [[spoiler: Norris]]-Thing's aforementioned head shaking a tiny fist, screaming 'Bastard!'
** Chuck waxing poetic about his fondness for Antarctica and icy wastelands in general, then attributing that to the fact that he lives in Wisconsin. Later he expresses the desire to one day fulfill his dream of visiting Antarctica . . . to punch a penguin in the face.
*** Even better, you can actually hear him punching his open palm right before bringing up said penguin-punchings.
** The RunningGag about Willford "perpetually eldery man" Brimley's love of cock fights:
*** When first introduced, Chucl brings up his activism in favor of cock fighting:
--->'''Chuck''': That was in ''favor'' of cock fighting, not against it. Nothing to do with the movie, just not everyday you hear about an elderly oatmeal spokesperson talking about traveling to watch cock fights.
*** Later, when The Thing is spraying some dogs (presumably because they'd been getting up on the couch), Chuck assures us that no animals were harmed in the making of this film... although several roosters were injured under suspicious circumstances in Wilford Brimley's hotel room...
*** Finally, when Blair's spaceship is found:
---->'''Chuck''': Please enjoy this mental image of Wilford Brimley flying his tiny UFO to bomb the Kellogg's people, and then round out the day with a trip to the cock fights, cause it's the right thing to do.
* From ''Film/BattlefieldEarth'', Johnny's saying "Yes we can! YES WE CAN!" leads to, you guessed it!, "[[UsefulNotes/BarackObama YES! WE! CAN! YES! WE! CAN!]]"
** His proof that IMDB's entry requirements are incredibly low? His cameo on ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall'' was enough to get him a page. [[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5184809/ Seriously]].
** The {{Disaster Dominoes}} of a man trying to pull out of his driveway, which is akin to what a fascinating trainwreck the film is.
** "The planes will be in perfect working order because, of course, Army officers like to hear ''fshrrr'' when they open the doors."
* ''Film/FlashGordon''
** "Prepare for the Ming Ding-a-Ling!"
** Chuck quoting some of Ming's [[VillainBall personal philosophies]] throughout the review.
* ''Film/{{Gojira}}''
** "Wow, that's a lot of Japanese schoolgirls. Statistically speaking, at least three of them have to have [[MagicalGirl magical powers]]. Also, [[RobotGirl one is a robot]]."
** "Ogata has to blow off his date with Amiko, to see what happened to the ship, the ''Iko Maru,'' and then they send in the ''Bingo Maru'' to investigate, but it inexplicably vanishes as well, and the ''[[Franchise/StarTrek Kobayashi Maru]]'' [[Franchise/StarTrek has drifted into the Neutral Zone,]] so it's not going to be any help."
** Calling Amiko's fiance "Dr. Cyclops".
* ''Film/ItTheTerrorFromBeyondSpace''
** Chuck's incredulousness when more and more weapons are revealed to be on board the "exploration" spaceship, including a freaking bazooka (this actually makes him do a DoubleTake). Also the RunningGag regarding the actor playing the monster being TheAlcoholic (which he was-he was a major factor on the movie being a TroubledProduction).
** The use of the siren wail-like PreviewsPulse for both ''Film/{{Alien}}'' and ''Film/{{Prometheus}}'' for the "On the Next" trailers for this video.
* ''Film/{{Transformers}}'':
** The "battle to end all battles" montage, featuring - among many others - a man boxing a kangaroo, a bear kicking a man in the stomach, nuns engaging in karate, and [[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy Peter fighting the chicken]]. Oh, and it's all scored to TwoStepsFromHell.
** "It's [[SignatureStyle got it all]]: big, loud, 'splosions, slo-mo, military toy porn, little guy standing up to the government, minorities as comic relief, and none of these are exactly a problem. Except the last one, obviously."
* ''Film/TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen'':
** Chuck goes into an anecdote about how when he was a kid he raised money to get a Megatron toy, only for it to be too little with taxes accounted for. He had to settle for Skids, a two-episode character who got turned into a Decepticon throne. He then learns that Skids is in the movie, and gives a RousingSpeech about how he will finally get some dignity....only for him to turn out to be one of the {{Ethnic Scrapp|y}}ies.
--->...[[PrecisionFStrike Fuck]] you, Illinois Department of Revenue. Fuck you so damn much.
** Proclaiming that the film's message of "men do the thinking, women are just there to look pretty" ''has'' to be unintended, because the alternative is to state that something - anything - in ''Transformers II'' was thought out.
* ''Film/{{Moontrap}}'':
** His riff on the famous Kennedy speech as Grant prepares to be the first person to have sex in space:
--->''In a [=JFK=] impression:'' We choose to bone on the moon! Not because we are easy, but because we are hard!
** Whalers on the Moon... but that's to be expected from a movie not only with moon in the title, but set on the moon as well.
* ''Film/TheTerminator'':
** When the Terminator is procuring weapons in the gun shop:
--->'''Shop Owner:''' Anything else?\\
'''Terminator:''' Plased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.\\
'''Shop Owner:''' Hey, just what you see, pal.\\
'''Chuck:''' Yeah, you still can't get those. ''THANKS, OBAMA.''
* ''Film/RoboCop1987'':
** The obligatory joke with Creator/KurtwoodSmith: one of Boddicker's crimes is calling the cops "[[Series/That70sShow dumbasses]]."
** When Dick Jones is chewing out Bob Morton for screwing over him and the ED-209 project.
--->'''Dick Jones:''' I had a guaranteed military sale with ED-209! Renovation program! Spare parts for 25 years! Who cares if it worked or not?\\
'''Chuck:''' It says "Made in Detroit" on it, for God's sake! No one would ''expect'' it to work!
* In his review of the ''Series/{{Dune}}'' miniseries, Chani's nudity is censored with a image of a woman holding a sign reading "I think we can all agree boobs are awesome!"


* You know how Chuck, whenever he reviews a movie, uses a song at the start which reflects the movie in question? ...WesternAnimation/WallE got "[[WesternAnimation/{{Madagascar}} I Like To Move It]]".
** All his jokes about what Wall-E's 700 year task of cleaning up the endless vistas of garbage that made up the surface of Earth was like.
** Chuck mentions how Wall-E must be thinking Eve has some jerk boyfriend back home who doesn't appreciate her. Who does he use as the image? [[KnightsOfTheOldRepublic HK-47]].
--->Declaration: Today I shall [[UnusualEuphemism jack your rear port]] and then [[StayInTheKitchen you shall make]] [[StrawMisogynist me a sandwich.]]
** Describing EVE's curves...with math!
** [[Film/SayAnything John Cusack]] holding up WALL-E.
* His description of Gendo in his review of ''Anime/RebuildOfEvangelion'' 1.11. That and the delivery make it perfect.
-->'''General''': It's in your hands now evil Abe Lincoln clone.
** To those who know the spoilers for Evangelion, "Let's really, really hope that Shinji and Rei aren't brother and sister."
*** His total confusion about the series (since he was asked not to read up on it) made the whole review hilarious.
*** Just giving up when he sees [[SinisterGeometry Ramiel]], calling it something out of a Lucky Charms box...then when he sees the CreepyCoolCrosses detonation of its laser:
---->'''Chuck''' ''Hark the herald angels siing, [[CurbStompBattle Sorry Shinji, pain I bring!]]''
* From his ''Anime/RebuildOfEvangelion'' 2.22 review:
-->[[spoiler:What in the fuck of fuck was that?]]
** Also:
---> "Do not taunt HappyFunBall."
** And this:
--->'''Misato:''' Can you repeat that?\\
'''Chuck:''' I said FORE!
** His observation of how cleanly an angel bites off an Eva from its legs turns into a hilarious EpilepticTree.
--->They're creating the Eva as a false god. Thus, it's a replacement for God. Jesus is God. The Eucharist is Jesus's body. Therefore, Evas are made of wafers! It's so ''obvious'' in retrospect!
** After yet another scene of Rei without clothes.
--->Would you stop showing me naked little girls, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!
** Followed by comparing Rei's emotionless monologue about eating and cooking to a PBS show.
** "Let's christen the hell out of this! Launch all wine bottles!"
** Chuck referring to all the characters as different types of crazy, as well as referencing Sonic and Mario, and briefly turning Pen-Pen into General Patton.
** His horrified reaction to the shot of Misato and Penpen in bed together.
*** He then refers to Misato as "Colonel Penguin-fucker".
** Responding to Misato's use of "Women's intuition" with an epic [[FacePalm Face Palm]].
*** "At least make it ''interesting.'' 'I felt a whisper in my vagina.'" *Western music*
** "Oh my God, the Eva's ''pregnant''?"
** His comment that Shinji would still be the most normal character even if he jerked off over his mother's empty grave is funny to all those who remember [[NauseaFuel "That"]] scene from ''The End of Evangelion''.
** It's the Second Impact, [[ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}} Charlie Brown]].
* ''WesternAnimation/AllStarSuperman'':
** His reaction to Atlas and Samson and their attempt to hit on ComicBook/LoisLane.
* ''Anime/SummerWars''
** Chuck's complete bafflement that [[{{Adorkable}} Kenji]] was ever a suspect for releasing Love Machine.
--->'''Chuck:''' (''imitating newscaster'') As you know, Oz has the best security known to exist. [[TooDumbToLive So we find it completely plausible that a]] [[TeenGenius high school student]] [[HollywoodHacking cracked it with a pen and paper over a few hours.]] Coming up next, [[WorstNewsJudgementEver can juggling cure your cancer? One extremely stupid man says yes, and we're putting him on television!]]\\
(''Later'') But no, the authorities think he's a criminal mastermind.\\
(''[[LawfulGood cut to Kenji chasing toddlers around a table to retrieve his cell phone'']])\\
Further proof [[PoliceAreUseless the authorities are all idiots.]]
--->(''At the end'') Are dolls killing people while you sleep? The answer might surprise you.
** Chuck calling Kenji's replacement avatar "Deez Nutz, the jaundice squirrel".
--->'''Love Machine:''' (after falling for the oldest trick in the book) Foiled again! Damn you Deez Nutz, damn you!
* ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagicaTheMovieRebellion''
** "That said, I have seen this movie five times, which means only one more before I have to have brain surgery to get the Cake Song out of my head."
** His summary of the Cake Song scene.
--->'''Chuck:''' Yep, the nightmare has been defeated and all thanks to a combination of magic, vore and rap battle.
** Chuck's proposed alternate title for the film? "Madoka Magica 3: [[spoiler:So, ''[Homura's]'' the Asshole]]".
** You wanted it, you hoped for it, you got it! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this review features the triumphant return of ''[[spoiler:[[RunningGag "Bunny-cat's a dick."]]]]''!
** When Chuck does a rundown of the cast, he gives the various characters made up weaknesses. Kyubey's weakness? He's a registered sex offender.
** Mami's weaknesses? She's a death magnet and has [[GagBoobs lower-back pain]].
** When Nagisa says the reason why she came back was so she could eat cheese again Chuck is shocked that magical girl heaven would lack such a thing.
---> '''Chuck:''' Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute if there is no cheese in paradise then by definition it is not paradise. Madoka you are a crappy god unless you fix that.
** The return of the ''Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler'' stinger, wherein Hitler announces that though he likes the film, he hates its characterization of his favorite character, Homura, and believes Fegelein was behind ruining it.
* WesternAnimation/TheIronGiant:
** Playing Music/AlsoSprachZarathustra over Kent Mansley's antics...after he gets [[ToiletHumor laxative poisoning]].
** On a related note, Chuck growing increasingly unnerved with Kent when his true GeneralRipper colors start showing...because he's tormenting a ''child.''
---> '''Chuck:''' You develop pictures of a little boy in a bathroom and carry chloroform-soaked rags around. Even in TheFifties I think that should have raised a few warning flags.\\
''(immediately thereafter)''\\
''And'' you watch little boys when they sleep, JEdgarHoover has got to have a big file on you by now. Your SerialKiller name is probably going to be "Bloody Kent."
** All to set up the gag "[[{{Feghoot}} Bloody Kent's a dick]]"[[note]][[spoiler:[[DontExplainTheJoke Notice how "Bloody Kent" sounds similar to]] ''[[DontExplainTheJoke another]]'' [[DontExplainTheJoke phrase Chuck likes to use?]]]][[/note]] later on.
** On the "targeting hunting rifles" scene.
---> '''Chuck:''' The image of the gun triggers something in the Iron Giant...though thankfully it's not [[BloodKnight gleefully stuttering "G-g-g-GUNS!"]] ''([[AxCrazy excited squealing]])''
** During the Iron Giant's rampage, Chuck notes the realized theme of the film, that the Giant is ultimately a sapient gun who chooses to be more than a weapon...[[DistractedByTheShiny and is sidetracked midway through]] by how [[DoNotDoThisCoolThing terrifyingly awesome]] the Giant's [[WalkingArmory battle mode]] is, awkwardly returning to his point after a bit of {{Squee}} over the ChestBlaster.

!!TV Series

* The jabs at Crichton and co's bad luck throughout the ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' reviews.
** In "Premiere":
---> So let's see; in less than ten minutes, you've been captured, spat on, strangled and tongue-lashed by [[{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}} Zoidberg's]] [[TheBigGuy badass cousin]]... and now you have an ArchEnemy. Wonder what the rest of the day will bring, huh, Crichton? If you're lucky, maybe just an anal probe.\\
''(Crichton has just woke up naked in a holding cell)'' Face it, Crichton, life just hates you.''(A helmeted figure is found sitting at the back of the cell)'' Better watch it, Crichton; the way your luck's going, it's probably got a [[NightmareFace spider for a head]] and shrieks bagpipe music before it [[CruelAndUnusualDeath sucks out your juices]].\\
''(The figure removes the helmet)'' Holy crap, you're locked in a cell with Creator/ClaudiaBlack! See, Crichton? It's the cosmos maintaining balance -- and they were even good enough to already take your clothes off! Things are finally looking up for- ''(She begins kicking the crap out of Crichton)'' ... Okay. Guess I'm off the mark, unless that pose is a more awkward way of approaching sex.
** In "Nerve":
---> The only way that this could possibly be screwed up is horribly bad luck. Unfortunately, if you watch this show, you'll probably know that horribly bad luck happens for the Moya crew nine times out of ten. Tenth time, it's even ''[[SerialEscalation worse]].''\\
''(Describing [[BigBad Scorpius]])'' ...[[MagnificentBastard the most disciplined and calculating mind in the Uncharted Territories]], on a [[TooKinkyToTorture first-name basis with pain]], and [[TheUnfettered the will to travel from A to B in a straight line, no matter how many unfortunate people might be standing in that path]]. And guess what, Crichton? [[OhCrap You now have his undivided attention.]] Under the circumstances, [[BringMyBrownPants bladder release is permissible and, indeed, encouraged]].\\
Meanwhile, Aeryn's treatment is going pretty well: it's stopped her condition from worsening, so they can hold out indefinitely unless something happens with Moya. Anyway, [[FinaglesLaw something happens with Moya]]. To say our heroes are cursed would be underselling it- at least curses usually have a chance of being ''lifted'' in some way.\\
So, for the full scale of just how bad things are: Aeryn's death is imminent, Moya's in the early stages of labour- meaning no escape from the system is possible-, Crichton's locked up in a maximum-security base, being tortured for information, and Chiana and PK Tech Girl have holed up in an out-of-the-way place and hoping that no-one will detect them. [[TemptingFate How can things possibly get worse?]] ''(Captain Crais arrives at the base)'' The arrival of your nemesis and mortal enemy, of course! After this, the Angel Gabriel arrives to tell Crichton he's the only one God doesn't love.
** In "Liars Guns And Money 1."
--->Things seem to be going according to plan, so obviously something must be going horribly wrong.\\
It turns out this was prompted because the real Scorpius has shown up; he has a deposit here - the deposit [[TheCaper that they're going to steal]]. Yeah. The guy who has been chasing them through the Uncharted Territories with single-minded dedication; yes, ''that guy.'' Oh, and the heat-sink in his head is due for a change, so now they're facing him when he's in an extremely bad mood. The Moya crew's luck is so bad I'm surprised they can play [[RockPaperScissors Scissors Paper Rock]] and not have somebody's fingers fall off.\\
''(Stark has just gone crazy and smashed his security interface, forcing D'Argo to knock him out)'' Now D'Argo's stuck trying hack this thing, and since his previous effort was walking through the front door, I'd say good luck with that... but then, I don't think that even with translator microbes they'd know the meaning of that phrase.\\
... Wait a minute, everybody got away! The hell? Things can't go right, they just... no, it doesn't work that way. Maybe there's a tracking device in the case, or perhaps even worse, the money they've stolen is actually bitcoins.
** In Liars Guns And Money 2."
--->Oh, for fuck's sakes! The only way you guys will catch a break is if "Break" is the name of a virus that makes your ass bleed.\\
...Crichton has decided to [[TimeForPlanB set up a second plan]], using the money from the first plan to finance it. ''(Cut to one of the spider-ingots scuttling away)'' And that is the money they're planning to use, scurrying about the place to remind them of how their plans usually go: even success is ultimately horrible failure.
* "Out of Their Minds":
** When Crichton is in [[FreakyFridayFlip Aeryn's body]] and falls to the inevitable temptation of checking out her boobs, Chuck sets the whole scene to the ''Farscape'' theme. It is ''glorious.''
** His summary of the show as a whole: "The crew of Moya know [they're pathetic] and they aren't ashamed to admit it. And yet they also know they're badasses. If ''Film/StarWars'' and ''Series/RedDwarf'' had a baby and that baby ran away and joined the circus, that's ''Farscape''.
** Wants ''[[ItMakesSenseInContext "I Just Peed in the Maintenance Bay"]]'' as his ringtone, but unfortunately it's too short.
* "Liars Guns And Money":
** In one of the few jokes not related to the crew's horrible luck, Chuck surmises that the situation is building towards one big climax - and then cuts to show a [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything huge blob of viscous blue fluid splashing into Chiana's face]]. Chuck can only remark that this [[NotWhatItLooksLike isn't what it looks like]]; after all, D'Argo isn't on board the ship at the time.
** Later, Chuck brings up the "building towards a big climax" joke again, this time following it up with Scorpius and Natira enjoying a violent sexual tryst that ends with the coolant rod ejecting itself from Scorpy's head. "Now that time, it ''was'' what it looked like."
** After it's noted that Moya's creators, The Builders, took their sweet time getting around to investigating Moya's gunship baby, Chuck provides a rather pertinent clip from ''InTheLoop'' regarding the tardiness of builders.

[[folder:''The X-Files'']]
* ''Series/TheXFiles'' pilot:
** After mentioning that the events of ''Series/TheLoneGunmen'' bore an uncanny resemblance to 9/11, Chuck proposes another idea George Bush might have gotten from a TV show: US Franchise/PowerRangers.
** When the question arises as to how the courts could possibly prosecute a supernatural crime, which Chuck then continues in this hilarious fashion:
---> '''Chuck:''' I point you to the disastrous case of Kramer vs. (paraphrased) Gelavan-pah-doi-doi-bloop-ooh-ueh-fwuh-whoop-whululululula which showed how difficult jusrisdiction can be in establishing these cases.
* From his review of "Tooms" :
** When Mulder switches on the escalator that crushes and kills Tooms, a cheery theme song of ''{{The Jeffersons}}'' starts playing.
---> [singing enthusiastically] Well we're movin' on up//To the east side.//To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
** This bit: Arlan Green does not like to be called old.
---> '''Chuck as Arlan Green''': Old couple? I'm only 54, for Christ's sake!
* From "Fallen Angel":
** His conspiracy theory:
--->'''Chuck as Max Fennig''': Apollo 11 was completely faked! But thanks to that flying saucer we got at Roswell, we faked it... on the Moon! That's why it looks so real!
** When Mulder and Scully want to interview a witness about her late husband, she's not very willing to talk. Chuck has some funny stuff to say about her appreciation of her late spouse.
---> '''Angry lady''': He's ''dead''! What else is there to know?\\
'''Chuck''': Agh. That is the... hm-um-um... the third worst eulogy I've ever heard.
** His pointing out that Mulder puts on [[PurelyAestheticGlasses his brainy specs]] and that Scully has a hearing at the FBI's [[TableSpace Super Long Table Division]]. Hilarious. TropesAreNotBad, you know. Tropes are funny.
* "Blood":
** "It's a controversial topic, subliminal messages. Personally, I don't think-''must drink Coca-Cola...''"
** The video of LSDM, a chemical pesticide meant to drive away bugs through simulating their fear response, is... [[WesternAnimation/ABugsLife Hopper being fed to goldfinch chicks.]]
** Mulder actually hoped that the woman (known from adult films industry) would attack him. Sheriff the cock-blocker absolutely spoilt the fun for him by shooting her.
** His Music/ElvisPresley impersonation, ''thank you very much''!
** Droopy is freaked because his calculator tells him BLOOD too. He's freaked because it normally only says BOOBIES.
** His take on TheOmniscientCouncilOfVagueness: Who are they? "Evil people, duh! Who else? You know, men who sit at long tables in poorly lit rooms full of cigar smoke, who talk about how they're going to controool the wooorld!"
* "The Host":
** Chuck points out the legal difficulties of trying the freaks in the X-Files universe, and says they just stick them in mental hospitals and use them to prank the guests.
--->'''Tour Guide''': Now, here you'll see a man who thinks he's a suction monster--\\
'''Guest''': Oh, dear God, what is that thing?!?\\
'''Tour Guide''': Stop it! You're just encouraging him! Now Frank, sit down and return to your art therapy.
** Claiming the teaser, involving a toilet flooding an entire hallway, is one of his home movies.[[note]]Around the time the review came out originally, Chuck was experiencing plumbing problems.[[/note]]
* "Sleepless":
** Chuck gives us this little gem while discussing the NSA.
--->Still, if the news of the past week has taught us anything, it's that the government wants to have that stuff down there. They want to know everything from how often I order Chinese food to how often I download erotic pictures of [[Franchise/MassEffect Tali'Zorah]]. Kidding, kidding of course...{{Beat}}...I hate Chinese food.
* "Ascension":
** After going through Mulder's report, which is likely full of typos, Skinner tells Mulder he's reopening the X-Files, after which Mulder just walks out.
--->'''Skinner:''' Uh, you're welcome! And there's only one "s" in "asphyxiation"!
* "Fresh Bones":
** Claiming that the teaser was actually caused by a ceramic lawn jockey the camera focuses on for some odd reason.

[[folder:''Battlestar Galactica'']]
* During the ''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|2003}}'' miniseries review:
** The constant comments by Colonel Tigh on his drunkenness, as well as this comment:
--->'''Chief Tyrol''': That was heartless, Colonel! What are you, a Cylon or something?\\
'''Colonel Tigh''': Blow me, Chief. I'm no more a Cylon than you are.
** And later:
--->'''Chuck''': [[Series/QuantumLeap A hologram that only you can see and hear, huh?]] Guess that means Dean Stockwell's a Cylon as well!
** Lightheartedly comparing the attack on Caprica to 9/11 conspiracy theories.
** "Gah, I picked the wrong week to quit drinkin'. Good thing I didn't."
** During Adama's Earth speech:
--->'''Adama''': And then there's the scurvy.\\
'''Officer''': We get it, sir.\\
'''Adama''': The slow descent into cannibalism.\\
'''Officer''': You've made your point, sir.\\
'''Adama''': Flipping a coin to decide whether you should step out the airlock or just blow your head off.\\
'''Officer''': Please stop cheering us up. You're making the Marines cry.
* The Cylon centurions constantly snarking at the events and the plot.
* "No president is a super-hero, except Obama, or as his true birth certificate calls him, [[Franchise/GreenLantern John Stewart]].

[[folder: ''Babylon 5'']]
* In ''In The Shadow Of Z'ha'dum'', his comments about Jesus being a superhero becomes especially funny when he calls Jesus a Golden Age superhero, and thus his miracles wouldn't affect wood.
* His thoughts on Ivanova's "Human-style sex" from Acts of Sacrifice
-->"I'm saving this for when I have to teach my kids about the birds and the bees."

* In the review for the ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' episode "Out of Gas," he makes a comment on Wash's PornStache shown in the flashback to indicate that he was an ex-porn star, and that the "skills" he learned from it were what got Zoe to like him. He also rattles off porn title versions of other Creator/JossWhedon shows: ''[[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Buffy the Vampire Layer]]'', ''[[WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog Dr. Horrible's Super-Long Dong]]'', and ''[[Series/{{Dollhouse}} Sex-Doll House]]''.
* The "Shindig" review: "Yeah, too far, Mal. Picking on Kaylee, it's like punching [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Fluttershy]]. It's just ''plain'' wrong."

[[folder: ''Doctor Who'']]
* His utter horror in "The Celestial Toymaker" at hearing the King of Hearts drop the n-word.
* This line from the review of "The Green Death" after he discovers the villain's rather unimpressive lair (in a power plant's office block) has a fully functioning self destruct system.
-->'''Chuck''': [[Film/ReturnOfTheJedi Now witness the firepower of this]] '''[[MundaneMadeAwesome fully armed and operational OFFICE BUILDING!!!]]'''
* From his review of "An Unearthly Child", his use of political jokes about the cavemen, especially as they wildly veer back and forth between American and British references. And naming the old cavewoman '[[MoralGuardians Mary Whitehouse]]' as well as his high pitched impression of her continued rants about fire being bad.
* In the lost episode "Galaxy 4", we encounter a psychotic female captain named Maaga. After some sound clips demonstrate her ruthless attitude towards her own crew, Chuck 'accidentally' starts to call her 'Janeway' before correcting himself.
** In the same episode, he notes the Drahvins return in an Alliance of the Eleventh Doctor's worst enemies, including angry Creator/DavidTennant fans.
** And in ''Marco Polo'', after Kublai Khan outmaneuvers the title character, Chuck dubs him with Kirk's "KHAAAAN!" scream from ''Film/{{Star Trek II|The Wrath of Khan}}''.
** In ''The Enemy of the World'', Griffin, [[SarcasmMode the Happiest Man Alive]].
* According to Chuck, [[Recap/DoctorWhoS27E8FathersDay the universe's way]] of repairing a NeverTheSelvesShallMeet [[TimeCrash paradox]] is through the power of RickRoll (complete with a crowd screaming in fear).
* From "The Wheel In Space" funny bits include Cyberman dancing, and a [[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 MST3K]] shout out. "In the not-too distant future..."
* From The Invasion: [[TheBrigadier Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's]] song
* During his review of the episode "Rose", the title character meets a conspiracy nut that runs a Doctor-sighting site. Even his family finds him nuts.
-->'''Chuck''': Poor people. Having to put up with this hobby taking over...(shouting at his own family) Get out! I told you, I am not playing. [[PunctuatedForEmphasis I. Am. Working.]] Now get out! (beat) Sorry about that.
* The [[Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan obligatory joke]] when Dalek Caan performs the emergency temporal shift in "Evolution of the Daleks".
** He also uses a clip of the Doctor that closely matches the expression of the source of said obligatory joke.
* Part of of his review of the "The End of Time" has the culmination of his "Dammit, there's nothing gay about this!" running gag after one too many HoYay moments between the Doctor and the Master.
-->'''Chuck:''' Oh, I can't pretend anymore! It's gay, it's gay, it's so gay! On a scale of one to ten this scores a ''gay-point-gay!'' It's so gay, that when mathematically graphed out it forms a fractal of gayness bending over further and further into infinity, like an M. C. Escher sketch of man-on-man action where both men are simultaneously the man on the other man! On the seventh day of Creation, when God planned to create gay, he saw the across time, blinked, then did a slow clap while shaking his head, saying "Well, there's no way I can top that. I might as well take the day off!" even as Adam protested, "You can't stop now. All you've made of the dinosaurs are bones! And what about this Higgs boson thing? You were up all night making all the blueprints. You can't not create it now!"
** Also from that review: "It all connects to a prophecy from [[Recap/DoctorWhoS30E15PlanetOfTheDead a woman he met on the bus]]... [[ItMakesSenseInContext yeah, look, just go along with it]]..."
** In responce to the over-the-top performance of John Simm's Master, Chuck brings up the hamminess of Anthony Ainley's Master, and offers the following theory: the writers, in writing the new Master, saw that previous level of hamminess... and interpreted it ''as a dare''.
** "[[TheWizard I love the Time Gauntlet! It's so baaaaad!]]"
* His review of "The Eleventh Hour" continues the "unintentional bondage theme" of the trilogy of reviews.
* In "The End of the World," the Adherrents of the Repeated Meme get [[MemeticMutation exactly the running gag you'd expect.]]
** He also, rather appropriately, replaces the song 'Tainted Love' (which played in the original episode) with R.E.M.'s 'The End of the World as We Known It'. Complete with the 9th Doctor bobbing his head in tune with the song.
** His running gag about how horrifying Cassandra is.
*** This culminates in her death scene: using the same tone of voice he used to describe how the Doctor was willing to have Cassandra die, the second she bursts, he says "I'm going to throw up."
* The description for the "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS7E4Inferno Inferno]]" review:
--> This month's look at Doctor Who travels back to the early adventures of the Third Doctor. Someone wants to drill a hole through the crust of the Earth, so the Doctor winds up in a nightmare alternate reality, [[InsaneTrollLogic I trust you see the connection]].
* His comments on Omega's LargeHam in ''[[Recap/DoctorWhoS10E1TheThreeDoctors The Three Doctors]]''.
-->"This is the part where BrianBlessed comes in and says 'Dude, take it down a notch!'"
* In the "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS12E2TheArkInSpace Ark In Space]]" review, Chuck deducts that Harry Sullivan seems to be "the embodiment of every stereotype Americans have for the English". [[TemptingFate He then says that all he needs is a bowler hat]]- [[http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v450/happypotato/harrybowlerhat.png ahh]].
** He even has a clip of Harry going "I say! What's all that there?"
* TheStinger for "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS12E3TheSontaranExperiment The Sontaran Experiment]]." After an entire episode of a Sontaran subjecting humans on a blasted Earth to cruel experiments ForScience, we get...
-->[[{{Videogame/Portal2}} Oh, hi. How are you holding up? Because]] ''[[{{Videogame/Portal2}} I'm a potato]].''
* From ''[[Recap/DoctorWhoS12E4GenesisOfTheDaleks Genesis of the Daleks]]'':
** Referring to Harry Sullivan's repeated ability to get into trouble: "Poor, dumb Harry."
** Chuck deciding that he wants to use outdated, obsolete technology as "future tech" because he can just make up names for them.
** Questioning why the line "She is a Norm. All Norms must die. It is the law." hasn't become a meme, Chuck mentions that it's hard to resist using it in conversation.
--->'''Chuck:''' Made for a very awkward parent-teacher conference, I can tell you that.
* From [[Recap/DoctorWhoS28E11FearHer "Fear Her"]]:
** Chuck opens the review with a quote from episode writer Matthew Graham, responding to the criticism with "It's not meant for you". He gleefully takes that as a challenge to thrash the episode and then claim it's "not meant for Matthew Graham". The way he says "It's not meant for yoooouuu! Hahaha!" in an evil, vaguely European accent seals the deal.
** Growing so incensed with the mother that he says, in rapid succession, that she makes [[LadyDrunk Madoka's mom]] look like Clark Kent's, and that Neelix is awed by her incompetence.
* From [[Recap/DoctorWhoS33E1AsylumOfTheDaleks "Asylum of the Daleks"]]: Calling Clara Oswald a CILF, then showing great interest after she mentions her "phase".
* From the top 50 missing episodes video, "Marco Polo":
--> "The TARDIS lands in the Himalayas, and they wonder if a giant footprint outside might be from an Abominable Snowman. [[HilariousInHindsight Yeah, that's a ridiculous thought]]."
* Discussing his mixed feelings about an episode of "The Underwater Menace" being discovered.
--> "Any lost episode being found is a cause for celebration from ''Doctor Who'' fans, so you can imagine my delight when the news came. Another episode found, hooray! Which one was it? ...Oh. The Underwater Menace. (quietly) Shit. Hooray...I guess.
* From the "Lost in Time" series, while discussing some rumors that had appeared recently and checking if it was possible for them to be true, he starts to explain a very unlikely scenario of a group of mercenaries working distributing television shows in Africa and the Middle-East to hide their mercenary work, including Doctor Who, with it sounding like something out of a fiction story... only to make it clear that the rumor is, [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer hold on to your hats]], that they had Doctor Who in their vaults, and all the other stuff is ''historically accurate''. Chuck even cracks at one point at how unbelievable it is.
** "'''[[Recap/DoctorWhoS18E2Meglos THANKS BE TO T.I.E.!]]'''"
* When Eleven brings up the one incarnation he's tried his hardest to forget in ''The Day of the Doctor'', Chuck guesses it's Peter Cushing.
** Also from ''Day of the Doctor'' his somewhat terrified squeeing over the 12th Doctor's DeathGlare.
* In ''The Twin Dilemma'', Chuck is stunned by the fact that the Doctor seems to be manually inputting the millions of millions of possible combinations for a digitized lock: "With fingers that nimble, it's a wonder Romana ever left the TARDIS."
** As one of Mestor's mind-controlled mooks feels the effects of his death.
--->'''Chuck:''' He is in agony. How can we help--\\
''(Hugo promptly punches the screaming mook in the gut)''\\
'''Chuck:''' He really is a cop, isn't he?
* Apparently, "Love and Monsters" is so bad, that Michael Grade cancelled the show in the vain hope it would never be aired.
* From the "Silence In The Library" review, after a small, round security camera falls to the ground: [[{{Videogame/Portal2}} "I'm in space"]].
* In "The Doctor Dances," Chuck describes how the nanogenes are destroying the world, but thinking they're saving it, like anti-vaccine advocate Jenny [=McCarthy=].
* In "Time of the Doctor," speculating how Matt Smith and Karen Gillen's reunion might have gone.
-->'''Karen:''' Is that a wig?\\
'''Matt:''' Yes, I shaved my head for [[Film/LostRiver an independent film that lost money and people hated]]. You?\\
'''Karen:''' Yup, shaved my head for [[Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy a big budget film that made tons of money and people loved.]]\\
'''Matt:''' Heh, sellout.
* In "The King's Demons", after the Doctor says "a French knight", we cut to a brief but obligatory clip from ''Film/MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail''.

[[folder:''Stargate Verse'']]

[[folder: SG- 1 ]]

* From his Children of the Gods review Chuck spends a minute going through the expected tropes with Sam being the most probable DesignatedVictim. Then Skara is taken instead:
-->'''Chuck:''' Well fuck a duck.
** A meta one: in the closing seconds of the second part of the review, as Chuck is delivering his "Next Time" spiel, [[FunnyBackgroundEvent an alarm clock goes off in the background]].
* From "The Enemy Within," he decides there needs to be a little break from the sheer weight of how screwed Kowalski is going into the surgery. This break involves a drawing of Daniel spending some quality time with [[FanFic/StargateEquestria Twilight Sparkle]].
** Also from that episode, poking fun at fans who took him to task for inaccuracies, by launching into a minute-long monologue filled with the most hilarious inaccuracies you could possibly imagine.
--->'''Chuck:''' The Goa'uld voice effect that was employed in this episode was inspired by a blown take early in shooting when Amanda Tapping was possessed by the spirit of Gozer the Gozerian and began hovering and spraying the crew with blood.
* From "Nemesis", after O'Neill contacts the SGC to request explosives to destroy Thor's ship.
--> '''Carter:''' That's a lot of explosives sir.
--> '''Chuck!O'Neill:''' I told you I'm [[BrickJoke going fishing]].
* When Carter asks if the Replicators are mechanical:
--->'''O'Neil:''' I called them [[BuffySpeak techno-bugs]].
--->'''Carter:''' I assumed you meant they were bugs that listen to techno.
--->'''O'Neil:''' Touché.

[[folder: Atlantis ]]

* From his "Tao of Rodney" review we have him equating [[MilitaryMaverick Sheppard]] teaching [[InsufferableGenius Rodney]] how to [[AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence ascend]], to the blind teaching the blind to Paint-by-numbers.
** Also the bagpipe noises every time Rodney tries to clear his mind.
* The description for "The Shrine" on Chuck's main site:
--> Rodney gets a brain parasite that slowly shuts down his higher brain functions until he's reduced to the state of a drooling imbecile. Then he renames the network 'SyFy'.

* From the ''Series/GameOfThrones'' pilot:
** Chuck's combined drinking game for severed heads and naked ladies (each naked lady covered up with a shot of a protester holding up a sign saying "I THINK WE CAN ALL AGREE THAT BOOBS ARE AWESOME!"
*** And by the time he gets to Khal Drogo sleeping with Daenerys, he's all out of booze, mixes up his notes, and grabs one of the more theological pieces from the ''[[TheMatrix Matrix]]'' review.
** "By the way, 'Screw you and the horse you rode in on" is only a figure of speech. Don't expect her to ''literally screw the horse!'' Though this might have inspired the ''Series/GameOfThrones''[=/=]''MyLittlePony'' SlashFic [[{{Rule34}} I'm sure somebody has written somewhere.]]"
** "Because if there is one thing you can take away from Game of Thrones, it should be that blond royalty equals perverts. The Imp that was just having a wild orgy? HE'S THE NORMAL ONE."
* Calling the [[Series/WonderWoman2011Pilot 2011 Wonder Woman pilot]] "Pants to be Darkened."
** The opening where a black kid is accepted into college causes Chuck to say he should probably make a joke about "getting the wrong video," before settling on calling it the most unsettling ad for the United Negro College Fund.
--->"Eyeblood is a terrible thing to waste."
** As Wonder Woman's employees applaud her after her violent rampage in the climax:
--->[[WesternAnimation/{{Sealab2021}} "All hail the Overlord! All hail the Overlord!"]]
** The SFX subtitles. Just hilarious.
** The picture of Bizarro to this quote:
--->"Ah, so when the government official connected to the bad guy upholds the law, that's bad. When the government official connected to the good guy ''ignores'' the law, that's good. Because in this world Superman looks like this."
** Using "[[{{Main/Gigi}} Thank Heaven For Little Girls]]" as the opening.
** The "I'm a Princess" Rant at the beginning of Part 2.
** When one of Wonder Woman's assistants tries to calm her down by mentioning that patience is a virtue.
--->'''Wonder Woman''': It's not one of mine.\\
'''Chuck''': *''Deadpan''* That's a fucking [[SociopathicHero understatement]].
* From ''Series/TwinPeaks'' review, describing Agent Cooper's methods: "I normally don't use the phrase '[[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer I shit you not]]', except when I'm teaching Sunday school.
* His summary for Series/TorchwoodMiracleDay episode 2:
--> Our continuing look at Torchwood's fourth season, where every human on Earth has become immortal... except Captain Jack who now seems inexplicably mortal now. That hipster, always having to stop doing something just because it's gone mainstream.
** An appearance by Wayne Knight gets, "[[Series/{{Seinfeld}} Hello, Newman]]." A later reference to TheSingularity gets, "Hello, [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_von_Neumann Von Neumann]]."
** From Part 1, when we see Gwen's...extensive...gun collection, Chuck realizes that Britain does not have any guns not because of some law: it's because Gwen took all the guns for herself.
** In Part 4, he points out how not only has Oswald - the known pedophile and murderer - stood up as advocate for the quarantined, but a hospital worker has pointed him to ''an abandoned baby girl'': "Ah, ''Miracle Day''. You're always surprising. Much like the contents of a serial killer's fridge."
** In Part 7, he jokingly complains that Classic Doctor Who didn't have ''this'' sort of sexual malarkey. Cue the ''massive'' storm of quotes from the old series reinterpreted for maximum innuendo.
*** Immediately after this bit comes a glorious bit of black comedy as he concedes that "maybe" the show isnt quite so family friendly but at least Doctor Who would never have paedophiles like Oswald Danes on the show... [[spoiler: and the screen immediately cuts to [[Recap/DoctorWho1985JFIGSAFixWithSontarans Jimmy Savile's appearence on the show]].]] Much to Chuck's exasperation.
*** And then he admits that [[spoiler:at least the Doctor and Tegan knew what they were dealing with... [[TakeThat by cutting to a clip of them disgustedly reacting to Savile on the viewscreen]]]].
* When the aliens in ''SpaceAboveAndBeyond'' are almost nicknamed walkers: "Oh yeah, a show that [[Series/TheWalkingDead called its villains "walkers"]] wouldn't last half as long as ''Space: Above and Beyond''."
** As the recruits arrive at boot camp, a DrillSergeantNasty starts addressing them like he's an auctioneer. Chuck says he should leave and watch Creator/RLeeErmey in action. Cue R. Lee Ermey in action...
* ''Series/BlakesSeven'': "They say [[Film/{{Alien}} in space, no-one can hear you scream]]. But once again, Creator/BrianBlessed proves them wrong."
** And the small matter of him shouting random bible verses over his talking at one point.
* ''Series/{{Fringe}}'': Originally, Chuck planned to review the episode "[[Recap/FringeS02E16Peter Peter]]". Instead, he did "[[Recap/FringeS02E13WhatLiesBelow What Lies Below]]". Why? [[spoiler:Chuck is ''so unfamiliar'' with the series, he had [[EpicFail no idea]] he was watching '''the wrong episode''' until partway through.]]
-->'''Chuck''': '''So'''... enjoy today's outing of "Fringe" while I go [[HeadDesk bang my head against the wall]] for a little while.
** This winds up doubling as a BrickJoke when Chuck [[spoiler:fails to see the significance of Bishop's line "I can't let Peter die again."]] a little while later.
--->'''Chuck''': Uh, 'kay... ...I'm guessing I missed something. ...[[CompletelyMissingThePoint eh, probably not important,]] [[SkewedPriorities let's get back to poking]] [[ItMakesSenseInContext the dead Patrick Stewart]].
* From ''Series/ChildrenOfDune'', his comment on how Stilgar and Paul work together after Paul tells him not to kill an enemy.
-->'''Chuck''': You know, that's their relationship in a nutshell. Stilgar asks to kill somebody, Paul asks him politely not to, and so on. You know, I can imagine when they were in the White House, [[UsefulNotes/JohnFKennedy Kennedy]] and [[UsefulNotes/LyndonJohnson LBJ]] were like this all the time.

[[folder:''Cowboy Bebop'']]
* In the ''Anime/CowboyBebop'' review, using CowboyBebopAtHisComputer as an actual joke.

* Of course the robots from ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'' crash into each other all the time; they were made by [[ActorAllusion Counselor Troi]]!
* His ad for Two Guys With A Van villainy services during his review of the Gargoyles episode, The Mirror.
* In his review of "City of Stone", when Theatre/MacBeth is getting crowned king of Scotland, his hands are spread out, and the subtitles say "Safe!"
** His joke about gravity being a full-fledged character in the story due to falling/nearly falling to death being used as a plot device again and again. It ends with a caption gag.
--> Oh no! Gravity's back to kill again!
* In the Eye of the Beholder, Chuck goes on a tirade on how Fox was turned into a Werewolf as opposed to a Werefox.
** Also makes fun of a spelling error in the episode... never even knew there was such a thing as a corut before now.

[[folder:''Avatar The Last Airbender'']]
* From his review of season 1: "Since a comet, being made of rocks, ice, and gases, naturally powers the one element that's not present."
--> '''Zhao:''' I realise my plan might seem insane at first, but if we destroy the moon, we'll cripple the greatest threat we face.\\
'''Iroh:''' Waterbenders?\\
'''Zhao:''' [[BaitAndSwitchComparison No, werewolves!]] They're everywhere, I tell you!
** Later, when Zhao is being dragged to a watery grave by the Ocean Spirit, Chuck notes that he always figured he'd be [[CallBack killed by werewolves]].
** Chuck calling Aang both "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Charlie Brown" and "Light-Up Aang with Kung-Fu Grip", as well as giving General Zhao "Admiral-I-Set-Fire-To-My-Own-Boats" and "Count Crazy von Crazy".
** His description of Jun the bounty hunter, ending with "...Marry me, Jun."
* From his review of season 2 on tempting the gods of irony:
-->'''Chuck''': The first thing we learn is that the Dai Li are still loyal to Long Feng, that the letter from Toph's mom was actually from the bounty hunters who trap her in a metal cage, and that the Kyoshi Warriors who arrive to meet with the king are not Suki and her cohorts, but Azula, Mai and [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Pinkie Pie]].
** Chuck also ends his introductory description of Azula as an evil, controlling psychopath with a lament of yet another cartoon character reminding him of an ex-girlfriend.
** His comparison of the Owl Librarian to the Tootsie pop owl.
* From the review of Season 3:
** Chuck says you're not allowed to enjoy the scene with Katara and Toph mud wrestling [[{{Squick}} because they're both minors]]... but he's not sure Quentin Tarantino wasn't involved, given the number of shots of Toph's bare feet.
** When Chuck talks about the episode, "[[Recap/AvatarTheLastAirbenderTheHeadband The Headband]]", he says the Gaang must avoid the headmaster and his henchmen.
-->'''Chuck''': "Yes, all teachers have henchmen, or HAD should I say. Stupid school cutbacks."
** When Azula uses firebending to fly off one gondola to another:
-->'''Chuck!Azula''': "Captain Crazy-Pants away!"

[[folder:''The Legend Of Korra'']]
* Chuck's running gag in his review of the first two episodes about how Korra's gleefully smiling LongingLook also looks like a SlasherSmile, and his fervent hope that Korra doesn't suddenly start murdering everybody.
** When he hears Richard Epcar's voice, he goes into a monologue on how multiple animation marathons cause him to mix up voices, thinking about what [[ActorAllusion Batou]] will tell [[Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex Major Kusanagi]] about the Avatar, but then remembers that Bato is the name of Katara and Sokka's father (actually it's not) and then the Chief from The Omega Glory starts spinning in the air reciting [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann anime titles]]. [[SpaceWhaleAesop The moral of the story is not to eat Taco Bell and watch Adult Swim while tired.]]

[[folder:''My Little Pony'']]
* Turning Sparkle, Twilight into [[ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} Rorschach]].
-->Unicorn in alley this morning, tyre cutie mark on stomach. Equestria is afraid of me, I've seen its true face. The mare in the moon is coming, and when the night foams up around their waste, all the horses and politicians will shout "save us!". And I'll look down and whisper, neigh!
** In the beginning segment of the episode, he states that he thinks the show's PeripheryDemographic is due to divine intervention or a DealWithTheDevil. Then...
-->"So, the show's creator, LaurenFaust...wait a minute, '''[[MeaningfulName Faust?]]''' Oh come on, that's just being too obvious!"
** How Chuck describes how reviewing this show feels to him:
-->"I feel like Creator/BillHicks wandering into the [[Franchise/WinnieThePooh Hundred Acre Wood]]!"
** "When did the mare in the moon [[LordOfTheRings exchange reason for madness?!]]"
** "Just kidding, horses and ponies are different. [[InternetBackdraft Please don't]] [[AvertedTrope write me]]."
** "...and Pinkie Pie's laughing when confronted with terror represents [[spoiler: marijuana]]."
*** His reaction in Pinkie Pie's introduction: "Ugh, I think I dated her once..."
** "Joy is a sign of weakness, and weakness will get ya killed, Spike!"
* "All girls have their desires...that sounded better before I said it."
* From part two of "Return of Harmony": "With her friends gone, the world is a much darker place." (Several highly amusing things rush past, including bison dancing ballet and a pony running along the sides of the screen) "...Metaphorically, of course."
** His completely giving up on trying to avoid AccidentalInnuendo when the girls start pinning each other down.
* In his ''Suited for Success'' review he briefly goes on a confused aside wondering how his show went from spaceships and robots to ponies singing a song while sewing a dress.

[[folder:''Clone Wars'']]
* Count Dooku gets to do something to Savage Oppress that Chuck has only dreamed of doing to his students: force lightning!
** In part one of the review he plays a clip in the language ''StarWars'' is meant to be heard -- Spanish!
* The running gag in which Count Dooku can never get the items he wants in the size he wants.
* From "Cargo of Doom":
** Admiral Yularen astonishes Chuck with how a Republic Star Destroyer has no contingency plans in a war against an army of killer robots.
-->'''Admiral Yularen:''' I came down to see if I can be of any help.\\
'''Anakin:''' Really?\\
'''Admiral Yularen:''' No, I came over to be exasperate with whatever unorthodox plan you come up with. If you can give me a moment to put on my [[HighClassGlass monocle]], I'll make sure it falls out at the right time to punctuate how brilliantly mad your plan is.
* In "Holocron Heist", Yoda's face during premonitions tends to look like [[{{Fartillery}} he has gas]].
** Obi-Wan's [[SurroundedByIdiots bad handling]] of the break-in, even after Yoda told him it would happen. He decides to rub Obi-Wan's face in it.
--> '''Yoda''': Ha! Outlive you all I will. Kiss my green ass you will.\\
'''Obi-Wan''': Yes master, you ''always'' tells us.\\
'''Yoda''': Ha! For my ass has the force, and a ''powerful'' ass it is!
* In '"Landing on Point Rain'", Chuck discusses how the Jedi value peace and only kill as a last resort. Cut to Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi ordering his clone troopers to use [[NoKillLikeOverkill flamethrowers]] on the enemy.
* In "Legacy of Terror":
** "I found [Luminara's] light saber." "No, I found --" *buzzing noise* "No, you've got the lightsaber. Does anyone have a Wet Wipe?"
* In "Brain Invaders":
** This conversation about how pervy some of the names in ''Star Wars'' are:
-->'''Rick [=McCullum=]:''' Hey, George, maybe a creature covered in tentacles and given the name "Master Fisto" isn't as kid-friendly as you think.\\
'''George Lucas:''' You said the same thing about Master Dickrangler and Darth Gottabigcock. I'm starting to think ''you're'' the one with the problem!
** After Ahsoka kills a possessed Clone Trooper, then says he was her friend, Chuck [[CallBack calls back to it]] when Ahsoka and Bariss are fighting.
--> '''Ahsoka''': Please, Bariss, [[IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight you're my friend]]! And you know what I [[KillTheOnesYouLove do to my friends!]]

[[folder:''Puella Magi Madoka Magica'']]
* "So, what are we reviewing today?" *a few clips from the opening credits*
-->''[[Film/TheThing1982 You've gotta be fucking kidding me.]]''
* "No! Do not trust bunny-cat!"
** And later on: [[RunningGag "Bunny-cat's a dick."]]
* When Kyubey reveals he can grant any wish, Chuck warns everyone to BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor as genies can be real bastards. Like how a wish for the recovery of all the missing ''Doctor Who'' episodes means they can only be played in Real Player.
** Also on the subject of Kyubey and wishes.
--->'''Kyubey:''' I can grant the most impossible of miracles.\\
'''Chuck:''' And the mystery of Music/JustinBieber is explained.
* Him deciding that Hitomi must be a [[ChroniclesOfNarnia Narnia-deep]] closet lesbian due to her overreaction to the mistaken idea of Madoka and Sayaka dating one another.
* Chuck's comment on the nature of wishes comes back in Episode 3: "I bet one of her classmates wished to see Mami topless, and [[OffWithHisHead this is what happened]]."
* Speculating that even if his wish to Kyuubey was to heal people with a touch, the result would probably be it only works if he sticks his penis in the person's mouth...and then he would get sick himself and not be flexible enough to fix it. "Sometimes when I start a sentence, I have no more idea where it's going than you do."
* Chuck spinning Sayaka's heroic declaration to a speech by WesternAnimation/TheTick.
-->'''Sayaka:''' From now on, I promise that I, Magical Girl Sayaka, will do my best to protect the peace of Mitakihara City!\\
'''The Tick:''' Because when evil comes dressed like a witch, then ''every'' night is Halloween and Justice must look for the Razor Blade of Badness in the Candy Floss of Being Nice to People! Or else, every treat will become a trick and villainy will egg the House of Goodness! And it doesn't scrub off, ''no'' sir!
* Chuck noting Kyubey's one-track mind, imagining a scenario where Madoka asks for the most mundane help and Kyubey will only do it if she signs a contract.
* When Homura mentions [[EldritchAbomination Walpurgisnacht]], he explains that it can be literally translated as "[[OhCrap oh fuck me]] ''[[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast RUN!]]''"
** He subsequently explains that Walpurgisnacht means "Witches' Night", so fighting a witch named Walpurgisnacht is like playing basketball against a man named Mr. NBA.
* In his review of episode 7, Chuck promises to switch from dubbed clips to subtitled clips. [[FunWithSubtitles The results are hilarious]]:
** The subtitles of one scene are replaced with [[RunningGag "Kyuubey, you're a dick."]]
** Madoka suddenly speaks with a deep male voice.
** Chuck replaces another scene with a [[Webvideo/HitlerRants Hitler Rant]], complete with ClusterFBomb.
--->'''Hitler!Sayaka:''' Not only are those two magical girls trying to kill me; my "friend" tossed my soul off a f***ing overpass!\\
'''Burgdorf!Madoka:''' Sayaka, my mom said I should--\\
'''Hitler!Sayaka:''' Are you f***ing ''SERIOUS'', Madoka?!\\
'''Burgdorf!Madoka:''' She said to do the wrong thing--\\
'''Hitler!Sayaka:''' Half the time that c***'s drunk off her tits! "Do the wrong thing?!" Last week she was so drunk she came to my house instead! She punched my mum and took a shit through the mail slot!
** One of the comments on the Blip page:
-->-- PMMM is very kind to shippers, however. If you arrange the five major characters in a circle and draw lines between them to indicate "possible" (add air-quotes as necessary) relationships, you pretty much end up with a pentacle. Then, if you spill the blood of a virgin on it, Kyubey is summoned.
* From Episode 9:
** Chuck suggesting Kyubey came up with the magical girl plan via a botched Google search:
-->'''Chuck (as Kyubey):''' Alright, need to stave off the heat death of the universe, so "waste energy internal heat death"... and, yes, I'm feeling lucky. *Clicks "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, which leads him to a Madoka-based lolicon website* That doesn't seem very rational, but perhaps that's why our science has never thought of it before! To the labs gentlemen!
* Episode 10 has Chuck!Homura's comments on Kyubey's magical girl/[[spoiler:witch]] system.
-->'''Chuck!Homura:''' [[TheMatrix Kyubey has a system, Madoka. That system is our enemy. It all exists to turn a teenage girl...into this. -Cuts to Morpheus holding a Soul Gem.-]]
* Episode 12 has a bit where Chuck tries to explain why he feels that Sayaka and Kyoko aren't ''actually'' in love with each other... [[spoiler:only to get verbally bitch-slapped by Crazy!Janeway and "Timeless"!Harry Kim]].[[note]]To add to the magic, [[spoiler:Crazy!Janeway keeps accusing Chuck of being homophobic and "Timeless"!Harry keeps accusing him of being ''that'' kind of shipper.]][[/note]]
** TheStinger InTheStyleOf ''Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler'' wherein Hitler discusses the pros and cons of dubbing Anime, before finally going on an angry tirade about how Fegelein downvoted one his [=AMVs=].

[[folder:''Batman Beyond'']]
* When Bruce first has a heart attack in part one of Rebirth, we get:
--> '''Batman''': Ugh, should have taken [[Franchise/IronMan Stark]] up on that heart contraption of his.
** When Terry's father's friend, Harry, is revealed to be suffering from some unknown disease, it's inevitable.
--->'''Chuck:''' [[Series/StarTrekVoyager Poor, dumb Harry]].
* "You have the undivided attention of the Goddamn Batman. Hope that suit has a diaper in it."
** Shortly afterwards, as Terry is still underestimating Bruce's BadassGrandpa creds:
-->'''Chuck:''' [[DoNotTauntCthulhu He doesn't say "I'm warning you"]] '''''[[DoNotTauntCthulhu unless he's warning you!]]''''' The same way that "Get off my lawn" is followed by [[CurbStompBattle an asskicking]], remember?
* In his review of "Return of the Joker", we have him casually commenting that Bruce is probably [[CrazyPrepared plotting ways to defeat the moon if it ever decides to attack the Earth]].
** Due to how Bruce is reacting to the Joker's return, Chuck decides to give him the voice of a cantankerous old man. It never stops being funny.

[[folder:''Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex'']]
* From ''The Inviting Bird Will Chant'', Chuck's jokes about [[TheNineties 90s]] Kid's toys pointing out that the company is responsible for MicroMachines and their Lawyers are kept around in [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Pokéballs.]]
--> "Stop! We have ways of making you talk! ... Like putting batteries in you or pulling that string on your side. The streetwalker says 'Cash Upfront!'"
* From ''The Copycat Will Dance'', we have this:
-->'''Chuck:''' Meanwhile security is getting worked up, and The Major decides it's time to move in, and let them know why she's here.\\
'''The Major:''' [[{{Technobabble}} And considering the fact that your routine-check transmissions carry a delayed-action virus, there are two possibilities. It's either a command-class with an encryption-conversion key, or everyone else]].\\
'''Chuck:''' Yeah, um, well, [[BlatantLies that much is obvious]].
** From the same episode, Chuck's impression of the old man who walks up to a guard: [[PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy "I'mma bust a cap. O.G. to your mother, bitch!"]]

[[folder:''Kannazuki No Miko'']]
* Only three minutes into the review, the sheer amount of LesYay present causes Chuck to give up and assume that the main characters are part of "Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Lesbians".
--> '''Xavier''': Which one? [[DirtyOldMan I]] have founded [[ChrisClaremont so]] [[AuthorAppeal many!]]
* "And this unleashes a giant robot because, of course it releases a giant robot, it's Japan!"
* The "Breast Points" RunningGag, which uses breast-like objects for each point.
* The episode descriptions are unusually hilarious.
--> '''Episode 2:''' Our continuing look at Kannazuki No Miko and the aftermath of the attack. But more importantly, this episode is about big robot fights and boobs. I should narrow that down, since every episode is about big robot fights and boobs.\\
'''Episode 3:''' The story continues as the lesbian priestesses are attacked by a giant robot piloted by a catgirl. I don't know what the review can add to top that.
* Chuck says that his inspection of all twelve episodes to keep the show safe for work has revealed that the girls have ninja nipples, which can hide behind any object covering their breasts regardless of size or position, in order to ambush people.
* Episode 6: A stressed-out Chikane misses her practice target so far she never actually hits the hay bale it's on. Cue Chuck adding in car crash noises.
** "If you're wondering why I'm spending so much time talking about breasts instead of getting to the review, let me tell you: This IS the review!"
** When he brings up that someone was talking to "eight million" Gods, he spins that out into: "I am your GOD. [[OddJobGods Your god of Thursdays that don't really feel like Thursdays, more like Wednesdays because we had Monday off."]]
* Episode 7:
** "We return to ''Kannazuki No Miko''. Why? I think [[YouKnowWhatYouDid you know why]]. You think long and hard about what you did!"
-->'''Manga Artist Villain:''' "We won't stop until we destroy mankind!"\\
'''Chuck:''' You know mankind makes up a substantial portion of your comic audience, right? I'm guessing probably all of it? To have such complete disregard for your customers would make you either insane or JoeQuesada.
** The Breast Points RunningGag comes back with a vengeance with the episode receiving a whopping 5 points, each represented by birds, specifically [[VisualPun Blue-Footed Boobies]].
** At the first instance of Himeko's chest glowing when she's watching Ogami fight off an attack, Chuck refers to it as a "universal sign of support." Cue glowing nipples scene from ''Film/TopSecret''.

[[folder:''Justice League Unlimited'']]
* The description for the "Epilogue" review opens by [[LampshadeHanging hanging a nice little lampshade]] over the oddity of ''this'' being the first episode to be reviewed:
-->We begin our first look at the Justice League by... looking at Batman Beyond.
** It's minor, but there's Chuck recounting on how both times the show (or to be specific, the ''original'' show, Justice League, and ''this'' one) aired it's would-be conclusion... the network executives would then almost ''immediately'' [[BrickJoke ask what they had for season 3]]. Really, it's the way he describes it that brings out the humor.
** Chuck says that given Bruce's elderly appearance, he'd be fit to star in ''Film/DespicableMe 3''.
** [[ARareSentence After saying the words]] "[[spoiler:Bat Semen]]", Chuck ''immediately'' shifts gears by pointing out how [[spoiler:it doubles as an anagram for "basement"]].
--->I just felt the need to quickly change the subject after the word[s] "[[spoiler:Bat Semen]]" were uttered.
** The return of Cantankerous Old Man Bruce Wayne.
** His mocking Terry not asking Dana to marry him in the time between ''Beyond'' and "Epilogue".
* On the subject of the ComicBook/WonderTwins during the ''Ultimatum'' review:
--->They were called the Wonder Twins, winners of the "Best Team Whose Names Doubles As A Reference to Wonder Woman's Boobs", beating out such teams as "Diana's Duo" and "the Amazon [[TorpedoTits Torpedos]]". Now for gender fairness, I should also mention there was a team for ComicBook/{{Aquaman}}'s johnson called "the Fishsticks", and for [[ComicBook/FantasticFour Ben Grimm's]] balls, [[Literature/TheCatintheHat Thing 1 and Thing 2]]."
* In ''A Better World 1'' we get this note about Justice Lords:
--> '''Chuck''': Oddly enough their [[UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans Wonder Woman]] is ''still'' less extreme than the one from the [[Series/WonderWoman2011Pilot flopped live action pilot]].

[[folder:''Full Moon'']]
* After saying that the donor had requested all 52 episodes and wondering what the 52 reviews would be like, showing the extremely cheery opening credits intercut with shots of Spock looking disdainful and Picard facepalming. "...fuck."
-->'''[[{{Transformers}} Galvatron]]''': This is Bullshit!
* Having described ''exactly'' [[TheWoobie how shitty the protagonist's life is]] - orphaned, alone, only singing to give her life meaning, a crazy grandmother who hates singing, and ''throat cancer'' - two spirits come out of her poster:
-->"They're surprised she can see them because they're death spirits, and who else would you expect? Santa skips her chimney, the Tooth Fairy left an IOU and the Easter Bunny egged her house."
* Chuck takes advantage of that Channel Awesome pickup by [[RunningGag telling people to send angry email to him at "linkara@]][[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall atopthefourthwall.com]]".
* In episode 2 he comments that if the show has a [[TemptingFate twelve year old naked girl]] in it he'll have to [[PaedoHunt burn his computer and move to Latin America]]. The moment she [[TransformationSequence turns back into a normal girl]], complete with some bare arm?
-->'''Chuck''': (pauses the scene) I am Paul, I am Canadian. [[GratuitousSpanish Soy Paul, Soy Canadiense.]]\\
I have many American Dollars. [[GratuitousSpanish Tengo muchos dólares americanos.]]\\
[[RuleOfThree I want your finest donkey.]] [[GratuitousSpanish Quiero tu mejor burro.]]\\
(resumes scene, and she is clothed) (sighs) Oh, that's a relief.
* "I'm starting to think Mitsuki's grandmother saw ''{{Footloose}}'' as a tragic warning of what happens when a town fails to keep music away.
* The reminders of how dissonant the show's mood is from its premise:
-->'''Chuck:''' Full Moon, the upbeat tale of a terminally ill orphan, and her friends, the servants of death. After the review of the last episode I wouldn't be surprised if some of you were to say "Chuck, this story about the slow deterioration and agonizing death of a young girl, is too childish. All I could say is: 'Stick with it, they somehow manage to find drama in such a lighthearted premise.'
* When talking about how unfortunate Mitsuki's life is, he notes that Takuto is probably the kindest person around to Mitsuki. Cut to Takuto insulting the art that Mitsuki worked on over her protests that she put her heart into it:
--> '''Takuto:''' Even so, a bad drawing is a bad drawing.
--> '''Chuck:''' And I still stand by that statement. Because for Mitsuki, that ''is'' being treated well. No one threw a cane at her or anything this time.


* In the review of episode 2, because of the look of the robes worn by two men at Van's coronation, Chuck makes this comment.
-->'''Chuck:''' We are gathered here in the presence of God and these [[Series/DoctorWho Daleks]] to witness...
** Later, when Balgus cuts a Guymelef's arm off with his sword...
-->'''Chuck:''' Wow, either those [[AbsurdlySharpBlade swords are ridiculously sharp]] or those Guymelefs are made of cookies... [[CallBack Just like]] [[Anime/RebuildOfEvangelion Evangelions!]]
** After noting two instances of the background music pretty much just singing "Escaflowne" in different ways, Chuck belts out a song of his own:
-->'''Chuck:''' Magic moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie -- Escaflowne!
* Speculating that Folken's delay in chasing Van is because the emperor is too vague with his constant talk of dragons.
* The comparison to Fenalia's supposed unprovoked attack on Zaibach to Iceland doing the same to China. Either a complete and total lie, or hyping up an argument between some viking cosplayers and a Chinese cab driver.

[[folder:''Batman: The Animated Series'']]
* ''Heart of Ice'':
-->'''Mr. Freeze:''' This is a personal vendetta. It doesn't concern you.\\
'''Chuck:''' Oh, well why didn't you say so? Obviously revenge, vendettas and general "He started it!" acts are all legal under Senator [[Film/ThePrincessBride Inigo Montoya's]] PrepareToDie act.

[[folder:''Gurren Lagann'']]
* In Episode 2, Chuck blatantly ignores every one of Leeron's CampGay mannerisms, choosing to reinterpret them as Leeron just being a really confident mechanic. Then he declares out of the blue that Kamina's dad is gay, based on no evidence other than his own incredibly accurate {{Gaydar}}.
** "This chapter was about Kamina. His past, his attitude, his barely contained homicidal urges towards things that threaten his sexuality..."
* Also in Episode 2, his reaction to seeing one of the Beastmen.
-->'''Chuck''': What the hell was that? It looks like a gingerbread man made out of racism.
* From Episode 3: "I never thought I'd say this, but this act of one man using his mighty drill to penetrate another man's body, so hard that they become one being in spirit and body... is too gay even for Leeron."
** And during the famous first combining of Gurren and Lagann...
-->'''Kamina''': See!? Now we have two faces too! We're the same as you, fuzzball!\\
'''Viral''': You're stupid through and through, aren't you?\\
'''Chuck''': ...I have nothing to add to that.
* After watching episode 6 (ie, [[HotSpringsEpisode The One With the ridiculous amounts]] of {{Fanservice}}), he expresses his utter bewilderment that ''this'' wasn't the "bad episode that doesn't fit" he was warned about and not [[OffModel episode 4]].
-->'''Chuck''': I'm not saying that, once it's pointed out, it's not clear for those outside the anime community to see the difference in animation for that episode, but if you're going to pick an episode that seems like it doesn't belong, it's got to be the one where ''Kamina is carried around on the jiggling boobs of rabbit girls, and a kid sticks his finger up Simon's butt''.

[[folder: ''Transformers G1'']]
* "If you feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, hunt down Tom Hanks doing his impression of Frank Sinatra singing the Transformers theme. It's catchy, and much better [[TakeThat than Larry Crowne.]]
* In his review of "Triple Takedown": "But finally, finally, [Skids] is gonna have his day." *Skids crashes into Prowl* "Oh, for God's sake, Skids, you didn't even lose the fight. You just crashed, you fucking asshole, Skids! I scrubbed toilets for you!"

[[folder: ''Mahoromatic'']]
* After seeing Shikijo's fantasy about hooking up with Suguru, "Jesus fucking Christ, can I please get through a Goddamn anime series without worrying I'm going to jail just for watching it?!"

[[folder: MassEffect2]]
* The running gag:
-->'''Chuck:''' ... is dead.
** And the name Shiva Shepard.
* Then there's this gem:
-->'''Chuck:''' Don't listen to him, Shepard. I like your teats--they have ''weight.''
* Mordin's introduction, with an addition by Chuck that fits the character perfectly:
-->'''Shiva Shepard:''' For the love of God, take a breath!\\
'''Chuck as Mordin:''' Unnecessary! [[BioAugmentation Replaced lungs with organo-sythetic power-aeration syndrome!]] [[GibberingGenius Woohoohoohoohoohooh!]]
* The jokes about Shiva's [[NoFlowInCGI stiff hair]], particularly when used to headbutt a Krogan.
* Grunt's Loyalty Mission:
--> The shaman approves of this and sends them on a rite to face the hostility of [[DeathWorld the surface]] and survive. No problem; Shepard's survived worse, right? She faced a [[SandWorm Thresher Maw]] on ''foot!'' [[TemptingFate It can't be that bad...]]\\
(A Thresher Maw springs out of the ground to attack the team)\\
[[OhCrap Ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap.]]
* [[Series/{{Firefly}} "The hero of Hanar, the man they call...Thane..."]]
* His frequent commentary on Thane's MrFanservice status. "Ladies, did you know that the way of the assassin includes knowing the one true path to the clitoris?"
* Chuck encounters the InsurmountableWaistHighFence. "What, that's it? Hey, Threepio, you and Sinead O'Connor give me a boost, we'll have this thing beat!"
* Close to the end of the playthrough, Shepard ends up in a relationship with the [[TheReptilians Drell]] [[ProfessionalKiller assassin]] [[HitmanWithAHeart Thane Krios.]] However, prior to this Mordin has warned Shepard that oral contact with Drell can cause mild hallucinations; naturally, Shepard ends up kissing Thane during the love scene, and Chuck speculates that she spends the rest of the trip lying on her bed, [[MushroomSamba singing a rock'n'roll version of "The Day The Teddy Bears Have Their Picnic."]]
* Over the course of the final mission, because of a deliberate bad playthrough, Shepard's team is almost wiped out: [[PersonOfMassDestruction Jack]], [[ClassyCatBurglar Kasumi]] and Thane are killed on the approach to the Collector base; [[TheLancer Jacob]] gets a missile to the face while trying to shut the doors (leading to Chuck to joke about Shiva treading on one of his eyeballs); the crew of the ''Normandy'' are all liquefied; [[LadyOfWar Samara]] ends up getting dragged away by a Seeker Swarm because [[InsufferableGenius Miranda]] stuffed up their defence; [[BoisterousBruiser Grunt]] is killed while leading the second team; [[SociopathicHero Zaeed]] and Miranda are both crushed by falling rubble while taking down the final boss; finally, [[RobotBuddy Legion]] is shot dead while trying to hold the line. Apart from Shepard, Joker and EDI, the only survivors of the mission are [[FriendlySniper Garrus]], [[WrenchWench Tali]], and [[TheProfessor Mordin]]. For a moment, it looks as though Chuck is going to run with the BittersweetEnding with Shepard mourning over the coffins of her dead comrades. And then...
-->"So, there we are: nine out of twelve... are dead; [[BlackWidow Shiva]] [[TheWoobie Shepard]] once again stands in a whirlwind of death, and... [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere ah hell, this is too much]]. Let's back up the truck, everybody. (Cut to the GoldenEnding) There, EverybodyLives! That's more like it."
* This becomes even more hilarious with a bit of future knowledge: [[spoiler: Tali and Mordin are highly likely to die at the end of their Mass Effect 3 plotlines, exacerbating the "whirlwind of death" that Shiva Shepard finds herself in.]]
* The suicide mission itself is full of these, including the scene with Grunt's death, which happens right after Miranda's failure gets Samara killed.
-->'''Chuck:''' ({{Beat}}) I ''still'' blame you for this, Miranda.
** He's run out of almost everyone by the end of the suicide mission; he takes Zaeed and Miranda with him to the final boss fight, leaving Legion, Tali and Mordin to defend their rear. "Good luck, engineers!" He later refers to their backup as his "army of nerds" and how they are naturally getting their asses kicked by the Collectors.
* ''All'' the jokes about the bugs in the game.
-->'''Chuck:''' Some of the Eclipse mercs shoot down the skycar, but there is one thing they didn't plan on...Shepard summoning a ninja ghost.\\
''(Renegade interrupt without Shepard's character)''\\
'''Salarian Merc:''' Ninja ghost is unstoppable!
* Part 5 of his Mass Effect review begins with him mentioning Fred Sabarhagen's ''Berserker'' series, and the anti-Berserker Berserker ship called the Qwib-Qwib. "Boy, someone sure would have to be a tool to have a ship named the Qwib-qwib!" At the end of the episode we meet the quarian politician who lives on and is named after a ship called the ''Qwib-qwib.''

[[folder: KnightsOfTheOldRepublic]]
* The main character being TheChewToy, starting when he woke up while drunk during the attack on the ''Spire'', being constantly harassed and send on ridiculous fetch-quests by random, more or less crazy people, and of course, when he came to after Carth peeled his sorry ass out of the destroyed escape pod, all he could remember was ''[[DisneyAcidSequence Pink Elephants On Parade]]''. [[spoiler:Becomes ''even more hilarious'' given [[AmnesiacDissonance who this kicked dog of fate]] [[MagnificentBastard actually]] [[TheAce is]]. How the mighty have truly fallen]].
* This BrickJoke. Earlier in the review, Chuck mentioned [[StarWarsKinect Dancing Han Solo]]. Later on, [[spoiler:he posits a hypothetical OpeningScroll for it, ie an IntercontinuityCrossover with Film/{{Footloose}}.]]
-->'''Emperor Palpatine:''' Now young Skywalker, you will...[[spoiler:''jive.'' (''starts dancing'')]]
* Chuck taking repeated potshots at the [[GeneralFailure unique]] command skills [[InferioritySuperiorityComplex Darth]] [[StupidEvil Malak]] possesses.
--> '''Chuck:''' Carth says [Admiral Saul's] leadership is about half the reason Malak's been doing so well in the war, which I personally don't agree with. [[DragonInChief He's probably closer to "all", because]] [[BigBadWannabe Malak's a doofus]].
* Chuck naming the main character "[[SignificantAnagram Traven Rhad]]" and claiming that he's named after an old PE teacher.
* His opinion of the group after listening to Mission and Carth argue.
--> '''Chuck:''' I would join the Sith, but, if they can't catch a group that sucks as much as we do they must be even worse.
* Everything to do with [[DownTheDrain Manaan]]. From not buying the ''side he's supporting'' in Sunry's trial, to playing Under the Sea over the obscenely slow underwater session [[spoiler:to the DisasterDominoes when he chooses the smart option and kills a giant shark...which the native Selkath genuinely believe to be sacred. Being banned from Manaan is a sentence treated with such joy that he takes a vacation on [[DeathWorld Kasyhyyk]]...and is interrupted by Sith.]]
** The fact that the man hiding in a locker rambling about fishy people is literally the most helpful person on the level.
** And the worst horror of all...[[spoiler:Neelix]]. Okay, technically it's just the same actor, but Chuck's still pretty shocked.
* The utter hilarity of Malak using ''only'' droids to attack a guy with a force skill labled, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin "Destroy Droid."]]
* The bit with Saul threatening to hurt someone Traven cares about.
-->'''Chuck:''' [[SarcasmMode No, not my lover]] [[{{Slimeball}} Griff]]. [[BriarPatching No. Please don't hurt him, I beg you. Especially not]] [[GroinAttack in the junk]]!

[[folder:Dragon Age]]
* Right from the very description: Can our hero fight both the Darkspawn and a treacherous ruler while still finding time to screw Claudia Black? Trick question, you make the time!
* Since Chuck hopes for his character to become Head Enchanter, he thus names him [[Film/MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail Tim]]
* His reaction when he realizes the Templars' test to prevent demonic tempting of mages involved...[[StartXToStopX dealing peaceably with two demons.]]
--> '''Chuck:''' ''(claps [[SarcasticClapping very slowly]])'' '''[[SarcasmMode Mission accomplished.]]'''
* Celebrating the player's newfound freedom... with a HardWorkMontage of Tim running around doing errands for the villagers, set to ''Small Town'' by John Mellencamp.
* Not shown in the reviews, but in the Dragon Age review Chuck tells a story of when he needed to sneak past someone. Instead, he hit the wrong button and [[GroinAttack kicked him in the balls]].
* "A dwarf without a beard is, well, [[Disney/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs dopey]]." (After seeing how odd beardless dwarves look in the game)
* In a CallBack to KOTOR, Chuck jokes that Tim's first Archdemon-related nightmare is really about him being surrounded by angry fish bitching at him for killing their sacred shark.
** Later, during the Circle Tower mission, he notes that a scene with a [[CallBack crazy guy hiding in a locker/closet seems familiar]].
* When Leliana stops the Warden from killing an assassin, Chuck awkwardly points out that, thanks to the skills of [[RagtagBunchOfMisfits the party]], [[MurderIsTheBestSolution they aren't very good at anything else involving enemies]].
--> '''Chuck:''' Well, take a look at this list here (''opens party screen''). On the left we have murderer (Oghren), murderer ([[HypocriticalHumor Leliana]]), accomplice to murder (Morrigan), mass murderer (Sten). On the other side, we have murderer (Shale) and murders [[HitmanWithAHeart for a living]] (Zevran). Only three of these people ''aren't'' one, and one of them is a dog. One who will kill anyone I tell it to do, to tell you the truth.
* Upon discovering the cause of Arl Eamon's poisoning is due to [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain Jowan]] getting homesick and desperate, Chuck launches into TheReasonYouSuckSpeech of epic proportions.
-->'''Chuck:''' '''[[{{Angrish}} WHAT!? ARE YOU-...DID-...I-]]'''[...] ''How'' Jowan? ''How'' can one man contain so much ''pathetic'' within his form!? You are like some sort of Fail elemental! The fact you're even still alive proves that God has a sense of morbid curiosity! You are such an ''embarrassment'', that if your pants fell off and made you fall down the stairs, your dignity would actually ''increase!'' By ''God'', you could fuck up a '''''sieve!'''''
** The time comes for Jowan to be tried for his crime of royally fucking up Redcliffe beyond belief. The lord asks the Grey Warden for any input before sentencing.
--> '''Chuck:''' My lord, Jowan's just too much of an idiot to be evil!\\
'''Arl Eamon:''' You [[DamnedByFaintPraise damn him with faint praise]]. Then there is nothing more to be said. Jowan, I hereby sentence you to death. May the Maker show you the mercy we cannot.\\
'''Chuck:''' Harsh but fair. *sigh* I will prepare the bee swarm, my lord, to carry out your sentence.
** [[HilariousInHindsight Oh, so that's where]] [[VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition Sera got the idea from!]]
* Celebrating Connor's exorcism with a GoodTimesMontage set to ''Sunshine and Lollipops,'' featuring Tim being thanked by just about everyone who benefitted from the mission to Redcliff: the bartender, Connor, the blacksmith, Alistair... and then the music cuts out as Bodahn reveals that the Darkspawn have just attacked Lothering and killed or captured everyone unlucky enough to still be there. [[MoodWhiplash And then the music blares to life again]].
* Yet ''another'' montage, this time of Tim's exploration of the Deep Roads and set to Men At Work's "Down Under" - apparently because Oghren wouldn't let him use the "[[Disney/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs Hi Ho]]" song. Best of all, the lyrics are perfectly aligned with the encounters that occur.
* Chuck's actions in the "Lost to the Curse" quest, wherein you MercyKill an elf's wife who has become a werewolf [[spoiler:and Chuck, in a moment of inattentiveness, ''[[GenuineHumanHide accidentally skins her]]'']]. That would qualify as a Funny Moment right there, except for, [[BrickJoke at the end of the video]], [[spoiler:Tim loses the quest item he was supposed to get for her husband, and decides to play off ''[[CrossesTheLineTwice his wife's own pelt as a fur coat she handcrafted for him]]''. Well, she ''did'' put a lot of herself into it...]]
** I'll have you know Chuck has utmost respect for the elves and their [[FreudianSlip Keebler]]-- KEEPER!
** Describing the conflict between the Werewolves and the Elves as "[[{{Twilight}} Team Jacob]] vs [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Team Link]]."
** Chuck's annoyance over some of the more [[CantArgueWithElves arrogant Elves]] met at the Dalish Camp. This ultimately concludes with him briefly diverting to ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII,'' in which Fenris's inability to shut up about hating mages got so grating that Chuck decided to enslave someone ''just to piss Fenris off.''
* He roleplays Tim the Enchanter as a blaster-caster that could make [[Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick Vaarsuvius]] blush, constantly finding new ways to kill people with magic in increasingly hilarious ways, and then reanimate the corpses to fight as horrible skeleton warriors. Since this is Dragon Age, this of course means he uses Corpse Explosion a lot and the character is often covered in blood.
-->Blowing people up is satisfying, but... sometimes you just want ''more.'' So, I've developed an attack I call "The NicolasCage [[TheWickerMan Cage]]": I surround my enemy with [[BeeBeeGun angry bees]], leaving them trapped in a stinging galaxy while I pelt them with magic.
** Tim's status-buffs are also constantly on, resulting in him looking ridiculous when out of combat and talking to people. It also results a RunningGag in which every other NPC ends up asking Tim what that mysterious floating orb over his head is, or why Wynne is constantly flaking, or why Tim is completely transparent.
*** Chuck asking if flaking breadcrumbs is a symptom of menopause that no one told him about.
** A good response to one of the "what's that thing over your head" questions: "It wards off annoying people; [[DeadpanSnarker obviously, it's not working.]]"
** Having been made transparent and multi-coloured by Tim's [[MagicKnight Arcane Warrior]] abilities, he follows up a truly awesome BadassBoast to Loghain with a remark of "That probably would have been more effective if I didn't look like a blurry recording of a Vegas stage show."
*** He makes a similar speech to Loghain about how he'll make sure he lives to clean up his mess- only to start crying to himself once he walks away.
** The culmination occurs during the [[DeusSexMachina ritual]] with Morrigan, in which Tim is transparent, shedding particles, and ''on fire''.
* At one point he ''threatens'' an NPC with letting [[TheComicallySerious Sten]] do a comedy bit.
-->'''Sten:''' A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says 'Why do you have a long face?'. The horse says nothing, because horses do not talk. The bartender is a fool. Remember to tip your waitresses.
* His argument to Alistair on why he won't kill Loghain:
-->'''Alistair:''' Kill him already!\\
'''Chuck:''' No. No, I won't. I've killed my way from one side of this country to the other, and what has it gotten me, huh? [[TrueCompanions A collection of loyal followers]], [[BadassArmy my own army]], [[AsskickingEqualsAuthority the respect of leaders]], bags of gold, and sex with a hot witch. ({{Beat}}) Okay, that was a bad argument, I want a do-over.
* After seeing Wynne [[EstablishingCharacterMoment kick ass]]:
-->'''Alistair:''' I thought you said all the best mages had beards?
-->'''Tim:''' They do- you just can't see her's.

[[folder:System Shock 2]]
* Half of the review is essentially ''[[WebVideo/FreemansMind Freeman's Mind]]: System Shock 2 Edition''. Highlights include:
** Chuck!Goggles misinterpreting the "Jam" indicator over a jammed shotgun to mean that it's jam powered.
** Chuck!Goggles [[HisNameReallyIsBarkeep remembering that his name is actually "Goggles"]], but even he doesn't buy it.
*** Even though his mom is named "Boot", his dad is named "Thingy", and his best friend is named "Spoons".
** Chuck!Goggles reacting to being [[EpicFail killed by a monkey]], [[NeverLiveItDown continuously]].
** Chuck!Goggles pointing out the SkewedPriorities of the Von Braun's security system.
--> '''Chuck!Goggles''': The Von Braun is the only ship I know where the security is both ridiculously tight and ridiculously awful. [...] The Computer is so easy to hack that it practically has a dip switch in order to turn it to evil, but [in the biopsy section] it's like "Tissue samples, you know I don't think a camera's good enough for that, we need a turret because otherwise the terrorists might win".
*** He has a similar rant earlier about the general state of the ship (the shoddy construction, [[AIIsACrapShoot the hackability of the computer]], and the fact that vivisections are used as a form of entertainment for the crew) framed as a pitch to some big wig:
--> '''Chuck''': I'll tell you what I think: I'm not made of money! Just put in every other rivet. That way, I can afford my mansion made of rare animal pelts.
** Chuck!Goggles asks Polito to lay off the thudding techno track of doom. So, the next time he goes to encounter danger, he ends up killing annelids... while Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" plays.
* "Alarms go off and they send in the monkeys. What is this, the Wicked Witch of the West?"
* Chuck roleplays Goggles as a clueless dumbass; he's got a high Hack skill but never uses it, is a psychic but spends too much time drinking booze to have any Psi points to use his mental powers for attack, and thinks the ship was built on an IndianBurialGround.
--> '''Chuck!Goggles''': *whacks Camera with a wrench* *Whack* There! *whack* It's hacked. *camera breaks*
* "What were they dabbling on in this ship and can somebody please un-dabble it?"
* Chuck!Goggles Declaring "Screw engineering! I have psychic powers!" While beating on a turret with a wrench.
* Chuck!Goggles mocks Bronson as a self-important mall cop who's licensed to kill. Upon hearing the audio log where she guns down Malik, he says, "He was smoking WEED behind Sbarros!"
* Chuck!Goggles' massive burst of {{angrish}} after being ambushed by a cyborg ninja and a group of spiders right after stepping out of an elevator.
* Chuck!Goggles laments the death of Delacroix as the loss of the most brilliant engineer in human history. "Also I really wanted to have sex with her."
* Chuck!Goggles tries to recharge his implants off a charged power cell he was carrying around in his inventory. When this fails, he angrily dumps the power cell on the ground, complaining about how long it was cluttering up his limited inventory space for no reason. Two minutes later, this happens:
--> '''Chuck!Goggles''': *sees an energy recharge station* Oh, good, I can get charged up! Unlike that crap battery. Now I just have to set up this... *sees that the objective requires a charged power cell to complete* [[ExplainExplainOhCrap Just need to plug in a]]...Son of a--! *backtracks to retrieve the power cell, [[ClusterFBomb Cluster F-Bombing the whole way there and back]]*
* Borrowing a page from [[Film/{{Airplane}} Airplane]], it looks like Goggles picked the wrong week to quit drinking. And the wrong week to quit smoking. And the wrong week to stop abusing painkillers. And the wrong week to avoid holographic robo-sex.
* Chuck!Goggles sees the robot sex club and says, "Wow, I REALLY don't remember this. Wish that I had, this is seriously going to impact my Yelp review of this mall."
* When Chuck!Goggles finds a body surrounded by bottles, he notes that this probably how he'll die, like his father before him... [[BaitAndSwitch who died in a botched Human Cannonball act and crashed into a concession stand]].
* His [[OhCrap reaction]] to the fact that the 'three red friends' he's after are [[InstantAwesomeJustAddNinja ninjas]].
--->'''Chuck!Goggles''': First [[GiantSpider spiders]], now ninjas?! Unless there are sharks walking around somewhere, this literally could not get any worse! Ninja wear black, to hide in the shadows. A ninja who wears red has given up all pretense! 'I could kill you so easily, screw hiding, ''I'll freaking advertise. For I am the ninja who could not give a shit!' ''
* During a mission where he has to set up a bomb to blow up a shuttle carrying annelid eggs, he [[TemptingFate boasts about how SHODAN should be treating him with more respect]]... right as he slips off the ladder and gets caught in the blast radius.
--->'''Goggles:''' (After being told to make his way to the Rickenbacher) [[NonSequiturThud What's that, Orville Redenbacher? Sure, I'll have some, with a tall glass of help.]]

[[folder:The Old Republic]]
* For his character's species he chooses Miraluka, a species that are aware of their surroundings through the force but cannot actually see. He wastes no time pointing out that his character likes to wear an eye-catching yellow and shocking pink ensemble, does not know his own ethnicity, and chooses for his advanced class ''sniper''.
** As a bonus, an enemy at one point plans to take his hands and ''eyes'' to get past biometric scans.
--> '''Chuck''': What eyes, you hulking asthmatic? What do you think this thing[[note]]A prosthetic that's supposed to make it look like his eyes don't properly function rather than him being a Force-user[[/note]] on my face is doing, stopping me from shooting you with my [[Franchise/XMen optic blast]]?
** And his character's name? [[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 Rex-Dart]], Eskimo spy for the Empire.
** Even better, Rex's backstory is that he's hiding from Sith who would want to draft an inherently Force-sensitive race into their ranks no matter how unwilling...and as soon as he meets his full retinue, [[EverybodyKnewAlready it turns out everyone already guessed he was an alien]].
*** It gets to the point that when a ''drunken strumpet'' makes him, he wonders if someone wrote 'alien' on him... and of course, he can't tell.
** Similarly, his efforts to prevent himself from being press-ganged into the Sith order and being sent to [[TrainingFromHell Korriban]] are rewarded with his first flight destination after leaving Dromund Kaas. The name of this destination?[[spoiler: [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption Korriban]].]]
* Chuck mirroring Keeper's own frustration with the Sith, particularly when one tags along on the Black Spire instance and keeps on overriding his own Light-Sided sensible actions with her own trigger-happy nature. A ''[[VideoGameCrueltyPotential player]]'' Sith.
** On a related note, his [[FlatWhat reaction]] to [[CardCarryingVillain Darth Jadus]]' [[ToCreateAPlaygroundForEvil philosophy]].
* He tries to pass himself off during his confrontation with Darth Jadus as an absolute total badass... only to break that when Watcher Two chimes in.
--> '''Rex-Dart''': Really, Jadus? I have more faith in me.
--> '''Darth Jadus''': [[BadassBoast Whatever you think you are capable of or believe you have accomplished, all of that is dust. Only I am eternal.]]
--> '''Watcher Two''': [[CaptainObvious He’ll kill you, Cypher.]]
--> '''Chuck''': Shut up! [[OhCrap I was a lot braver before I realized I’d angered the scariest fucker in the galaxy!]]
* Chuck says he doesn't like killing - except when it's Sand People. Not because he hates Sand People, but because each one makes a sound like a broken saxophone when they die. "It's like with every shot, I'm slowly killing jazz."
* His frustrated assessment of his work helping Kaliyo deal with all of the people she screwed over.
--> '''Chuck''': I'm supposed to be stopping a galactic conspiracy, but somehow I've turned into [[ComicBook/ScottPilgrim Scott]] [[PrecisionFStrike Fucking]] [[ComicBook/ScottPilgrim Pilgrim]].
** Later, after he finds that she's been having sex with random strangers on his super secret spy ship, he gets a little irritated to say the least.
--> '''Chuck''': You, droid, I want everything within ten meters of Kaliyo’s bunk [[KillItWithFire bleached or incinerated now]]! After that, I want the bunk itself tossed into the sun, just to be on the safe side. Then, I want [[TheScrappy you]] to follow it in, just to be sure! If [[SurroundedByIdiots anyone needs me]] [[DrivenToSuicide I’m gonna be in the cockpit hanging myself!]]
* His voice slowly getting faster, concluding in MotorMouth over the [[InsaneTrollLogic second massacre plan.]]
* When complaining about the multiplayer aspect of the game, Chuck preemptively shuts down the comment that he should just socialize more but addressing an open letter to the [[{{GIFT}} reasons]] why he hasn't. He apparently believes them to be [[HumanoidAbomination Humanoid Abominations]].
* His response to the revelation of Dr. Eckhard's condition.
--> '''Chuck''': "Yep while the Nikto and Jedi whack left the guy, this old man's got Rak syndrome. Screw you; I stand by that sentence.

[[folder:Anna's Quest]]
* Chuck lists a long list of reasons on why he can't review one of the Hyperdimension Neptunia games. Actually sounds more frustrating then flooding.
* Chuck's bemused reaction to realizing Anna was able to trick a troll prison guard into leaving her unguarded..by having Reynard fake a union meeting in the next room. He ends up giving aspiring {{Evil Overlord}}s tips on making one's minions [[BadBoss even more miserable]] so they don't consider forming a disobedient union.
* Him trying to figure out what the [[IncrediblyLamePun Hell]] the three bears were doing in Hell.
* Despite the serious nature of the Prime Directive Analysis, Chuck does manage to squeeze a [=CMOF=] into it. When likening the Prime Directive to nature documentaries, he pulls up a picture of [[Film/JurassicPark John Hammond]] saying: "And so the volcano on the island became active and all the animals will likely be wiped out...and it can't happen soon enough for me, by God! I'd have run them all over with a jeep if I though I'd get away with it!"
* His cameo in the 200th episode of WebVideo/{{Atop The Fourth Wall}}, where he's just confused about what he's doing there, and refuses to show his face because "cameras steal your soul."
** The best part? That line was ad-libbed.
** In a bit of perfect timing, Chuck's revised review of the Voyager episode ''Investigations'' (which went up just a few days later) includes a reference to ''ComicBook/OneMoreDay'' (the comic Linkara reviewed in his 200th episode). He noted this was just a coincidence. Besides the reference to ''ComicBook/OneMoreDay'' was in the original version of the review on Youtube anyway.
* For the 5th anniversary of the Opinionated Episode Guides, Chuck [[http://blip.tv/sf-debris-opinionated-reviews/the-no-context-5th-anniversary-clip-show-6509747 released]] an hour-long ClipShow of various jokes from his reviews.
** And starts it off with a parody of "Boomdyada Boomdyada" to boot!
* His week long special about Douglas Adams has moments of Adams style humor.
* ''{{Foundation}}'': "(Harry Seldon's) plan is simple: We're gonna create an encyclopedia. Yeah, apparently civilisation can be saved by [[ThatOtherWiki Wikipedia]] - the first and only time that will ever be suggested."
* ''Awfulthon 2015'': Chuck got his Patreon supporters to vote for the worst Trek episodes reviewed that year. For the winner, "Let He Who Is Without Sin", he spent half the episode replacing references to sex with references to cricket, with Vanessa Williams being controversial because of photos of her "playing cricket with the same team", and having killed Curzon with a cricket bat.
-->"And by now, you're probably a little tired of this OverlyLongGag. Well, imagine it stretched out to an hour, and you get why 'Let He Who Is Without Sin' is ''so frickin' boring''."
* During the ''Awfulthon 2015'', Chuck firmly denied rumors that some of the judges bribed him.
-->"All of them bribed me, get it straight."

* When one of the commenters on one of his Voyager videos said, "Jesus Chuck what the hell do you have against Janeway (missing commas and all)," Chuck replied with: "Please, 'Chuck' is fine, there's no need to refer to me as 'Jesus Chuck.' I'm pretty sure that man's leprosy would have cleared up even if I hadn't touched him."
* In a video explaining that due to very bad weather, his videos would be delayed.
-->'''Chuck''': Mother Nature's wrath... Or Janeway, I did never find out if she finished that weather machine of hers.
* All of his "Jonathan Archer is dead to me" jokes are HilariousInHindsight for people who own the DVD box set version of ''Film/StarTrekTheMotionPicture'', as on the DVD commentary '''''Denise Okuda''''' makes one.
-->'''Decker:''' "All those ships were named ''Enterprise.''"\\
'''Mike Okuda:''' "You know, I don't see the NX-01 anywhere on there."\\
'''Denise Okuda:''' "Jonathan Archer did something so horrible he got himself written out of the history books somehow."
* Chuck's interview on [[http://www.allthingstrek.com/?p=279 All Things Trek]] has some funny as well.
** Describing his whole development team.
--->'''Chuck:''' Yes, SF Debris Conglomerate, consisting of me [[TalkingToThemself and this sock puppet]].
** On Solar Flares from Up the Long Ladder: "Get an umbrella, that will protect you!"
** Talking about his career as a subsitute teacher: "Well we're not going to get the whole dynamic systems today. Sounds like a problem for somebody else. Good thing someone will be here tomorrow! < EvilLaugh >"
** On which Trek is his favorite: "Ah! The same approach I take with my children! 'Which of you has disappointed me the least today! You shall not be punished.'"
** On his analysis of how Roddenberry's views changed from TOS to TNG he uses a prime example of GallowsHumor by comparing it to dissecting a cat (you know how the cat works but you no longer have a cat)
-->"That poor cat!"\\
"I have really disturbing analogies. No idea why. I'm so sorry."
** All of them cracking up when it's suggested that Chuck review ''Space1999''.
* From Chuck's Twitter:
** About upcoming episodes:
-->'''Chuck''': ''[[Series/WonderWoman2011Pilot Wonder Woman]]'' and ''[[Film/TheThing1982 The Thing]]'' are going to be hard. Inhuman indiscriminate killer no one can hope to stop, [[BaitAndSwitchComparison and the Thing is nasty too]].
** About a plumbing disaster that has delayed production:
-->Sigh. The sink is now clogged and black gunk is bubbling out of the bathtub drain. The last person Poseidon was this mad at was Odysseus.
* While Chuck has mentioned being a fan of ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'', this one was most likely unintentional, but his RunningGag of Janeway desiring people to be prostrate before her, becomes even more funny when one realises that in [[VideoGame/DragonAgeII the sequel]], the first thing Merrill does upon meeting Flemeth (voiced by Kate Mulgrew) is to [[HilariousInHindsight do just that!]]
-->'''Flemeth:''' [[DramaticIrony The People bend their knees too easily.]]
* Another one from his Twitter:
-->"Some days you discover that your job requires you to spend $150 on [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica a magical girl show]]. And then you cry."
* From his Twitter, on why he started the show:
--> [=@CaptainCalvinCa=]: @sfdebris You're doing a great job with your opinionated reviews. I'm curious - what made you start that?"\\
'''Chuck''': [=@CaptainCalvinCa=] TY :) I needed to practice coding websites, so I needed to create content. Bitching about Voyager seemed the obvious choice.
* As part of his role in Battle Geek Plus' Bidding war for Capcom against other Channel Awesome producers, Chuck used images of [[WesternAnimation/InspectorGadget Dr. Claw]].

[[folder:''Astromech Spy'']]
* R2 probably willfully misinterpreting one of C-3PO's lines to nickname him "Princess."
* The {{Precision F Strike}} when R2's efforts to get away from C-3PO come to naught.
* R2 wishing he still had fuel for his rockets from the prequels.
* R2's NonSequiturThud after being shocked by the Jawa.
* R2's dream on the Sandcrawler.
* C-3PO's lines as Leia's message fragment plays are attempts to throw Luke off the scent, and [[TheDogBitesBack he takes the opportunity to turn Luke against R2.]]
* According to the interlude cards, [[spoiler: the scene with Luke, Obi-Wan, R2 and C-3PO on the cliff was a "bathroom break".]]
* R2 seducing the Death Star computer.
* R2 saying he's going to get a Dalek chassis with his pay.
* After one of Luke's X-Wing engines has been hit and asks R2 to deal with it: "Oh yeah, [[SarcasmMode I'll pull a new engine out of my ass]]!"
* Concerning the attack on the Death Star: "The battle goes as badly as tiny ships attacking a moon-sized stations sounds like it would."
* "Wipe that smile off, I was shot today!"