[[caption-width-right:350:Chase knows what he wants.]]

!!The Original Series:
* The opening scene where {{Comicbook/The Avengers}} start acting bizarrely out of character during a mission to stop the {{Comicbook/Incredible Hulk}} from destroying TheWhiteHouse. It turns out [[spoiler:that it's just Alex playing an MMORPG with his online friends]]. Actually scratch that, ''all'' of the opening scenes introducing the main characters and their families are quite humorous as well.
* When the group spies on their parents and sees them in their supervillain get-up for the first time.
--> '''Alex:''' Do you know what this means?
--> '''Chase:''' Yeah, our parents are totally gay.
* Some funny innuendo in issue 4:
-->'''Karolina''': Where am i going, anyway?
-->'''Nico''': The hospital! I've got a... a giant rod stuck inside my body!
-->'''Chase''': Heh.
* During the team's first encounter with Old Lace, Chase thinks that she's just a hologram and tries to prove it by swatting her with a broom, convinced that the broom will go right through her. It... doesn't. His [[OhCrap reaction]] is priceless.
* During the ''Teenage Wasteland'' arc, some convenience store robbers (who turn out to be [[OurVampiresAreDifferent something else entirely]]) confuse the gang with ComicBook/PowerPack, a much earlier group of kid superheroes.
* As the team reads through their copy of the Abstract, which tells the history of the Pride, they reach the part where the Pride first decided to have one heir each in order to avoid a fight over which six members of the Pride would get to live on after their plan for world destruction was completed. And why did they make this plan? Because Janet Stein, who, again, was planning on destroying the whole world in another decade, had gotten pregnant and [[EvenEvilHasStandards was against getting an abortion.]]

!!The Second Series:
* In the first issue, the Runaways take on the Wrecking Crew. Thunderball prepares to attack Gert, who has so far done nothing but go to lean against a tree.
-->'''Gert''': I've got the power to make grown men lose control of their bowels.
-->'''Thunderball''': Seriously?
-->*Old Lace drops down out of the tree.*
-->'''Gert''': More or less.
** And her musings after about how she wished Old Lace had been her Bat Mizvah present, if only to have made her school days more tolerable.
* When Victor's powers suddenly emerge.
-->'''Victor''': Whoa...did you see how high I just jumped?\\
'''Nico''': Yeah. Did you see how high my stilettos are? [[PreAsskickingOneLiner Look closely]].\\
''*kicks Victor in the face*''
* There's something funny about [[spoiler:Ultron]] predicting that there's a ''99.99% likelihood'' that the Avengers will have a distinct lack in diversity in the coming years -- ''enough to let a new super who'd only recently come into his powers join the team.''
* Molly [[TheWorfEffect Worfing]] Wolverine, from near the front of a church, all the way through the heavy doors and across the street into a snowbank.
* Spider-man's appearance during the "East Coast[=/=]West Coast" arc.
-->'''Victor''': Ho... Holy...
-->'''Gert''': You're... You're...
-->'''Spider-man''': Yes. I'm Batman.
* In the BreatherEpisode before the New Pride arc begins, Molly has a DayInTheLimelight story where she gets kidnapped by a different team of runaways who force her to help them rob a bank. The story itself isn't especially humorous, but the following issue reveals that she made her way back to the Hostel... and got grounded by Nico, who found her explanation of where she'd been to be absurd.
** "Dude, you don't have to bring ''race'' into this."
* Issue 17 of Vol. 2 has Nico and Gert fighting and making up at the same time, leaving Victor confused as to what was happening.
* Xavin, a former ChildSoldier, is absolutely ''livid'' when Molly beats them at Stratego.
* During the battle with the Gibborim, Victor tries to do a FastballSpecial with Molly. Molly is the strongest member of the team. Guess who gets to be Wolverine.
* Chase talking to himself at the start of the "Dead End Kids" Arc
-->'''Chase:''' ''[=KKcht=].'' Eagle One to German guys from ''Film/DieHard'', what is your position? ''[=KKRrzt=].'' This is German Guys, we are splitting up a bazillion dollars in diamonds and primo weed while you freeze your ass off up there pretending you have a walkie talkie, over. ''KHHHT''.
* Issue 25 of Vol. 2 It... makes sense in context.
-->'''Nico''': I told you like ten times to stay out of my stuff.
-->'''Molly''': But we're heisting! Why couldn't you wear normal-person stockings anyway? I'm gonna have waffle-face.
* "Why aren't you awesomed by me?!"
* During the "Dead End Kids" arc, there's a rather serious moment when the Witchbreaker is torturing Nico, though Nico's retort to the Witchbreaker is pretty funny in its own way:
-->'''Witchbreaker''': I am going to hurt you some more. Do you understand why?
-->'''Nico''': Because you're evil, insane, have no friends and no life and nothing to do 'cause they haven't invented reruns of [[Series/TheGoldenGirls "Golden Girls"]] yet?
* When Victor starts getting obvious about his thing with Lillie, which is shortly after he and Nico got together:
--> '''Molly:''' "Victor's been kind of a ho-bag lately."
** Later, when Nico announces that Lillie will be coming back to the present with them, Victor tries to apologize, but she shuts him down.
---> "You're a toaster and she's a ho."
* Apparently Xavin has an uncle who's name sounds similar to "you freak"
--> '''Karolina''': Get away from me you freak!
--> '''Xavin''': Ewe'fareek is my uncle, Karolina. My name is Xavin!

!!The Third Series:
* Molly telling Chase that there's a team meeting while he's doing some work on his upgraded fistigons, when he stalls:
--> '''Molly''': Don't make me pick you up and carry you.\\
'''Chase''': Put me down, you little gorilla!
* At the opening of the "Rock Zombies" arc, we discover that not only has Klara learned how to use a Wiimote, she's also learned how to cheat at videogames.
* The Runaways' first encounter with the Young X-Men is full of hilarity.
-->'''Nico''': Okay, see? This is why we should never leave the house.
-->'''Klara''': Lord save us... more demons!!
-->'''Victor''': Thaaaaat's not helping, Klara.
* After [[ItMakesSenseInContext fighting a giant serpent-monster that sprang up during a game of Truth or Dare]], Karolina (who by this point has come out as a lesbian) is asked if she ever has considered trying being with a guy. Karolina's pissed response is to point out how the incredibly phallic monster they just defeated made her even less inclined than usual to consider the idea, leaving the rest of the team scrambling for BrainBleach. [[spoiler:Or in Victor's case, outright erase the memory]].
** During that same game, Karolina asks Nico who's the best kisser out of her, Chase, Victor and Alex. Nico tries to get out of it, but eventually snaps and says Karolina. [[GirlOnGirlIshot Chase is okay with this]].
*** Klara, who just walked in, is appalled.
* In the opening issue of the final arc, Nico is concerned that Klara is spending too much time watching TV, and asks Molly to talk to her, and maybe "explain about the dangers of vitamin D deficiency." Molly... doesn't quite deliver this message:
-->'''Molly:''' ''Hey, KLAAARAAAA!'' Hey Klara, Nico says you're deficient!

!!The Fourth Series:
* In the first issue, Nico desperately seeks to save Gert's life, and thus uses magic to summon a doctor. Said doctor turns out to be a podiatrist who was brushing her teeth at that very moment.
* As sad as it is hearing Nico and Chase recount how the team fell apart, Gert's increasing incredulousness at Nico and Chase's incompetence is hilarious, particularly when they reach the part where the state took away Klara, who joined the team after Gert's death.
-->'''Gert:''' Klara? Good job, Nico. You guys lost kids I haven't even met.
* A bit of BlackComedy when Gert wonders where did everybody else go:
-->'''Nico''': Two years is a long time, Gert. A lot of things have changed.\\
'''Gert''': Why are you suddenly talking to me as if I'm six years old and my potbellied pig just died?\\
'''Nico''': Gert-\\
'''Gert''': Oh my god, what happened? [[DeadlyEuphemism Did you drop Molly off at a "nice farm"]]?
* How do Nico, Chase, and Gert get back to the Hostel? They call up a Lyft driver, who is apparently not the least bit perturbed about the fact that the three passengers are drenched in blood.
* In Issue #3, as Chase, Gert, and Nico wait for Karolina to answer her door, her neighbor comes out, sees Old Lace, stares blankly at the large dinosaur in the hallway, and then elects to go right back inside.
** Later Gert mentions if the team was an actual band, maybe they would have stayed together longer. Old Lace imagines them as one. The fact it looks like a reference to ''WesternAnimation/{{Jabberjaw}}'' only makes it better.
* In Issue #4, Victor finally comes back to life... and finds himself at Molly's mercy, as she's always wanted one of those Barbie hairdresser heads and he has nice hair...
* Issue #5: [[ProperlyParanoid Victor's reason]] not to trust Molly's [[EvilAllAlong grandmother]]? She raised [[NotBloodSiblings two supervillains]] who wore ''fishnet masks''.
* In Issue #8:
** Karolina introduces her grilfriend, [[Comicbook/PowerPack Julie Power]], to the group. Reactions include:
*** Upon seeing [[LookAlikeLovers how much they look like each other]], Gert asks Karoline is she's dating her EvilTwin.
*** Molly immediately goes into her Fangirl Mode, and assults her with [[MotorMouth rapid-fire questions]]:
--->'''Molly''':OMG, YOU'RE LIGHTSPEED! I watched ''"Power Pack: UNPACKED, A Six-Part Documentary"'' --and you were my favorite. I love your rainbow trail --can I see your rainbow trail? Will you sign my Power Pack poster? Did you really get your powers from an alien seahorse? I love seahorses! Did people really call you MOLECULA, MISTRESS OF DENSITY? I told people to call me Princess Powerful, but nobody ever does.
** The team fights Doctor Doom. Molly tries to do her patented charge-and-punch attack... and Doom seizes her by the ankle and holds her upside-down with one hand. A few panels later, we see that he's ''still'' holding her upside-down. She looks incredibly annoyed.
* Issue #9:
** Chase and the Doombot fight over who gets to fix Victor:
--->'''Chase''': Now wait a minute, spare parts, ''I'm'' the one who's fixing Victor.
--->'''Doombot''': I found him wired to a Nintendo Wii.
--->'''Chase''': We were taking a break!
** Their arguments continue later on as well:
--->'''Doombot''': Chase Stein, you make me long for Reed Richards.
--->'''Chase''': You longing for Reed Richards explains a lot... wait, you are a Doombot, right?
** Victor, who is still a disembodied head, gets taped to a roomba, and acts as if he was driving a sports car:
--> '''Victor''': ''(Molly, I need you to lift up my sunglasses)'' You babes need a ride to the drive in? ''(Okay Molly, drop 'em)'' Just got some new wheels.

* During the ''ComicBook/SecretInvasion'' crossover with ComicBook/YoungAvengers, Molly punches a Super Skrull clear through a skyscraper.
* Molly taking on Eli Roston in ''[[ComicBook/{{Daken}} Daken: Dark Wolverine]]''. (Also a CrowningMomentOfAwesome.)
--> '''Molly''': You. Bad man. *MegatonPunch* Me. Bad ass!