!!Examples provided by the game/ mini-quests

* Tom's excited reaction when Ruby asks for the condom he's been carrying (she just needed to transport some liquid).
* During the late part of ''Déjà Vu Quest'', BIG TIME:
** This:
-->OH NO\\
[[http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/7931028/images/1265366183073.gif AN UNENDING WAVE OF]] {{FURRIES}}\\
[[TheCuckoolanderWasRight /]][[JerkassHasAPoint t]][[DumbassHasAPoint g]][[GoMadFromTheRevelation /]] [[CassandraTruth was RIGHT ALL ALONG]]
** Also:
-->'''Fox + Bat''': Wow, what a face.[[http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/7931028/images/1265365722300.gif]]
** Lastly, ending the thread with [[spoiler:Angry Marine]] was an EpicWin in both Awesome and Funny.

!!Examples provided by /tg/ during the game
* About halfway out of part two--right out of the blue--one Anonymous commented:
-->"''this is seriously like the worst porno ever''"
* Anonymous makes a realization.
-->>we're a herbivorous bunny girl\\
/tg/ - a herbivorous bunny girl
* In Chapter 7, the scene where Ruby [[spoiler: flashes back to killing Stitches]] garnered some hilarious reactions from the players as their genuine relief turned to pure horror.