* A {{metafiction}}al moment, when Ros yells "FIRE" and wonders why no one's leaving their seats.
* Guildenstern waxing philosophical, only for Rosencrantz to take his musings completely literally:
-->'''Guil:''' I'm him, you see.\\
'''Ros:''' Who am I then?\\
'''Guil:''' You're yourself.
* Multiple characters looking around after hearing Guildenstern's outburst:
-->'''Guildenstern:''' You know what to do.\\
'''Rosencrantz:''' What?\\
'''Guildenstern:''' Are you stupid?\\
'''Rosencrantz:''' Pardon?\\
'''Guildenstern:''' Are you deaf?\\
'''Rosencrantz:''' Did you speak?\\
'''Guildenstern:''' ''(realizing what he's doing)'' Not now.\\
'''Rosencrantz:''' Statement.\\
'''Guildenstern:''' '''NOT NOW!''' ''(It echos and he and Rosencrantz both look around, as do all the players.)''
* A brilliant little moment poking fun at the increasingly philosophical story:
-->'''Guildenstern:''' [[CessationOfExistence Death is the ultimate negative. Not-being.]] You can't ''not be'' on a boat.\\
'''Rosencrantz:''' I've frequently not been on boats.\\
'''Guildenstern:''' No, no, no...what you've been is not on boats.
* Rosencrantz and Guildenstern introduce themselves to the Players...or, try to, anyway.
-->'''Rosencrantz:''' My name is Guildenstern, and this is Rosencrantz. (''Guildenstern whispers in his ear'') I'm sorry -- ''his'' name's Guildenstern, and ''I'm'' Rosencrantz.
* Guildenstern's long pause before telling Rosencrantz, "...I think I'm going to kill you."
* Rosencrantz dropping a leather ball and a feather.
-->'''Rosencrantz:''' You would think ''this'' would fall faster than ''this'', wouldn't you? (''drops them'') ...And you'd be absolutely right.
* Rosencrantz finds a set of pots arranged like a Newton's Cradle. When he swings a pot back to demonstrate the effect to Guildenstern, they hit and shatter.
* Rosencrantz, wearing his sleep mask, moves to blow out the bedside candle and misses completely.
* Rosencrantz wakes up with the prow of a pirate's ship crashed through the wall. He's still groggy and mistakes the figurehead on it for a real woman. Just he tries to kiss it, the boat pulls back and carries her/it away.
* Rosencrantz builds a paper airplane and it flies around the castle before returning to him. When he next shows it to Guildenstern, it's an origami biplane. Guildenstern crumples it.
* Rosencrantz and his giant sandwich.
* Rosencrantz's outrage coming out of the "hawk from a handsaw" scene.
-->'''Guildenstern:''' [[{{Understatement}} He might've had the edge.]]\\
'''Rosencrantz:''' 27-3, and you think he ''might'' have had the edge?! [[{{Foreshadowing}} He]] ''[[{{Foreshadowing}} murdered]]'' [[{{Foreshadowing}} us]].
* Rosencrantz repeating Guildenstern as Guildenstern shouts at The Player that nobody can act death.
-->'''Guildenstern:''' Actors! What do you know about death? Mechanics of cheap melodrama!\\
'''Rosencrantz:''' Cheap melodrama!\\
'''Guildenstern:''' Doesn't bring death home to anyone.\\
'''Rosencrantz:''' Not a home to anyone!\\
'''Guildenstern:''' ''[to Ros]'' Shut up.\\
'''Rosencrantz:''' Shut up!
* Rosencrantz mimicking animal noises.
* Guildenstern's diapproving head shakes.
* Rosencrantz trying to introduce themselves to the English King:
-->'''English King:''' Who are you?\\
'''Rosencrantz:''' We are Guildenstern and Rosencrantz.\\
'''English King:''' Which is which?\\
'''Rosencrantz:''' Well, I'm Guildenstern and--\\
'''Guildenstern:''' He's Rosencrantz.\\
'''Rosencrantz:''' Exactly.
* This exchange, after the Player has none too subtly hinted that the traveling company of actors supplement their income with prostitution:
-->'''Rosencrantz:''' You're not ''exclusively'' players?\\
'''[[DeadpanSnarker The Player:]]''' We are ''inclusively'' players.