[[folder: Rogue Squadron ]]

* At the end of the Defection at Corellia level, when the Tie Bombers destroy the Capitol Tower just after the Millennium Falcon and a Rebel Shuttle take off from the roof...
--> '''Luke''': General Rieekan!
--> '''Rieekan''': It's alright, Luke! You held them off long enough. We evacuated everyone just in time, thanks to Captain Solo and Chewbacca.
--> '''Han''': Ah, that was never my favorite building anyway.
--> '''Chewie''': ''(roars)''
* At the end of "Liberation of Gerrard V", you're treated to the unlikely scene of a crippled [[FragileSpeedster TIE Interceptor]] being chased by a [[MightyGlacier Y-Wing]] rather than the other way around as you'd expect. Considering the TIE's pilot (Kasan Moor) is as competent as the rest of Rogue Squadron [[HeelFaceTurn after she defects]], you have to wonder [[CutsceneIncompetence how she got herself into that situation]] to begin with...
--> '''Y-wing pilot''': Ha! Like shooting Y-wings, do ya? Here's a little message from Gold Squadron!
* Two from the Jade Moon level. First, at the beginning of the level...
--> '''Wedge''': Private channel, sir.
--> '''Luke''': Private channel, go ahead.
--> '''Wedge''': Luke, how do we know Kasan isn't leading us into a trap?
--> '''Luke''': Not now, Wedge!
** Later that level, after Luke destroys the shield generator...
--> '''Madine''': The base shield is down. We're beginning our attack. Did Skywalker make that shot?
--> '''Luke''': That was me.
--> '''Wedge''': And I thought I was the best.
--> '''Luke''': Hey!
* From the Kessel level, after Luke disables the hovertrain that was bringing Wedge to the prison...
--> '''Luke''': Artoo says the train is completely shut down. Bring Wedge's X-wing in!
--> '''Kasan''': Nice job, Skywalker. I'm beginning to see why they say you're the best.
--> '''Wedge''': [[RunningGag And I thought I was the best.]]
--> '''Luke''': Wedge!
--> '''Kasan''': Good to hear from you, Antilles. How was the hovertrain?
--> '''Wedge''': Food was good, but the service was lousy.
* After Moff Seerdon is finally defeated on Thyferra...
--> '''Luke''': Great job, Rogue Squadron! The Imperials won't get Thyferra now!
--> '''Kasan''': Hey!
--> '''Luke''': Hey, where are you?
--> '''Kasan''': Down on the ground, still waiting for someone to pick me up!
--> '''Luke''': I'm on my way, Kasan.
* After Luke beats Wedge, the hardest of the three pilots[[note]](The other two pilots--Zev and Dak--take the easy and medium routes, respectively)[[/note]], at Beggar's Canyon
--> '''Luke''': Ah, Wedge. Still so much to learn.
--> '''Wedge''': Race you back.
--> '''Luke''': Hey!
* The Infinite Lives cheat code for the first game is [[TakeThatPlayer IGIVEUP.]] The third game changes it to WIMPIAM.
** The dev team had fun coming up with names for the cheat codes. The code for Ace Mode in Rogue Leader is [[HarderThanHard GIVEITUP]], the code for the slow as molasses Imperial Shuttle is BUSTOUR, the audio commentary code is BLAHBLAH, and part of the code for the flying Buick is [[LampshadeHanging WHATTHE?.]]


[[folder: Battle for Naboo ]]

* In the "Neimodian Plunder" level, if you go after some of the staps on the outskirts of the level, [[FunnyBackgroundEvent you can find them chasing and firing on a tiny pack of harmless Nunas]] (the planets equivilent of chickens).
* One of the cheat codes is RUAGIRL?, which will turn your ship pink.
* Likewise, the infinite lives cheat code is [[TakeThatPlayer PATHETIC.]]


[[folder: Rogue Leader ]]

* In an homage to Film/ANewHope, at the start of the Ison Corridor Ambush, what looks like a Star Destroyer pans over the top of the screen. While it IS a Star Destroyer...it's actually a piece of debris. Could also double as NightmareFuel.