[[folder: Rogue Squadron ]]

* At the end of the Defection at Corellia level, when the Tie Bombers destroy the Capitol Tower just after the Millennium Falcon and a Rebel Shuttle take off from the roof...
--> '''Luke''': General Rieekan!
--> '''Rieekan''': It's alright, Luke! You held them off long enough. We evacuated everyone just in time, thanks to Captain Solo and Chewbacca.
--> '''Han''': Ah, that was never my favorite building anyway.
--> '''Chewie''': ''(roars)''
* At the end of "Liberation of Gerrard V", you're treated to the unlikely scene of a crippled [[FragileSpeedster TIE Interceptor]] being chased by a [[MightyGlacier Y-Wing]] rather than the other way around as you'd expect. Considering the TIE's pilot (Kasan Moor) is as competent as the rest of Rogue Squadron [[HeelFaceTurn after she defects]], you have to wonder [[CutsceneIncompetence how she got herself into that situation]] to begin with...
--> '''Y-wing pilot''': Ha! Like shooting Y-wings, do ya? Here's a little message from Gold Squadron!
** What Kasan has to say about her situation is quite funny too.
--> '''Kasan''': This is Lieutenant Kasan Moor of the Imperial 128th to unidentified Y-Wing. Are you quite done? My vehicle has been disabled for a good two minutes now.
* Two from the Jade Moon level. First, at the beginning of the level...
--> '''Wedge''': Private channel, sir.
--> '''Luke''': Private channel, go ahead.
--> '''Wedge''': Luke, how do we know Kasan isn't leading us into a trap?
--> '''Luke''': Not now, Wedge!
** Later that level, after Luke destroys the shield generator...
--> '''Madine''': The base shield is down. We're beginning our attack. Did Skywalker make that shot?
--> '''Luke''': That was me.
--> '''Wedge''': And I thought I was the best.
--> '''Luke''': Hey!
* From the Kessel level, after Luke disables the hovertrain that was bringing Wedge to the prison...
--> '''Luke''': Artoo says the train is completely shut down. Bring Wedge's X-wing in!
--> '''Kasan''': Nice job, Skywalker. I'm beginning to see why they say you're the best.
--> '''Wedge''': [[RunningGag And I thought I was the best.]]
--> '''Luke''': Wedge!
--> '''Kasan''': Good to hear from you, Antilles. How was the hovertrain?
--> '''Wedge''': Food was good, but the service was lousy.
* After Moff Seerdon is finally defeated on Thyferra...
--> '''Luke''': Great job, Rogue Squadron! The Imperials won't get Thyferra now!
--> '''Kasan''': Hey!
--> '''Luke''': Hey, where are you?
--> '''Kasan''': Down on the ground, still waiting for someone to pick me up!
--> '''Luke''': I'm on my way, Kasan.
* After Luke beats Wedge, the hardest of the three pilots[[note]](The other two pilots--Zev and Dak--take the easy and medium routes, respectively)[[/note]], at Beggar's Canyon
--> '''Luke''': Ah, Wedge. Still so much to learn.
--> '''Wedge''': Race you back.
--> '''Luke''': Hey!
* The Infinite Lives cheat code for the first game is [[TakeThatPlayer IGIVEUP.]] The third game changes it to WIMPIAM.
** The dev team had fun coming up with names for the cheat codes. The code for Ace Mode in Rogue Leader is [[HarderThanHard GIVEITUP]], the code for the slow as molasses Imperial Shuttle is BUSTOUR, the audio commentary code is BLAHBLAH, and part of the code for the flying Buick is [[LampshadeHanging WHATTHE?.]]


[[folder: Battle for Naboo ]]

* In the "Neimodian Plunder" level, if you go after some of the staps on the outskirts of the level, [[FunnyBackgroundEvent you can find them chasing and firing on a tiny pack of harmless Nunas]] (the planets equivilent of chickens).
* One of the cheat codes is RUAGIRL?, which will turn your ship pink.
* Likewise, the infinite lives cheat code is [[TakeThatPlayer PATHETIC.]]


[[folder: Rogue Leader ]]

* In an homage to Film/ANewHope, at the start of the Ison Corridor Ambush, what looks like a Star Destroyer pans over the top of the screen. While it IS a Star Destroyer...it's actually a piece of debris. Could also double as NightmareFuel.
* In the Tatooine tutorial level, one tutorial gives you Photon Bombs and they last until you enter the Photon Torpedo tutorial or run out. As long as you don't empty your bomb stock and let it regenerate as needed, it's easy to [[VideogameCrueltyPotential obliterate]] ''all of Mos Eisley''.
* "Lord Vader, [[UnfriendlyFire PLEASE STOP FIRING AT ME]]!!"
* If you [[NonStandardGameOver fail "Revenge of the Empire" by letting too many Rebel Transports escape]], Vader takes his anger out on one of his wingmen, killing him with a blaster shot. Seeing as the outcome of the mission is entirely dependent on the player, it can come off as [[NeverMyFault Vader trying to blame someone else for his failure]].
--> '''Vader:''' [[YouHaveFailedMe This failure is unacceptable!]]