* The ending of Satanic Salad.
* How does Niclas melt butter? By screaming at it. Seen in Stomachless Sticky Cake and Crucified Carrot Cake.
* The end of Pessimal Pie has Niclas stop eating the food and go for the mayonnaise again. Isak and Niklas try to get him to stop, but after the third mouthful [[spoiler: he flips the long since annihilated table to signify they're finally putting the poor thing down for good.]]
* In Crucified Carrot Cake, when he goes to put it in the oven...
-->'''Niclas''': UUUUGN--\\
'''Caption''': [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: ]]
''(Niclas looks down to see that the bottom of the pan he was using fell out, making the carrot cake mixture splatter onto the floor)''\\
'''Caption''': (._.)\\
''(Cue [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Western Animation/Sponge Bob Square Pants "A Few Moments Later" ]]
]] splash screen)''\\
'''Niclas''': ''(firmly holding a new carrot cake batter filled pan)'' [---Ugn...---] ''(calmly puts pan in oven)''