* Pretty much the entire show.
* The ending of Satanic Salad.
* How does Niclas melt butter? By screaming at it. Seen in Stomachless Sticky Cake, Crucified Carrot Cake, and again in Ludicrous Lousy Cats.
-->'''Niclas''': Works every time!
* Peeling potatoes. With your body (Or someone else's).
* The end of Pessimal Pie has Niclas stop eating the food and go for the mayonnaise again. Isak and Niklas try to get him to stop, but after the third mouthful [[spoiler: he flips the long since annihilated table to signify they're finally putting the poor thing down for good.]]
* In Chili Con Carnage, a look into Niclas' psyche:
-->'''Niclas''': ''(holding cans of crushed tomatoes)'' These tomatoes have been crushed! Just like...my dreams...\\
''(A [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: [[Visual Pun *tear* ]]
]] runs down his cheek)''
* In Crucified Carrot Cake, when he goes to put it in the oven...
-->'''Niclas''': UUUUGN--\\
'''Caption''': [[/folder]]

[[folder: ]]
''(Niclas looks down to see that the bottom of the pan he was using fell out, making the carrot cake mixture splatter onto the floor)''\\
'''Caption''': (._.)\\
''(Cue [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Western Animation/Sponge Bob Square Pants "A Few Moments Later" ]]
]] splash screen)''\\
'''Niclas''': ''(firmly holding a new carrot cake batter filled pan)'' [---Ugn...---] ''(calmly puts pan in oven, and shrugs)''
* In Terror Tacos, Niclas has some issues with a single chili pepper:
-->'''Niclas''': And chili! To add some bite! ''(bites chili pepper)''\\
''(Niclas starts having a FreakOut)''\\
'''Caption''': \\
'''Niclas''': ''(screaming at the top of his lungs, face randomly spazzes out)''\\
'''Caption''': [[/folder]]

[[folder: ]]
'''Caption''': [[/folder]]

[[folder: ]]
''(Niclas starts chugging milk)''\\
'''Caption''': [[/folder]]

[[folder: <[=Garblegarblegarble AAAHAA!=]> ]]

* Immediately after buttering the chicken Chiliomb in Chicken Niclas goes to open a bottle of BBQ oil. It doesn't go very well.
--> '''Niclas:''' This is the same kind problem that the dinosaurs had when they became extinct. ''*Gets the cap off*'' Except we're Swedish.
** This is immediately preceded by Niclas making a ball of butter the size of a large softball to put on the chickens.
--> '''Niclas:''' You can take your heart diseases '''''AND SHOVE THEM UP SOMEWHERE!'''''
* Niklas's happy reaction when Niclas and Tom return to the show in ''Crazy Fruitcake'', screaming in an adorable voice "YOU GUYS >O* Midsummer Murder Dinner: When they're firing off the ingredients, it briefly shows one of the packages of cream falling over, with a sad little caption reading "[[/folder]]

[[folder: I give up ]]
" As well as him slamming cans of "fish babies" (caviar) with the caption "[[/folder]]

[[folder: Not the babies! :C ]]
** Later:
--->'''Niclas''': Boil the eggs! ''(slam-dunks eggs into pot of water)''\\
'''Caption''': [[/folder]]

[[folder: <[[Suspiciously Specific Denial Completely still okay eggs ]]