Radiohead: They're [[NightmareFuel/{{Radiohead}} frightening]], they're [[TearJerker/{{Radiohead}} moving]], they're [[TrueArtIsIncomprehensible confusing]], and they have [[SurrealHumor a really weird sense of humour]].

* Most incarnations of Radiohead's website balance between hilarious and terrifying, in no small part thanks to the UglyCute bears and minotaurs that show up so often.
* The "My Showbiz Life" interviews on ''The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time''. Especially Ed's.

[[folder: Ed ]]
: [[LaughingMad Hahahaha]]-- '''''HONK.'''''
* [[ Thom Yorke's]] storeroom of fucks is growing low, and winter is rapidly approaching.
* Their appearance on WesternAnimation/SouthPark. ''[[ Little crybaby...]]''
* [[ Poor Jonny]]...
* The [[TheWoobie crying minotaur]] who served as Radiohead's mascot during the "Amnesiac" period has now been made into [[ an intensely huggable plush toy!]]
* Thom's signature goofy dance is pretty funny.
* Several moments during the [[Series/TheColbertReport Colbert Report Radiohead Special]]:
** Stephen Colbert (wearing a Santa hat, no less) solemnly introducing "Codex" as being from Radiohead's "upcoming Christmas album."
** "Dr. Pepper Presents Stephen Colbert's Rocktember with Radiohead Who Present Themselves Because They Are Nobody's Corporate Tool, Brought to You By Dr. Pepper, The Official Soft Drink of Radiohead."
* The [[ awesome spoof]] of the film Film/{{Se7en}}, from the Thumbs Down webcast.
* Some could find the chaotic horn section at the end of "The National Anthem" as pretty hilarious.
* [[ The cover]] of ''The Bends''. Just look at that dummy, and try to imagine what he's imagining.
** Users on the B3ta messageboard once photoshopped the dummy to look like he was, ''ahem'', receiving a ''certain kind'' of stimulation in a ''certain area'' of his body.
* While anticipating ''[=LP9=]'', fans on Radiohead's subreddit got so convinced that the album wouldn't be announced come May 6, 2016, that they pledged to eat a picture of Thom if they were proven wrong. [[ Some fans are already standing by their word, and it's even made some news sites!]]
* When performing "Paranoid Android" live, Thom [[ has been known to make the "pips" that preface the song]] on ''OK Computer'' before the band starts playing. See [[ this Reddit thread]] for more. It's pretty funny.
* The SurrealMusicVideo for "Lift", from the 2017 reissue of ''OK Computer'', is ActuallyPrettyFunny. It's a four-minute long UncomfortableElevatorMoment that Thom, holding two carrier bags, suffers while having increasingly weird encounters on his way down.
''[[TheStinger Peep. "Yes?" "Mmmmmmmmmmmmoooooore cooooooookiieeees..."]]''