* In "Perils of Punky", as the Native American chief was telling a story to the kids:
-->'''Punky:''' What a sad story.\\
'''Chief:''' ''(irritated)'' I'm not finished yet!\\
'''Punky:''' Sorry.
* The beginning of "The Metamorphosis"
-->'''Punky''': Um, Henry, there's something I sorta,' well, want to talk to you about.\\
'''Henry''': I'm all ears.\\
'''Punky''': I'm not exactly sure how to [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment exactly]] put this. You won't get embarrassed?\\
'''Henry''': Me, embarrassed? Punky, you can talk to me about absolutely anything. ''Absolutely'' anything. Right?\\
'''Punky''': Right.\\
'''Henry''': So out with it.\\
'''Punky''': ''(gleeful)'' Henry, I'm getting boobs!\\
''(Henry drops his plates)''\\
'''Punky''': Henry, are you all right?\\
'''Henry''': ''(flustered)'' Uh, n-n-no problem. I just dropped a few boobs...I mean plates!
* The animated episode "Pretty Ugly" has Punky impersonating Margaux at a fancy party because Glomer had turned Margaux's face into a glomley face. When Margaux finally discovers this and Punky finds out:
-->'''Punky:''' (''to Avery Bigelow, a kid whose dad is staging the party'') Uh...will you excuse us, Avery? We have to...um...powder our noses.\\
'''Allen:''' But I don't have to powder my nose!\\
'''Punky:''' (''smashing an hors d'ouvre on Allen's nose'') ''Now'' you do!!"