[[caption-width-right:350:"Move faster, Pokey! Faster! Faster! For the love of God, faster...!"]]

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* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua6pbz3ROvQ&t=7m27s Jon's blind playthrough of Kaizo Mario World Special Stage 2]] has his famous reaction to the "KaizoTrap":
-->'''Jon''': ...oh, what?!... WHAT?! WHAAAT?! ...What the fuck? What the fuck? What...the...fuck? What the...''(bursts into tears)'' Are you serious?!\\
''(silence, as Jon calms himself)''\\
'''Jon''': Maybe I imagined that...\\
''(Reloads save-state, which shows Mario dying via KaizoTrap...again.)''\\
'''Jon''': ''(distraught)'' Oh [[PrecisionFStrike FU-HU-HU-HU-HU-HUCK]] I didn't imagine that!
* "(sounding defeated before even entering the stage)...why am I agreeing to do this? Why?..."
* "All right, what have we got? We got -- ''a hundred seconds?!'' Oh, mother fuck, [[ThisIsGonnaSuck this is not gonna be good]]!"
* "[[NightmareFuel I'm not sleeping tonight, guys;]] this is my nightmare sound."
* "[[MemeticMutation Move faster, Pokey!]] Faster! FASTER! For the love of God, Faster!"
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to9oSAe6-C0 Set to a pokey cosplay]]!
* "Jump! Jump you... fuckin' football player! MEGAMAN! JUMP MEGAMAN!"
* "Catch. *dies* Catch. *dies* Catch. *dies* Ca.. don't catch death! Stop catching death!"
* "For the love of Batman. JUMP!"
* *Sees a block he needs to hit* "HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO HIT THAT?!?!" *Immediately hits an invisible block to get to it* "Oh..."
* "Not gonna mess up. Not gonna fuck this up." *dies, loads state* "You didn't see that."
* "Drillstomp!...360!...Kickflip [=McTwist=]!...Christ Air!...900!...I'm already out of Tony Hawk moves."
* [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome "Go, go, go, go, Mario! I'm-a Mario!"]]
* From his playthrough of Special Stage 4: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbmx2-AtvEw&t=03m00s No matter how many times we've seen it, it still never gets old]].
** [[https://youtu.be/pbmx2-AtvEw?t=8m9s While trying to navigate a tricky set of jumps]] with Thwomps and spikes: "Hop. Slight hop. Mega hop!" *Dies* "Sliiight -" *Dies* "Sliight, Mega, Man!" ''(succeeds)'' "Did it." (Piranha Plants crushes him suddenly from above) "'''''OH WHAT THE HELLL!?!?!?!?!?'''''"
** And when the mid-level save drops him into a pit.
** '''''"HOLY FUCK!!!"'''''
** "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu[[LastSecondWordSwap dgesicles!]]"
** (singing, to the Super Mario World castle music) "This... is the castle... a '''fucking hard one'''..."
** "Yeah!" *nearly dies* "[=FuuuUUUUUUUUUuuuuck=]!"

[[folder:Other SuperMarioWorld Romhacks]]
* "[[GrimyWater Death Water!]]"
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCjMWKSpvHI "Have I said Death Water enough tonight?"]]
*** "''Death Water: The Movie'', [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment featuring Death Water!]] With Music/LedZeppelin as Death Water's Son! [-How a whole band can be one person, I don't know, but it's ''Death Water!'' So it doesn't matter.-]"
*** "It's... Cherry Kool-Aid! (I knew what you thought I was gonna say.)"
* "I've lost some of my powers of randomness today...I'm wearing a tie".
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgCDzOV5EKE&t=09m28s Mario has killed Iggy.]]
* [[http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2mtpiy_let-s-play-gamelun1-s-mario-romhack-stages-2-and-3_videogames The ultimate Mario mindfuck.... Random Koopa Troopa and a key]] (at 6:32).
** Made even funnier by the fact that even [=YouTube=] considers it a mindscrew, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnXthO_O-Aw&t=6m32s with the URL having O_O in it]].
* (While sliding down a hill in a Mario ROM-Hack with ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EEK6GMN_V4 SSBB]]'''s version of "[[Franchise/{{Kirby}} Gourmet]] [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Race]]" playing in the background) "[[MundaneMadeAwesome SO FUCKIN' METAL!]]"
** "[[MundaneMadeAwesome FUCKIN' EXTREEEEEME!]]"
* "I'm [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-GFKMJwMtc&t=1m25s gonna flip]] this copy of ''Super Mario Advance: Yoshi's Island''" *Beat* "[[HeadsTailsEdge It landed on its corner...]]"
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k90QPb6sDt4&t=5m44s glitched-out shell]]: "Oh, damn, son!"
** "Look at it dance!"
* "[[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Ridiculous? That's ridiculous! Nothing can be as ridiculous as ridiculousness!]]"
* "Is it a secret? Is it pizza? Is it [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs secret pizza]]? It's... a [[KaizoTrap KAIZO TRAP]]!"
* Any of his reactions to invisible blocks:
--> "No! You know my feelings on those!"
--> "AWWWWW, that's not cool, that is not kosher... in fact it is very anti-kosher, like eating a pig...raw."
--> "No, no, stop it, STOP IT."
--> "YOU SON OF A BI-...okay, that was kinda funny..."
* "(Posh accent) There was something I wanted to discuss. [[SeriousBusiness Very important]]. It involves FistOfTheNorthStar. [[GushingAboutShowsYouLike It is quite perhaps]] [[SugarWiki/SoCoolItsAwesome the best Japanese animation ever made]]. D'you know why? Because it has a man that yells "[[{{Kiai}} ATATATA]]" a lot. And as an immature teenage boy, I find it hilarious."
* [[{{Angrish}} Das Frakenstein un liebund... schnitzel... walrus.]] [[WordSalad The third.]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgCDzOV5EKE&t=07m20s "Why did I die -- THERE'S TIME! AHH! GETINTHEDOORGETINTHEDOORGETINTHEDOOR!"]]
* From the same video: "Iggy! I was wondering where you were. I haven't fought you in ages. [kills Iggy, promptly slides into the lava] '''THAT IS A STUPID MOVE.'''
* Most of 'Koopa Koopa Mob' from [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-GFKMJwMtc Furious Mario]], which brings us such gems as:
-->'''Jon:''' Eenie-meenie-run-away!
--> Would you stop raining--! It does ''not'' rain football players in Mario Land! I don't care what you think!
--> Alright! I think we're good. [[HopeSpot I hope we're good.]] We're ''not'' good! [{{Beat}}] Okay, now we're good.
--> [[TimedMission I'd better stop]] [[LampshadeHanging complaining and start running...]]
* His reaction to the end of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=t4SCh5EHT3U&t=73s 'Obstacle Course' from Furious Mario]]
-->'''Jon:''' ''[Through laughter]'' That's just ''stupid''!
* In ''Notte Luminosa'', he enters a quiz minigame, where he finds that the penalty for getting a question wrong is being placed in a room that has no area to stand on, killing him.
* After reaching his breaking point with a rather obnoxious, Kaizoesque level in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmc3i0U95_E&t=6m32s 'Enigmatic Mario']], [=ProtonJon=] opens the level up in Lunar Magic, a level editor, and confirms he does need to do the ridiculous thing he suspected. He ends the video by arranging a bunch of ? blocks to spell FUCK and yells "That's what I think of your stupid level! [[AtomicFBomb FUUUUCK]]!"
* When it turns out Xanaboy's ROM was so poorly tested he didn't even catch one of the levels ''crashing the game'', Jon warns that he will "e-hit" Xanaboy if this happens again and details how he would do it:
-->"...it will involve me sending a email of Captain Falcon Falcon-punching someone, and it will say, "Xanaboy! You've been Falcon-punched, how do you feel? ''Dead, I hope, 'cause it's a Falcon-punch!''"
* "It's like trying to make me revisit a non-flashback, even though I wasn't there...[[MindScrew or maybe I was, you guys don't know how old I am]]."

* In his first playthrough of "Don't Eat the Mushroom", he didn't eat the mushroom, and the game ended in the most anticlimactic fashion imaginable...
-->'''Jon''': [[SarcasmMode Well, I guess I have no choice]], I guess I have to eat the mushroom. Oh, wow. Imagine that. Imagine that; you have to do something the game tells us not to do. That's incredible, that's amazing, that's -- mushroom! ''(eats mushroom)'' ...huh? ...huh? That... that did nothing. Aw, it's not gonna be some stupid psychedelic FreakOut, is it? Like, I'm not gonna talk to her and she's gonna eat my head or something?\\
''(He walks forward a little bit... and then [[spoiler:the background abruptly switches to Advertising/TheBurgerKing standing against a field of fire while "What Is Love?" begins to play on infinite loop]], [[EnforcedMethodActing completely surprising Jon]])''\\
'''Jon''': '''''AUGH!''''' ''(gasps)'' Fuck!
** "Does doing drugs actually do this? I -- I'm gonna need to check this, 'cause if I took a hit of acid and suddenly saw Advertising/TheBurgerKing on fire singing "What is Love," I'd be amazed."
* "I got the "I Forget" move. HOORAY!"
* "Yes! More! More Jim Carrey!"
* "''Probably shouldn't have eaten that mushroom.'' Oh you..."
* "I am climbing myself. What the hell?"
* "Aww, Internet Explorer? '''''6?!''''' Oh, no wait, it's 7, never mind."
* "It's nice and atmospheric, especially later o --" *falls into [[SuperDrowningSkills water]]* "...fuck."
** *again* "FUUUUU--! Lalalala, I didn't see that..."
*** *[[RuleOfThree ...and again]]* "FUUUUU[[LastSecondWordSwap dgecicles]]!"

[[folder: Super Smash Bros]]
*** "AW DAMMIT!" "'''''DIIIIEEEE!!!'''''"
* The ending to the first video.
-->'''Ashley:''' How many times did I say [[spoiler:"You're holding a bomb!"?]]
* [[GroinAttack "GYNECOLOGY STAB!!!"]]
** The last few seconds of that same match. It has to be seen to be believed!
-->'''Jon''' as he sees Rodney turn into Wario-Man: Oh I'm dead.
-->'''Rodney''': But you're protected in that security box of yours [a series of bricks drawn in the Pictochat stage].
-->[At which point Rodney grabs a lightning power-up, causing Jon's character and respective hit box to grow out of said box.]
-->'''Jon''': Unless that happens!!!
* "AHHH! I'M STUCK!" (Goes in reverse and falls off the stage)
* "No nines!" (Get's hit by a nine from Game N' Watch) "SONOFABITCH!"
** The following:
--> '''Jon:''' You weren't playing with Chris and everyone else when all they did was team up three Game & Watches on a--
--> ''(Jon gets hit with a 9 from the giant Lu Bu)''
--> '''Jon:''' MARIO!!!
--> '''Lu Bu:''' THERE WE GO! That was a ''[[HumiliationConga giant 9!]]''
* "Oh, God! Jill is the Anti-Dee!"
* "This call is being recorded." What makes it is how Rodney ([[LetsPlay/AzureBlade49 Azura]]) ''can't stop laughing''.

[[folder: Custom DealOrNoDeal with Kelekin]]
* It bears mention that even the ''introduction'' has its own Crowning Moment...
-->'''Jon:''' We have... Hepatitis A-G. I forgot that was there. Uh...
-->''(Cue CensorBox with the text: "This part of the commentary deleted because Jon was an idiot and forgot he was recording")''
-->'''Kelekin:''' ''Anyways!''
-->'''Jon:''' Moving on! We have a... one year supply of Gonorrhea. God damn it.
** There's also the reason Jon gives for playing the game: He saw a Deal or No Deal arcade machine... at a Chuck E. Cheeses. Where he was going for a friend's birthday. [[LampshadeHanging "Good place for a 23-year-old to go, huh?"]]
* "I'm not getting a golden shower, you ''sick fuck.''"
** ''"What will R Kelly do now?"''
* The entirety of the round where Jon loses [[ItMakesSenseInContext the box of used condoms]].
--> '''Game narration:''' That round was ''not'' in your favor.
-->''' Jon:''' How was it not in my favor?
--> '''Kelekin:''' [[RefugeInAudacity He recognizes the benefits of them being used!]]
** The 'Bad Mario Rom Hack' versus the used condoms was worth a chuckle, too:
--> '''Kelekin:''' Seriously, though, if you had to choose between a romhack -- [[FromBadToWorse a]] ''[[FromBadToWorse bad]]'' [[FromBadToWorse romhack]] -- and a package of used condoms? I think that's quite the toss-up.
-->'''Jon:''' I'm not answering that question at all!
-->''' Kelekin:''' Thought I'd try.
* "You are ''useless'', [[Franchise/CarmenSandiego Carmen]]!"
** "You're useless too... and you're a prick!"
*** And at the last choice:
-->'''2nd Helper:''''' [completely blank]
-->'''Jon:''' ......WOW!
-->'''Kelekin:''' She's speechless!
-->'''Jon:''' I think she had a stroke! That's why she is holding her head. [...]
-->'''Kelekin:''' Somebody should call 911. [...] She's telepatically calling 911.
-->'''Jon:''' I'm summoning 911 right now.
* Jon's reaction to the second offer is priceless, too:
-->'''Game text''': Suggested offer: Sponge Bath from Mom.
-->'''Jon''': [[{{Squick}} Eugh!]]
-->''' Kelekin:''' You know, I think that's a good suggestion.
-->'''Jon:''' Nonono! Change it! ''Change it!'' I hate you!
-->'''Kelekin:''' Hypothetical mom wants to give you a sponge bath.
-->'''Jon''': Hypothetical mom can hypothetically go away.

[[folder:Superman 64]]
* [[DullSurprise "Great, just great"]]
* The glitches, over 80 of them listed in [[http://www.youtube.com/user/ProtonJonSA?blend=2&ob=1#p/c/6537A2F60C44CF57/0/E7PlY_7TSJA Jon's Let's Play of the game]].
*** Stage 6 alone adds a whopping '''27''' glitches to the count (including one during the ''pre-level cutscene'').
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-XYNGLcPZw&t=10m20s Getting shot to heal yourself]].
* "And now apparently I can't walk up the stairs. Superman, walk up the stairs. Stop jumping like a pony and walk up the stairs. Don't jump ''over'' the stairs! Thank you. -- Fly, Superman, into that wall!"
* "Let's show off our lovely hero's face ... AND THEN HIS CHEST!"
* "WOW. [[GameBreakingBug DUUUUDE!]]"
* ''[[VideoGameCrueltyPotential Kidnappable Babies: Infinite]]''
** "What if I throw it... [[OhCrap oh man, where'd the baby carriage go?!]]"
** Right before the above, there's this:
-->'''Jon:''' And I am... ''walking in mid-air''. ''[Silence]'' Thank you, game. Thank you. The only problem with [kidnapping babies] is if I press B to fly, I can't.... Okay. That's new. ''[Starts flying]'' Oh, ''whoa!'' That... didn't work last time!
** Then when Jon realises exactly what he's done ...
--> '''Jon''': "Ah, shit, now I have to do this all over again."
-->'''Superman''': "Then there's no time to waste."
-->'''Jon''': "[[PrecisionFStrike Fu]][[ThisIsGonnaSuck ck]]."
* ''Random Asshole Comment: 1''
* At the end of the dam stage:
-->'''Jon:''' Now I want everyone to just kinda sit back, relax, and enjoy this well earned victory. Do you know why?
-->''A mine robot flies by and [[KaizoTrap kills Superman]]''
-->'''Jon:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Because it didn't really happen.]]
* One of the video comments on the first part of the Stage three video:
-->"Nice biography on Titus, but you forgot the part where the Caen brothers died tragically when they [[GoodBadBugs accidentally glitched]] [[GameBreakingBug through the floor]]."
* "For now, let's enjoy the third ride while we have it... in glorious Squint-o-vision..."
* "I... I smile and nod. It's Gameboy logic."
* "Mala is from the planet Krypton -- same as Superman -- which means she has the exact same powers ''as'' Superman... which, thankfully, in this game means absolutely nothing."
** The better humour is in what is stated silently:
--> '''Subtitles''': "Super Powers in Game: She can punch things."
* "Astute listeners with ''ears'' [[CriticalAnnoyance will have noticed that Superman's health is low.]]
* Jon breaking the game in the dam level and, without missing a beat, taking us an a tour of the 'Negative world'
-->'''Jon:''' There's the water -- [{{Beat}}] and we fell ''through'' the water. This is Superman's innards, incase you were wondering what the Man of Steel looked like inside. There's the water. There's us falling through it. Aaaaaand any second now, I'm gonna break the game. ''[This happens]'' Yup. [[SarcasmMode Isn't this game great, folks?]]
** In a similar vein, he screws himself over in a later mission by taking us on an actual tour. Of water and fog.
-->'''Jon:''' So I guess we'll take what little time we have left and explore the vast... ocean... of Metropolis. Where the hell are all the buildings? [{{Beat}}] Okay. So this is Metropolis, apparently Aquaman hangs out here... [[CaptainObvious there's the water.]] Fog under the water. Believable... I guess. Except for those triangles. You can -- ''[starts laughing]'' see the walls! You can see the boundaries of Metropolis!
* "Aren't you glad I decided to show this to you guys? 'Go ahead, play Superman, it'll be great! You'll love it! Oh, you'll have ''fun'' playing it!'"
* "Damn his hoola-hoop plans!"
* Jon's explanation of how he came across a Superman 64 strategy guide.
-->'''Jon:''' You probably can't find [a copy of the Superman strategy guide] unless you look online or you know some very deranged people... and I do.
-->'''Subtitle:''' Thanks, Dan.
** "I know more about this game than the guide does, which is really depressing... and makes it hard to sleep at night."
* Jon walks into the Braniac boss room, collects health... and hears glass shatter. He immediately starts laughing.
-->'''Jon:''' ''[Through laughter]'' What the ''[[PrecisionFStrike fuck]]'' was that?
* "Each piece of paper -- which magically disappears after you've read it, because apparently you've put it in your Superpocket or some other... where ''are'' the pockets on S -- I don't even want to ''know'' where Superman has pockets."
* Jon [[LargeHam hamming it up]] during his bio of Lex Luthor.
-->'''Jon:''' In fact, one time, when no one was looking, Lex Luthor stole forty cakes. I know! He took forty cakes! That's as much as four tens! AndThatsTerrible.
-->'''Subtitle:''' Much like this joke.
** ''Much'' funnier [[MemeticMutation if you know the source of this joke,]] and that Jon didn't make it up on the spot.
* Jon getting distracted by the map of the world in Stage 4.
-->'''Jon:''' I swear, that map is straight out of ''VideoGame/GoldenEye1997''! Maybe a different color, but that map looks straight out of it.
-->''[Screen switches to a comparison]''
-->'''Subtitle:''' I was thinking of Control, not Bunker 2. Also, they don't look the same at all.
-->'''Jon:''' [As the game resumes] Then again, it was just a map of the world, so I could be imagining it.
-->''[Screen switches back to the comparison]''
-->'''Subtitle:''' [[DeadpanSnarker You]] [[SelfDeprecation totally were.]]
* "That was not a boss fight. Not by ''any'' stretch of the imagination. ''He walked into my fist.''"
* "Oh no, I pushed him through the wrong part of the floor... [[ARareSentence ...that's a phrase I never thought I'd say.]]"
** ''"Is that forklift humping that robot!?"''
--->'''"Never Thought I'd Say That" Count:''' 2
* "The conveyorbelt still moves and... oh, that robot still move -- what is that robot ''doing''? Stop doing that to Superma-- ''what are you doing''? [[TomatoSurprise God, Superman]] ''[[TomatoSurprise is]]'' [[TomatoSurprise that robot!]] [[DullSurprise Oh no!]]"
* "Now, for some reason, it's not doing it anymore, but -- Superman, why are you humping the sky? Superman, why are you humping the ''floor''? Get up! That's wrong! Get-- there we go..."
** "... He wasn't getting up for a second, I was getting concerned. Uh, w-well he ''was'' getting ''up'' but... ah-hem..."
* "Let's get shot at ''and'' [[ItMakesSenseInContext get hit in the underpants...]] [[{{Whammy}} double whammy]] right there..."
* "Raise the roof, Superman! ...although I just threw it... So now we'll just steal some lights off the ceiling instead... which are ''also'' explosive. Of course. Okay, that one actually kind of makes sense."
* "I have to get out of here [[StealthPun super fast]]... [[LateToThePunchline oh, I see what I did there...]]"
* Jon glitching himself into the ground where Lois is being held at the start of Chapter 6... and having Superman peek up her skirt. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1CH7RGyh0lU&t=516s It has to be seen]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1CH7RGyh0lU&t=541s to be believed]].
-->'''Jon:''' Don't do it! Don't do it!
-->Screen: He did it
-->*[[ArmorPiercingSlap SLAP]]*
* "[[https://youtu.be/1CH7RGyh0lU?t=5m10s GunBoxHead]]"
* Jon's reaction to one of Superman's freakouts.
-->'''Jon:''' Now if you remember -- ''[Superman glitches]'' ...the dance button.
* "Hi Lois! Get out of the way, I need to save Lois."
* When doing Metallo's bio, Jon describes him as being as somewhat forgettable compared to the other bosses in the game, and then gives examples of what makes the other bosses interesting. Said examples? Mala has "A Winning Personality" and Lex Luthor "Spends Entire Level In A Tube".
* This moment during stage 4:
--> '''Jon''': ''(uses [[HeelFaceTurn Reprogrammation]] to convert an enemy to his side)'' Go get 'em! ''(gets shot by other enemies while his new partner does nothing)'' You are ''useless!'' ''[[NotSoHarmlessVillain (new partner shoots and kills an enemy)]]'' ...maybe not. Go get 'em Charlie! ''(sees that all the enemies are dead)'' Thanks Charlie, that's a slap on the back for you! ''(punches his ally and kills him)''
* Generally, the RunningGag featuring a masterful spoof of the Series/{{Batman}} "spinning ChestInsignia" EyeCatch, used with Superman's own Insignia whenever he (alongside his player, Jon) has to start over doing everything again.
* He reveals at the end of Stage 7 several glitches regarding rescuing hostages, all of which manage to be funnier than the last. He says you don't even need to ''take down'' the Shadows, you can just run around in circles, and shows that you can ''[[MoralDissonance ignore and fly away from them]]'' and still pass the mission.
* The entirety of the Darkseid fight in stage 8. First he finds Darkseid while flying through the stage and proceeds to accidentally fly straight past him. The fight then ''starts'' with Jon just casually picking Darkseid up like a mannequin. It culminates after Jon does the fight proper, when he tries to pick up Darkseid's downed body. This inexplicably causes Superman to slip like he had just stepped on a BananaPeel and fall flat on his back while Darkseid is launched up through the ceiling. Jon is left baffled as to what the hell happened and where the hell Darkseid went for a good 20 seconds. He then frantically searches the stage trying to find where he landed, and upon finally locating him, knocks him out again and somehow delivers him to the now nonexistent police for arrest after they exploded earlier.
* Also in stage 8, he considers the fact that the stage has three floors is important, and will be on the test. He isn't going to write it though, so he encourages people to write the test and submit it to other people, e-mailing it to an address that flies quickly across the top of the screen [[spoiler: and reads [[FreezeFrameBonus whydidyoupausethisvideotocheckthisthrowawayjoke@gmail.com]]]].
* Once again in Stage 8: [[ItMakesSenseInContext Lex's Beach ball car]]
* In Stage 9, Jon chooses to show off the game's multiplayer mode as the in-flight movie with three friends. Due to how poorly designed the game is, at one point Jon and Dan lose each other ''in the same room''.
** Before showing off the multiplayer, Jon mentions that the video for it was recorded 3 1/2 years ago. He then realizes that he hasn't spoken to one of his friends in the video in years, and quietly speculates that ''Superman 64'' ruined their friendship.

[[folder: Mario Kart Wii]]
* (Jon gets a Thundercloud while chasing down Chris in the final seconds of the race)
-->'''Chris:''' Aww, [[ThisIsGonnaSuck no]], [[OhCrap no!]]
-->'''Jon:''' C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon! Hey, Chris! ''HAPPY BIRTHDAY!'' ([[HumiliationConga last-second pass]])
* Near the end of a different race, upon being informed of a blue shell headed his way:
-->'''Jon:''' Wait, seriously? ([[OhCrap alarm]]) ''Shit, no, no, no, no, ''(boom)'' nooo!'' (Jon places 2nd) ''DAMMIT!''

[[folder: Battletoads Race versus [=SuperJeenius=], [=PCULL44444=] and [=NintendoCapriSun=]]]
* At one point, Jon says he's gonna make mock-achievements in editing, highlighting some of the more gameplay-oriented and off-kilter moments throughout the race. Right off the bat:
-->'''Jeenius:''' [[ThisIsGonnaSuck Aw, shit]]...\\
'''Achievement Unlocked: [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Language, young man! ]]
''' First to curse in the race.
** The fact that the achievements are done almost in ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' style, with a similar text box and font.
* The two "Fuck you, sound barrier!" achievement moments.
** The first one, courtesy of LetsPlay/{{PCULL44444}}:
--->'''PCULL:''' [[http://youtu.be/pERNUuCRdJ8?t=20m2s NOOOOOO!!!]]\\
'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Fuck you, sound barrier! ]]
''' Make everyone go deaf.\\
'''Jeenius:''' I don't know what that was but it must've been good.
** The second moment comes from LetsPlay/SuperJeenius:
--->'''NCS:''' Good, good. And we go up this way.
--->'''Jeenius:''' [[http://youtu.be/pERNUuCRdJ8?t=28m8s NOOOOOOAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!]]\\
'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Fuck you, sound barrier! ]]
''' Make everyone go deaf.\\
'''PCULL:''' Holy crap...\\
'''NCS:''' Hahahaha!
--->'''Jeenius:''' I was right there! I was right -- fuck!
--->'''PCULL:''' That's the first time I've ever heard [=SuperJeenius=] yell that loudly.
*** And then, the followup:
----> '''Jeenius:''' ''[after finding out that he's stuck in last and then dying again]'' '''[[http://youtu.be/d_eYvh5CzIA?t=12m58s AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!]]'''\\
'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Literature/Animorphs ]]
''': I think he's part cat now...\\
'''Jon:''' Holy crap, who just broke the sound barrier?
* In Episode 1, [=SuperJeenius=] was having enough trouble in the Turbo Tunnel already. He did not appreciate Pcull making incoherent noises to distract him.
-->'''Jon:''' ''[bursts into laughter]''
-->'''Jeenius:''' ''[hits a wall and dies]'' Fuck you, Patrick, I'm trying to pay attention here!
-->'''Pcull:''' ''[makes more gibberish noises]''
-->'''Jeenius:''' ''[after dying a third time in the same sequence and laughing]'' Fucking Patrick, I'm gonna kill you!
** Even funnier is the achievement that goes with it at:
--->'''Pcull:''' ''[incoherent gibberish]'' gablabahdah [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic Nostalgia Critic]] ablabldahb
--->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Perfect Imitation ]]
''': Someone's getting hatemail
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Jeenius loves snakes.]]
** [[https://youtu.be/d_eYvh5CzIA?t=16m54s His reaction to finally clearing]] [[ThatOneLevel the Snake Pit]] and moving on to the next stage, Volkmire's Inferno:
--->'''Jeenius:''' [[BigYes Yes! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!]] Thank God! Ahhhh! VOLKMIRE, SUCK MY BALLS! I'M ON YOU.\\
'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[That Came Out Wrong Ladies? ]]
]]''' He's quite the charmer\\
''[[[{{Beat}} long, awkward silence]]]''\\
'''[=NintendoCapriSun=]:''' ...Wow.
** Speaking of the snakes...
--->'''Pcull:''' I live a [[BlessedWithSuck blessed life of Battletoads failure!]]
--->'''Jeenius:''' I live a blessed life of I'm-Not-On-Snakes-Anymore!
** The snakes return in achievement form several episodes in.
--->'''Jeenius:''' Sprint never should have been implemented in this game. That is the single one thing that kills me.
--->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: I Thought It Was Snakes? ]]
''' You were thinking it too
* In Episode 3, when Pcull is complaining about the rubber ducks not turning around after being hit, [[LetsPlay/NintendoCapriSun NCS]] asks, [[https://youtu.be/jCjCFZx0mwk?t=12m43s "What are you think they are, Christians?"]] and prompts this:
-->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Turn the Other Cheek ]]
''': Matthew 5:3842 [[labelnote:NIV translation]]You have heard that it was said, "Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth." But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.[[/labelnote]]
* Later in the same episode, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCjCFZx0mwk&t=27m10s Pcull briefly becomes]] [[{{Angrish}} Scatman]]. Which leads into a discussion about what happens when you remix a remix.
* Patrick's genuine freak-out at the rubber ducks:
* Pcull's random swearing is always good for a laugh. "HOLY BALLS MONKEY SACK ASS MONKEY!"
* The predictable (and abundant) jokes about the game itself.
-->'''Pcull:''' Fuck. Shitty tits ass mother... dick. ''[beat]'' Piss.
-->'''Jeenius:''' Yeah! What Patrick said!
-->'''Jon:''' Yeah, that's a good rebuttal. I agree. As a counter-argument: VideoGame/{{Battletoads}}.
** Further in, we get:
--->'''Jeenius:''' I'm not gonna say it's a bad idea, I'm just gonna say it hurts my soul.\\
'''Jon:''' Oh, well, that's -- that's just what Battletoads does, man.\\
'''Jeenius:''' Yeah...\\
'''Jon:''' Remember, all's fair in love and Battletoads.
** Speaking of love and Battletoads...
--->'''Jeenius:''' Water wheels, it is time to [[UnusualEuphemism put yourself inside of me.]]\\
'''Pcull:''' ''[beat]'' [[FlatWhat What.]]\\
'''Jon:''' I don't think that's how Battletoads works.\\
'''Jeenius:''' [[RefugeInAudacity The]] ''[[RefugeInAudacity cartridge]]'' [[RefugeInAudacity works that way...]]
** And the obligatory achievement:
---> '''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Life Imitates Battletoads ]]
''': Hurt yourself in real life
* NCS having a temporary HeroicBSOD:
-->'''NCS:''' ''[after a long silence, walks up to an enemy]'' Just kill me.
* This exchange when Pcull dies to the DeadlyGas:
-->'''Pcull:''' NO! THE. GAS.
-->'''NCS:''' The gas? Oh I can help you with that, maybe.
-->'''Pcull:''' [[{{Gasshole}} Oh, Tim. No Tim.]]
-->'''Jeenius:''' I think he has plenty.
-->'''Pcull:''' If your gas kills me [[DeaderThanDead I'll lose my infinite lives.]]
* [[https://youtu.be/d_eYvh5CzIA?t=2m46s Pcull makes his move]]:
-->'''Pcull:''' Okay, game face. Game face. [[AttackAttackRetreatRetreat I got this! NONONO I DON'T GOT THIS! I DON'T GOT THIS.]]
-->'''Jeenius:''' Patrick never had this.
-->'''Jon:''' Got cocky, didn't you?
-->'''Pcull:''' No, I didn't get cocky... I got hopeful.
-->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Music/The Protomen Hope Rides Alone ]]
]]''': You don't got this
* As it turns out, the race was a pretty pivotal event for Patrick. It starts off when he avoids getting sucked into a fan in Intruder Excluder:
-->'''[=PCULL:=]''' Oh god, Oh my god, that was the luckiest thing that's ever happened to me in my ''life''!

-->''A few minutes later, he barely avoids getting zapped by electricity.''
-->'''[=PCULL:=]''' Oh my god, that was the luckiest thing that's ever happened to me.
-->'''[=NCS:=]''' ...So the two luckiest things that ever happened to you in your life were in the past five minutes?

-->''Later on in the next video, a fish kills him by knocking him into some spikes.''
-->'''[=PCULL:=]''' GOD-, you can't be serious! That was the biggest fail of my life!
-->'''[=SuperJeenius:=]''' Man, a lot of "of your life"s are happening in this video. Or this... project.
-->'''[=PCULL:=]''' This project is just so momentous on my existence!
* The response Jon gets to "Are you okay?"
-->'''Jeenius:''' NO!
-->'''NCS:''' Shit. Man...
-->'''Jeenius:''' Save me, mommy!
* Pcull's amazement at actually getting to a boss.
-->'''Pcull:''' Oh my god, I'm at a boss. [=WhatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdo=]?
-->'''Jon:''' You ''kill'' it!
* At one point, NCS sings a little tune to himself. Then this happens:
--> '''Jon:''' What song are you singing?
-->''At that exact moment, NCS is just barely killed by a gas trap.''
--> '''NCS:''' Agh! I choked on dispersed... cloud smoke.
--> '''Jon:''' ...I've never heard that song.
--> '''Pcull:''' That's...
--> '''Jeenius:''' That's a good song. It was #1 hits in the 50s. I choked on~ dispersed cloud smoke~!
* The moment this starts up, you just ''know'' what's coming:
-->'''Pcull:''' [[MotorMouth I was doing alright and then the sharks started killing me and then I dodged him and he's chasing me and he's making me sad, but I'm going through this thing quickly now...]] and [[ExplainExplainOhCrap it's gonna make me die on these spikes down here]] -- SHIT!
-->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Five Second Foreshadowing Called it ]]
]]''': Narrated your own death
* More CatchPhrase[=/=]CallBack humor:
-->'''Pcull:''' I forgot it was there so I jumped over the pit and it landed on my head as I was over the pit.
-->'''Jeenius:''' [[LetsPlay/NintendoCapriSun You did not just jump me]] [[VideoGame/YoshisStory over the pit.]]
-->'''NCS:''' Wonderful.
* The group bursting into song on episode 4. Especially Jeenius singing a modified version of [[Music/{{Queen}} "We Are The Champions"]] with Jon soon joining for a duet (and NCS trying to join in at the end).
-->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Conga Line Karaoke ]]
''': Everyone sings your song
* Episode 5, Jon finally beats a stage:
-->'''Jon:''' End of stage [[PrecisionFStrike muthafuckas]]! ''[[[YankTheDogsChain dies]]]'' [[BigNo NOOOOO!]] NO!
-->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Hear that sound? ]]
''': That's a soul being killed
** It's worth mentioning that the same thing happened to Tim in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1I1bCzUxOA&t=800s another Battletoads race.]] The reaction is worth watching.
* One of the achievements in episode 5 came from a ClusterFBomb.
-->'''Jeenius:''' Fuck ''fuck'' '''fuck''' '''''fuck''''' ''fuck fuck'' fuck fuck fuck.
-->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Fuck ]]
''': Fuck
* Jon's reaction to Pcull gaining the lead:
-->'''Pcull:''' I gave [the ball] too much leeway and now I'm screwed. ''[beat]'' [[MoodWhiplash Holy shit.]]
-->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: [[Call Back There's Your ]]
[[VideoGame/MarioKart Blue Shell!]]]]''': Take the lead
-->'''Pcull:''' Oh my ''God''. Oh my God. ''[[BigOMG Oh my God.]]'' Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit...
-->'''Jon:''' What?
-->'''Pcull:''' I'm at the boss.
-->'''Jon:''' Oh, fuck you.
** Similarly, when he regains the lead in the next level...
--->'''Jon:''' So is it the first cloud that you're having problems with, Patrick?
--->'''Pcull:''' Yeah, the green one.
--->'''Jon:''' Okay, cool, 'cause I just killed it.
--->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Wow ]]
''': This guy sounds like a dick
--->'''Jeenius:''' [[ContinuityNod What an asshole...]]
--->''[seconds later, Jon dies]''
--->'''Jon:''' Oh, what? Oh, thank God, it's a checkpoint.
--->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: I'll take that back... ]]
''': Take back the lead
--->'''Pcull:''' Fuck you!
* The way NCS earns 'What Does This Thing Do?'. He's dead silent as he reaches the bomb in Rat Race, stands next to and stares at the bomb, and then gets blown up.
-->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: What Does this Thing Do? ]]
''': Just stare at the bomb.
-->'''NCS:''' ''[after several seconds]'' Oh, was I supposed to get it first?
** While we're on the subject, NCS's unforeseen declaration of entertainment.
--->'''NCS:''' This rat level's fun -- I'm likin' it!
--->'''Jon:''' ''Really?'' I've ''never'' heard anyone say they've enjoyed Rat Race.
--->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Stockholm Syndrome ]]
''': [[IThinkYouBrokeHim Battletoads broke him]]
** There's also this charming Rat Race-related exchange:
--->'''NCS:''' ''Dude''! Stupid gas things! Quit farting in my face!
--->'''Jeenius:''' [[{{Gasshole}} You like it, Tim.]] Don't deny it.
--->'''NCS:''' ''[distractedly]'' Yeah, I s'pose...
---> ''[Jon starts laughing]''
--->'''Jeenius:''' [[IKnewIt I]] ''[[IKnewIt KNEW IT!]]''
* Episode 5 gives us the latest in the long line of Pcull's {{Hope Spot}}s.
-->'''Pcull:''' Check point, please? Check point my buns? Check point on my buns?
-->'''Jon:''' [[FiveSecondForeshadowing Kill yourself and check!]]
-->'''Pcull:''' This has got to be a check point. There's, like, a cloud that's blowing on me...
-->'''Jon:''' Yeah, you got that check point by then.
-->'''Pcull:''' ''[dies]'' Okay, I'm dead... so... I hope it's a check point. ''[respawns]'' [[SafeZoneHopeSpot Aaaaand....]] it's not! It's not.
-->'''Jon:''' ''Really?''
-->''[[HeroicBSOD [Pcull dissolves into]]'' ''[[LaughingMad laughter]]]''
* [=SuperJeenius=] demonstrating his lady charming skills. Again.
-->'''Pcull:''' NO! I hit you, you dirty slut!
-->'''Jeenius:''' It's not nice to hit sluts. Sluts are women too.
-->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Girl Power! ]]
''': He's got your back, ladies
-->'''Pcull:''' [[CrossesTheLineTwice Women are sluts too.]]
--> ''[silence]''
-->'''Jeenius:''' It's no wonder you're single.
* The singing makes a triumphant return and Pcull puts his foot in his mouth.
-->'''Pcull:''' ''[singing]'' I can't talk 'cause I'm concentrating. I keep dying 'cause I am... [[LastSecondWordSwap masturbating]]...
-->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Too Much Information! ]]
''': Too many Good Vibrations
* Battletoads defies description.
-->'''Jeenius:''' There are no words.
-->'''Jon:''' No words can describe Battletoads. Except Battletoads.
-->'''Pcull:''' And ''fuck''.
-->'''Jon:''' That too.
* There's one segment where NCS is at the end of the Terror Tubes and everybody goes silent as he narrates his thought process. Naturally, it ends poorly.
-->'''NCS:''' Here we go, here we go -- to the right. That's right. Now to the left again. That's right. Now to the right. ''That's'' right. Now to the left again. That's right. Now to the right -- ''[lands on spikes]'' ''WHAT?''
-->''[beat, everybody else starts laughing]''
-->'''Jon:''' I take it it didn't go according to plan.
-->'''NCS:''' ''Crap''.
* [=SuperJeenius=]' identity crisis in the face of non-Battletoads conversation.
-->'''Jeenius:''' Argh, people are chatting in IRC and I want to chat with them, but I can't 'cause I'm Battletoads!
-->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Addicted to Battletoads ]]
''': "Can't chat, dying too much"
-->'''Jon:''' 'Cause you ''are'' Battletoads.
-->'''Jeenius:''' I ''am'' Battletoads.
-->'''Jon:''' [[AndThenJohnWasAZombie You have become the game.]]
-->'''Pcull:''' The only way you can win, is you become the game.
-->'''Jeenius:''' ''Exactly''. Patrick understands!
** Shortly after that, Jon offers an interesting insight into his values.
--->'''Jeenius:''' You know that friend who's never on skype, and then he's on skype but you can't talk to him because you're... busy playing Battletoads?
--->'''Jon:''' I think that's a legitimate reason not to talk to someone. 'I'm sorry, I'm playing Battletoads, you'll have to come back later.'
* A moment of ItMakesSenseInContext courtesy of NCS and Pcull,
-->'''NCS:''' Jeeze, what was that? I was killing you and then you killed me.
-->'''Pcull:''' You're not allowed to kill me when I'm killing you!
* Pcull goes [[{{Angrish}} remixing]] on us again:
-->'''Pcull:''' Oooohhhhhdodododododododiediediediedie!
-->'''Jon:''' That's it. You told that thing.
* Jake asks the question that's been on everybody's mind.
-->'''Jeenius:''' ''Why'' are we doing this? [[MachoMasochism I still don't really know...]]
* Before the check point meltdown, Jon 'reminisces'.
-->'''Jon:''' ''[as an old man]'' [[WhenIWasYourAge Back in my day]] [[NintendoHard we didn't have]] [[ClassicVideoGameScrewYous checkpoints!]]
-->'''Jeenius:''' ''[beat]'' I believe that.
* Everyone finally finds something they can agree on.
-->'''Pcull:''' For serious.
-->'''Jon:''' For realsies.
-->'''Pcull:''' For--
-->'''Jeenius:''' FUUUUUCK!
-->'''Pcull:''' Yes.
-->'''Jon:''' I agree.
-->'''Jeenius:''' [[Film/ForrestGump And that's all I have to say about that.]]
* The ultimate gas-related award:
-->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: The [[Lets Play/Nintendo Capri Sun Timothy Bishop ]]
Award]]''': Die 30 times to the gas
* Jon gets exactly what he asked for.
-->'''Jeenius:''' No! No! No! No! Fucking ''no!''
-->'''Jon:''' ''[beat]'' Tell us what you really think.
-->'''Jeenius:''' [[BigNo NOOOO!]]
-->'''Jon:''' ...okay.
-->'''Achievement Unlocked: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Well... ]]
''': At least he's honest
* More of Jon's valuable advice.
-->'''Pcull:''' Alright. I've got a ''stick''! Now I have The Stick of Happiness!
-->'''Jon:''' [[TemptingFate Now you might stand a good chance.]]
-->'''Pcull:''' Annnnd I died.
-->'''Jeenius:''' Or not.
-->'''Jon:''' You've gotta stay alive, too. That's the other trick.
* [=SuperJeenius=]'s lesson in give-and-take.
-->'''Jeenius:''' No. You give Battletoads an inch, it takes your asshole.
-->'''Pcull:''' I don't want my asshole taken.
-->'''Jeenius:''' Exactly! Don't give Battletoads an inch!
* Pcull has a ThatCameOutWrong moment and, without missing a beat, takes advantage of it.
-->'''Pcull:''' NO! He went behind me and then rammed me in the butt -- that's what she said.
* 'This game stops sobriety...'
-->'''Jon:''' Times like this, I wish I drank...
* [=SuperJeenius=]'s mind wanders late into the run.
-->'''Jeenius:''' I really wish Battletoads was porn right now.
-->'''Pcull:''' ...[[FlatWhat what.]]
** Later on:
-->'''Jon:''' Battletoads is not supposed to be this seductive, sir.
-->'''Jeenius:''' Yes it is, sir!
* Insight into the dynamics of LetsPlay/TheRunawayGuys.
-->'''Jeenius:''' Is this how the Runaway Guys feel?
-->'''Jon:''' Yeah. Pretty much.
* Interestingly, Pcull manages to come up with a FacePalm related misstep, mirroring another of Jon's collaborations. [[note]]*[[LetsPlay/TheRunawayGuys Face eyes]]*[[/note]]
-->'''Pcull:''' [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment I wish I could facepalm Battletoads in the face...]]
* We go around the world in fifteen seconds.
-->'''Jake:''' [[GratuitousJapanese Oiiiii,]] [[LightNovel/{{Baccano}} Isakku! Nan da miriya.]]
-->'''Pcull:''' [[GratuitousFrench Sacre bleu!]]
-->'''Jon:''' That is not the same language, sir.
-->'''Pcull:''' NOOOOOOOOOO!
-->'''Jon:''' Neither is that.
* Everyone takes a trip to the world of anime.
-->'''Jeenius:''' You can still do this, Tim. I have faith in you. Much more than I have faith in me.
-->'''Jon:''' But aren't you supposed to [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann believe in you who believes in me?]]
-->'''Pcull:''' ''[begins singing]'' [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} You teach you and I'll teach me!]]
-->'''Jon:''' ''[in the background]'' That's not how it works!
-->'''Jeenius:''' ''[singing along]'' I'll kill you! You son of a bitch! S-T-Ds!
* NCS just abandoning the game to look something up on Google Chrome. His toad dies over and over while he's away.
-->'''Jon:''' I think Tim's fallen asleep. I can hear him -- sounds like he's snoring.
-->'''NCS:''' No, I'm still here. I'm just... watching something.
-->'''Pcull:''' Are you watching a guide?
-->'''Jon:''' He's actually replaced his run with a speedrun.
* [=SuperJeenius=] manages to glitch out the game and get his toad walking on water near the end of one segment in the AbsurdlySpaciousSewer level. ''Repeatedly.'' He barely seems to notice, but the achievements take note. Somehow, Jeenius' obliviousness makes it more amusing.
* "No, this is [[LetsPlay/PCULL44444 Pat]][[WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants rick]]!"
* [[https://youtu.be/d_eYvh5CzIA?list=PL201F1C36731623D0&t=263 This exchange]]:
-->'''Jon:''' [[ItMakesSenseInContext I still stand by my Power Rangers Villain explosion death idea.]]
-->'''Jake:''' '''''FUCK.'''''
-->'''Patrick:''' That is the best death.
-->'''Tim:''' ''[laughs]'' That was a really good "fuck" just now.
-->'''Patrick:''' ThatsWhatSheSaid!

[[folder: Mario's Early Years]]
* The "robot child" narrator.
* In ''Fun with Letters,'' the pair head off to "Sentence Land," which allows for the player to pick random words and have the "robot child" narrator read them out, Mad Libs-style. They have a lot more fun creating completely random and nonsensical sentences than they do actually doing what the game actually wants them to do, like "The jet is wet" and "Ran ran away."
-->'''Robot child:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: [=Lu Ig I i S i N t He Ba G!= ]]
-->'''Kelekin:''' Apparently we're actually now in Idiom World.
* Later on in Sentence World, they are prompted to complete the sentence, "The Princess has a big _____." The options are "Cup," "Lid," and "Box." Then they notice [[VisualInnuendo where the box is placed with regards to the Princess.]] You can hear Jon full-on ''collapse'' with laughter.
-->'''Youtube comment from [=DMAN123223=]:''' Peach held her big CUPS while Mario put his MOP in Peach's wet BAG.
** Actually, almost all of Sentence Land is gold.
-->'''Jon:''' The bug is on the...
-->'''Jon and Kelekin:''' [[StrangeMindsThinkAlike BUG!]]
** There's also Kelekin [[LampshadeHanging hanging a lampshade]] on what they're doing to the poor game.
-->'''Jon:''' Maybe we should leave this room...
-->'''Kelekin:''' Apparently we reached Inappropriate World.
-->'''Jon:''' The princess has a big what? [pauses] ...Do you wanna answer this one? You're welcome to it.
-->'''Kelekin:''' [silence] I think it's the lid.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Pa81s4mw3a0&t=641s The noises]] that Jon dissolves into after a little too long in Sentence World.
* In "Preschool Fun," in Body World, they discover that they can click on the sun. Which... does a suggestive eyebrow wiggle at them.
--> '''Jon:''' Oh god! OH god, it's winking at us! Suggestive sun! No!
--> '''Kelekin:''' He's like, ''[seductively]'' "Hey kids..."
--> '''Jon:''' ''[in a creepy voice]'' Hey kids!
--> '''Kelekin:''' You like the heat?
--> '''Jon:''' Want to watch Mario take off his suspenders?
--> '''Kelekin:''' I don't want to go to Body World anymore!
* Later on, Kelekin admits to playing along with Body World's instructions, like "clap your hands" and "wiggle your nose". Many watchers admitted on the comments section to doing the same.
* The very first part of ''Fun with Letters'', when they start fooling around with the games' intentions.
-->'''Game:''' You found a fish that starts with F. F.
-->''[Jon and Kelekin start laughing]''
-->'''Kelekin:''' F! F!
-->'''Jon:''' Fu! Fu! Q.
* ''Anything'' that has to do with 'Icky Iggy'. Anything.
-->'''Kelekin:''' Icky Iggy!
-->'''Jon:''' Yay! Icky Iggy! ''[Starts laughing]'' What the ''heck''? Look at that afro!
-->'''Kelekin:''' That is-- oh my god, I wish I had that hairstyle. I know what you have to do next Halloween!
-->'''Jon:''' I am ''not'' dressing up as Icky Iggy!
-->'''Kelekin:''' I just wanna say it, like, ten times. [=IckyIggyIckyIggyIckyIggyIcky=]-- I can't.
* [[ItMakesSenseInContext The dubstep of the past.]]
-->'''Kelekin:''' Wubwubwubwubwubwubwub-- igloo!
* Both Jon and Kelekin making up [[AddedAlliterativeAppeal alliterative titles]] for the Alphabet World representatives.
-->'''Kelekin:''' Energy efficient Elephant!
-->'''Jon:''' F. Freakin' fish.
-->'''Game:''' N. N. Noisy Nest.
-->'''Jon:''' I agree. O! Oily Octopus!
-->'''Jon:''' P! Princess--
-->'''Kelekin:''' Promiscuous Peach!
-->'''Jon:''' ...why are those shoes under an umbrella?
-->'''Kelekin:''' It's an Untie umbrella.
-->'''Jon:''' Why would they show kids a volcano?
-->'''Game:''' V. V. Violent Volcano.
-->'''Kelekin:''' As opposed to the friendly ones.
-->'''Kelekin:''' Y! Yodeling Yoshi!
-->'''Jon:''' Pleeeease! It would have been so good if it was Yodeling Yoshi.
* The first encounter with the monkey.
-->'''Game:''' You found it!
-->'''Jon:''' [[MundaneMadeAwesome I found a]] ''[[MundaneMadeAwesome monkey!]]''
-->'''Kelekin:''' [[DullSurprise Wow.]] [{{Beat}}] ''[[BigLippedAlligatorMoment Wait]]''...
* Jon's little mistake while identifying [[OverlyNarrowSuperlative animals]] [[IncrediblyLamePun hawking]] [[OverlyNarrowSuperlative insurance.]]
-->'''Kelekin:''' It's the Gilbert Gottfried duck!
-->'''Jon:''' [[EpicFail Geico!]]
-->'''Kelekin:''' ''Geico''? It's Aflack.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=6VJaLVR94YI&t=489s The Supermarket Piranha Plant]] and Jon's complete bewilderment.
-->'''Jon:''' Why'd a-- wha--? Where'd that Piranha Plant come from?
* Kelekin's proposal for a new world.
-->'''Kelekin:''' I suppose Opposite World is better than Double-Negative World.
-->'''Jon:''' Double-Negative World would be great!
-->'''Kelekin:''' ''[Imitating the 'Robot Child']'' Find the one that is not not hard!
* Pretty much any time they get distracted by Luigi.
-->'''Kelekin:''' I've never really stacked up a bunch of crayons to find out if they'd be good to sleep on, but--
-->'''Jon:''' Luigi's got your back.
** There's also this one:
-->'''Jon:''' Luigi's sleeping in the vegetable isle. Wake up, Luigi! We need to ''learn''!
* Another faux pas-- this time concerning the lyrics to Baa Baa Black Sheep/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
-->'''Jon:''' ''[Singing]'' Mary had a little lamb--
-->'''Kelekin:''' Twinkle twinkle little star!
-->'''Jon:''' Oh, god, I failed preschool! That's my horrible secret!
* One of the last things we hear from ''Fun with Letters''.
-->'''Jon:''' ''[With Mario standing on the pipe, under Peach]'' U! Upskirt! And on that note..
-->'''Kelekin:''' [[BlatantLies I feel like I learned a lot today.]]
* Jon trying to figure out what was coming out of a Warp Pipe to talk to him.
-->'''Jon:''' Th--that was Bowser's butt. It just stuck... Did you see that? It stuck out of the pipe... ''[Sees it again]'' No, that's a... ''carrot''?
* Kelekin unenthusiastically reading out the cow's speech bubble in an apathetic "moo." at the beginning of the first video.

[[folder: TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles (NES)]]
* He beats the game and doesn't realize it for several seconds - even after commenting on Shredder dying.
--> '''Jon:''' That's fucking right, you fucking melt in that ... Why did you explode? I don't fucking care, you did. ... I-I ... What was the point of that? Whatever, you're [[ClusterFBomb fucking]] dead. Did I just beat the game?
* His attempt to explain what's going on upon reaching the lair is completely nonsensical... which makes it awfully entertaining.
-->'''Jon:''' My house! Master! Shredder has, somehow, conveniently set the VCR with this footage. That is set to go off as soon as we walk in. Also, his hand is somehow sticking out of the TV... that's damn impressive. I think he's actually sitting in the TV itself-- they just forgot to actually, like, check, see if it was him and when they all went away to try to find Splinter, he just got out and left.
* There's also this:
-->'''Jon:''' [[CatchPhrase I love being]] [[ShoutOut a turtle]] [[LastSecondWordSwap who can't swim.]]

[[folder: NinjaGaiden]]
* Ryu must go through a maze to find Irene in the second game, so Jon takes it literally and animates a whole sequence of Ryu going through a literal maze.
** Jon has a ScrewThisImOuttaHere moment during Act 5 of the second game, so Ryu decides someone who will play while Jon is gone: [[spoiler: Arnold Schwarzenegger]].
* In the few videos where he has co-commentators, they just have too much fun with the fact that his NamesTheSame as a certain [[WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers Planeteer]]. Particularly when a power-up with that Planeteer's [[KillItWithFire element]] is involved.

[[folder: Crash and the Boys]]
* The epicness that is [[MemeticBadass Clint.]]
** "[[ThatCameOutWrong My Clint-hand is sore!]]"

[[folder: KirbySuperStar]]
* The first LP, even though it's noticeably different from later (especially the first parts), had one moment in ''The Great Cave Offensive'' where Jon paused the entire LP to go get a pizza, leaving player 2 sitting by himself for a good five minutes. When he comes back, he then takes another few minutes to eat the pizza before finally continuing the LP.

[[folder: DonkeyKong94]]
* In episode 3, he repeatedly pre-empts people in the comments making references that annoy him, such as when the game features Mario being hit with a poison mushroom and when a level has "100 SECONDS?!"
* In episode 4, Jon shares his experience of [[ThatCameOutWrong Cyberscoring]].

[[folder: GunstarHeroes Extreme run with TheCompletionist]]
* Him and Jirard getting damaged by [[ZeroEffortBoss Melon Bread]]. A boss they previously thought couldn't hurt you.
* The RunningGag that this is mostly Jon's play-through since Jirard keeps dying.
* Jirard's steadily increasing awe as Jon starts to play through the Seven Force bosses, Jon himself expecting to die at any time so Jirard can re-enter as player 2, yet it never happens.
* Jirard keeps trying to provide moral support with phrases like "You got this, you're good" to Jon, but Jon keeps telling him not to say it -- as it resembles his own weaponised TemptingFate tactic he uses in LetsPlay/TheRunawayGuys
* Jon's appearance in Jirard's episode of Gunstar Heroes on his channel before this LP was made of funny too, especially when Jon makes a [[CatchPhrase "BEARS!"]] joke. Greg was not amused.
--> '''Jon:''' I AM NOT BRUCE WILLIS!

[[folder:Resident Evil 5 with [=SuperJeenius=]]]
* The RunningGag of Chris Redfield apparently being a football star.
** Special mention goes to Jon using "FOOTBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL!" as a battle cry when rushing to save a dying Sheva in the second video.
*** Mixed with a victory fanfare and the words "Touchdown" appearing onscreen when he's successful.
* Building on this, the tagline Jon made for the LP's playlist:
--> "'''Let's Play Resident Evil 5''': I team up with [=SuperJeenius=] to save Africa from Bio-Terrorism through the power of sports."
* The unintentional RunningGag of Jon getting things wrong about the game when he talks about its mechanics or where items are hidden (etc) and having to correct himself in post-production annotations. He starts to lampshade this by episode 6, referring to it as "Conversations with Future Me".
* Jake claiming that Sheva's high heels are the most lethal weapons in the game.
* Jon [[MostAnnoyingSound spamming the "Come on!" command]] pretty much any time he has the opportunity to.
--> '''Chris Redfield''': HURRY!!!
* Jake in part 2 [[TooDumbToLive uses a knife on a downed transformer box]].
* After Jon tells Jake that there is an achievement for knocking a crossbow bolt out of the air with your knife, Jake becomes obsessed with trying to get it.
* This little gem, as they are trying to fend off a truck trying to run them over:
--> '''Jon:''' Move back, you idiot! ''[shoots the explosive barrels, truck falls over]''
--> '''Jake:''' [[ViolationOfCommonSense Nope.]] ''[gets run over by the falling truck, but survives with a decent chunk of his HP still left]'' [[MemeticMutation Problem?]]
* Jon calling Josh Stone Carlton from ''Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir''.
* In part 6, Jake refers to the Uroboros enemies as "[[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Zigzagoons]]", to Jon's baffled reaction. (As Jake says, "because they zig, and they zag, and they're goons.")
** Following this, Jon refers to Pokémon as "little cute monsters that fight each other and want to take over the world."
* The dancing enemy in part 6.
* In part 7, immediately after [=SuperJeenius=] talks about how much he enjoys [[YourHeadASplode watching enemies' heads explode]] and Jon suggests he needs therapy, ''he gets an achievement for exploding heads''.
* In part 8, this little dialogue bit between the two of them that sounds like something you'd see on a sitcom.
--> '''Jon:''' I think we're gonna meet one of your favorite enemies here.
--> '''Jake:''' [[OhCrap Oh, spiders?]]
--> '''Jon:''' No.
--> '''Jake:''' ''[relieved]'' Oh, okay. ''[beat]'' Dogs?
--> '''Jon:''' We already met dogs.
--> '''Jake:''' Invisibles?
--> '''Jon:''' No.
--> '''Jake:''' ''[beat]'' [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers The Chinese?]]
--> '''Jon:''' ''What?''
--> '''Jake:''' ''[cracking up]'' I dunno, I'm out of ideas...
--> '''Jon:''' What version of ''Resident Evil'' have ''you'' been playing?
--> '''Jake:''' Biohazard.
--> '''Jon:''' ...Touché.
* Part 9 marks the start of Jake's obsession with electrocuting things with the stun rod cattle prod.
** When going through the swamp area, Jake comments that the crocodiles [[TemptingFate aren't that dangerous]]. Less than a minute later, Jon gets killed by one.
** "[[MundaneMadeAwesome Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Redfield eating an egg!]]" *APPLAUSE*
** Also in part 9, this exchange:
---> '''Jake:''' You don't like [[ItMakesSenseInContext lingerie grandma football]]?
---> '''Jon:''' ...That's not exactly what I'm into!
* In part 10, there's a moment where Jake is holding onto a lever to keep a drawbridge down for Jon. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=mmjLhm0U1Kg&t=1051s It soon turns sour.]]
--> '''Jake:''' I really want to drop this out from under you so bad.
--> '''Jon:''' You... can, but [[TemptingFate of course that would be a dumb--]]
--> ''["Checkpoint" appears on the screen, and Jake lets go of the lever, killing Jon]''
--> '''Jon:''' WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!
--> ''[beat, Jake starts cracking up]''
--> '''Jon:''' ...Aw, you're a ''dick.''
** The best part is that the comments for the video [[IronicEcho bring up Jon's "A$$hole Song"]] from the Runaway Guys' New Super Mario Bros. Wii playthrough. [[http://www.youtube.com/comment?lc=0G-AHzBbm5-MdMVlOGtK3naGGkhkQmMpl3vtPdsuLa0 At least]] [[http://www.youtube.com/comment?lc=0G-AHzBbm5-nHKexJnInrDGi8kZXpfyqVys_8uxUiCA twice]]. [[http://www.youtube.com/comment?lc=0G-AHzBbm59YuXYJDOznKGrvKWMexARe5bPltXMJvko "Don't Eat The Mushroom" is also mentioned]].
* From part 11:
--> '''Jake:''' Hey! Gold in the grass! That's nice! ''[gets damaged]'' Oh! ''Snakes'' in the grass! [[IronicEcho That's not very nice at all!]]
--> '''Jon:''' I think you just learned what that phrase means.
** Jon discovers to his glee that Chris Redfield has a neckbreaker attack. "DUUUUDE! That was BADASS!"
* From part 12:
--> '''Jake:''' You are pretty good at turning things football man.
--> '''Jon:''' One of the parts of my training. Eat 30 raw eggs and turn a wheel.
* From part 13, when Jake shoots an enemy, only for it to turn out to be a Plaga (a tentacle monster that bursts from the decapitated neck):
--> '''Jake:''' Oh, this guy has a face. Er, well, he doesn't really have a--
--> '''Jon:''' How ''dare'' that guy have a face.
** Just before that, Jon shoots an enemy ''through'' Jake (as friendly fire is turned off) and then shortly afterwards gets hit hard: "Ow! [[FelonyMisdemeanor HE BURNED MY FOOT!]] THAT ''JERK!''"
** Jake takes over a turret and starts blasting away at a distant figure... only for it to turn out to be ''Jon''.
** During the boss fight with the transformed Irving, Jon's moment of TemptingFate when he says Irving has terrible aim, only to be ''immediately'' hit and almost killed by a tentacle.
* In part 14:
** Jake [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes constantly freaking out over the spiders]].
*** Plus his InsaneTrollLogic about how the normal African spiders are scarier than the big mutant ones.
** Jake [[InsistentTerminology referring to the gems they find in chests as "triangles"]].
** After Jon accidentally knocks a ladder down, they start a RunningGag that Chris Redfield hates ladders.
** Near the end, they spend ages dodging [[InsistentTerminology spiky death balls]] to collect treasures, only to find that they get to collect them after they open the door and the balls are destroyed.
* In part 15:
** This moment of ShapedLikeItself:
--->'''Jake:''' Oh, it's a square. I like squares. They have four equal sides... and they're shaped like a square.
** [[ItMakesSenseInContext BOOB LOCATOR GO!]]
** This exchange after Jake inadvertently summons enemies:
---> '''Jon:''' What did you do?!
---> '''Jake:''' I made people.
---> '''Jon:''' You ''made'' people?
---> '''Jake:''' Yeah, I'm a girl. It happens.
---> '''Jon:''' Little too fast.
---> '''Jake:''' Too furious?
---> '''Jon:''' YES! DEFINITELY!
** The conversation with "Future Jon".
** After Jake makes more geometry references, Jon says he feels like he's playing a game with Sheldon from ''Series/TheBigBangTheory''... only for Jake to reveal that his ''mom'' has said the same thing. And even matched the other three [=LPers=] who did ''Four Swords Adventures'' with Jake to other characters from the show.
* Much like the aforementioned neckbreaker moment, there's Jon's astounded reaction to Chris's haymaker finisher in part 16:
-->'''Jon:''' Oh, ''dude!'' That was a fuckin' [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros falcon punch]] right there!
** While dodging the sun beams, Jake runs into an alcove and sees two spiders on the wall, freaking him out so much that he backs out of the alcove and gets hit by a beam.
---> '''Jake:''' WorthIt.
** Jon's confusion over the game's use of the word "trilliant". He looks it up and finds it's an actual word used to refer to gemstones cut into a triangular shape. He challenges the viewers to try and find ways to insert it into random conversations.
* In part 17, Jake accidentally kills Jon by redirecting a laser wrongly in the laser mirror puzzle. Jon is outraged... [[HypocriticalHumor because he had been planning to do it to Jake to get him back for the bridge incident]].
** Later in the same puzzle, Jon gets trapped in the center area by the lasers. Jake comes up with a complicated plan to get him out (ignoring Jon's much safer one) and ends up killing him again. This earns them a B rank for the level.
---> '''Jon:''' B! Because you burned me to death! B STANDS FOR BURN!
* In episode 18, two words: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=RLkh9wSiuR4&t=725s Dramatic Goat]].
** Part 18 also has Jon [[LeeroyJenkins shooting at a glass wall containing lickers while screaming at the top of his lungs,]] which frees the Lickers and scares the crap out of Jake. Jon's reason? [[{{Troll}} Just to screw with Jake.]]
** Also in episode 18, Jon and Jake fight a boss. Unfortunately for Jake, it happened to be a spider boss, which he did not like.
--->'''Jake:''' ''[after beating the level]'' That was kind of fun, except for the whole spider thing.
--->'''Jon:''' You gonna be OK?
--->'''Jake:''' Yeah, yeah. I'm good.
--->'''Jon:''' You need, like, a hug or something?
--->'''Jake:''' Probably.
--->'''Jon:''' We'll do that off-camera... off-mike.
--->'''Jake:''' [[HoYay Off everything]].
--->'''Jon:''' Haha! No, no, no! [[LetsPlay/TheRunawayGuys Get out of my house]].
** Jon claiming that the goats in the lab complex are the most sinister enemy in the game, complete with TheStinger at the end of the video.
* In part 19, Jake is nearly killed by an enemy machine-gun and Jon manages to heal him with an item at the last minute -- which gets Jon an achievement called "[[Series/{{Baywatch}} Lifeguard]]", prompting him to decide that Chris Redfield is also Creator/DavidHasselhoff.
** They joke about NotUsingTheZWord, then Jake refers to the enemies as "Not-Zees", which Jon hears as "Nazis".
** After Jake gets hit with a flash grenade:
---> '''Jake:''' Well, I'm... white.
---> '''Jon:''' ''[laughs]'' Well...''technically''...
** When fighting the Lickers, Jon starts singing "Point-blank sniping, I am running now!" to the tune of the ''{{Transformers}}'' theme.
** Also during that fight, Jon gets caught by a Licker's tongue and Jake is standing right next to him so he... uses an herb.
---> '''Jon:''' [[SarcasmMode Thanks for helping!]]
* Part 20 has Jake being killed by a Reaper instantly, and as the game shows Sheva being impaled multiple times, Chris stands by and just... looks on and doesn't do a damn thing. Jon concludes that Sheva's death was entertaining to Chris.
** Also within the same part, Jon and Jake find an emblem in a dumpster and waste many bullets trying to shoot it due to how it's awkwardly placed. The emblem is literally within arm's reach and the duo have so much trouble shooting it. Jake even uses an ''incendiary grenade'' on the emblem, only for it to do nothing to the emblem!
* Jon and Jake's EpicFail in episode 21 where they take 5 attempts to kill the Reapers... accompanied by the ''VideoGame/DuckHunt'' music each time. [[note]]They actually succeeded the fourth time, but died a bit later, without reaching a checkpoint, and had to fight the Reapers all over again.[[/note]]
** In the same episode, Jon and Jake's reactions to finding [[MundaneUtility "instructions"]] for the Uroboros virus were pretty funny.
** Also in 21, Jon accidentally using a ''shotgun'' to shoot an emblem and scaring the both of them with the noise.
* The battle with [[spoiler:Wesker and Jill]] features the [[CallBack return of the "FOOTBAAAAAAAAAAAAALL" battle cry]] as Jon rushes to save Jake. It doesn't work.
** At one point during the fight, Jake randomly stops in the middle of the hallway to ''check a light for treasure''.
** Then, during the [[spoiler:Jill-only]] part of the fight, Jake attempts to shoot the device on her chest. [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill With a Magnum.]] Strangely enough, it doesn't work as intended. Jon is displeased.
** Also, the ''first time'' [[spoiler:Jake kills her]].
---> '''Jon:''' [[TemptingFate Make the shot count]].
---> '''Jake:''' One more. One shot...
---> [[spoiler:''[Jill falls over dead]'']]
---> '''Jon:''' [[spoiler:You... killed her]].
---> '''Jake:''' WHAT?! Damn it!
---> ''[beat]''
---> '''Jake:''' I made the shot count.
* "If it can be punched, do it" --Chris Redfield, 2013
* Jake's outrage in episode 25 when an enemy still lives after Jake shot him in the face with a grenade launcher. ''Twice.''
* In episode 26, it's Jon and Jake's reaction to Uroboros Aheri.
-->'''Jon:''' Jake?
-->'''Jake:''' Yo?
-->'''Jon:''' Run.
** And shortly afterward.
--->'''Jake:''' Jon?
--->'''Jon:''' What?
--->'''Jake:''' Run.
* Part 28 has Jon being instantly killed by Wesker with a punch ''through'' the chest. Sheva can be seen in the scene standing next to Wesker and just ''watches him kill Chris'', almost as if she is getting revenge for a few parts back when Chris watched Sheva being impaled by a Reaper.
** When Wesker is hanging off Sheva's leg and she starts to fall, Chris has a flashback of Jill, yells his BigNo, and dives to save her. Jon chooses to ruin the moment by saying, "No! I'm catching the ball this time!" This sends Jake into a silent laughing fit, telling Jon that it was supposed to be touching. Jon's defense? "I'm sorry, you can't be touching while I'm here."
* Episode 29 has Jon and Jake's second attempt to beat Wesker after Jake died in the previous episode. Due to low ammunition, they're reduced to attacking the man covered in slithering snake-creatures with a knife and a stun baton, and it '''worked'''. They would have won if one of Wesker's attacks didn't kill them.
** First Jon, and then Jake, keep accidentally hitting the "Come on!" taunt when they're trying to jump. "This is not the time for coming on!"
** "Josh and Jill went up the hill to fetch a helicopter!"
** Jake thinks he sees a treasure glinting in the rescue helicopter and Jon has to stop him from wanting to shoot up the helicopter to get it.
** Jake on how he doesn't find the Uroboros as scary as spiders...
---> '''Jake:''' It's just tentacles, I'm used to this.
---> '''Jon:''' WHAT?! Too much information!
** "We just killed Wesker's stunt double! Plot twist!"
** Jon and Jake having a giant snark-a-thon on how ludicrous the finale is, particularly when the helicopter shows up ''in the volcano''.
** Their ratings for the game. Jake rates it [[ShapedLikeItself resident evil/10]] and Jon rates it [[RunningGag football/10]].
* In episode 30, Jake attempts to play the piano to get a door open. Jon, however, decides it's necessary to have Chris call for Jill, causing Jake to mess up from laughing too much.
--> '''Jake:''' Dammit, Jon! Stop pointing at the door!
--> '''Jon:''' Ahahahahaha! Already worth it.
** At the beginning of that episode, Jon explains to Jake when and where the chapter takes place in the ''Franchise/ResidentEvil'' chronology. When Jake lets slip a spoiler for the chapter, Future!Jon censors it out with an airhorn noise.
** Any time Jon hits the taunt button and gets the most appropriate possible taunt in response to something, such as when Jake pretends to abandon Jon locked in a cell:
---> '''Jake''': I'm going to leave you here now.
---> '''Chris''': Thanks!
** Jon declares see-through boobs the "brand new invention of the future." A brief discussion ensues as to whether it would be an improvement, with Jake insisting that see-through boobs would just be invisible.
** Jake investigates a fireplace.
---> '''Jake:''' ''[reading the on-screen text]'' Someone was burning something here.
---> '''Jake:''' Someone was ''burning someone here.''
---> '''Jake:''' ''Someone was '''burning here'''.''
** A series of fire-themed jokes culminated in Jake saying "Who killed the fire? The dinosaurs?[[note]]a reference to the ''Castle Crashers'' [=LP=] he did with LetsPlay/TheRunawayGuys[[/note]]" Jon starts to crack up, then reminds him that the relevant [=LP=] wouldn't be uploaded yet. Jake points out it would make for a good RewatchBonus.
* In episode 31, Jake gets a "[[BorrowedCatchphrase FOOOTBAAAALL!]]" moment of his own when he manages to save Jon in the nick of time. Complete with an *APPLAUSE* message on screen, airhorn sound effects and a voice clip of Wesker screaming "CHRIIIIIIS!"
** Just after that, Jake breaks open a box and grabs the flash grenade JUST when the enemy slams his anchor on him, leaving him completely unharmed due to invincibility frames.
---> '''Jon:''' Oh, now I'm not even near you.
---> '''Jake:''' That's ok, I had invincibility frames! ''[cracks up]''
---> '''Jon:''' Oh, you lucky bastard... I'd be angry if you weren't a beautiful human being and saved my life like that.
---> '''Jake:''' Yeeaaaah!
** Ladies and gentlemen, back by popular demand--Chris Redfield, eating an egg. ''[*APPLAUSE*]''
** Their joint reaction when Jake manages to knife a score star high up on the wall, which is so loud that the volume had to be drastically lowered in editing.
** Jake's... fixation with stabbing corpses and repeatedly saying how good it feels.
---> '''Jon:''' You worry me sometimes.
*** First thing Jake does after reacquiring a gun? Turn around and pump two bullets into the corpse's head.
** The FunnyBackgroundEvent in "What We Missed" where A.I. controlled Chris empties his gun into Wesker's prone form.
** The stinger has Jill serenely playing the piano while A.I. Chris gets pummeled by a large enemy.
* In episode 32, Jon and Jake spend the whole start of the episode debating who gets to play as which character, as [[CrossPlayer Jake wants to keep playing as the girl]]. They end up switching controllers right before gameplay starts, and it turns out the DLC makes Jill Player 1 but puts her screen on the bottom after all.
** Jon's gleeful reaction to Josh's melee attacks, which include multiple wrestling moves and a ''football tackle''.
** In an effort to conserve ammo, Jake reverts to his KnifeNut tendencies and becomes preoccupied with stabbing enemies for much of the DLC.
** The CasualDangerDialogue where Jon and Jake swap ammo ''while'' both stabbing a not-zombie.
* In episode 33, "[[IncendiaryExponent I may have accidentally lit you on fire.]]"
** A discussion about melee attacks, set (vaguely) to the Franchise/{{Pokemon}} theme song:
---> '''Jake:''' ♪ Killing moves ♪
---> '''Jon:''' ♪ Gotta punch 'em all ♪
---> '''Jake:''' ♪ It's you and me ♪
** Jon and Jake fight a not-zombie and send it flying into a building with simultaneous Backhand and Roundhouse moves. This comes complete with sports sound effects and a SACKED!!! message that appears on the screen.
---> '''Jake:''' That was pretty hot. I'm slightly more attracted to you now, Josh.[[note]]The character Jon is playing, not Josh Jepson... as far as we know.[[/note]]
* In episode 34, Jon shooting an enemy so hard that it somehow blasts the enemy through a doorway and slams the door on him.
** Jake saves his rocket launcher for the whole fight until a boss near the end... and misses.
---> '''Jake:''' [[IMeantToDoThat I just like difficulty.]]
** In a CallBack to Jake's own LP of ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4'', when Doug the helicopter pilot is killed:
---> '''Jake:''' Doug! No! He never got to tell us where the good bar is!
---> '''Jon:''' ...All helicopter pilots know where all the good bars are?
---> '''Jake:''' And none of them survive!
* The [[https://youtu.be/sxerj_OqJyg?t=14m9s stinger]] of the last episode is a clip of Wesker saying "You will give me an egg!" Oh, the glorious things that will come of that...

[[folder: Yoshi's Island]]
* End slate {{Couch Gag}}s:
** Episode 2: Butt Accuracy: 85%
** Episode 3: Bonus: Here's how I warmed up for this episode. (Jon is singing to the tune of the prologue.)
** Episode 4: English Proficiency: 32% See me after class!
** Episode 5: (near the end of the video) What? I don't always put something here!
** Episode 6: (in very, very turbulent airplane conditions) "Let it be known that, editing on a plane is a terrible idea."
** Episode 7: After Jon states [[ScheduleSlip when the next video will be posted]], the video crashes abruptly. It then has [[BrickJoke Funky Kong surfing at the end]].
---> ''Error Code 0x0184: User attempted to follow a schedule.''
** Episode 8: A picture of [[WesternAnimation/DonkeyKongCountry Bluster Kong]] gradually stretches and zooms in, accompanied with a [[StockScream Wilhelm Scream]].
** Episode 9: Results of the bets:
---> Screwed up: 95%\\
Didn't screw up: 4%\\
Undecided: 1%
** Episode 10: A Fly Guy flies with a Red Coin in tow, only to be devoured by a Blarg.
** Episode 11: A crying Chomp with broken teeth descends.
** Episode 12: Yoshi is riding a large Koopa shell with his tongue sticking out as "[[Film/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesIITheSecretOfTheOoze They're babies!]]" plays in the background.
** Episode 13: Yoshi with a pair of skis wiping out, flying across the screen.
** Episode 14: [[Franchise/MortalKombat Liu Kang does his bicycle kick across the screen, only for Yoshi's Tongue to grab him and yank him off screen while screaming 'GET OVER HERE!' A blarg then appears in the corner and says 'Toasty!']]
** Episode 15: Kamek and a Fly Guy fly across the screen and get dunked by Yoshi riding a Chomp rock.
** Episode 16: Baby Mario in Powerful Mario form rides the Chomp Rock that has Kamek stuck in it, and Kamek is released as he spirals out.
** Episode 17: A Tap-Tap is whacked with a pipe. Mario yells "FORE!" as Tap-Tap breaks [[ThatPoorCar a car window, setting off a car alarm]].
** Episode 18: Giga Baby Bowser runs towards the screen... and [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaAriaOfSorrow an]] [[BrickJoke attack]] [[RunningGag kitten]] [[OverlyLongGag runs out of his mouth.]] Yoshi then runs after it as Jon says, "You're not even ''in'' this game!"
** Episode 19: "18 Egg Cuts this episode". Said egg cuts chase Yoshi.
** Episode 20: Yoshi gets surrounded by pillars on both sides, then one comes [[DeathFromAbove from above]] and finishes him.
* In general, the arguments between Present Jon and Future Jon, especially in episode 2 when Jon somehow manages to imply that he 'is not a real person'.
* Jon plays a bonus minigame in the first episode but selects the card with Kamek (the losing option) first so immediately fails. When he gets the same minigame again, he uses GamblersFallacy and tries the same card twice more on the assumption Kamek must be somewhere else, ''only to get Kamek again both times''. He becomes certain that Kamek is ''always'' there on every playing of the game and asks Future Jon to check...only for Future Jon to report that no, it is random, and Jon's ''[[BornUnlucky just that unlucky]]''.
* At the start of Episode 2, he predicts what the comments of Episode 1 were, because he made Episode 2 in advance. He is ''completely wrong''.
--> ''Overall Score: F- See me after class.''
* During stage 1-4, he plays Blarg's voice clips from Tetris Attack to show why he likes Blarg...and he falls into the lava during said moment, complete with an AUGH! from the stupidity of his death. The annotation from Future Jon that follows drives it home.
--> ''Solid impression, 4/5''
* Jon continually refers to the flashing eggs containing red coins as "Seizure Eggs".
* Jon's reaction in episode 4 when he finds out that the official name of the super mode where Baby Mario with a cape takes over after gaining a star is "Powerful Mario".
* In episode 6, after some ScheduleSlip, Present Jon keeps making overly optimistic mentions of when he thinks the video will be out, only for Future Jon to keep snarkily correcting him.
** Also in episode 6, Future Jon can't find an official name for a terrain item, so dubs it "Ceiling Sponge Cake".
* In episode 7, Jon's computer crashed and needed repairs, he went to [=MAGFest=], and then got sick when he came home, in that order. He points out that at this point, fate obviously just doesn't like him making solo projects.
** Early in the video, he questions who would give monkeys missiles. A picture of [[VideoGame/DonkeyKong64 Funky Kong]] then appears on the screen, accompanied by the "Hai-YAH!" from his ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry1'' theme.
* In episode 9, Jon was struggling with rebounding eggs to obtain a flower. When he finally does...
--> "I'm now a T.A. at [[ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy Stormtrooper School]]."
** Also in episode 9, Jon's reaction to beating Naval Piranha the secret way.
* In episode 10, Jon's amazement at the fact that Goombas get flattened when stomped on... and that Yoshi can ''[[CraniumRide ride on them.]]''
** On a related note, Jon singing the Michigan J. Frog song.
* In episode 11, as he prepares to confront the Marching Milde in his fort, he mockingly pretends that he is playing Super Smash Bros., and that Yoshi is actually going up against Kirby.
-->'''Jon:''' [[AmericanKirbyIsHardcore As you can tell, this is the Japanese version of Super Smash Bros. because Kirby's actually smiling on the box!]]
* In episode 15, Jon talks about his wisdom teeth problems, and instead of saying "after I'm anaesthetised" almost ends up saying "after I'm ''[[{{Malaproper}} euthanised]]''".
** From the same episode, Jon playing through [[ThatOneLevel 5-Extra: Kamek's Revenge]]. That level is what prompts him to title the episode "The Downward Rage Spiral". Highlights include him missing a jump several times, as well as a moment from after running out of star power:
--->'''Jon:''' Uh-oh... ''(breaks Baby Mario's bubble with an egg and grabs him)'' HA! No you don't! ''(Kamek swoops in and steals Baby Mario away again)'' Maybe you do! ''(Toadies grab Baby Mario and take him away)'' [[BigNo NO!!]]
* Episode 16 was the third episode recorded in a row, having dealt with several frustrating mistakes in the past episodes including [[ThatOneLevel Kamek's Revenge]], Jon is noticeably more snippy and unhappy.
** At one point, Jon tries to get some red coins over spikes by rebounding an egg, except the ricochet misses one row of eggs and hits the ? bubble that makes the platforms spawn, blocking them off. Jon cuts back, and does the exact same thing from a ''completely different angle.'' Though thankfully he had gotten it that time, but it cements that even when he has impressive luck/skill, [[BornUnlucky he still gets screwed over by it.]]
* Jon toys with fate a bit too much in Episode 17, when he enters 6-6: The Deep, Underground Maze, one of the levels he's dreaded.
-->'''Jon:''' Ugh. Push me off the stage. Just kill me. ''(Chomp Rock rolls him off screen and kills him by crush)'' WHOAH THAT CAN ACTUALLY KILL YOU!
-->'''Future Jon:''' Well, it is a rolling boulder...
** Also in 17, at the end of The Very Loooooong Cave, there are posts that must be ground-pounded to get the Red Coins inside, and Jon missed one (because it's an autoscrolling stage), so he had to replay the entire stage over again.
* In Part 19 this exchange happens
--> ''(Chime signaling all red coins have been collected)''
--> '''Jon:''' Okay. That is the best sound I could have heard right now. There's only one other sound that would be even better.
--> '''Future Jon:''' This one? ''(Fuzzy sound)''
--> ''(Falling block nearly causes him to fail)''
--> '''Jon:''' That's not the sound!
--> '''Future Jon:''' Was it close though? ''(Blargg sound)''
* End of the second bonus video, Jon misses a red coin in Special 6 and has to redo the entire half-hour-long stage all over again. Where is the missing coin? [[spoiler:Under the top of a GroundPound-able post. ''In the opening autoscrolling portion.'']] He pretty much '''explodes''' into an [[ClusterFBomb F-bomb filled rage]].
** Jon even had a hunch early on in the level.
* Also in Part 20, we have Powerful Mario [[EpicFail running down a cliff and into a death pit]]. Jon had no idea how to react.


[[folder:Castlevania Aria of Sorrow]]
* Jon seems to have a fondness for end slate {{Couch Gag}}s.
** Episode 2: An attack kitten army storms the end slate.
** Episode 3: A Big Golem peeks from the side and spits out an attack kitten.
** Episode 4: Graham Jones' crazed face zooms in towards his eye... which contains an [[RunningGag attack kitten]].
** Episode 5: Soma laments about how heartbroken he is over Graham Jones, with the heart breaking in two and then Graham's head, which contained... an [[RunningGag attack kitten]].
** Episode 6: Genya orders an [[RunningGag attack kitten]] to carry away a fallen Yoko.
** Episode 7: An [[OverlyLongGag attack kitten]] is rolling away in a Wagon Wheel, while a HellishHorse neighs after it.
** Episode 8: A cockatrice gets stabbed by a trident like a piece of food, then a trident with an [[OverlyLongGag attack kitten]] riding on it descends.
** Episode 9: An [[OverlyLongGag attack kitten]] attacks Soma, and he gets up as [[spoiler: his Dracula form]] while L'oreal gets name-dropped.
* When he's explaining how he got involved with the VideoGame/BloodstainedRitualOfTheNight kickstarter as a promoter, he mentions how he responded in [[BlatantLies a calm]] and [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial not at all fanboy]] manner.
--> '''Jon's Email:''' OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD\\
'''Caption:''' [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer Actual response I sent.]]
** Jon mentions that people who donate enough money to be listed in the credits under "Clan [=ProtonJon=]" will receive a special piece of in-game armour designed by him.
--->'''Jon:''' And... yeah, I've already got plans for that. ''[Wesker Egg fades into view]''
* Episode 1
** Jon's exasperated response to how Soma gets rid of the last enemy in the opening cutscene:
--> "He's got a ''fucking knife''! He's an 18-year-old high schooler; what the fuck is he doing with a knife!? Especially since he's on a date with his friend!"
** At one point Jon accidentally calls the main character Sora instead of Soma, prompting him to paste a picture of Sora from Franchise/KingdomHearts over Soma's portrait.
* Episode 2:
** Jon points out a background item that foreshadows something in the plot, but ends up thinking for about 20 seconds to recall what it is.
--> *ChirpingCrickets* '''Future Jon:''' .........seriously?
** Jon finds a Student Witch soul, which sends out cats to attack. He is incredibly amused at how silly it sounds and sticks with it despite how high cost it is to summon a cat.
--> '''Jon:''' GO, MY ATTACK KITTENS! Kill the Minotaur!
* Episode 3:
** Jon finds a weapon that is much like the weapon [[VideoGame/SoulCalibur Voldo]] wields, and displays a picture of him with the following quote.
--> '''Future Jon:''' Least disturbing Voldo picture I could find...
** While fighting the Headhunter, Jon gets poisoned, and quickly uses his one anti-venom to get rid of it. Then he jumps into the ''exact same attack'' again.
* Episode 5:
** Jon shows off the Creaking Skull soul, which is the enemy's gigantic arm holding a bone; depending on the direction Soma faces, Jon explains the soul is also known as "the penis mightier."
--> '''Jon:''' That's the note we go out on; our giant penis hand has just destroyed that flying head. God, this is disgusting!
** His {{alternate character interpretation}} of Soma being in love with Graham and traumatized by the encounter with him in the previous episode.
* Episode 7:
** Jon's ecstatic glee when he gets the Cagnazzo soul, which is a reference to [[Anime/JojosBizarreAdventure Star Platinum]], complete with [[BattleCry ORA ORA ORA]].

[[folder:Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3]]
* Jon's outright [[BornUnlucky abysmal luck]] with the bonus minigames.
* Jon's way of editing past previous stages of Wario (in his bull helmet no less) tossing the screen with a break of glass, with various quotes from Warioware and Wario World each time.
* The end slate {{Couch Gag}}s make a return.
** Episode 1: A Fly Guy with a red coin flies across the screen, with Wario chasing it down using the Jet powerup.
** Episode 2: Wario pops up from the bottom to say "I'm-a number one!", [[KilledMidSentence only to get crushed by a 10 ton weight]] and pop back up as Tiny Wario.
** Episode 3: Wario attempts a screen transition, only for the end slate to move less than expected. While he laments on this, an [[OverlyLongGag attack kitten]] tackles him.
** Episode 4: Wario pulls the rope tied to a bucket above him per the coin minigame, and the bucket falls onto him.
** Episode 5: Wario tries to throw a bird at Bobo, and misses. Bobo then crashes down on him.
** Episode 6: Jon places some text on screen about what appeared to be [[spoiler: finishing the boss and having the timer run out as he was collecting coins.]] Wario then comes in with the Dragon power-up to burn the text, saying "Loser!" afterward.
** Episode 7: Mario's plane carrying the statue is chased by Wario's new planet. The planet crushes the plane offscreen.
* In episode 1, Jon discusses the advertising campaign for Super Mario Land 2 and 3 with Wario hypnotising you and notes that this was a time when Nintendo thought they could persuade you to buy Nintendo Power by suggesting it turns you into a werewolf. This leads him to go off on a [[MindScrew very strange]] tangent about whether his mother would be disappointed that he bought Nintendo Power and it ''didn't'' turn him into a werewolf.
** As always, [[BornUnlucky Jon's usual luck]] strikes again when it comes to playing the double-or-halves money minigame.
** He refers to one enemy as "[[NinjaPirateZombieRobot the knife-throwing bear pirate]]". Another is "[[AbnormalAmmo penguin dude who shoots his guts at you and his guts are spike balls]]".
* In episode 2, he shows off a cheat in the game that can alter your lives, money, hearts and timer to whatever number you want, and give you another powerup that cycles depending on the form you're currently on. But as he explains it...
--> '''Jon:''' [When you perform the trick], you get a new powerup. It through a rotation of, I believe, Tiny Wario, Safari Wario, Bull Wario, Dragon Wario, Jet Wario...
--> ''[gets hit by a bird and loses his current powerup]''
--> '''Jon:''' ''Motherfucker!''... Wario.
** At one point he goes through a door while carrying a bomb, causing said bomb to inexplicably turn into a coin. And when he goes back to try and recreate it, he finds that the bomb has reappeared ''inside a wall''. Where it is still capable of exploding. Jon's reaction just screams MindScrew.
---> ''[sees the bomb stuck in a wall]''
---> '''Jon:''' That bomb was.... What? What? What?
---> ''[somehow touches the bomb, setting it off]''
---> '''Jon:''' Oh my god, I've... wha.... OKAY!
* Jon encounters a star in Episode 3, not remembering that they existed. It ends up disappearing right under his nose.
--> '''Jon:''' There's actually Stars in this game, I forgot about that!
--> ''[Star despawns right as he tries to pick it up]''
--> '''Jon:''' ''[breaks into laughter]'' Maybe that's why I didn't remember! 'Cause they go away!
* Jon faces the boss of Mt. Teapot earlier than expect and [[CurbstompBattle easily wins]] due to the Dragon Hat powerup he collected earlier, but says that's not how you're meant to fight him. When he goes back to re-challenge the boss, however, he finds to his surprise that the boss is still dead meaning he automatically clears the stage upon entering the boss room.
* Episode 4:
** Jon is perplexed as to why some stakes had spikes on them while some didn't, and thinks that the budget was too tight to cover them all in spikes.
** Jon starts the first stage of Stove Canyon, turns to the left, and immediately runs into a wall of lava. Bonus points for predicting the world would suck before starting the stage.
---> '''Jon:''' Well, I was right; it did suck.
** [[CallBack Invisible blocks make a return]] to screw Jon over.
* Episode 5:
** Jon faces the boss of the SS Tea Cup and has another [[CurbstompBattle easy victory]]...but only after two failures and utilizing a weapon that he even [[LampshadeHanging snarked at himself earlier]] over for passing up.
--->'''Jon:''' I had a distinct feeling--I had a distinct [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] feeling! And of course! Of course! Why I would bring the damned [[FreudWasRight penis-shaped dragon hat?!]] Why would I think ''that'' would be helpful?! Ugggh...
** The boss of Stove Canyon spends some time destroying platforms rather than doing the attack pattern that would let Jon actually kill it, making him worry that he's going to die by pure RNG. That doesn't happen, and Jon beats the boss safely.... only to lose most of the coins thanks to the destroyed floor.
--->'''Jon:''' Oh, it's falling in the holes! NO! GIMME THE MONEY!
** His reaction to one of the treasures:
--->'''Jon:''' ''[gasp]'' IT'S A [[RunningGag FOOT]][[VideoGame/ResidentEvil5 BALL]]!
* Episode 6:
** The money minigame repeats its pattern for a few stages to Jon's dismay.
** Jon is about to run out of time, so he's rushing through a stage. He's also lost power, and he's hoping he won't have to fight the boss, Coin Lover, without a power-up. There is a block right above the boss door, and a thunder cloud chasing him.
--->'''Jon:''' Please be a power-up. ''[hits the block, revealing a garlic, then jumps to it just as the cloud is about to strike]'' Aw, beautif--[[AstonishinglyAppropriateInterruption OHHHHHHH MY GOD!]]
** Jon's reaction to managing to pull off a victory against Coin Lover with absolutely no time remaining left on the clock.
* Episode 7:
** The money minigame having the money bag in the left bucket ''nine'' times in a row!
** The same invisible block screwing Jon over... twice!
** Jon proceeding to introduce us to the final boss when going through a door, only for the game to fake him out and continue the stage, three times in a row.

[[folder:The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes with Josh Jepson and Tom Fawkes]]
* [[RunningGag Running Gags]]:
** Josh getting (almost) all the rare drops of each course, much to the disbelief of Jon and Tom. This doesn't help that making the costumes requires some of the common materials, which he has ''next to none'' of.
** Tom's frequent exclamation of "Lift me~!" and "Throw me~!". [[https://youtu.be/_8wQ1J6QgoI?t=3m30s Lampshaded in Episode 6]]:
--->'''Tom:''' That's kinda like my catchphrase for this let's play--for this let's play it's "Blank me~!"
** Jon has completed the game already. This allows him to pick the best costume for a course and simply waltz through obstacles while the others have to do the long way around. And then taunt them about it.
--->'''Jon:''' ''[while wearing a fireproof suit]'' Oh, sorry guys, there's fire in the way...
* Episode 1:
** Since Jon already finished the game beforehand, he could not record the intro. So he did an abridged version:
--->The entire game takes place in Hytopia. Princess Styla is the princess there. She's not very smart: [[WhatAnIdiot she opened a gift that was vibrating]]. She got cursed. Now she's dressed like she's at an anime convention or a hockey game. Her father spends the entire game [[OcularGushers looking like this]]. ''[the king's "Noooo" voice clip]'' Her father put out a call for heroes. For some reason, you're the Link from ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkBetweenWorlds A Link Between Worlds]]'' [[WordOfGod because Nintendo said so]]. Madame Couture gives you magical costumes that [[ClothesMakeTheSuperman give you magical powers]]. Every other NPC is pretty much useless. ''["Noooo" voice clip plays again]''
** When preparing for the second course, Josh accidentally chooses the first course, triggering a roulette. [[spoiler: It lands on his choice, forcing the group to restart.]]
** Blink and you'll miss it on Jon's screen, but when they nearly die to Electric Blob King, they joke about editing out their near death. Jon proceeds to [[spoiler: edit their heart meter to two rows of hearts]].
* Episode 2:
** Jon plays with a ball while Josh and Tom speak to an NPC in the lobby. At one point, the ball reached them, and the NPC reacted.
** The fight among them just for a treasure chest behind a bombable rock.
** Jon motivates his team members to hurry to the Triforce at the end of each section by [[spoiler:taking out a Big Bomb.]]
* Episode 4
** At the very end, Jon puts a water spout on top of Tom, so Tom can't see what item he got, and when they teleported back to the lobby, Tom just jumped to the top of the water spout.
* Episode 5
** Jon while swimming in lava in his Goron Garb tells the other two "Just hop in! [[BlatantLies The water's fine]]!" Tom proceeds to do just that, with predictable results.
** The guys' AlternateCharacterInterpretation for the miniboss in Hinox Mine, who is apparently a nice guy who wanted to give them invitations to a party.
* Episode 6
** This episode sees the guys die several times due to a combination of poor coordination involving the [[BlowYouAway Gust Jars]], bad luck, and spotty internet, the crowning moment being [[spoiler: Tom's 3DS running out of battery power, forcing the guys to restart.]]
** Jon's {{Troll}} game remains strong, at one point [[spoiler: trapping Tom with his boomerang in the treasure room, preventing him from moving until he collects his prize.]]
** The guys butchering each others' catchphrases.
---> '''Tom:''' Accelerate, por favor!
** The three confuse each other's very similar sounding names (all of them containing an 'O' that functions as a short 'A' sound) and decide that they should just start a collab channel called "OOOOAH", making even Jon crack up.
* Episode 8
** Josh decides to go first when getting the prize for completing the level, hoping not to get a rare drop. [[spoiler:He ''still'' gets the rare drop.]]
--> '''Tom''': [[spoiler:''SON OF A BITCH!'']]
* Episode 10
** After fighting through the lag at the end of the boss rush, the team manages to beat the level and save the game... Only for Proton Jon's internet connection on his 3DS to drop, which causes both Tom and Josh to get kicked out of the group.

* During AGDQ he made a donation which got read on stream. The game he donated during? [[VideoGame/KaizoMarioWorld Kaizo]].
-->'''Proton Jon:''' "You're crazy. Absolutely crazy. Why would you do this to yourself? I mean, I know you'll clear it but why would you do this to yourself?''
* Jon crashes Chugga's Pax East [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgzv0043vvo/ update video]] and freaks him out.
* On Twitter, Jon mentions he made the easiest stage on VideoGame/SuperMarioMaker, which he titles "I Couldn't Make it Any Easier!". He designed it so it's idiot-proof and makes you complete the stage no matter how hard you resist. The kicker? The Clear Rate on the stage is actually ''98.9%'', meaning that there are actually some people who actually paused, and clicked "Start Over", which counts as a death!