[[folder:Prologue Chapters]]
* The game opens with Layton explaining the witch trials of the medieval ages and how there weren't really any witches. Enter the DamselInDistress, and then the pigeon that [[ShapeShifter transforms]] into a clawed one-eyed thing that blows up the office and kidnaps their client.
-->'''Luke''': What was that?!\\
'''Layton''': (calmly and with utter confidence): That, my dear boy, was a witch.
** And a little later:
-->'''Luke''': Espella's been kidnapped!\\
'''Layton''': ''[[[DramaticDeadpan Flatly]]]'' Yes, that was careless of us.
* Maya ''conking Phoenix on the head'' during the first trial session of the game to see if she could hit the back of his head while he was facing her.

[[folder:Arrival in Labyrinthia to End of Fire Trial]]
* Wright greeting Layton: Not some normal conversation, but instead, '''[[BigWordShout WELCOME!]]''', even with according, Objection-like speech bubble and a desk slam. [[spoiler:And a cloud of flour, as he's working in the bakery.]]
** When he's giving Layton [[spoiler: some walnut bread]], he slams the desk again (kicking up another [[spoiler: flour cloud]]) and shouts '''TAKE THAT!''' at him, then points as the Objection theme plays. Maya tells him to cut it out, and he switches to embarrassed mode [[LettingTheAirOutOfTheBand as the music dies.]]
---> '''Phoenix''': I don't know why, but... I just get the urge to point and shout like that sometimes...
** Luke and Layton's perplexed reactions to this.
** The context also matters. At that point in the game you're just supposed to [[spoiler:take refuge in some bakery with Espella, as you're hunted by the guards]], and then the aforementioned '''WELCOME!''' bubble speech suddenly pops out, and you realize that [[spoiler:Wright and Fey ''were'' the bakers]].
** Shortly after all this, Layton and Luke try and phrase "they're weird" in the most delicate way possible without actually ''saying'' "Fey and Wright are really friggin' weird".
** In the background, you can hear Phoenix loudly pounding the dough all through the conversation... possibly with a hammer, by the sounds of it.
** Maya telling Phoenix "bad, Nick, bad!" like he's a badly behaved puppy she's getting after with a squirt bottle.
* The entire scene where Layton is trying to explain puzzles to Maya and Phoenix, who are completely bemused by the concept [[spoiler: most likely because they're still hypnotised at that point]]. As one youtuber puts it: "Phoenix can turn a case upside-down, Maya can use Spirit Channeling, and neither can solve a puzzle". Worth noting that neither of them have really even ''heard'' of what a puzzle even is up until now. Layton's obviously eager to introduce his new friends to the concept of puzzles, it's one of the rare times where his tone clearly changes from placid and calm to outright excitement, even if it's just text and beep-de-beeps. [[{{Adorkable}} It's really cute]].
* The start of the first Witch Trial, where Phoenix is told to introduce himself... "My name is Phoenix Wright, ace [[spoiler: baker]]!" What's better? The line is ''fully voiced''.
* The constant LampshadeHanging of GivingSomeoneThePointerFinger during the trial. At one point Phoenix even remarks, [[FirstPersonSmartass to himself:]]
-->'''Phoenix''': I could point at witnesses till the cows come home.
* At one point in the trial, Phoenix tries to use fingerprints to prove whether the defendant really held a certain piece of evidence. Cue StunnedSilence as [[MedievalStasis no-one in Labyrinthia has any idea what he's talking about.]]
* At another point every witness on the stand has a WildTake in turn. The first three are brief and fairly mundane by Ace Attorney standards, but Wordsmith's consists of him ''suddently flying away like a deflating balloon.'' [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment No-one says anything about this and it's never mentioned again.]]
* The end of the first part of the first witch trial. The case seems all but won, and then... [[spoiler: There's a "HOLD IT!" in a voice you've never head before. It turns out to belong to... some guy in the gallery. No really, his actual name is listed as "Some Guy". He loudly and [[LargeHam hammily]] proclaims himself to be the "fifth witness" who will singlehandedly-save this trial, and calls the other witnesses into a huddle. The Judge, Prosecution and Defence are all equally baffled.]]
* Said "Some Guy" manages to be the cause of many, ''many'' FunnyMoments during the second half of the trial. [[spoiler: Such as when he claims he heard a woman's voice call his name, which prompts the two female witnesses beside him to both loudly proclaim no woman would ''ever'' be interested in someone like him, to his face.]]
* Layton's DullSurprise and ever-placid tone make for quite a few moments. After the culprit of the second case tells the defense they lost in the smuggest tone imaginable, the camera shows the defence bench. Layton's eyes are slightly narrowed and he looks ''thoroughly'' unimpressed and slightly peeved, while Phoenix is in the background, [[KubrickStare glaring intensely]].

[[folder:After Fire Trial to End of Golden Trial]]
* At the end of Chapter 3, there's a cutscene as a group of characters rush to the scene of a crime. Two of them are people you saw in front of the house a few moments ago, so that makes sense... but behind them is ''Emeer''. There was no indication he was even in the area beforehand, he hasn't appeared at all since the last trial, and [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg he's just suddenly there in the cutscene!]]
* At the end of the first witch trial, Layton and Wright dramatically point together as BackToBackBadasses. For the second trial [[spoiler: Layton is a golden statue]], so it doesn't seem like this'll happen again... [[spoiler: until the moment comes for the dramatic accusation, and Luke and Espella ''turn the statue in time with Phoenix's movements''.]]
** On a similar vein, choosing a wrong answer at certian point causes everyone around Phoenix to stare silently. The camera pans to the judge, then to Barnham and finally to [[spoiler: Layton's statue]], who is even given his own "..." like the rest of the characters.
* In one case the victim is [[TakenForGranite turned to gold]], and their arm snaps off as they hit the ground. [[spoiler:Later in court, Phoenix wonders aloud where the Professor's arm could have gone... and the camera pans to Emeer, [[CrossesTheLineTwice who is wearing considerably more bling than the last time he stood in court]].]]
** When the poor victim is brought in, the Judge has him added to evidence. Phoenix's commentary and expression sells it:
--->'''Phoenix''': ([[spoiler: The poor professor who,]] while searching for evidence, became evidence...)
* At one point in the third trial, Emeer interjects on one of Birdly the Bard's statements. If you choose to question him on this... [[spoiler: it turns out he just wants to hire Birdly as ''his personal bard'' to sing the praises of the great Emeer Punchenburg the First. '''Birdly obliges.''']] One overly long song later, and everyone in court relises that was pointless, and the Judge agrees to [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain pretend it never happened.]]
** It's even better if you ''didn't'' go down that path... because when Emeer [[spoiler: returns to the witness stand later in the third trial, Birdly is standing at his side, constantly singing whenever he says something.]] And periodically insulting him as well. It's a BigLippedAlligatorMoment if you didn't see [[spoiler: Emeer hire Birdly,]] which just makes it even funnier.
* The entire [[spoiler: [[CallBack parrot cross examination]]]] scene in the 3rd trial. Barnham [[NotSoStoic completely loses his composure]] at the thought, but the Judge allows it because he believes [[SerialEscalation there's no way the trial can possibly get any stranger.]] And then there's the actual testimony... which is fully voiced. [[spoiler: And mostly consists of SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud. "Clang."]]
** The lead-up into this is quite humorous. Barnham mentioned that magic has a way of confusing people's memories, causing Luke to realize that there's someone here who [[spoiler: isn't human.]]
---> '''Phoenix''': [[VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney This situation seems oddly familiar...]]
* Inquisitor Barnham valiantly attempts to stop Phoenix from inquiring about [[spoiler: the Alchemist's neighbour, who turns out to be Emeer.]] The reaction when [[spoiler: Emeer]] takes the stand, from both Barnham and Nick, is absolutely hilarious.
-->'''Phoenix''': (Oh dearie ME.)
** Similarly when you disprove his testimony:
--->'''Phoenix''': That [[spoiler: gem]] was useless.\\
'''Barnham''': Pssh. Just like everything else this witness says.
** Pretty much every instance of Phoenix and Barnham tag-team insulting this character is comedy gold.
* Lettie Mailer's loudness:
'''SFX''': [[[ShellShockSilence microphone feedback tone]]]\\
'''Phoenix''': (I wish I had some earplugs with me...)
* When Lettie Mailer introduces herself as a courier, Phoenix Wright says, in his mind, "A courier?" Espella then explains to him what a courier is before he tells her he already knew that. After that, he says, in his own mind, "[[FirstPersonSmartass Stop misreading my mind.]]"
* During the third trial when inquiring to Emeer about Layton's [[spoiler: broken off golden arm, Phoenix can ask how much did he sell it for. There's silence in the court until a shocked Emeer asks if Phoenix plans to sell the whole body! Cue reactions of horror and derision from everyone around Phoenix.]]
* [[{{Irony}} The first (and only) person to say the good professor's catchphrase, "That reminds me of a puzzle!", is Phoenix, who is the only person out of him, Maya, Luke, and Layton who has not solved a puzzle yet]].

[[folder:After Golden Trial to End of Game]]
* Maya and Luke interacting like brother and sister as they do is both adorable as hell and funny; at one point, they come across glowing moss. Maya, predictably, pokes it and discovers it makes her finger glow. The next logical step for her is, obviously, cover Luke in moss for the sake of a VisualPun, so he can be as "bright" as the professor. Luke reacts as you'd expect, and the amused Layton and Wright just ''leave them to their own devices''. No points for guessing what happened in the end.
* The aforementioned GivingSomeoneThePointerFinger gets lampshaded mercilessly throughout the game, culminating in a TearJerker / CrowningMomentOfAwesome / CrowningMomentOfFunny scene where [[spoiler:Layton apparently uses it to save Eve and Espella from falling to their deaths]]. It's only funny because how how much lampshading the entire pointing thing gets given over the game and how it gets used even more in this game than in either of the home series games.
* Not long into the final witch trial, the leader of the Vigilantes insists on taking the stand, with his three minions backing up everything he says. The Judge agrees, and asks the Vigilantes to introduce themselves. The leader does so, as does the first of his minions, and the second, [[RuleofThree and the third]], [[RunningGag and then]] [[BornUnlucky a severely-injured man]], and then [[DistractedByTheSexy a rather... distracted-looking guy]] followed by [[BreastPlate a woman sitting on the stand in "armor" with her legs crossed]], followed by [[DistractedByTheSexy another man staring at her]], [[OverlyLongGag followed by]] a short guy with an accent named [[TheUnpronounceable Dzibilchaltunchunchucmil]] followed by [[CallBack Wordsmith, the aforementioned balloon-deflating old guy]]. That's right folks: [[UpToEleven TEN MAN CROSS-EXAMINATION]].
** Not to mention that the Judge continues to refer to the Vigilantes as skilled and professional despite the fact that two of them are blindly in love with a third, one of them can barely stand, one of them thinks he's testifying about the first witch trial and one of them locked the entire group inside of the bell tower by swallowing the key. [[SarcasmMode True professionals, indeed.]]
** Oddly enough, pressing one of the statements reveals that the Shakey, the aforementioned constantly-collapsing injured man is actually the fastest runner out of all of them, and was the first one to reach the scene and apprehend Espella. Phoenix is appropriately suprised.
** At the end of this cross-examination, Phoenix finally breaks it and proves his point... leading to the ENTIRE LINE of witnesses being knocked over one at a time... all from a single finger point.
** Blink and you'll miss it, but when everyone gets knocked out, Wordsmith [[BrickJoke deflates like a balloon again.]]
* The Professor attempts a courtroom BigWordShout, but is a [[http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/aceattorney/images/e/eb/Have_a_Look.png/revision/latest?cb=20140421233031 little too polite to pull off a "Take That"]].
* After it becomes increasingly evident that the game have several anachronisms, this exchange occurs at the trial:
-->After the inquisitor presents a photography as evidence:\\
'''Maya:''' But, aren't pictures against the rules? I mean, this is a medieval setting.\\
'''Phoenix''': Meh, who cares.
* [[spoiler: The cameo scene with Edgeworth]] at the end of the game. Also doubles as a moment of awesome.
* It's dark humour...but it's still funny: When investigating The Legendary Fire, the team move to a vantage point to help them visualise how it must have appeared to one particular witness. Maya notes that to ''really'' put themselves in the witness' shoes, the whole town should be on fire. [[CrossesTheLineTwice She then offers to go and get some matches.]] [[https://gs1.wac.edgecastcdn.net/8019B6/data.tumblr.com/2457c5b65cc937e7f9b24ac84a38a5ff/tumblr_inline_n4v5vj9qbj1qk7wyq.png The Professor's reaction]] is what makes it.
* At one point, Maya has to wear a helmet (specifically, she filched Barnham's) to conceal her face. Phoenix tries valiantly to {{handwave}} it to the best of his ability on the spot, leading to this:
-->'''Phoenix''': And um... don't comment on the helmet, please... She really wouldn't, err... like to have her face seen. How can I put this gently... It's not something you'd want to look at.
* "The inquisition has ingeniously solved the query by disregarding it."
* Another moment of BlackComedy occurs in the final trial, where the Judge says he does not condone violence... [[HypocrisyNod the burning of witches being an exception, of course.]]
* If Phoenix questions [[spoiler: the Storyteller at the wrong moment he'll go off in a tangent, complimenting him on Laberelum's brand of flu medicine. The Storyteller then sings its jingle and proudly says he wrote it himself.]]
* Phoenix constantly [[{{lampshaded}} hanging a lampshade]] on how utterly ridiculous, outlandish, [[ContrivedCoincidence convenient]], and {{handwave}}-y the usual Layton-style [[TheReveal reveal]] actually is compared to the ones in his home series.
** Pressing [[spoiler:The Storyteller's]] first statement of the reveal leads to Nick just giving out a bewildered scream of incomprehension.
* [[spoiler:During the ending, where everyone is standing at the docks waving goodbye to Wright & Layton and co., Emeer can be seen in the back, hopping to get a good view. Poor guy can't catch a break.]]

[[folder:Special Episodes / Miscellaneous]]
* When Phoenix messes up a puzzle, sometimes he'll scream "I'M NOT GUILTY!"
** Other times, he'll say "This is more of an Edgeworth thing anyway".
* After beating the game, the bonus episodes have absoultely NoFourthWall whatsoever.
--> '''Maya''': Ease up, Nick! Sometimes a little self-awareness is fun. Isn't that right, avid video game player?
* Phoenix and Maya struggling to cope with [[SpotOfTea the sheer amount of tea]] Luke and the Professor give to them in the first bonus episode. Even Maya's [[BigEater iron stomach]] can't handle it!
** And then Maya notices something. In total, everyone at the reunion drank 17 cups of tea. So she thinks, maybe Layton has a rule about tea. Maybe he [[CallBack always has 17 cups of tea with every puzzle]]. Ace Attorney fans are doubled over in laughter about now. And then Phoenix quips that that particular [[BreakingTheFourthWall Ace Attorney reference]] probably isn't appropriate, as the reference is about a big coffee drinker.
* In Special Episode 4: [[spoiler:Barnham working in the bakery. And even he fears Patty's wrath.]]
* In episode 5, [[spoiler:all the townspeople start complaining about their unimaginative names... especially Kira]].
* [[spoiler:Eve's dramatics, and Mr. Cantabella's hospital chapter]] in the third special episode.
** In episode 6, [[spoiler:Eve is talked into doing her own puzzle-solving animation, and it is just as over-the-top as you'd think it is.]]
* Constantine, Barnham's dog, delivers a few of these, especially with his vehement denials (via Luke's translations) that he is friends with Eve, Espella's cat. Gets doubly funny when, in the special episodes, when Barnham gives an almost identical denial over his [[spoiler: obvious affection for Eve Belduke, a.k.a. Lady Darklaw]]. All present are deeply amused by the similarity.
* In the special episodes, Layton's love for puzzles leads to a few moments.
** In episode 6, [[spoiler: his birthday present for Eve is a puzzle, which he solves as he is giving it to her.]]
** In episode 7, [[spoiler: when Ms. Primstone derides puzzles as only leading to trouble, he doesn't hesitate to verbally tear her a new one, (gentlemanly-y, of course,) along with fellow puzzle-freaks Ridelle and Jean.]]
** And in episode 8, [[spoiler:He interrupts Barnham's flashback to solve a puzzle that Barnham had received back then, and agrees to keep Constantine's backstory a secret in exchange to solve the 'More Chalices!' puzzle that Barnham was having trouble on for the past three hours. (Perhaps he's jealous that Phoenix got to solve it in the main game?)]]
* In Special Episode 7, the party is short on money. Maya suggests that the party sell something valuable to the pawnbroker... [[spoiler:[[BrickJoke while staring]] [[TakenForGranite directly at]] [[CrossesTheLineTwice Layton's right arm]]]]. At least Nick's not the ButtMonkey this time...
* Special Episode number 11 starts off with a black screen. All of a sudden, [[spoiler:you hear the three tick "puzzle-solved!" jingle. Who's the one doing the pose and one-liner? ''Edgeworth''.]] Completely unexpected and hilarious.
-->'''[[spoiler:Edgeworth]]:''' [[spoiler:[[CallBack I object... to]] ''[[ThatWasObjectionable objectionable]]'' [[CallBack puzzles!]]]]
** At the end of the special episode, it's revealed that everyone in the group will be taking part in the Great Witch Bazella pageant. Including Phoenix, who has been signed up without his knowledge. After a few lines rubbing it in, Phoenix feels a familiar urge to say a certain word...
--->[[spoiler:'''Layton''']]''':''' [[spoiler: [[CatchphraseInterruptus Overruled]]]].
* Phoenix has a new, cocky pose where he places his left hand on his hip and looks pleased with himself. It just ''oozes'' sass.
* A {{meta}} funny, but the professor's official height on the wiki is listed as 5'9", which is impossible because his shoulder is several inches lower than Phoenix's, meaning he should probably be closer to the heights of Apollo and Franziska (who are only a few centimetres apart in height, so the prof should be probably more like 5'4"). How is the professor 5'9"? ''They included his hat''.