* Ladies and gentlemen, we give you one of the biggest {{facepalm}} worthy moments in ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' history.
--> '''Shane''': So, what exactly does (the Morpher) do?
--> '''Tori''': Where's the switch?
--> '''Dustin''': Does it have any games or what?
--> '''Cam''': Ladies and gentlemen, the defenders of the galaxy.
** Yes Cam, we are ''soooo'' doomed.
** This is then followed up by the trio earning the dubious honor of being the first and only Ranger team thus far to ''[[EpicFail botch up]]'' their first transformation sequence; namely the wording...which is in rhyme.
** Then they enter battle... And [[CriticalResearchFailure turns out Lothor didn't know there were Power Rangers on Earth]].
* We have just five words.. "Power Rangers" and LovePotion.
* Cyber-Cam, when he's, you know, not evil and all.
** "Sorry about the whole tying-you-up-in-the-closet thing."
*** Especially when he effectively curbstomps the rangers in their respective extreme sports.
* There's also what is widely considered to be funniest moment in ''Power Rangers'' history. The first time the Thunder Rangers show up, it's during a battle with some Mooks. Dustin doesn't know who to fight, and Shane casually replies to fight "[[DeadpanSnarker Anyone not wearing a primary color]]."
* Lothor had a tendency for BreakingTheFourthWall all season. Observe:
-->'''Lothor:''' (''regarding a monster [[MakeMyMonsterGrow growing]] and looking directly to the camera'') Well? What did you expect? He wasn't going to get smaller!
-->'''Lothor:''' (''beating the crap out of the Rangers in his new Lothorzord'') This is the most fun I've had all season!
** Also, his [[LampshadeHanging lampshading]] of typical ''PR'' tropes, especially the MakeMyMonsterGrow part of the deal when Marah and Karpi ask [[TooDumbToLive what to do when a monster was blown-up in small scale]]:
-->'''Lothor:''' How long have you been working here? You make him big, okay? They blow them up and we make them big, it happens everytime. How could you not get that part?
** Another time, he tried to supersize six giant monsters at once against the Rangers, only for the PAM ([[FunWithAcronyms Personal Alien Manager]]) to fail citing a "memory error". Zurgane tells him that they didn't pay for the memory upgrade, so they can [[EnforcedTrope only enlarge one monster at a time]]. Lothor curses at this, complaining that as future ruler of the world "I need big monsters!" and settles for enlarging one and making the rest fight while small. (This was also a bit of an InsideJoke- Disney wouldn't ''let'' the crew have more than one big monster per episode due to having a smaller budget than before.)
* Tori's just been deposited back on a crowded beach from an alternate universe.
-->'''Tori''': What's going on here?\\
'''Dustin''': Giant butterfly attacking the city, you know, the usual."\\
'''Tori''': It's really good to be back. Ready? [[ByThePowerOfGreyskull Ni-]]...we're, uh...\\
'''Hunter''': [[SecretIdentity Uh, what about the people?]]\\
'''Blake''': Yeah, not here.\\
''Dustin and Shane walk off to left of screen, Tori heads right, Hunter follows Tori''\\
'''Tori''': Guys, this way!\\
''Hunter makes beckoning motions''
* {{Lampshad|eHanging}}ing why people still live in Blue Bay Harbor, despite monster attacks. "Why do you think housing prices are so low?"
* Lothor on the Green Ranger: "When are they going to run out of colors?!"
* "The next person to use a made-up word has to put a dollar in the made-up-word-jar!"
* "You know what the worst part is? It's not even butter. We're gonna be destroyed by ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING!"
* Cam walks in the others practicing for a talent show at Ninja Ops. "Hey, it's the kids from ''Film/{{Fame}}''!"
* "Follow my lead!" (''slowly back up, [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere then turn around and bail]]'')
* Cam is finally able to get through to the Rangers after several episodes of being out of contact:
-->'''Shane''': Is that you, Cam?
-->'''Cam''': [[DeadpanSnarker No, it's the phone company. I'm calling to find out if you're happy with your long-distance service.]]
* The [[TheBusCameBack return of Choobo after several episodes]]
-->'''Marah'''(Lothor ha just created a puppy): Can we keep him, Uncle? Please.
-->'''Lothor''': No! I already got you a pet, and you never play with it.
** And then we cut to Choobo being chased by the aforementioned puppy.