!!Original Games
* Basically, in Dewford Town, there is a trendy phrase. You can make what's "hip, happening, and trendy" almost ANYTHING. Even "ADULT ANIME". This works a bit differently in the remakes where instead of doing a "trendy phrase", you can start a trend about anything found within your backpack and "what's cool about them".
* A female Cool Trainer on Route 111, before she challenges you, says that your Pokemon look like serious actors and that she wants to ask you "for an engagement", which makes it sound like she's proposing to you. It's made even funnier if you're playing as a girl, but in Emerald after you beat her, she only mentions wanting to be friends with more strong trainers like you. Still funny though. This is probably why they changed her dialogue to "Could I ask you for a battle?" in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
* In the museum in Slateport, when you encounter Team Aqua (Sapphire/Emerald) or Team Magma (Ruby), the grunt you fought in Petalburg Woods and Rusturf Tunnel will give you a TM. What's in this TM? Thief, which [[HypocriticalHumor he claims fits]] ''[[HypocriticalHumor you]]'' [[HypocriticalHumor rather than him]] before running off in the middle of his job.
** Just before that, there's a line of them ''waiting patiently outside the museum''.
** A couple of them even gripe about the entrance fee!
** One of them complains he should've brought his Gameboy Advance.
* "The air is tasty here!"
* Many random trainers have hilarious LargeHam tendencies.
--> ''GORGE your eyes on this, it's a SILK SCARF!''
* You know the standard YES/NO means of answering questions in Pokemon? In this game, it extends to asking ''where you're from''. Saying yes will result in the man saying that he's never heard of Yes Town. Selecting no causes the man to say that you've had to have come from somewhere (and then guessing that you were born at the bottom of the sea).
* "Fishing is all about concentration, you have to focus on the floater"
* This bit, from a Beauty Contest participant in Lilycove:
--> ''This pretty Pokemon looks just like me when I was younger. Right when I said that, my husband spewed the coffee he was drinking. Did I say something funny?''
* Apparently, Rydel, the bike shop owner, has his name printed all over his bicycles. How do we know this? An NPC on Cycling Road points out that your bike says "Rydel, Rydel, Rydel, Rydel, Rydel", etc. on it. [[OverlyLongGag Using several boxes' worth of text, no less.]]
* The Battle Tower (and Frontier in Emerald) trainers have their lines entirely made up using [[MadLibsDialogue the Easy Chat system]], which creates many hilarious lines like "POUND THE THICK FAT ON MY BELLY DRUM!" or "I AM GOING TO ENJOY AN EGG". One of them even says "[[LampshadeHanging NONE OF THIS IS MAKING SENSE.]]"

!!Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


[[folder: Demo ]]

* When Matt calls Tabitha a Makuhita, Tabitha throw an over-the-top tantrum and [[ComicallyMissingThePoint demands that he at least make it a Hariyama]].
* One of the first Magma grunts the player meets describes Steven as "a rather stunning male specimen".
* Steven recalls Team Magma's name as Team Something Or Other.
** Brendan/May does the exact same thing in the actual game.
* Tabitha calls Steven a "silver-haired pretty boy."
* A rather hilarious CallForward to ''VideoGame/PokemonXAndY'' can be found in the demo. In X and Y, a male Swimmer tells you that he's swum from Hoenn to Kalos. Many pointed out that (assuming Hoenn and Kalos are in the same locations as Kyushu and France) this is a trip of several thousand miles. In the demo - canonically about a decade before X and Y - we meet this Swimmer at the start of this marathon journey!
* Sometimes a scientist will show up in Mossdeep and talk about how he loves Shroomish, but that there don't seem to appear around Mossdeep. [[BrickJoke Sometimes]], a Shroomish may appear randomly in Mossdeep in place of another NPC. It's even funnier [[FailedASpotCheck if the scientist still happens to be there.]]
* Near the start of the game, a Team Aqua member will proudly boast to be the 25th best grunt on the team. [[spoiler: Looking up [[http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Team_Aqua_Grunt Bulbapedia]] shows that there were [[EpicFail barely twenty-something Grunts in Aqua to begin with]] in the original games, [[{{Understatement}} implying that she kinda sucks at her job]]]]


[[folder: Promotional Short ]]

* When Brendan's Treecko tries to attack a Youngster's Zigzagoon with its tail, the Zigzagoon dodges it, causing Treecko to slam its tail on the ground. Not only does the slam make a comical sound, Treecko ends up suffering painful vibrations from the impact, causing Brendan to FacePalm in [[FunnyBackgroundEvent the background]].
* In Mega Sharpedo and Mega Slowbro's fight, Slowbro's shell notices the incoming Sharpedo and panics before turning around, resulting in a surprised Slowbro. Upon breaking free from Sharpedo's bite, both Slowbro and its shell look freaked out.
* In Mega Lopunny and Mega Sableye's fight, after Lopunny's attacks all get blocked by Sableye's giant ruby, Sableye mocks Lopunny by grinning through the ruby. Lopunny proceeds to jump behind Sableye and lightly kicks its leg, causing Sableye to lose its balance as its own ruby falls on top of it. Mega Sableye ends up struggling underneath it while Lopunny giggles.
* Mega Audino and Mega Altaria are shown copying May's dancing in a Pokémon Contest.


[[folder: Main Game ]]

* There's an Ace Trainer in Rustboro City who gives you a Float Stone, and item that halves the holder's weight. If you go to a different floor and come back, you'll find the Ace Trainer is gone... and there's a [[BigFun Hiker]] where he was standing. Talk to him, and he says "[[NoOntologicalInertia I seem to have put on a lot of weight lately.]]" Yes, apparently the Float Stone works for humans too...
* Maxie's after-battle model when you win. Basically, a non-verbal BigWhat as his glasses go askew. Followed up a few seconds later by him quickly adjusting his appearance so that it looks like it never happened. It's hilarious when you see it for the first time.
** [[https://33.media.tumblr.com/99732d85a847e54065568cb245ec20fc/tumblr_nfh00aMYRt1tfpu96o1_500.gif It really must be seen to be believed.]]
* One of the possible Pokémon in the Beauty contest is... a Machoke. ''Not'' what one would expect, right? It gets even better as the moves it knows for the contest are Sunny Day, Round, Return, and... Attract.
* The fact that characters can have more animations in the remakes than just walking animations mean we can now see Flannery "trying too hard to be intimidating", which is depicted as her pulling a face as she speaks as well as shouting her words instead of talking normally. That, and combined with the fact that she still fumbles her words in the remakes (and turns to the side to think every time she does so) all make the scene seem funnier than before.
* As in the original versions, ORAS features many hidden Kecleon. One such example is hidden in Lavaridge Town's hot springs. IN the hot spring! One has to wonder how the poor lizard isn't boiling alive.
* Once Steven leaves after talking to Zinnia's grandmother, she gives this line if you talk to her.
--> '''Zinnia's grandmother:''' ''That silver-haired dreamboat said he was headed back to Rustboro.''