!!The Disney film
* From the first few minutes, after John rescues a crewmember on the maiden voyage to America:
-->'''Crewmen #1:''' Well ''done'', laddie! Well ''done!''\\
'''John:''' [''swinging down from the mast inbetween the two crewmen''] But of course. You'd have done the same thing for me.\\
'''Crewmen #1, 2, and 3:''' [''beat, then awkwardly''] Oh, ''sure!'' Of ''course!'' Absolutely!
* This little exchange:
-->'''Ratcliffe:''' We shall give them a proper English greeting.\\
'''Wiggins:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint OOH! Gift baskets!]]
** "[[IronicEcho And he came so highly recommended.]]"
*** An alternate scene has Wiggins saying, "Ooh! I do so love a fracas!" He mimics shooting a gun with a soup ladle, until he trips and an axe barely misses him, before Ratcliffe says the above line.
* John Smith's first meeting with Grandmother Willow.
-->'''John:''' Pocahontas, that tree is talking to me.\\
'''Pocahontas:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Then you should talk back.]] Say something.\\
'''John:''' What do you say to a ''tree''?
* Most of Wiggins and Ratcliffe's dialogues, but this one in particular:
-->'''Ratcliffe:''' Wiggins, ''why'' do you think those insolent heathens attacked us?\\
'''Wiggins:''' [[CaptainObvious Because we invaded their land and cut down their trees and dug up their earth?]]
* Nakoma's reaction to Pocahontas jumping off a cliff. And when Pocahontas hits the water she grumpily says "show off".
-->'''Nakoma:''' Pocahontas, your father's back! Come down here! [''as Pocahontas dives off the top of the cliff''] No.. not that.. way.\\
** Then When she can't find Pocahontas in the water
-->'''Nakoma''': Pocahontas? Are you all right? Well you'd better be, because I'm not coming in after--[''Pocahontas surfaces from underwater and overturns the canoe''] YOU-HOO-HOO!\\
(cue to both of them under the canoe; Nakoma surfaces)\\
'''Nakoma:''' [[GrowingUpSucks Don't you think we're a -splut- little old for this?]]\\
''They laugh and splash each other''

* Meeko when he jumps down the cliff after Pocahontas. He goes from confident to REALLY scared in a second and it's hilarious.
* Meeko's expressions while Pocahontas is singing "Just Around the Riverbend", especially when she goes down the waterfall.
* [[AudienceSurrogate Meeko and Flit's]] [[JawDrop reaction]] to Pocahontas suddenly managing to learn English.
* Grandmother Willow's scene with John Smith.
-->'''Grandmother Willow:''' (''on John Smith'') He has a good soul. And he's handsome, too.\\
'''John:''' I like her.
* This dialogue.
-->'''Lon:''' Come on, Ben, it's just a little fun.\\
'''Ben:''' [[SarcasmMode Oh, sure, we're having loads of fun.]] Right, look at us-no gold, no food, while Ratcliffe sits up in his tent all day happy as a clam.\\
[''[[DescriptionCut Cut to Ratcliffe]]'']\\
'''Ratcliffe:''' I'm doomed!
* And this dialogue between Ratcliffe, Ben, and Lon.
-->'''Ratcliffe:''' You there, where's Captain Smith?\\
'''Lon:''' Well, he's...gone.\\
'''Ben:''' Aye, your singing must've scared him off.\\
'''Ratcliffe:''' Well, then go get him, for heaven's sake!\\
'''Lon:''' What if we run into the Indians?\\
'''Ratcliffe:''' That's what ''[[SarcasmMode guns]]'' are for! Now, arm yourselves and get moving!
* This bit:
-->'''Grandmother Willow:''' [[{{Pun}} My bark is worse than my bite.]]\\
(''cue [[AnimalReactionShot two owls exchanging snarky glances]]'')
* When John Smith is trying to show Pocahontas what a handshake is. He has his hand held out and the expression on her face as she says "Nothing's happening".