Despite being the most reviled of Steven Spielberg's cartoons, ''WesternAnimation/PinkyElmyraAndTheBrain'' still had some downright hilarious moments.

* The opening theme's most notorious line "[[ExecutiveMeddling It's what the network wants/Why bother to complain]]?" has Pinky and the Brain [[BitingTheHandHumor literally getting kicked out of the Warner Bros. corporate headquarters]]. Elmyra looks at them with a goofy smile and shrugs.
** The previous scene has Brain giving a ''[[ priceless]]'' AsideGlance while watching Elmyra's antics.
* "Patty-Ann": After Elmyra flushes Pinky and the Brain down the toilet.
-->'''Pinky:''' I think Elmyra has seen ''Film/{{Titanic|1997}}'' a few hundred times too many. Troz!\\
'''Brain:''' [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Let's hope she never rents]] ''Film/AClockworkOrange''. [[note]] Brain was actually tortured in his childhood ''A Clockwork Orange'' style in the ''Pinky and the Brain'' episode "Leggo my Ego".[[/note]]
* "Gee Your Hair Spells Terrific":
** Brain's plan to help Elmyra cheat in the spelling bee finals:
-->'''Elmyra:''' Um, ''(gulps)'' "Absurd".\\
'''Brain:''' A bee is you, Ardie?\\
'''Elmyra:''' A-B-S-U-R-D. "Absurd".\\
'''Host:''' That is correct!\\\
'''Judge:''' ''(under his breath)'' I think there might be a little cheating going on in the audience.\\
'''Baloney:''' Cheating? Well, that makes me gosh-oh-jolly, doodle-golly MAD!\\\
'''Elmyra:''' "Poppycock".\\
'''Brain:''' Pee? Oh, pee pee. Why? See? Oh, see. 'Kay.\\
'''Elmyra:''' P-O-P-P-Y-C-O-C-K.\\
'''Pinky:''' Oh, I get it. ''(out loud)'' Oh, I see pee pee, too! Oh, why? Oh, why?\\
'''Brain:''' Pinky, quiet!\\
'''Elmyra:''' O-I-C-P-P-2-O-Y-O-Y.\\
'''Host:''' I'm sorry, that's too many letters...and numbers. We'll have to call that a wrong answer.\\
'''Baloney:''' ''(sneaks up behind Brain)'' Cheaters!\\
'''Brain:''' ''(falls)'' Oh! Oh! Oh!\\
'''Elmyra:''' O-O-O.\\
'''Host:''' I said that's wrong, you'll have to stop.
** Then after Pinky and the Brain are outed:
-->'''Brain:''' We learned a valuable lesson, Pinky.\\
'''Pinky:''' Yes, 2 is not a letter.
* The episode "At the Hop" has Ben Stein playing Rockin' Johnny Hot, the DJ at Elmyra's school dance. When the kids chase him out, Johnny screams in terror...and [[SuddenlyShouting Stein actually raises his voice from his trademark deadpan]].
* The episode where Brain does his own version of ''Series/MisterRogersNeighborhood'' has a scene where his name is the secret word that causes bells to ring and red lights to flash. But when Pinky shows up:
-->'''Pinky:''' Hello, Mr. Loyal Subject! Hello, Brain! ''[lights flash]''\\
'''Brain:''' You said the secret word!\\
'''Pinky:''' I did? Um... what's the secret word, Brain? ''[lights flash]''\\
'''Brain:''' You said the secret word again!\\
'''Pinky:''' Really? I've never won anything before. What do I win, Brain? ''[lights flash]'' Oh, this is so exciting!\\
'''Brain:''' OK, that's enough.\\
'''Pinky:''' Enough of what, Brain? ''[lights flash]''\\
'''Brain:''' Stop saying the secret word!\\
'''Pinky:''' What's the secret word, Brain? ''[lights flash]''\\
'''Brain:''' Errrrgh! Stop saying "Brain"! ''[lights flash]''\\
'''Pinky:''' Ah! You won, Brain! ''[lights flash]''\\
'''Brain:''' Stop it, stop it, stop it!\\
'''Pinky:''' Stop what, Brain? ''[lights flash]''\\
'''Brain:''' Okay, that's it! The secret word is ''not'' "Brain"!\\
'''Pinky:''' Wuhahaha! Shut yer face! Shut yer face, Brain! ''[continues to repeat "Brain", with the lights flashing each time, until Brain hits him on the head with his sceptre]''\\
'''Brain:''' The new ''new'' secret word is "pain".
* "A Walk in the Park":
** Brain commenting on the TastesLikeDiabetes tapes that Elmyra owns ("It's a Sugary-Wugary Day" by Laffi and "Life's a Rosy-Posy Bed of Honey" by Marie Flewis and Pork Chop), followed by this exchange:
-->'''Brain:''' The titles alone are enough to make my teeth rot.\\
'''Pinky:''' I'll help you floss.\\
'''Brain:''' I'll help ''you'' hurt! ''(hits Pinky)''
** Also ''this'' exchange when Elmyra gets separated:
-->'''Brain:''' Hey, where's Elmyra?\\
'''Pinky:''' Oh no, she's lost! We might never see her again!\\
'''Brain:''' Stop trying to cheer me up, Pinky. She's got the tape.
* Pretty much the entirety of "How I Spent My Weekend", as it tells the story from [[CloudCuckooLander Elmyra]]'s point of view. Highlights include Brain trying to conquer France by having a robot turn all the cheese into stupid American tourists and the revelation that [[spoiler:the giant robot Roberto and the French lady robot he fell in love with actually existed!]]