!Reviews/Top 10s:
[[folder: Top 10 Jerks in Video Games]]
* The [[EarWorm "I Like To Ski"]] song from his ''Top Ten Jerks In Video Games'' video.
-->'''PBG:''' (Singing) I like to ski! I like to ski! I can ski free! I can ski free! I am going down the snow! I do not know which I go. (gibberish) GO! I like to ski! *yeti'd*
** He then turns on fast mode to evade the yeti... And promptly crashes into a tree. [[FromBadToWorse Then the yeti]] [[YouCantFightFate gets him anyway.]]
* He gets angry when a Blue Shell prevents him from getting third place in "Mario Kart."
-->'''PBG''': Hey, don't disrespect third place! That's a bronze medal; people train their whole lives to get that crap! *a medal appear onscreen which displays PBG giving a thumbs up and says "You tried!"
* Gleefully showing off a mod that allows you to [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential kill]] [[WouldHurtAChild the kids]] in ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]''.
-->'''Boy''': Another wanderer here to lick my father's boots. Good job.
-->'''PBG''': LEARN SOME MANNERS, KID! (slashes him)
** Onscreen text: [[BlatantLies This wasn't funny at all.]]
* His [[OhCrap reaction]] to the realization that you can propose to your rival, Jamie, in "Harvest Moon: Magical Melody."
* He says that even though [[VideoGame/{{Earthbound}} Pokey]] is a bad guy, he can't help but feel that he's just a misfit. Then he gets Pokey's letter...
-->'''PBG''': Blah blah blah...Spankety...spankety...spankety...? [[ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne YOU TAKE THAT BACK!]]
* His happily proclaiming that he calls his [[Main/{{Jerkass}} rival]] in the "Pokemon Red/Blue" games Dumbutt.

[[folder: My Slave Kingdom]]
* Refering to the wizards as "Wandy Guy".
* His character named "EESDESESERD" whom he made look as ridiculous as possible.
** "I like his bald!"
* "And the runner up gets a....toaster oven? AWESOME!!!"
* Him pointing out how Lyndsay "helps" and realizing the AccidentalInnuendo he caused.
-->'''PBG:''' And, by help I mean she just shakes your bag around and gives your wand special powers... Uhhhhhh...
* PBG laughing insanely and running around while holding "The wandy thing".
** "Why did I just get a pencil?"
* "LET'S GO SAILING!" *Thud*
* "Ok, I'm gonna need five happys and twenty-five cherries.....Oh, I see....(?????)"
* PBG builds a "rocket" (in the loosest sense of the world possible) to send an NPC into space. The rocket promptly explodes.

[[folder: MyDerpSims Agents]]
-->'''PBG:''' Smash the truck! Smash the truck! I'm a detective so I smashed the truck! You think you smashed the truck? No, I smashed the truck! I'm the one that smashed the truck!
** "Smash the trash can! Smash the trash can! I'm a detective so I smashed the trash can! Beat this kid... Ok, I didn't do that... BUT, SMASH THE TRUCK I DEFINITELY DID!!!"
* Also:
-->I'm Playing '''Video Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames!'''
* Regarding one of the costumes:
-->'''PBG:''' Huh, this isn't so bad. Pull out the crowbar again and he looks kinda like a green-suited [[Videogame/HalfLife Gordon Freeman]]. You know... but a clown.
* (Singing) "Being an agent, being an agent, just walking around, and being an agent..."
* "Hey, look at that! This must be my Sim from the original video's offspring! [{{Beat}}] KillItWithFire!"

[[folder: Putt-Putt Does Some Things]]
* ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8KjPEQyzAM&list=UURBkeMoYX02w-0qVIKNkruw&index=5&feature=plcp going through the mail]]) "Dear PBG, you need a haircut. Dear PBG, you don't need a haircut. Dear PBG, has anyone told you that you look like Shaggy from ScoobyDoo?"
** "Ever wanted to play a game where you click on stuff? Then this is the game for you! See something? Click on it! Just click on everything, I mean what could go wrong?" (Cuts to him walking in his yard and tapping on a spigot cover... [[spoiler:Which causes it to blow up]])
* This:
--> '''Mountain lion toy(?): "Why does a fireman wear red suspenders?"
--> '''PBG'' (kind of creeped out): "Uh, I don't caaaaare. Bye, bye.
* [[MetalScream FANTASY MOOOONTH]] [[MundaneMadeAwesome while Putt Putt Mows a Lawn.]]
* Firebert's first appearance as him being zoomed in on, but then towards the end of him talking, the Mega Man Cartoon "DERP" picture appears from the corner.
* His breakdown after saying that watching Putt-Putt get a new paint job (of purple, again) was the most fun he's had all day. Then what he says when playing some stupid puzzle:
--> '''PBG''' (crying) : I hate my life. I just want to play Diablo 3!

[[folder: Putt Does Some Things Again]]
* The intro, of course:
--> '''PBG''': "About a year ago, I did a video on some Putt Putt games. (close up on his eyes, frequently darting around, he speaks in a hushed voice) And I've never be the same since! [[MoodWhiplash (speaking normally now) Actually I have.]] I have since coped with how many mails there are, the FCC never followed up on that death threat, but I do still get letters about whether I should cut my hair."
* Him pointing out that Mister Baldini is a little bit of a racial stereotyped character.
* Pointing out Putt-Putt's CaptainObvious.
--> '''Putt-Putt''': "Hey! It's a billboard for the Cartown Zoo!"
--> '''PBG''': [[SarcasmMode "Well, how very observant of you, mister PP!]] [[YouSaidX Heh, heh. P, p.]]
* His reaction to Smokey in the second half:
--> '''PBG''' I think I need to call 911 again, actually.
** The picture he displays really sells it, it's of Putt-Putt at the blower and the word bubble he added says: "Hello, Mr. Policeman? I believe I am about to be sexually assaulted."
* In going to the library to find what a lemur eats for Outback Al, Putt-Putt happens to find a book on animals in which you can make Putt-Putt say all the letters of the alphabet:
--> '''PBG''': ...and I'm sure with my mature creative ability I can have some fun with this.
--> '''Putt-Putt''': F U.
--> '''PBG''': Perfect!
* PBG mouthing Putt-Putt's victory speech and flipping off Outback All.
* His reaction to those rhyming monkeys.
* And his reaction to when lazyass Outback Al gives Putt Putt the ''Junior'' Zookeeper award.
--> '''PBG''': "Junior award?! More like the 'I should have your job award'. I saved all the animals while he just sat there doing nothing. I even fixed parts of the zoo he was supposed to be fixing while doing it. This guy sucks at his job."
* Upon realizing that Putt Putt's voice in the 5th game is different: "[[TheyChangedItNowItSucks Oh no! They changed his voice!]] [[RuinedForever THEY CHAAAAAANGED HIS VOOOOOOIIICE!!!!]] [[MoodWhiplash Oh wait I don't care. Never mind.]]"

[[folder: Top 10 Scariest Enemies in Video Games]]
* This video has quite a few good moments. Such his [[LaughingMad maniacal laughter]] as he's spamming Holy Frag Grenades on the [[BonusBoss Legendary Deathclaw]], among other [[VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas Deathclaws]]. Leading to him nearly killing himself with one and the other...
--> '''PBG''': Oh there's one more *throws grenade which bounces off a Deathclaw corpse [[HoistByHisOwnPetard right back at him]]* [[OhCrap That's not good]]! *gets blown up* I lost mah limbs.
* His #10 choice is Uboa from {{Yume Nikki}}. He admits that he hasn't fully played the game yet...
--> '''PBG''': But what I ''do'' know...is that she [Madotsuki] [[CuteKitten looks like a kitty]]!
* His happy-go-lucky playing through Super Mario 64, which slowly begins to get creepier...and then the [[JumpScare monster piano strikes]].
--> '''PBG''': (Pounds on his chest and gasps for air; falls over with a thump)
* The beginning of his Sinistar introduction.
--> '''PBG''': Sinistar is an arcade game where-[[StuffBlowingUp (gets blown up)]]...eh, let's try that again. Sinistar may not appear to be-[[StuffBlowingUp (gets blown up)]]. Ugh! Sinistar is a space shooter where-[[StuffBlowingUp (gets blown up).]] Sinistar is really-[[StuffBlowingUp (gets blown up)]]. Sinistar would def-[[StuffBlowingUp (gets blown up)]]. [[OverlyLongGag I just wanna say th-(gets blown up). Pleease just let me-(gets blown up). I'M GONNA RAPE YOU!!(gets blown up)]]
* His opinion on {{VideoGame/The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time}}'s E for Everyone rating
--> '''PBG''': [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Somebody]]...[[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids effed...up]]!
* "Oh, hello there, [[VideoGame/SilentHill floaty men]]! Bye-bye, floaty men! I'm going this way..."
* His insisting that "Gameplay Mechanics" is one word
* His reason for putting SCP-173 on his list
--> '''PBG''': Sure, he may look like a derp...but he'll kill you!
* The VideoGame/AmnesiaTheDarkDescent part also has a couple of funny moments, such as when he's trying to hide from a Suitor while holding a bag of potatoes, saying he's "a tasty tasty potatoes". And later when he's trying to [[ThatOneLevel run away from the last Suitor]] while trying to close gates.
--> '''PBG''': And now introducing a special solo from Peanut Butter Gamer. *[[TearsOfFear Starts crying]]* The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round. Huh, somehow I knew I would die while singing about a school-bus. *Suitor kills him*
* His list when he realizes he means Fast Zombies from ''HalfLife'' and not the regular ones, examples which include T-Rexes, Pee and Ask Mom about the rest.
--> ''PBG:''' Fast Zombies? ''Fast Zombies?!'' Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

[[folder: Hatoful Boyfriend]]
* This entire review. Highlights include the TooDumbToLive treatment of [[ObviouslyEvil Shuu]] (as in thinking the InfallibleBabble about him is false despite all evidence to the contrary), and [[JawDrop just staring on in disbelief]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R43bCBqhnS4 at the concept of a pigeon dating sim]].
* His reading of the ItMakesSenseInContext lines are also pretty funny.
* What can you wish for, y'know, the usual things high school girl would wish for like
-->Conquer(ing) the world by force
-->Rule(ing) the world from the shadows
-->[[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Become(ing) a famous artist!]]
-->(singing) [[SesameStreet One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong.]][[note]]It's actually "isn't the same", not "doesn't belong"[[/note]]

[[folder: Hey You, Pikachu]]
* I'll just count the times I said "Pikachu" ([[KirbySuperStar Gourmet Race]] plays). [[BrokenRecord Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu]] [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu]] [[OverlyLongGag Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu]].
* The way he points out that Pikachu can't figure out how to open the chest, despite the fact that there's a sign right behind it.
--> '''PBG''': "I just don't know if only I could figure out or had some clue to help me with this puzzling situation I find myself in. Oh, what is a video game video maker to do, it's such a situation woe is me!"

[[folder: Top 10 Zelda Bosses]]
* His "Surfing On A Top" song sung to the tune of [[TheBeachBoys ''Surfin' USA'']] in his ''Top 10 Zelda Bosses'' is hilarious.
-->"Surfin' on this sand here! Surfin' in a circle! I'm surfin' in a circle! Still surfin' in a circle...."
* (After defeating Stallord) "And not that that's over with, there's only one thing left to do..."
-->[[spoiler:"Surfin' on the wall here! It's really really fun! I'm surfin' on the wall and surfin' on the wall really good..."]]

[[folder: YoshisStory]]
* [[TheWickerMan NOT THE BEES AAAAH!!!!!]]
* Silly bumblebees, you can't catch me, [[Literature/TheGingerbreadMan I'm the Gingerbread Guy!]]
* Red Yoshi, back from the grave! YES! RED YOSHI! YOU CAN DO THIS! JUST DON'T SUCK IT UP! *dies*
* [[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim FUSRO]]- I'm not going to make that joke again.

[[folder: Link, the Faces of Evil]]
* His whole review intro:
--> '''PBG''': "Man, Zelda is great."
--> '''Dark PBG(?)''': (hissing/rasping) "Philips!"
--> '''PBG''': "I really love Zelda, I'm happy."
--> '''Dark PBG''': [[PunctuatedForEmphasis C. D. I!]]
--> '''PBG''': "I don't think there's a thing of Zelda games in the world I don't love."
--> '''Dark PBG''': "We don't speak its name!"
--> ''(cue a hashtag OverlyLongGag)''
* His YouTubePoop
--> '''PBG''': [[CreatorBacklash I apologize for that]]!
* Also, this:
--> '''PBG''': "The first thing you'll realize when you turn on the Faces of Evil is that you've made some pretty poor life choices."
* What he says when he has to get "rubees":
--> '''PBG''': (sounding bored) Boy this sure is a great way to start a game, huh? Farming for money against mindless generic enemies. Whoopdy freakin' do. It's almost like I ''don't'' want to kill myself.
* The theme ''Shut up and Jam Gaiden'' plays after a dumbfounded PBG gains the magical sword from the old fisherman.

[[folder: Animal Crossing New Leaf]]
* His view on the cow villager Angus
---> I really want to eat Angus, I mean come on, he's a cow wearing a flame shirt and his name is Angus! He's just begging to be eaten!
* The "Animal Crossing in my soup" song.

[[folder: Tomodachi Life]]
* Him gleefully admitting that you can edit the lyrics of songs in the game to be "as juvenile and inappropriate as Nintendo will allow you to get away with", and of course him showing a clip collection of said edited songs.
* Showing his friend Paul's Mii wanting some new clothes and PBG's response to it.
--> '''PBG:''' No, Paul! How many times do I have to say it?! CAT! SUIT! Just ''own'' it! ...you look gorgeous!
* PBG admitting that he made his friend TheCompletionist take up ballet... who's surprisingly good at it.
* PBG giving his brother a women's gymnastics leotard to wear... and liking it.
* The epic spazz-shot of PBG looking funny after his girlfriend's Mii rejected ''two'' of his friends' love confessions. The text blinks from "Epic Burn!" to "PBG is hot", "Jared sucks!" and "(Ian's okay)" in that order. All while playing the battle theme of Super Mario RPG.
* Making a Mii of SpaceHamster, giving him a Hamster costume and making his home resemble a hamster cage. But it turns out the Mii doesn't like Spacefood.
----> PBG: SHAM!!

!The G-Files:

[[folder: Minecraft]]
* From his ''G-Files: Minecraft'' video, [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic "PONIES!"]]
** "I'm Fluttershy, guys!"
* Or this gem from his friend Kyrak:
-->You gotta think this stuff out. This doesn't get done in a day, it's done in like an hour.

[[folder: Weird Arcade Games 2]]
* "I'm too busy doing... Whatever this is. (Cut to three of him dancing a la ThePeanuts)"
-->'''Alien:''' These games come from a faraway land.
-->'''PBG:''' You mean, an alien planet?
-->'''Alien:''' No... JAPAN!
-->'''PBG:''' Whoa... An alien planet....
* (While playing a Japanese dating sim. His character falls over) "Oh, look at that, I won! ....Good..."
* The screen panning up a guy in swimtrunks while on the beach, with hawaiian music playing. "D-did I win?"
* PBG telling people to not record themselves playing a mini-game-game because then the following quote will be recorded.
--> '''PBG:''' Yeah, one second, I'm doing some balls...

[[folder: Wind Waker Hacking]]
* Pretty much all of the hacks.
* When he introduces why he's hacking the game.
-->'''PBG''': "Why, because this" *shows Link twitches as he drowns* "it's funny."
* The, "regular dirty" moment with Link running all weird.
* The hack that sends the boat speeding off into the distance... without Link: "Bye bye, boat!"
-->'''PBG:''' I'm sure he thought I was on him, and he's gonna realise any second now, he's gonna turn around... Just you wait and see... Boat? ''Boat?'' BOAT, COME BACK!
* PBG decides to "do some terrible things to Link":
-->'''PBG:''' Wait for it... and... *Link falls face down on the ground and starts twitching randomly* seizure.
* The entire auction scene.

!To Kill An Avatar:

[[folder: Pikimin]]
* Him gleefully murdering {{Pikmin}} is both this and NightmareFuel.

[[folder: Link]]
* The song PBG makes up about the Cuccoo Revenge Squad.
--> They'll be comin' 'round the mountain when they come! They'll be comin' 'round the mountain when they come! They'll be comin' round the mountain, They'll be comin' round the mountain, They'll be comin' 'round the mountain when they come.. to kill ya!

!Hardcore videos:

[[folder: Minecraft [=#1-3=]]]

[[folder: Minecraft # 1 ]]

* Everyone's Minecraft skins across all three seasons.
* "[[RunningGag Who needs]] [[VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends a map]]?!"
-->Dean: "Who-"
-->NCS: "Who needs a map?"
-->Dean: "-needs a... DARNIT"
* The entire Season 1, now with [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LcLFH0DjBA Highlights]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gBIcfzsDRk videos]].
* Special mention goes to when [=McJones=] [[TheSmartGuy of all people]] mistook a Creeper for another player and let it inside.
-->What're you doing?
* The very early deaths of [[spoiler:The Completionist and Soah.]]
* The running gag of Professor [=McJones=] and giving exposition to Jeopardy music.
* JonTron gets [[DontSplitTheParty separated from the group]] and everyone is afraid that he may die. It's a very tense situation... until Jon randomly shouts "SHEEEEEEP!" in a high-pitched voice at the top of his lungs.
* [[ButtMonkey Dean.]] [[TooDumbToLive Just... Dean.]]
-->Jon: "I LOVE playing this game with Dean. It is so funny."
* While PBG, Dean, and Stewart are stuck out in the middle of nowhere, digging a cave to survive the night, Jon and Barry are relaxing back at base and using the chat:
-->'''<[=TheOnionKing=]> (JonTron)''' you want porkchops barry?
-->'''''' nah I'm good
-->'''<[=TheOnionKing=]>''' barry wanna eat some cotton candy
-->'''''' sure!
-->razzbarry is eating cotton candy
-->'''''' this is delicious
-->'''<[=TheOnionKing=]>''' good nigth barry
-->'''<[=TheOnionKing=]>''' i love you
-->'''''' <3
-->[[spoiler:[[MoodWhiplash Soah1086 burned to death]]]]


[[folder: Minecraft # 2 ]]

* Season 2 has [[spoiler:Kyrak]]'s tombstone, which reads [[spoiler:"Here lies Kyrak. He died because. (It definitely wasn't PBG.)"]]
* [[spoiler:Kyrak's death by sacrifice.]]
* The Skull-tans.
* Minecraft Hardcore 2's [[spoiler:final episode]] gives us the Dean Sword.


[[folder: Minecraft # 3 ]]

* Season 3's "I GOT A POTATO!"
* In season three, Jon decided to decorate their house... [[WhatAnIdiot with lava.]] [[LethallyStupid While the house is made out of wood.]] Cue Everyone having a NoJustNoReaction [[StrangeMindsThinkAlike (except for PBG)]] and [=McJones=] Having a RageQuit and builds his own house. In the next episode, [[spoiler:a stray ember nearly burns the whole house down.]]
--> [[spoiler:'''Jared''': [[NoIndoorVoice HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!]]]]
* [[spoiler:Dean ends up being the first to die in the game via a Creeper]]. Jon suggests they sing a hymn as a response. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggYJ_zNblnY=7min Cue Jon singing]] [[spoiler:[[Disney/TheLionKing The Circle Of Life]]]].
* In season 3, [=McJones=] talks about how he meditated with a mantra. Since the words itself weren't important and he was told to pick anything that rolled off the tongue, he chose "Super Nintendo."
* In Episode 7 of Season 3 gives us Jon's Secret Shack:
--> '''Smooth''': Where are we building the Nether Portal?
--> '''PBG''': Jon made another Temple on the other island--
--> '''Jared''': Jon's Secret Shack.
--> '''PBG''': ...Jon's Secret Shack.
--> '''Smooth''': Where's that, is it...
--> '''Jared''': ''It's a secret!''
* "I've got you! ...I'd rather not have you!"
* [[spoiler: Jared]] ends up giving the first [[spoiler:"Who needs a map?!"]] joke in Season 3 in Episode 7. Ironically, it happens after [[spoiler:Dean's death]].
--> '''PBG''': How do you make [[spoiler:a map]]?
--> '''Jared''': [[spoiler:''Who needs a map?!'']]

* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2hvZVtx3FM Day Z Hardcore Part 1]] has [[spoiler:[=McJones=] dying 2 minutes in, complete with a "montage."]]
** Later, [[spoiler: PBG and Jontron die in the exact same way--cornered by zombies, they jump off the railing]]. Dean comments it was just like a zombie movie.
* And now the entire series is [[spoiler: only three parts long]].
* A bonus trainwreck episode has a large group meeting up in one area... right next to a guy with a gun, who kills them all before they can even start recording.
* In Part 2, Jared makes a joke about Russia's overabundance of blood bags. "You have a cold? Get new blood." And then a picture is edited in of Jared wearing a nurse's cap, a stethoscope, and a button that reads "Trust me, I'm a doctor."

[[folder:Terraria [=#1=] & 2]]

[[folder: Terraria # 1 ]]

* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVqFNqjyKBE Terraria Hardcore]] continues the running gag of [=McJones=] giving exposition to Jeopardy music.
* Part 3 has Jontron tossing a bomb inside the house without knowing what it was. The wall and floor blow up.
* [=MCJones=] accidentally killing a bird in part 3 with his spear, then claiming IMeantToDoThat.
* [[spoiler: Dean and [=McJones=] dying to a boulder trap]] in part 5.
* PBG's ongoing rampage against the bunnies. In part 8, he kills 3 at once.


[[folder: Terraria # 2 ]]

* PBG's character in Season 2 looks a little... odd, to say the least.
-->'''PBG:''' I'm Ms. Frizzle!
-->'''[=ProtonJon=]:''' ...after a horrible accident, or what?
-->'''Dean:''' It's like mixed with Freddy Kreuger.
* Dean falling down a hole PBG dug and ''barely'' surviving.
* In Episode 10, PBG and Dean start racing home after the group decides to head out of the Corruption. Dean starts to get attacked by a Demon Eye and calls PBG for help, but PBG, focused on winning the race, blissfully ignores him. Suddenly, [[spoiler:Barry is surrounded and killed]], and everyone is completely shocked and wordless. PBG meekly adds "...I won the race though." [[spoiler:Cue Dean getting cornered and killed by the Demon Eye he was asking PBG to help him kill.]]
* [[spoiler:PBG is abruptly crushed by a boulder underground]] whilst talking about cutting the segment out since it was mostly [=SpaceHamster=] fishing. The slow-motion is even funnier.
-->'''Jeff:''' To waaatch me fiiiish?\\
[[spoiler:'''PBG''': Whaaaaaat?! Deeaadd!]]\\
[[spoiler:'''[=ProtonJon=]''': ''[[BigWhat Whaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt?!]]'']]
* The lack of respect [[spoiler:Jeff, Jon and [=McJones=]]] show for PBG [[spoiler:after his death. The grave they make him, alongside the dignified stone ones built for Satch, Dean and Barry, is made from whatever materials they had lying around (wood, dirt, ice) and has a sign that reads "PBG sploded", and Jeff throws some sushi at it as a sacrifice (as PBG pointed out in the comments, he doesn't even like sushi). Later, Jeff actually ''replaces'' his avatar at the bottom of the screen with one for the penguin, saying that he doesn't need it any more.]]
** [[spoiler:His avatar is even replaced with the penguin in the next episode's intro!]]
* While the survivors are debating the name of PBG's penguin, Jeff finds a second one and declares it '[his] penguin'. [[spoiler:He then immediately saws it in half by accident.]]
-->'''Jeff:''' Oops. Oh cra- '''*dissolves into laughter*'''
* In the finale, [[spoiler:tragic as it may be, Jeff's DeathByIrony is somewhat this in hindsight. ''Literally seconds'' after he muses about how much of an AntiClimax it would have been if [=McJones=] had died on the way to the boss (due to a Sticky Keys prompt), and [=McJones=] said it wouldn't be so bad, he immediately hits two stray blocks of dirt and dies upon impact. [=McJones=]'s reaction makes it all the better.]]
-->'''[[spoiler:[=McJones=]]]''': [-...oh no...-] [[spoiler:I guess I... get the running boots...]]

* [=McJones=] is doing his professor bit, explaining how the giant works, but Dean keeps interrupting him, eventually prompting [=McJones=] to let out an exasperated, "Why haven't you died yet?"
* Team 1 and Team B.
* "Team 1 LIKES touching themselves."
* The DullSurprise reveal of [[spoiler:Dean's death.]]
-->*camera cuts to the Pirate Ship, cue ChirpingCrickets*
-->Jeff: [[spoiler:Dean died.]]
* PBG having to [[spoiler:kill [=McJones=]'s zombie]] is hampered by it constantly moving out of range.