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!Reviews/Top 10s:
[[folder:Top 10 Jerks in Video Games]]
* His criticism regarding how many jerks there are in video games, claiming it was uncanny and completely different from the real world... while [[HypocriticalHumor posting hate comments directed his way over the video]], [[UpToEleven even going on to quote one of them directly and claim people don't say that]].
* The [[EarWorm "I Like To Ski"]] song from his ''Top Ten Jerks In Video Games'' video.
-->'''PBG:''' (Singing) I like to ski! I like to ski! I can ski free! I can ski free! I am going down the snow! I do not know which I go. (gibberish) GO! I like to ski! *yeti'd*
** He then turns on fast mode to evade the yeti... And promptly crashes into a tree. [[FromBadToWorse Then the yeti]] [[YouCantFightFate gets him anyway.]]
* He gets angry when a Blue Shell prevents him from getting third place in "Mario Kart."
-->'''PBG''': Hey, don't disrespect third place! That's a bronze medal; people train their whole lives to get that crap! *a medal appear onscreen which displays PBG giving a thumbs up and says "You tried!"
* Gleefully showing off a mod that allows you to [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential kill]] [[WouldHurtAChild the kids]] in ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]''.
-->'''Nelkir''': Another wanderer, here to lick my father's boots. Good job.
-->'''PBG''': LEARN SOME MANNERS, KID! (slashes him)
** Onscreen text: [[BlatantLies This wasn't funny at all.]]
* His [[OhCrap reaction]] to the realization that you can propose to your rival, Jamie, in "Harvest Moon: Magical Melody."
* He says that even though [[VideoGame/{{Earthbound}} Pokey]] is a bad guy, he can't help but feel that he's just a misfit. Then he gets Pokey's letter...
-->'''PBG''': Blah blah blah...Spankety...spankety...spankety...? [[ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne YOU TAKE THAT BACK!]]
* His happily proclaiming that he calls his [[{{Jerkass}} rival]] in the "Pokemon Red/Blue" games Dumbutt.
** And stating that being insulted by Gary Oak from the [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} anime]] is like winning a prize. And promptly gets congratulated when Gary insults him for being 'last'.

[[folder:My Slave Kingdom]]
* Refering to the wizards as "Wandy Guys".
* His character named "EESDESESERD" whom he made look as ridiculous as possible.
** "I like his bald!"
* "And the runner up gets a....toaster oven? AWESOME!!!"
* Him pointing out how Lyndsay "helps" and realizing the AccidentalInnuendo he caused.
-->'''PBG:''' And, by help I mean she just shakes your bag around and gives your wand special powers... Uhhhhhh...
* PBG laughing insanely and running around while holding "The wandy thing".
** "Why did I just get a pencil?"
* "LET'S GO SAILING!" *Thud*
* "Ok, I'm gonna need five happys and twenty-five cherries.....Oh, I see....(?????)"
* PBG builds a "rocket" (in the loosest sense of the world possible) to send an NPC into space. The rocket promptly explodes.

[[folder:MyDerpSims Agents]]
* PBG's songs return.
-->'''PBG:''' Smash the truck! Smash the truck! I'm a detective so I smashed the truck! You think you smashed the truck? No, I smashed the truck! I'm the one that smashed the truck!
** "Smash the trash can! Smash the trash can! I'm a detective so I smashed the trash can! Beat this kid... Ok, I didn't do that... BUT, SMASH THE TRUCK I DEFINITELY DID!!!"
* Also:
-->I'm Playing '''Video Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames!'''
* Regarding one of the costumes:
-->'''PBG:''' Huh, this isn't so bad. Pull out the crowbar again and he looks kinda like a green-suited [[Videogame/HalfLife Gordon Freeman]]. You know... but a clown.
* (Singing) "Being an agent, being an agent, just walking around, and being an agent..."
* "Hey, look at that! This must be my Sim from the original video's offspring! [{{Beat}}] KillItWithFire!"
* "Super Secret Super Hero Agent Secret Agent Mcagents of Secrecy"

[[folder:Putt-Putt Does Some Things]]
* ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8KjPEQyzAM&list=UURBkeMoYX02w-0qVIKNkruw&index=5&feature=plcp going through the mail]]) "Dear PBG, you need a haircut. Dear PBG, you don't need a haircut. Dear PBG, has anyone told you that you look like Shaggy from ScoobyDoo?"
** "Ever wanted to play a game where you click on stuff? Then this is the game for you! See something? Click on it! Just click on everything, I mean what could go wrong?" (Cuts to him walking in his yard and tapping on a spigot cover... [[spoiler:Which causes it to [[StuffBlowingUp blow up]] ]])
* This:
--> '''Mountain lion toy(?): "Why does a fireman wear red suspenders?"
--> '''PBG'' (kind of creeped out): "Uh, I don't caaaaare. Bye, bye.
* [[MetalScream FANTASY MOOOONTH]] [[MundaneMadeAwesome while Putt Putt Mows a Lawn.]]
* Firebert's first appearance as him being zoomed in on, but then towards the end of him talking, the Mega Man Cartoon "DERP" picture appears from the corner.
* His breakdown after saying that watching Putt-Putt get a new paint job (of purple, again) was the most fun he's had all day. Then what he says when playing some stupid puzzle:
--> '''PBG''' (crying) : I hate my life. I just want to play Diablo 3!

[[folder:Putt Does Some Things Again]]
* The intro, of course:
--> '''PBG''': "About a year ago, I did a video on some Putt Putt games. (close up on his eyes, frequently darting around, he speaks in a hushed voice) And I've never be the same since! [[MoodWhiplash (speaking normally now) Actually I have.]] I have since coped with how many mails there are, the FCC never followed up on that death threat, but I do still get letters about whether I should cut my hair."
* Him pointing out that Mister Baldini is a little bit of a racial stereotyped character.
* Pointing out Putt-Putt's CaptainObvious.
--> '''Putt-Putt''': "Hey! It's a billboard for the Cartown Zoo!"
--> '''PBG''': [[SarcasmMode "Well, how very observant of you, mister PP!]] [[YouSaidX Heh, heh. P, p.]]
* His reaction to Smokey in the second half:
--> '''PBG''' I think I need to call 911 again, actually.
** The picture he displays really sells it, it's of Putt-Putt at the blower and the word bubble he added says: "Hello, Mr. Policeman? I believe I am about to be sexually assaulted."
* In going to the library to find what a lemur eats for Outback Al, Putt-Putt happens to find a book on animals in which you can make Putt-Putt say all the letters of the alphabet:
--> '''PBG''': ...and I'm sure with my mature creative ability I can have some fun with this.
--> '''Putt-Putt''': F U.
--> '''PBG''': Perfect!
* PBG mouthing Putt-Putt's victory speech and flipping off Outback All.
* His reaction to those rhyming monkeys.
* And his reaction to when lazyass Outback Al gives Putt Putt the ''Junior'' Zookeeper award.
--> '''PBG''': "Junior award?! More like the 'I should have your job award'. I saved all the animals while he just sat there doing nothing. I even fixed parts of the zoo he was supposed to be fixing while doing it. This guy sucks at his job."
* Upon realizing that Putt Putt's voice in the 5th game is different: "[[TheyChangedItNowItSucks Oh no! They changed his voice!]] [[RuinedForever THEY CHAAAAAANGED HIS VOOOOOOIIICE!!!!]] [[MoodWhiplash Oh wait I don't care. Never mind.]]"

[[folder:Putt-Putt Does Some More Things AGAIN]]
* The montage of PBG saying Putt-Putt's name while an 8-bit version of Series/ThePriceIsRight theme [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87_e8JHlt08 plays.]]
* When talking about the musical number in Pep's Birthday Surprise:
--> '''Singer''': There'll be puppies!\\
'''PBG''': Oh wait, there's gonna be puppies? ...Okay, I might go.\\
'''Singer''': And 16 tonnes of bunnies!\\
'''PBG''': 16 tonnes of bunnies though? That just sounds like an excessive amount to me...
* Eventually he just gives up and writes "dum kek 4 poop" on Pep's cake.

[[folder:Top 10 Scariest Enemies in Video Games]]
* This video has quite a few good moments. Such his [[LaughingMad maniacal laughter]] as he's spamming Holy Frag Grenades on the [[BonusBoss Legendary Deathclaw]], among other [[VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas Deathclaws]]. Leading to him nearly killing himself with one and the other...
--> '''PBG''': Oh there's one more *throws grenade which bounces off a Deathclaw corpse [[HoistByHisOwnPetard right back at him]]* [[OhCrap That's not good]]! *gets blown up* I lost mah limbs.
* His #10 choice is Uboa from ''VideoGame/YumeNikki''. He admits that he hasn't fully played the game yet...
--> '''PBG''': But what I ''do'' know...is that [Madotsuki] [[CuteKitten looks like a kitty]]!
* His happy-go-lucky playing through Super Mario 64, which slowly begins to get creepier...and then the [[JumpScare monster piano strikes]].
--> '''PBG''': (Pounds on his chest and gasps for air; falls over with a thump)
* The beginning of his Sinistar introduction.
--> '''PBG''': Sinistar is an arcade game where-[[StuffBlowingUp (gets blown up)]]...eh, let's try that again. Sinistar may not appear to be-[[StuffBlowingUp (gets blown up)]]. Ugh! Sinistar is a space shooter where-[[StuffBlowingUp (gets blown up).]] Sinistar is really-[[StuffBlowingUp (gets blown up)]]. Sinistar would def-[[StuffBlowingUp (gets blown up)]]. [[OverlyLongGag I just wanna say th-(gets blown up). Pleease just let me-(gets blown up). I'M GONNA RAPE YOU!!(gets blown up)]]
* His opinion on {{VideoGame/The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time}}'s E for Everyone rating
--> '''PBG''': [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Somebody]]...[[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids effed...up]]!
* "Oh, hello there, [[VideoGame/SilentHill4 floaty men]]! Bye-bye, floaty men! I'm going this way..."
* His insisting that "Gameplay Mechanics" is one word
* His reason for putting SCP-173 on his list
--> '''PBG''': Sure, he may look like a derp...but he'll kill you!
* The VideoGame/AmnesiaTheDarkDescent part also has a couple of funny moments, such as when he's trying to hide from Basile while holding a bag of potatoes, saying he's "a tasty tasty potatoes". And later when he's trying to [[ThatOneLevel run away from the last Suitor, Malo,]] while trying to close gates.
--> '''PBG''': And now introducing a special solo from Peanut Butter Gamer. *[[TearsOfFear Starts crying]]* The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round. Huh, somehow I knew I would die while singing about a school-bus. *Malo kills him*
* His list when he realizes he means Fast Zombies from ''VideoGame/HalfLife'' and not the regular ones, examples which include T-Rexes, Pee and Ask Mom about the rest.
--> ''PBG:''' Fast Zombies? ''Fast Zombies?!'' Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

[[folder:Hatoful Boyfriend]]
* This entire review. Highlights include the TooDumbToLive treatment of [[ObviouslyEvil Shuu]] (as in thinking the InfallibleBabble about him is false despite all evidence to the contrary), and [[JawDrop just staring on in disbelief]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R43bCBqhnS4 at the concept of a pigeon dating sim]].
* His reading of the ItMakesSenseInContext lines are also pretty funny. Though also mentioning that the line about [[NoodleIncident the heroine taking her spoils of victory to the distant country of mascedonia]] makes [[ItMakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext just as little sense]] during the actual scene.
* What can you wish for, y'know, the usual things high school girl would wish for like
-->Conquer(ing) the world by force
-->Rule(ing) the world from the shadows
-->[[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Become(ing) a famous artist!]]
-->(singing) [[Series/SesameStreet One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong.]]
* Him [[LampshadeHanging pointing out the logical fallacies]] of [[InterspeciesRomance a human dating a pigeon.]]
** [[HotSkittyOnWailordAction "How make babies when bird not man?"]]

[[folder:Hey You, Pikachu]]
* I'll just count the times I said "Pikachu" ([[VideoGame/KirbySuperStar Gourmet Race]] plays). [[BrokenRecord Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu]] [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu]] [[OverlyLongGag Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu]].
* The way he points out that Pikachu can't figure out how to open the chest, despite the fact that there's a sign right behind it.
--> '''PBG''': "I just don't know if only I could figure out or had some clue to help me with this puzzling situation I find myself in. Oh, what is a video game video maker to do, it's such a situation woe is me!"
* "Go to sleep, wake up, Pikachu. Get used to it, it's your life now!"
* PBG's theory that Pikachu is the father of the Caterpie.

[[folder:Top 10 Zelda Bosses]]
* His "Surfing On A Top" song sung to the tune of [[Music/TheBeachBoys ''Surfin' USA'']] in his ''Top 10 Zelda Bosses'' is hilarious.
-->"Surfin' on this sand here! Surfin' in a circle! I'm surfin' in a circle! Still surfin' in a circle...."
* (After defeating Stallord) "And not that that's over with, there's only one thing left to do..."
-->[[spoiler:"Surfin' on the wall here! It's really really fun! I'm surfin' on the wall and surfin' on the wall really good..."]]

[[folder:Lord of the Rings (SNES)]]
* Pointing out that "Gandalf walks like a gangster".
* The montage of the wolves' laughable AI, to [[VideoGame/KatamariDamacy Katamari on the Rocks]].
* [[CrossestheLineTwice Leaving Sam to get killed by the wolves.]]
--> I mean... Ooooops? Oh no, Sam is dead... [[BlatantLies I didn't even mean it to happen...]]
* Repeatedly having things happen in the game and stating he doesn't remember that happening in [[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings the books]].

[[folder:Yoshi's Story]]
* [[Film/TheWickerMan2006 NOT THE BEES AAAAH!!!!!]]
* Silly bumblebees, you can't catch me, [[Literature/TheGingerbreadMan I'm the Gingerbread Guy!]]
* Red Yoshi, back from the grave! YES! RED YOSHI! YOU CAN DO THIS! JUST DON'T SUCK IT UP! *dies*
* [[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim FUSRO]]- I'm not going to make that joke again.

[[folder:Harvest Moon: Animal Parade]]
* Opening up the video about Animal Parade's story being that [[CrapsackWorld everything sucks for everyone]]: crops won't grow; fires won't start and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking fish aren't there]].
* Pointing out that, adding to all the above issues, their ''bridge'' is out, too. But Bo forgot to get his tools, so PBG has to go to the town, get his tools and bring them. And ''then'' Bo is just a bit too hungry to work!
--> '''PBG:''' You know, Bo, you could've really gone and gotten lunch, while you were standing here '''doing nothing'''!
** Bo then admits that his lunch needs to be a singular strawberry and some milk.
---> '''PBG:''' As the old saying goes, beggars ''can'' be choosers... as long as the developers have programmed it.
* PBG mocking the [[ButThouMust dialogue options]] in the game.
** When the Harvest Goddess asked for his help.
--->'''Harvest Goddess:''' Are you gonna help?
--->'''PBG:''' [reads the dialogue options] Leave it to me! No problem! '''YEAAAAH!'''
--->'''PBG:''' [[SarcasmMode Wow, those are some pretty good options. I can't even decide!]]
** When Mayor Hamilton is stuck in the chimney:
--->'''PBG:''' You have the option to either help him, or sit there and watch. I of course did the latter. Over and over and over.
* Showing some of the pictures he took in the game, including a picture of himself; a lighthouse and what looks like a close-up shot of [[MaleGaze the witch's cleavage]].
--> '''PBG:''' Uh... l-let's stop looking at the pictures.
* PBG stating what a horrible circus master Theodore is, that he lost an elephant and a giraffe. Losing the pig is understandable, but those?
* Realizing that the animals have been lost for about a month or longer, PBG carefully looks behind the lighthouse for the giraffe and inputs a picture of a giraffe with crossed-out eyes.
* A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, where you can see that PBG called his pet snake [[RunningGag EESDESESES]].
* Asking the penguin, that keeps running into a stone, if it requires medical attention.
* PBG's long, scary rant about how ''young'' Luna, a potential wife, looks.
** The dialogue he picks when proposing to Luna. "I want to eat your lunches."
---> '''PBG:''' Gets the girls every time.

[[folder:Link, the Faces of Evil]]
* His whole review intro:
--> '''PBG''': "Man, Zelda is great."
--> '''Dark PBG(?)''': (hissing/rasping) "Philips!"
--> '''PBG''': "I really love Zelda, I'm happy."
--> '''Dark PBG''': [[PunctuatedForEmphasis C. D. I!]]
--> '''PBG''': "I don't think there's a thing of Zelda games in the world I don't love."
--> '''Dark PBG''': "We don't speak its name!"
--> ''(cue a hashtag OverlyLongGag)''
* His WebAnimation/YouTubePoop
--> '''PBG''': [[CreatorBacklash I apologize for that]]!
* Also, this:
--> '''PBG''': "The first thing you'll realize when you turn on the Faces of Evil is that you've made some pretty poor life choices."
* What he says when he has to get "rubees":
--> '''PBG''': (sounding bored) Boy this sure is a great way to start a game, huh? Farming for money against mindless generic enemies. Whoopdy freakin' do. It's almost like I ''don't'' want to kill myself.
* The theme ''Shut up and Jam Gaiden'' plays after a dumbfounded PBG gains the magical sword from the old fisherman.
* PBG admits liking the music for the Toiku Lighthouse level because it sounds like he's about to run a marathon. Then there's a scene of him awkwardly running to a [=McDonald=]'s restaurant to feast himself with burgers.
** Then wondering what just happened and what was in those burgers. He opens one of them and there's tons of drug-like white powder on it.
---> '''PBG:''' Oh.

[[folder:Zelda, Wand of Gamelon (Part 1)]]
* Him merging with Zelda's [[UncannyValley (admittedly creepy)]] face.
* As well as this:
--> '''PBG''': (with jerky motions) "These cutscenes are just so high quality! They must've spent a lot of time on them! Well, bye!" (walks off)
* "This has been PBG reacts to things by making faces. We thank you as always for watching, and good night."

[[folder:Zelda, Wand of Gamelon (Part 2)]]
* "Oh, we're so EVIL and NASTY for no particular reason at all!"

[[folder:Animal Crossing New Leaf]]
* His view on the cow villager Angus.
---> I really want to eat Angus, I mean come on, he's a cow wearing a flame shirt and his name is Angus! He's just begging to be eaten!
* The "Animal Crossing in my soup" song.

[[folder:Top 10 WORST Video Game Worlds to Live In]]
* PBG says if he didn't become a [=YouTuber=] he'd probably be a basketball star. Cue an [[OverlyLongGag extended video]] of him playing basketball and editing the footage to make it look like he got a slam dunk every time, over a rap song.

[[folder:Top 10 Ghosts In Videogames]]
* For ''Super Mario 3D Land'', he waits next to the goal pole.
--> '''PBG:''' Wait for it... wait for it... any second now...!\\
''(12 Hours Later)''\\
'''PBG:''' Ghost! There! *points to a minor, ghostly figure behind the fence*
* He complains about Whis from ''Animal Crossing''. He asked him to remove all the weeds from PBG's village because he's "gots a lotsa weeds" and Whis ''didn't do it''!
* Talking about the ''Metal Gear'' series, he mentions the cameos that the game's producers and team make as ghosts. But they all look so serious! PBG says that, if he were to be a ghost picture cameo in a videogame, he'd make his cameo better. And shows a ghostly picture of himself waving at the camera with a goofy smile on his face.

[[folder:Tomodachi Life]]
* PBG saying that he immediately added his girlfriend, Unicornism, into his game and that he gave her 'the most adorable voice possible'.
--> '''Unicornism:''' (in sweet, but squeaky voice) I'm Unicornism.
--> '''PBG:''' (has multiple copies of Unicornism appear on screen and [[HellIsThatNoise constantly repeat that line]], all while he's clearly getting very scared)
* PBG shows off some of the hilariously awkward catchphrases and poses he gave Miis of some of his friends:
-->'''Jeff "WebVideo/SpaceHamster"'s Mii''': Wanna touch buts\\
'''[[WebVideo/{{Brutalmoose}} Ian]] Mii''': (''dancing a jig'') Such bravery.\\
'''WebVideo/ProJared Mii''': I love balls!\\
'''PBG Mii''': (''as text reads "Adventuuuure!"'') [[SpecialEffectsFailure Adventur-eee-err]]\\
'''PBG''': Huh, that one didn't work so well.
* Him gleefully admitting that you can edit the lyrics of songs in the game to be "as juvenile and inappropriate as Nintendo will allow you to get away with", and of course him showing a clip collection of said edited songs:
-->'''Ian Mii''': I love butt cheeks-Sandals and [[Creator/BobSaget bob saget]]-They make me so wet.
-->'''Jeff Mii''': Haters keep a-hatin'-Trolls keep a-hissin'-In their mouths-I'll be a-[[spoiler:pissin']]
-->'''[=ProJared=] Mii''': Maybe your dreams-Can come true-[[MoodWhiplash Probably not]]-[[TakeThatAudience You guys all suck!]] (''audience claps anyway'')
** During the montage of songs, one involves [=PBG's=] Mii singing a song making fun of Ian's Mii's face. ("I saw Ian's face-Such a disgrace-He should hide it in the dark...") What makes it hilarious is the fact that Ian's Mii is one of the back-up dancers and his default expression is an annoyed-looking one. He looks as if he lost a bet!
* Showing his friend Paul's Mii wanting some new clothes and PBG's response to it.
--> '''PBG:''' No, Paul! How many times do I have to say it?! CAT! SUIT! Just ''own'' it! ...you look gorgeous!
* PBG admitting that he made his friend TheCompletionist take up ballet... who's surprisingly good at it.
* PBG giving his brother a women's gymnastics leotard to wear... and liking it.
* Unicornism and Brutalmoose having an intense airplane battle, with PBG adding guns and airplane crash noises, only to cut to black and say "[[DullSurprise There were no survivors]]".
* The epic spazz-shot of PBG looking funny after his girlfriend's Mii rejected ''two'' of his friends' love confessions. The text blinks from "Epic Burn!" to "PBG totes hot", "Subscribe!", "Jared sucks!" and "(Ian's okay)" in that order. All while playing the battle-won theme of Super Mario RPG.
* Making a Mii of [=SpaceHamster=], giving him a Hamster costume and making his home resemble a hamster cage. But it turns out the Mii doesn't like Spacefood.
--> PBG: HE'S A SHAM!!
* PBG and Unicornism having a baby in the game. Called [=ChickenNug=]. And her [[OvernightAgeUp turning into an adult]] after only a few days, now living on his island like a regular villager.
--> '''PBG:''' [[OverprotectiveDad Keep your hands off her, Jared! I'm watching you!]]
** Also showing the adorable credit sequence of the child growing up, which includes a sweet video of them having a fun day in the park. Only for PBG to admit that he was waiting for a monster to come up and [[MoodWhiplash destroy them all Cloverfield-style]].
* Thinking that his island needed a villain, he created his EvilCounterpart: [=PuhBuhGu=].
--> '''PBG:''' And just look at how EVIL he is!
--> '''[=PuhBuhGu=]:''' (walking around with [[DevilInPlainSight big horns]] on his head)

[[folder:Weird iPad Games]]
* '''PBG:''' Ever wanted to [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential blow stuff up]]? That was a trick question, actually. If you said 'yes', then you go get in a jail now.
* Several of the games he plays are rated 17+ for "frequent/intense medical/treatment information." He comments on the absurdness of bootleg Spongebob game rated 17+.

[[folder:Weird iPad Games #2]]
* The first game, a game where you [[IncrediblyLameFun open a set of teeth to allow food in]], is recommended by a doctor in one of the reviews.
-->'''PBG:''' [[SarcasmMode That is totally a real person. Not made up at all]].
* One game implies that a wife is shooting her husband with a bow and arrow. So PBG shoots the husband with an arrow, which causes him to lose.
** He also thinks the game would be better if rather than an alcoholic husband, you shot at an orc or [[WebOriginal/ProJared something]] [[TakeThat else]].
* One game involves a man running away from [[ChickMagnet a large group of women]] who want to tie him down and marry him, making him bald. To avoid them, he picks up dogs and shoots them behind him, knocking the would-be brides over like bowling pins. [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer This is a real game]].
** While showing off gameplay of the dogs being used as projectiles, he overlays an image of the VideoGame/DuckHunt [[MemeticTroll Dog laughing]].
* His little song after finishing the Baby Hazel game.
-->'''PBG:''' Yay! I won the game./I have many friends and I am not lame./Baby Hazel. The other girls, too./We have lots of fun, and we're better than you.

[[folder:Rollercoaster Tycoon 2]]
* PBG states early on that, as a kid, he was ''so'' excited about this game that he got up at 4 AM to play it!
--> '''PBG:''' I probably wasn't supposed to do that... sorry, mom.
* Saying that some scenarios in the game are so easy that he basically build a few rollercoasters and then stared at the screen for a few hours, until he won.
** And pointing out how all the park visitors turn towards the screen and clap and cheer when he wins. PBG says it's actually a nice boost of confidence. And then he begins to play back lip-synced speech from a previous Putt Putt video.
---> '''PBG:''' "And Outback Al"- screw you!
* Pointing out how freaking [[GameBreaker broken]] the Go Karts are, how the park could be filled with nothing ''but'' Go Karts and people would love it.
* PBG mentions that he's encountered some glitches... and then the video begins to jitter, play back with static and weird InterfaceScrew before a message popping up that PBG stopped working and needs to be rebooted.
* Calling one of his rollercoasters "Gimme Yo Money"!
* When talking about how the guests' thoughts of "X is really good value" means to actually jack the price up higher, they'll still pay for it. PBG tried to get this one guest to pay all his money to get onto the rollercoaster, but seems to have pissed the guest off. And now he stands there, staring longingly at the too-expensive rollercoaster...
** ...which turns into a MoodWhiplash when ''seconds later'', the rollercoaster has a crash and several guests die.
---> '''PBG:''' Me screwing with this guy ''literally saved his life''!
* Making his own park. "Don't come here, you'll die" and its various death traps. And then sending all the members of [=NormalBoots=] onto the rides.

[[folder: Hyrule Warriors]]

* Stating right off the bat that he has never played a ''VideoGame/DynastyWarriors'' game in his life before, so this video will be from the perspective of a guy, who has never played a ''VideoGame/DynastyWarriors'' game in his life before.
--> '''PBG:''' I already said that...
* Points out just how bad the case of ArtificialStupidity is for enemies ''and'' your allies. He even has a group of soldiers surrounding ''one'' Bokoblin and sees how long it takes them to defeat it.
--> '''PBG:''' Come on, guys, you can do it! Just ''try'' a little bit-yes, that guy's going for it!
--> ''One soldier attacks the Bokoblin and kills it''
--> '''PBG:''' Yes! He did it! This guy, ladies and gentlemen! This guy! Give him a medal or something!
--> ''A gold medal with the words 'A Medal Or Something' pops up''
* PBG points out that Zelda's having a nightmare and seems to be having those a lot lately. They say they are still searching for a sign of the chosen Hero.
--> '''PBG:''' I dunno, but there's this guy called Link in the army and he does this...
--> ''(Link jump-attacks a fellow soldier in training with epic music playing and a [[VideoGame/StreetFighter Street Fighter-esque]] You Win message)''
* The battle is over, but Zelda has gone missing!
--> '''PBG:''' But Sheik shows up pretty soon and, apparently, these guys have never played ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Ocarina of Time]]'' because they have no idea who she is. Seriously, she even has the Triforce of Wisdom later in the game and they ''still'' don't question it.
* He talks about the various playable characters in the game, with some predictable ones like Link, Zelda and Impa - all of which are fun - but there are some surprising ones like [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess Midna]], [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword Fi]] and... [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers Agitha]]?
--> '''PBG:''' [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess The bug princess]]?
* PBG is utterly horrified that, out of all the various designs the Great Fairies have gone through over the course of the game, they opted for 'the absolute creepiest one'.
* He ends the video in the same fashion as the game's story takes place in.
--> ''So [=PeanutButterGamer=] left his room and ordered a pizza. He then ate the pizza, and it was good. But then, out of nowhere, before anyone could even have expected it, [[Literature/HarryPotter Harry Potter]] came and summoned the Dark World! And that was bad. In the Dark World, Ganondorf lived there. Or maybe it was Ganon? I don't really remember which. And they fought the fight to the death with [=PeanutButterGuy=]! And it was terrible of a sight to see. But then Link showed up to save the day! But it was [[YouAreTooLate too late]]... The battle was over, and everybody was dead! (Also Agitha was there for some reason.)''


* After explaining about eating other creatures in the games Cell stage.
---> [[Disney/TheLionKing ''It's the ciiiiiircle of liiiiiiife!]] [[NatureIsNotNice And it's really scaaaaaary!'']]
* After killing off another pack of creatures.
---> '''Alien Baby:''' Why'd you kill my mommy?*extinct*
* Dubbing his created species 'The Poob.'
* Realizing far too late into the game that he's stuck himself with the dorkiest creature he could possibly create.

[[folder:Super Mario 64 Hacking]]
* His reaction to the "Make-Mario-explode-if-he-touches-anything" hack.
--->'''PBG:'''"Silly Mario, living is for kids!"
* Mario is five balls with flashing trousers and he has no head.

[[folder:Zelda Ocarina of Time Hacking]]
* Giant Epona.
-->'''PBG:''' Please do ''not'' pee on me; I'm pretty sure I would drown.
* "Uh, excuse me, sir, have you seen the entire lower half of my body anywhere? Or maybe my spine?"
* PBG's "I'm so glitch" rap.

[[folder:Top 10 Laziest Things in Video Games]]
* His [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1cXT68kBzc&feature=youtu.be&t=200 inclusion]] of the very concept of [[ObviousBeta Early Access games]].
** Complete with his dog, Luka, [[AnimalReactionShot staring at him]] as he flails across the yard.
* The number 1 laziest thing in gaming? We all should've seen this coming: it's [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} SnorlaŚ]][[note]]Who is on the thumbnail[[/note]] Wait, no, it's Seel.

[[folder:Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life]]

* PBG repeatedly stating that the Harvest Sprites are [[BlatantLies not drug-induced hallucations]] of the main character... then deciding to drop the charade and admitting that they likely are, since you do have to get high on shrooms (eat a mushroom) to even get into their house.
* While talking about the child in the game, stating that he's got 'this child caring thing' down pat and immediately cuts to making his character throw his son out of the window. Oops.
* His reaction to the game's end [[spoiler:where the character dies]] and complaining that, after all the work he put into the game, that's his reward.

[[folder:Sonic Heroes]]
* PBG begins the video calmly talking about Sonic and what he is, all while more and more comments, demanding PBG to make a Sonic video, fill up the screen and begin to yell at him.
* PBG puts one portion of the main theme song in reverse in which he can perfectly hear "Austin". This makes him realize he was Sonic all this time.
* His annoyance with Tails [[AnnoyingVideoGameHelper not shutting up]].
* After finishing the review, PBG gets up and runs outside, with the Sonic Heroes music playing! Then falls off a pier... and replays that shot several times, with Tails' voice clip playing over and over.

[[folder:Super Mario Galaxy Hacking]]
* Hacking giving him the ability to obtain all 121 Stars of the game. PBG proceeds to give a thank you speech, but points out that the Stars keep disappearing and reappearing.
* PBG uses the 'Infinite Everything' cheat, which gives him infinite lives, infinite health and infinite Starbits. It also gives him infinite spin-jumps and allows him to skip parts of a level... if the player can keep swinging the [=WiiMote=] around. Cue the camera cutting to PBG swinging the [=WiiMote=] in exhaustion, falling off the chair and continuing to shake the thing on the ground. Then he loses a life.
* Using the flying cheat to obtain the Red Star powerup without a time limit.
--> '''PBG:''' Why ''play'' the game, when you can just fly everywhere?
--> (Mario stops flying mid-air and falls to his death)
--> '''PBG:''' Oh. Um, that was planned.
* A hack that causes all [=NPCs=] to be turned giant and into flexible goop. PBG loves jumping on the peniguins in Beach Bowl Galaxy, since it's like a trampoline, but as he thinks their condition is a spreading disease, he decides to blow up the entire planet, before it can spread. Mario lands on the planet and [[MadeOfExplodium it explodes]].
* Becoming more and more freaked out by the above hack, PBG begins to beg and plea for things to return to normal! It does and PBG finally relaxes again... [[MoodWhiplash then Mario's back promptly bends him backwards]].
--> '''PBG:''' Oh, god! Ow! My back...! Actually, I think I can live like this.
* Following the tradition of his previous hacking videos, he says it's 'time to screw with Mario'. First portraying Mario as nothing but a giant head and PBG begins to sing to the Galaxy theme.
* Expanding on the hack, he leaves Mario the usual size, but adds the ability to move his head independently away from his body.
--> '''PBG:''' Excuse me, Rosalina, my eyes are ''over here''.
* Going to his favorite level: fnd ofu uif Hanay.
** When dying, getting the message 'u bae'.
---> '''PBG:''' "U Bae"? Why thank you, Maro. That's very flattering!
* Deciding to take on Bowser, PBG notes that Mario fell asleep from all his adventures. Cue him holding a Luigi plushie, saying there's only one man who can now save them! Except Luigi is looking scrawny, so he needs to bulk up. And throws a dumbbell onto the plushie. Then cuts to the game, where Mario has been turned into Luigi with massively bulky arms.
--> '''PBG:''' Yeah. Looking pretty hot there. Oh, yeah!
** PBG then begins to sing a lovesong to Luigi to the Galaxy tune.

[[folder:Top 10 WORST Party Games!]]
* PBG backing himself up on his opinion on a Wii party game based on the ''Tamagotchi'' virtual pets by quoting this review he found online:
---> '''PBG''': (''in serious tone'') ''"Tamagotchi had been [[UsefulNotes/HowDoIUsedTense died]] for years it was almost died when I was 6 and now I am 10."'' - Bryan M. (''applause'')
* Later, PBG fighting with the "[[BlatantLies state-of-the-art]]" lie detector in an [=XBox=] game based on detecting lies called ''Truth or Lies. (Namely, the game detects everything PBG says as a lie without fail.) Every instance is followed by the game's intro sequence explaining the "rules" of the game being played at various speeds.
---> '''Game''': Who would be your first choice to sleep in a tent with you in the woods? Why?\\
'''PBG''': Uh, my wife because I love her.\\
'''Game''': "'''''LIE'''''" I don't think so, liar!\\
'''PBG''': [[BigWhat WHAT?!]] Nonononono! This game is rigged! (''gestures toward his wedding ring'') This game is rigged!
* Poor PBG has to sit through ''another'' ''VideoGame/MySims'' game. (Namely ''My Sims Party''.)
* PBG playing the [[TheProblemWithLicensedGames notoriously horrible]] ''Nickelodeon Party Blast'' and demonstrating how [[ItsEasySoItSucks easy]] the food fight minigame is by playing as [[WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}} Tommy Pickles]] and simply hiding in a back room of the [[WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants Krusty Krab]], [[WinsByDoingAbsolutelyNothing standing on a table and barely doing anything aside from dodging flying food]], and then standing on top of a refrigerator and tossing pizzas at the other players ''and winning every time''.
** Epic battle audio playing over footage of [[WesternAnimation/TheWildThornberrys Eliza Thornberry]] beating [[WesternAnimation/RocketPower Otto Rocket]] with a loaf of french bread.
* In order to properly review ''[[VideoGame/AnimalCrossing Animal Crossing amiibo Festival]]'', PBG faces an Toys/{{Amiibo}} collector's worst nightmare: Having to unbox his amiibos. We then see PBG sobbing incoherently as he unboxes an Isabelle amiibo. [[spoiler:However, he winds up having fun with them unboxed: He stages a scene with his Tom Nook and the aforementioned Isabelle amiibo where Isabelle (unhappy with being out of her box) gives Nook a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown when Nook tells her that she can at least play ''amiibo Festival'' now that she's out of her box, complete with "blood" (read: ketchup) splattered everywhere.]]
---> '''PBG''': [[spoiler:I take it back, I like this. I think this is the most fun I've ever had with my amiibos actually.]]
** [[spoiler:You can even see the ketchup bottle he used to fake the blood.]]

[[folder: Animal Crossing]]
* "You know what I love? [[SuddenlyShouting ANIMAL CROSSING!!!]]"
* Since ''New Leaf'' came out back in 2012, so there's gotta be a new one coming out soon. PBG heads off to 'the internet' and finds himself in some desert area, but sees an Animal Crossing logo in the distance. It disappears instantly.
--> '''PBG:''' Ah, shoot. 's a mirage.
* He starts up the game and asks for a second... to {{squee}} with joy over Nostalgia.
* PBG talks about how he first heard about the game, after his brother had read about it in Nintendo Power.
--> '''PBG:''' He came up to me and said, "It's a game where you live with animals, do chores, and pick weeds, 'n' stuff". To which I replied, "Sounds dumb". [[NoYou No, YOU'RE dumb]]!
* The entire love-story with Mitzi, the cat.
** First of all, PBG is overcome with '''joy''' to see her in this file! She was in his village when he played as a little kid, too, and was his in-game kitty-cat girlfriend. The fact that she is here again is a sign. It was meant to be! Cue a joyous love song being sung by PBG, with fanart of him and Mitzi, together.
---> ''Mitzi, Mitzi''\\
''Mitzi, we were meant to be''\\
''Mitzi, through and through''\\
''Mitzi, our love is true!''
** PBG decides to write her a letter, declaring his love for her, wanting her to notice him, and that he will be watching her... and adds some creepy emotes. And even hands her his 'prized, blue umbrella' that he found in the dump. Just have to go to bed and her reply will be in the mail!
** The next day, her reply isn't there and he's sure it's a mistake. He'll just go to her house and... her house is gone. [[BigNo No]]! She moved?! But it was meant to be! He had never been so sure of anything else in his life; how should he go on without her? PBG gets angry and has to take his anger out on someone! Someone has to pay! And he attacks Tom, a blue cat villager, with his axe--cut to black.
---> '''PBG:''' [[{{Yandere}} YOU MADE ME DO THIS, MITZI! YOU MADE ME DO THIS!]] ''(sounds of axe swinging and PBG's anger cries, then cutting to him outside his house)'' [[MoodWhiplash Alright, I feel better now]].
* PBG checks the notice board for any activities. Amongst them is an upcoming streaking party (be there, be bare!); someone having buried a computer; and a notice of a [[{{CallBack}} male, blue body having been found at the beach]]. They're onto him! He has to disappear!
* LazyGameReviews provides ominous narration of PBG's fate, while the latter hops and runs around, laughing like a lunatic.

[[folder: Goodwill Games #4]]
* PBG's dogs, Asura and Luca, got into his bank account ([[NoodleIncident again]]) and purchased a sack of gold as well as a hot dog costume and a hamburger costume respectively. PBG is naturally appalled, but the dogs are unfazed by his anger.
* When PBG plays ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'s Thinking Games'', despite apparently having [[SawStarWarsTwentySevenTimes watched every episode of the show at least five times]] in his childhood, PBG can't remember Prunella's name, so he calls her "Harrietta".
* When PBG plays Mr. Ratburn's quiz, he finds that Muffy hasn't gotten one answer right. One example would be, when she's asked what shape has three corners, her answer is "line".
-->'''PBG:''' Line? A line?! You're lucky your family earns 95% of the income in Elwood City, because you're not getting too far in life with your intellect, clearly.
* The audio for the game, in general, does not work properly. Sometimes characters interrupt each other, sometimes lines get cut off, and sometimes things like this happen:
-->'''Ratburn:''' ''(clears throat)'' What--at all?\\
'''PBG:''' Um... [[BigWhat WHAT??]]
* Another of Mr. Ratburn's questions is what kind of person works with money for a living. Muffy, [[RichBitch of all characters]], [[WhatAnIdiot answers "A fireman"]]. Cue "My Heart Will Go On".
* When PBG avoids talking to WebVideo/{{Brutalmoose}} by going back to the game, it cuts to Arthur dancing in front of a sign that says "Prepare for death".

[[folder: ''Arthur'' Games]]
* "Okay, you are a butt."
* '''[[MachineMonotone SAID-MOM...]]'''
* While playing ''Arthur's Computer Adventure'' (a ''VideoGame/LivingBooks'' title), Arthur mentions finding "the thing". PBG thinks he's referring to "[[Film/TheThing1982 The Thing]]".
* At the end of ''Arthur's Computer Adventure'', Jane punishes Arthur for disobeying her by telling him not to play computer games for a week. Upon hearing this, PBG decides to play ''Arthur! Ready to Race'' for the [[UsefulNotes/{{Playstation}} PS1]], [[LoopholeAbuse because the PS1 is not a computer]].
* This exchange after PBG completes the first race in ''Ready to Race'':
--->'''Brain:''' I have misgivings about the car's structual integrity.\\
'''PBG:''' Uh, that would have been nice to know before I rolled down that entire course! Let's try working on our communication skills, okay, Brain? Thanks!
* The [[LamePunReaction Lame Pun Reactions]] to the man in the joke shop in ''Ready to Race''.
* PBG does some commentary on some "A Word From Us Kids" segments from the TV show, which includes [[spoiler:a reappearance by Mr. Smiley]] and [=PBG's=] bewilderment over a kid who thought basketballs were oranges.
* As a CallBack to a joke used earlier in the video, PBG tries to play the last game, ''Arthur's Camping Adventure'' without being noticed, only for Jane to ([[SensoryAbuse very loudly]]) scold him.
* This exchange from ''Camping Adventure'':
--->'''Mr. Ratburn:''' I seem to have twisted my ankle.\\
'''PBG:''' So we set up a tent for him to rest a while, and leave him with D.W..\\
'''D.W.''' Don't worry, Mr. Ratburn, I'll take care of you.\\
(''D.W. and Mr. Ratburn walk into the tent. The camera zooms in on it as Mr. Ratburn screams in pain as D.W. slashes at him.'')\\
'''D.W.''': Whoops, sorry.
* From the same game, PGB questioning the logic of using a log to cross the river when the water is shallow enough for Arthur to walk through. He absolutely loses it when Arthur is standing right next to the other side of the of the river, [[TooDumbToLive but runs away from it]].
* Also from the same game, during the page of hedgehog facts:
--->'''Arthur:''' A hedgehog is a small, noisy animal with hair that grows in stiff, spiky spines, if it is in danger, a hedgehog...\\
(''The picture of the hedgehog is replaced with a picture of PBG's head photoshopped on [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Sonic's]] body.'')\\
'''PBG:''' ...goes fast!\\
(''The camera shakes and zooms in on the picture as a sped-up version of the VideoGame/SonicHeroes theme song plays.'')
* PBG listens to the ranger's scary story at the end of ''Arthur's Camping Adventure'' while getting increasingly frightened and rocking back and forth in a TroubledFetalPosition while wrapped in a blanket until [[spoiler:the ranger explains that the monster in the story will eat anything except ''peanut butter'', upon which [[MoodWhiplash all concern disappears from Peanut Butter Gamer]].]]
* At the end, PBG begins feeling like his videos are terrible, upon which he gets visited by Arthur himself. Arthur tells PBG that he needs to use his imagination:
---> '''PBG''': Wait, imagination? What do you mean?\\
'''Arthur''': You just close your eyes and pretend, and you can see cool videos!\\
'''PBG''': Huh...well, it's worth a try! (''cut to him standing up and shutting his eyes'') Imagination...imagination...unghhhhhhhh!\\
(''suddenly [[spoiler:all of PBG's videos are replaced by episodes of Arthur (and a WebVideo/{{Chadtronic}} video)]]; cut to PBG giving a thumbs-up while a loud horn noise plays'')\\
[[folder:''Princess Maker 2'']]
* The entire intro. PBG says that he has had a baby, then goes on to describe something that is obviously not true. He explains that some god guy gave him a daughter of the heavens.
* His chosen Surname: Peeboo? Okay, great! And his daughter is called... Peeboona! Perfect.
* When his daughter says that she'll give birth to babies easily because she has a 'big bottom', PBG awkwardly leaves.
--> '''PBG:''' Uh... go ask your non-existent mother about that...
* PBG's horrible parenting skills.
* Upon completing the game, he dramatically falls to the ground and wails at his parenting skills being questioned by the gods and his daughter. [[MoodWhiplash And then shrugs his shoulders]].
--> '''PBG:''' Whatever. *leaves to put on his beanie and 'deadbeat dad' clothes again*

[[folder:Tri Force Heroes]]

* PBG opens up the video and mentions that Tri Force Heroes has come out around Zelda Month recently, so it's a prime opportunity to talk about it. And then jokes about how weird it would be to have a Zelda game come out around that time, but he never ends up talking about... and slides an image of ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkBetweenWorlds'' up.
* Mentions that the game can be played with two friends, each taking control of one of the Links, or played solo; in which case the player gains two soulless dopplegangers that he can control when needed. He then cuts to himself playing the game and turning around, seeing two [[NightmareFuel soulless Double-PBGs behind him with black holes for eyes and mouth]].
--> '''PBG:''' [[NightmareFuel Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah]]!!
* PBG loved playing the game with friends, specifically [[WebVideo/ProJared Jared]] and [[WebVideo/TheCompletionist Jirard]]. And shows him picking up their Links and throwing them off the cliffs for no reason but giggles.
** He points out that solid teamwork is really important for some of the boss fights. Which Team [[PortmanteauCoupleName TheProPeanutButterPletionist]] sorely lacks. And shows PBG getting them all killed by throwing an almost-exploding bomb to Jirard.
---> '''Jirard:''' He gave me a bomb just as it was about to explode.
---> '''PBG:''' I was panicking...
** Insists that he never managed to get the Rare Material chest when completing stages. Jirard did. Every time.
** The names they are using. Jirard is 'Beardman' and PBG is '[=PeenBG=]'.
* His favorite emoticon to use is the cheerleading pom-pom one. And then re-enacts it, with jittery framerate included.
* PBG talks about how cute the costumes to craft are, and he's not kidding. Even the ones that are supposed to look tough, like the Goron Garb, look adorable.
--> '''PBG:''' (baby-talking) Awwww, you're so big and stwong, aren't you? Yes, so big and stwong; yes, you are.


[[folder:Pajama Sam]]
* The CallBack to the "Just click on anything!" gag from his first ''Putt-Putt'' video. PBG steps outside and cautiously taps an electrical box outside of his house. Nothing happens. "Oh wow, I thought it was going to blow up like last time! Whaddya know?" PBG proceeds to merrily tap it repeatedly. [[spoiler:[[DoubleSubversion Then the box explodes anyway]].]]
* '''[[ItMakesSenseInContext FRENCH FRIES]]'''
* This exchange when PBG clicks on the Old Root:
-->'''Old Root:''' Back in my day, we had ''VideoGame/{{Pong}}''. Now there was a video game.\\
(''PBG clicks on the old root again.'')\\
'''Old Root:''' Back in my day, they didn't even have video games.\\
'''PBG:''' Well did you have video games back in your day, or didn't you? You can't just contradict yourself like that! Come an'! You're making me very confused!
* PBG developing [[FantasticRacism a grudge against the trees]], especially the blue one that gives Sam her rope.
-->"Sorry, blue tree lady. I may have lost your rope, but I do have this great piece of wood you can have instea..." (''{{Beat}}'') "Oh, wait... you are a tree, and trees are made of wood, and [[ShapedLikeItself this wood is made of wood]]. I guess that would be kind of like her offering me a piece of human flesh, huh? Oh, well. I guess I don't really care because as has already been established, I don't like you! Or your kind! I'm taking the wood, and you're lucky I don't chop you down instead! Consider that my act of kindness for the day!"
** In a later scene, he goes outside and attacks a tree with a branch.
* PBG poking fun at the rather low-key conversations Sam has with Otto the boat upon first meeting.
--->'''Sam''': Nice weather we're having, huh?\\
'''Otto''': Um, yeah.\\
(''{{Beat}}; which is followed by applause'')\\
'''PBG''': (''in an announcer voice'') That's all for today's episode of ''Sam & Otto''! Before we go, here's a preview of next week's episode:\\
'''Sam''': I like cheese.\\
'''Otto''': Hey, who doesn't?
* [[spoiler:The game freezing when PBG clicks on a shelf in Dark's lair.]]
-->[[spoiler:"''Trying to catch that Darkness guy, but the game is frozen and I wanna die!''"]]
* [[GainaxEnding The video's ending]], which leaves [[{{Corpsing}} PBG himself laughing]].

[[folder: ''The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'' Review]]
* Throughout the video, PBG frequently tries to get back into playing [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaBreathOfTheWild the game]]; having to be dragged away from the game itself in order to actually do the review and at one point revealing that he actually has the Switch (in handheld mode) in his lap off-screen.
* PBG disregarding the objectives given to him in order to make his own decisions...[[YetAnotherStupidDeath only to run right off a cliff and die.]]
-->(''GameOver jingle plays'') '''''[[SensoryAbuse DEAD]]'''''
* PBG drops down with his glider towards an NPC being attacked by an enemy...only for one of the enemy's swings to catch Link before he can land, [[EpicFail resulting in Link falling to his death at the bottom of a canyon.]]
* Knowing that ''Breath of the Wild'' is called by many to be ''Zelda'' meets ''VideoGame/{{Skyrim}}'', PBG attempt to give ''Breath of the Wild'' the "ultimate test'' to see how well such comparisons hold up by attempting to ride his horse up a nearly 90 degree angle. The horse slides right back down. "Nope!"
* After PBG shows off the shield-surfing mechanic, he attempts to do so again without making sure that the Guardian Shield he is using isn't badly damaged. The shield breaks, and the camera zooms into Link's OhCrap expression and subsequent [[YetAnotherStupidDeath wipe-out]] to the tune of '''''[[Music/LinkinPark CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWLLLING IIIIIIIIIIINNNN]] [[MemeticMutation MY SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN]]'''''.
* [[UnfortunateNames Di]][[HaveAGayOldTime ck]] the Horse.
-->What? It's short for Richard! Come on, grow up people!
* PBG calling the [[JokeItem Dubious Food]] "Naked Food" thanks to the pixelation over it.
* The entire [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cxwo2eRs-I 50 Funny Ways to Die]] video, especially the quadruple death at the end.

[[folder: Top 10 BEST/WORST Nintendo Wii Games!]]
* ''BEST'':
** PBG "forgetting" about the UsefulNotes/WiiU.
** PBG predicting the nasty comments he'll get for citing ''We Ski & Snowboard''.
--->'''PBG''': (''as a commentator'') So you're telling me ''We Ski and Snowboard'' made the list over (''deadpan'') Insert game that is whatever you like here?\\
(''Translation: Stupid game that is dumb and bad (And not as good as We Ski & Snowboard)'')
** PBG mimicking his celebrating Mii after completing a mission to transport a medical herb in ''We Ski & Snowboard''.
--->''Wow! I did it! I delivered the medical herb! You know it had to have been important because they got some random dingus to deliver it instead of a medical helicopter! Heh, good job, me!''
** PBG goes "missing" halfway through the video, complete with faux news report. [[spoiler: He is found hiding in his attic playing ''VideoGame/HarvestMoon Animal Parade''.]]
--->'''PBG''': (''voiceover; as a news reporter'') Breaking News: Local [=YouTuber PeanutButterGamer=] Gone Missing. [[SelfDeprecation Tens and tens of people]] have expressed their worry across the internet."\\
'''[=p-b0omb=]''': Where is PBG? I'm beginning to worry.\\
'''Nutella and Bread''': Where's the new video? D:\\
'''[[{{Troll}} Anonymous]]''': [[BreadEggsMilkSquick I unsubbed from you. Also, you're lazy as s*** and probably never worked a real job to begin with.]]\\
'''PBG''': "They also said some other things, but that's not important. We currently have no answers, but one thing is sure: [[SelfDeprecation I don't care at all]] and I really hate my job. Thank you."
*** [[FunnyBackgroundEvent The news ticker during the "report".]]
--->Youtube to roll out new change: Recommended videos to be replaced with random anime images\\
Subscribers? Do you really need them? Recent studies say "maybe"\\
[[WebVideo/JonTron Prominent YouTuber says a thing. Outrage ensues]]\\
WebVideo/ProJared - Sexiest man alive?
** As he introduces ''VideoGame/FortuneStreet'', PBG comments how much he'd like to play the games with his friends, but "they're all trapped inside the computer", so PBG decides to pretend they're there.
--->'''PBG''': (''monotone; to a computer playing videos of [[WebVideo/SpaceHamster Jeff]], WebVideo/ProJared, the WebVideo/{{Continue}} crew, WebVideo/{{Chadtronic}}, Satchell Drake (of Satchbag's Goods), and Sarah of WebVideo/PushingUpRoses'''') Hey everybody...can you hear me? (''knocks on computer monitor'') Can you hear me? Hey! HEY!!\\
** ''[[VideoGame/DragonQuest Final Slimeball RPG: The Game #3]]''
** PBG "playing" the Skydiving game in ''[[VideoGame/WiiSports Wii Sports Resort]]''.
*** And also PBG crashing his airplane in the Airsports minigame.
--->'''PBG''': (''cuts off his engine'') Uh oh, that's not good. (''plane plummets to the ground'') AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO WE'RE GOING DOW-\\
(''tutorial message about sightseeing spots appears, interrupting the game'')\\
'''PBG''': Oh...I guess we're good. (''leaves the message and immediately resumes screaming.'')
** PBG [[ThrowItIn throwing in]] a grammatical error he wrote in his script.
* ''WORST'':
** "First segment of the video and I'm already in a penguin costume. I doubt any of my subscribers are surprised, but I'm afraid I might be scaring off some new viewers..."
** The JENGA song.
** PBG [[HilariousOuttakes accidentally smacking himself in the face with the Nunchuck wire]] as he celebrates ''finally'' getting a shot at the basketball minigame in ''Game Party''.
** [[HilarityEnsues Hilarity Ensuing]] as PBG attempts to play ''Major Minor's Majestic March'' with its terrible controls, making hilariously exaggerated angry and tormented faces the whole time. The animations, [[{{Narm}} warbling voice-overs]] and terrible off-key music in the game itself are just add to [=PBG's=] misery.
** The ([[CensoredForComedy fake]]) ClusterBleepBomb as PBG describes how terrible the licensed game based on ''Series/IronChefAmerica'' is.
** PBG unsuccessfully attempting to [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere escape having to cover the last two games]]. When we cut back to him in his room, he is chained to his chair.
--->'''PBG''': Hey, everybody, I'm back! [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Definitely not against my will!]]

[[folder: Goodwill Games #5]]
* Along with the games, PBG also managed to get a teacup at the thrift store. A teacup [[EpicFail with a hole in the bottom]].
* PBG consoling his {{WesternAnimation/Arthur}} plush after saying [[Series/SesameStreet Elmo]] is one of his favorite childhood characters. He then kisses the plush and throws it against the window.
* One of the things PBG heard about Hard Mode in ''Elmo's Adventure in Grouchland'' is that "[[Film/StayAlive if you die in Grouchland]], [[WebVideo/GameGrumps you die for real.]]"
* PBG got something pretty [[MundaneMadeAwesome awesome]] for only $2.99, something which all his viewers will be jealous of: [[spoiler: 1000 hours of AOL [[TechnologyMarchesOn dial-up internet]].]]
* His reaction to the ending of ''{{Franchise/Sonic|the Hedgehog}}'s Schoolhouse.''
-->'''Sonic:''' You're gonna come back soon, right?
-->'''PBG:''' No. Probably never, actually.
* And before that, we had his reaction to Sonic apparently being able to clone himself.
-->'''PBG:''' There's two [[Main/{{Pluralses}} Sonases]]? Why is there two Sonases here? Why's there two Sonas? Sonas! SONAS!
* One game featured is one he saw as a young child, but couldn't play because he didn't know how to read. Lucky for him, he learned to read just last week!
* In ''Treasure Galaxy'', he earned some [[NamesTheSame star bucks]] from beating a challenge.
-->'''PBG:''' ''(holding a cup of Starbucks)'' [[BigYes Yes!]]
** He then burns his mouth drinking the real Starbucks.

[[folder:Arthur's Missing Pal]]
* As someone who has watched [[WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}} the TV series the movie is based on]] all his life, PBG points out that he grew up watching the first fifteen seasons, where the show had the traditional hand-drawn animation, but after Season 16, the show changed to a flash-based animation style. The movie, on the other hand, used neither style, and rather used a [=CGi=] style, which he calls "[[UncannyValley Creepy]] Baby-Faced Style" during a scene where Jane attempts to feed Kate.
* At one point in the review, PBG actually dresses up like Arthur himself, complete with his ears, glasses, and yellow shirt.
-->'''PBG:''' Don't you make me look a fool, Arthur Read! I mean it!
* Any time Pal gets mistreated in the movie, PBG encourages users to [=#Pray4Pal=].
* PBG questioning Muffy's use of her camera when she first holds it selfie-style, then turns to face Binky without turning the camera into his direction.
* The "[[VideoGame/LivingBooks Said Mom]]" RunningGag.
* After Arthur realizes he forgot to walk Pal, PBG tells Arthur that isn't the only thing he forgot, and asks who even likes him. Cut to a clip where PBG says, "I fricking love Arthur!", then the present-day PBG saying, "[[SelfDeprecation Probably nobody important]]."
* In the beginning of the second half of the review, PBG points out a kid in Arthur's class who looks like an anthropomorphic version of Pal, which brings up a question that he always has on [[FurryConfusion why Pal is a non-anthropomorphic dog but Binky is an anthropomorphic bulldog]].
* PBG actually roots for Arthur not to find Pal, as not only has Arthur proven to be a terrible pet owner, but Pal is clearly way happier without him.
* PBG gives so little of a crap about DW that when she starts cheering about winning some sort of contest [[{{Jerkass}} while Arthur's parents realize Pal ran away]], he pointedly pulls out and gestures towards a Stop sign. [[NonSequitur And then smacks himself in the head with it. Twice.]]
** It gets even better when you learn that DW winning a contest is actually the film's ''subplot''... ...and PBG only acknowledges it ''twice''.
* When the movie jumps back and forth between scenes of Arthur and Buster doing detective work and scenes with Pal living out his freedom, at one point, Pal is surrounded by [[AngryGuardDog angry guard dogs]]. As Pal is being chased by then, PBG [[SoundtrackDissonance plays scenes from the "Footloose and Free" musical number]].
-->'''PBG:''' Sweet, sweet freedom. He gets chased by the dogs we just saw, almost gets run over by a lawn mower, runs around in an ice cream factory owned by a guy who has [[SarcasmMode the best mop]] [[UncannyValley you could ever see]]. [[SarcasmMode Hmm. Just look at that mop. I can't imagine looking at a better mop than that one]].
* When PBG plays the scene of Arthur's JerkassRealization, he admits that he would have ended the movie at that scene if he directed it, as Pal is finally happy, Arthur's learned his lesson, and is very sad. He then [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation brands Arthur as a terrible pet owner and the movie's villain]] for yelling at Pal, forgetting to feed him and let him out, leaving him out in the hot sun, dragging and choking him with a leash, and since the movie hints that Pal has worms, it is implied that Arthur is either feeding Pal food he shouldn't eat[[note]]Which he actually did do in "Sick as a Dog" and Pal suffered a stomachache as a result[[/note]] or neglecting him.
* The song PBG sings when Arthur and Pal reunite, with AnAesop for all dog owners.
-->"''Make sure if you have a dog, that you are not a bad guy,''"\\
(''Points at Arthur with a caption that says, '''A BAD GUY'''''.)\\
"''Make sure that you give him food, cause if you don't, he will die,''\\
''Don't leave your dog in the sun or away he will run,''\\
''Don't pull your dog with a leash, seriously.''"
* Near the end of the video, PBG essentially ''begs'' his audience to let him review "Arthur's Perfect Christmas" come December.

[[folder: Super Mario Bros Super Show #3]]
* PBG being dumbfounded at how the two episodes he happened to choose have Bowser using a freeze ray for no reason at all, believing all the writers did was mash together whatever sounded interesting.
-->'''PBG:''' Alright, get this! I've got a new idea for a Mario cartoon! A Franchise/StarWars parody mixed with uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Disney/{{Frozen}}! Bowser can freeze Mario into a block of ice, we've never done anything like that before! It's perfect!
-->'''"Carl":''' [[PresentDayPast Uh, sir? I don't think that movie exists yet.]]
-->'''PBG:''' Shut up Carl! You're fired!
-->'''"Carl":''' Aw man...

[[folder: Top 10 BEST Mario Party Mini-Games]]

* ''Day at the Races'' from Mario Party 2! Then PBG switches to the view of someone watching his video, begging them to not close the window yet! PBG loves it because it's gambling and, well, he kinda likes gambling.
--> '''PBG:''' I have a problem... don't let me into a casino unsupervised. I cannot be trusted.
* The penguin-bobsleds have 'boomy holes'.
* Mario Party 9 gives us ''Bumper Bubbles''. He doesn't understand why people dislike the game, as he considers it to be a pretty fun one, despite using motion controls. And it's always fun to push one of the opponents into the spikey balls.
* He loves ''Booksquirm'', although he notes that the pages are incredibly heavy. Though [[WhyDontYouJustShootHim why don't they just walk off the side of the books]]? Must be cheating.
* PBG dons his penguin costume again because the next game is ''Pushy Penguines''! Not really, he only put the costume on to justify spending $40 on it. The ''real'' next game is ''Fish Upon A Star''. Clever name. Not so much in the translations, where it's 'The Island In Peril'.
--> '''PBG:''' You're on a floating island, fighting it out to the death, punching each other off without a second thought, when all of a sudden... CHEEP CHEEPS!
* Mario Party 10 is... a game? That exists? He loves ''Moving Mushrooms'' because it's one of the rare one-versus-three mini-games that isn't unbalanced.
--> '''PBG:''' Man, that sure was fun. ... [[SuddenlyShouting NOW GET BACK INTO YOUR CAR]]!! Wouldn't you to have too much fun. That would be bad.
** Also, he forgot to mention, but he locked the rest of the video behind an Amiibo Pay Wall. Gotta buy the Peeb Amiibo[[note]]A Toad Amiibo with PBG's hair and beard drawn on[[/note]]. Only $12.99!
* He had to pick from some Mario Party 4 mini-games because that one had a lot of good mini-games in it. Spoiler for the Worst Mini-Games list, not one game of Mario Party 4 ended up on it. But he went for ''Stamp Out''.
--> '''PBG:''' This is one of those games that starts off all fun and innocent, but derails into a scream-fest, where you loudly bargain with your friends to go bother someone else for a while, in the hopeless attempt to convince them that you are totally ''not'' in 1st place, although you obviously are.
** He becomes annoyed when Wario steps into his colored space.
--> '''PBG:''' Wait, what the heck, Wario? Get out! Get outta my corner! [[CallBack I thought we had something, Wario! You know what? I'm not in love with you anymore, Wario!]] It's over!
* ''Lift Leapers'' is a platformer-based mini-game, which aren't that common in the games, despite the main series being one. Just don't play this mini-game against AI opponents... they're really, really, really bad at it. Including a montage of them failing at the simplest parts.
* ''Face Lift'' from Mario Party 2! He actually planned to add something in where he'd put in a picture of his face that would get distorted like in the mini-game, but [[SarcasmMode that isn't very funny]].
* PBG admits that his favorite mini-game ''Shell Shocked'' is based on nostalgia, but once he looked at it [[NostalgiaFilter without the rose-tinted glasses]], he noticed it hasn't aged well. Instead, he goes for ''Aces High'', a jet-version of the game.
--> '''PBG:''' Because, in the end, isn't shooting your friends out of the sky with a mounted gattling-gun, and killing them, what Mario Party is really about? Yes, it is.


[[folder:Top 10 WORST Mario Party Mini-games]]

* Mentioning the ''Mario Party Top 100'' collection, PBG claims that it was... [[SarcasmMode so good]] that we'll just not talk about it anymore. His anger about what a disappointment that game was has turned into sadness.
* As he has frequently mentioned, ''Bumper Balls''. He even quotes himself that "It's always a draw!", though he mentions that the ''Top 100'' version altered the bounciness a bit... but only made the game worse by now having each round take around 5 seconds.
* ''Royal Rumpus''. It's a new, innovative Mario Party minigame... rolling dice.
* [[RunningGag Tour]]? Said repeatedly during the microphone-minigame of ''Island Tour'', where PBG tries to see how just plain screaming into the microphone will get him the full 50 points obtainable. Yes, it works.
--> '''PBG:''' *stunned silence*
--> ''[[RunningGag Tour]]?''
* The Mario Party 8 minigame, where the player flips a monkey. And that's it. Oh, and the monkey sometimes just slides down the bar at the end and creepily stares at the winning player.
* Stating that the crane-minigame from Mario Party 1 and 2 are so unbalanced, if the player is one of those where all he can do is wiggle around... he might as well just go take a bathroom break.
--> '''PBG:''' Just take me! Just take me, Peach! I'm not even gonna try!
--> ''Peach drops Luigi down the pipe, with a toilet flushing sound being played''
* The basketball-minigame ''Dunk Bros'', where PBG complains that one can't make a shot, the opponents never miss a shot, and he'd much rather be playing the basketball-minigame from Mario Party 4 instead. Also, the song he sings.
--> ''Pick up steam (Tribble Dribble)''
--> ''Make a scheme (Tribble Dribble)''
--> ''Shout and scream (Tribble Dribble)''
--> ''Support your team (Tribble Dribble)''
--> ''Shine like a beam and live the dream''
--> ''Playing ball just like a King (He's a guy that played basketball)''
--> ''These rhymes are getting a little obscene''
** He then ends the segment by showing himself dunking a ball, hanging from the basket and dropping.
* PBG purposefully tripped during ''Piranha Pursuit'' a total of 5 times, with the highest AI setting, and ''still'' won it.
* ''Coin Shower'' for being incredibly unfair to the not-single player. They barely get any coins, and if the single player falls off the flower, the game counts as a Miss and ends.
--> '''PBG:''' Peach got 30 coins, you got NONE! ZERO!
* [[MetalScream DEATH RAAAAACE]]!! It's a race to the death! Four men and/or women and/or Yoshis and/or Squid-thingies, four lilipads and only '''one survivor'''! What really sells is that he actually plays exciting music while the minigame is playing, with all for members quietly drifting down a stream.
* The worst minigame? ''M. P. I. Q.'' It either asks questions one cannot recall, or possibly know at that exact moment (how often has a certain map been played or how much the total of each player's current coins would be), or are flat out super simple. And it usually devolves into hitting A as fast as you can, in hopes of guessing right.


[[folder:Top 10 BEST Gamecube Games]]

* Like with the Top 10 Best/Worst Wii games video, he says that there will be no Mario, the Legend of Zelda, or Super Smash Bros game on the list. Also, no Animal Crossing, which he forgot to mention.
** Despite this, as people point out in the comments, he puts spin-off games like ''VideoGame/PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor'' and ''VideoGame/SoulCaliburII'', which included [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Link]], on it.
* While talking about ''VideoGame/TheSimpsonsHitAndRun'', he mentions how he managed to get to watch ''The Simpsons'' show, despite it being a more adult-oriented comedy show. His mom walked in on him watching it, and asked if he was allowed to do so. His answer: I dunno.
--> ''Successful Teenage Rebellion''
* The fun one can have when playing with the voiceclips in ''VideoGame/SoulCaliburII''.
* When ''VideoGame/PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor'' pops up, PBG points out how dark the game is, actually. The first thing seen is a noose!
--> '''PBG:''' Can't think of that in any other Mario game... oh, wait. ''Super Mario World''...\\
''Shows the first map area with a photoshopped noose in it''
** And it has the closest thing to a Peach nude [[ShowerScene scene]].
---> '''PBG:''' [[RunningGag Oh, wait! Super Mario World! I almost forgot!]]\\
''Same map, this time with an image of Peach and unnecessary, multiple censore bars over her''
* Coos over exploring a mansion, then getting mad that it isn't ''VideoGame/LuigisMansion''. It's ''VideoGame/EternalDarkness''.
--> '''PBG:''' ''*while punching a stack of books in the game*'' How dare you do this to me, books?! You will pay!
** Talking about the sanity meter and MindScrew the game puts the player through, including doing such things as making it seem like the volume was lowered or the savedata deleted, PBG begins to cut back and forth from the video to him recording... his video begins to stutter, get paused, played up again, and, finally, an appearance of the dreaded Smiley Man!
---> '''PBG:''' Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!
* ''VideoGame/ChibiRobo'', a palette-cleanser after the horror of the previous game. The mother reprimands Jenny for wearing a frog costume, despite already being 8 years old.
--> '''PBG:''' ''(in a frog costume himself)'' You just don't understand the real me, mom!! ''*proceeds to run down a street in the costume, screaming*''
* ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4''! Since PBG already listed the game on his list of favorite games, in general, he already has footage recorded and will definitely not-
--> '''PBG:''' [[GilliganCut And I just beat the game again]]. For the... 20th time... it was for, uh, work.
* [[VideoGame/LuigisMansion The Mario series meets Ghostbusters]]; it seems like an odd combination at first, but it's executed so well.


!The G-Files:

* From his ''G-Files: Minecraft'' video, [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic "PONIES!"]]
** "I'm Fluttershy, guys!"
* Or this gem from his friend Kyrak:
-->You gotta think this stuff out. This doesn't get done in a day, it's done in like an hour.

[[folder:Weird Arcade Games 2]]
* "I'm too busy doing... Whatever this is. (Cut to three of him dancing a la ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}})"
-->'''Alien:''' These games come from a faraway land.
-->'''PBG:''' You mean, an alien planet?
-->'''Alien:''' No... JAPAN!
-->'''PBG:''' Whoa... An alien planet....
* (While playing a Japanese dating sim. His character falls over) "Oh, look at that, I won! ....Good..."
* The screen panning up a guy in swimtrunks while on the beach, with hawaiian music playing. "D-did I win?"
* PBG telling people to not record themselves playing a mini-game-game because then the following quote will be recorded.
--> '''PBG:''' Yeah, one second, I'm doing some balls...

[[folder: Wind Waker Hacking]]
* Pretty much all of the hacks.
* When he introduces why he's hacking the game.
-->'''PBG''': "Why, because this" *shows Link twitches as he drowns* "it's funny."
* The, "regular dirty" moment with Link running all weird.
* The hack that sends the boat speeding off into the distance... without Link: "Bye bye, boat!"
-->'''PBG:''' I'm sure he thought I was on him, and he's gonna realise any second now, he's gonna turn around... Just you wait and see... Boat? ''Boat?'' BOAT, COME BACK!
* PBG decides to "do some terrible things to Link":
-->'''PBG:''' Wait for it... and... *Link falls face down on the ground and starts twitching randomly* seizure.
* The entire auction scene.

!To Kill An Avatar:

[[folder: Pikimin]]
* Him gleefully murdering VideoGame/{{Pikmin}} is both this and NightmareFuel.
* His [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone reaction]] upon realizing that he just killed innocent Pikmin, coupled with a ShowerOfAngst.
--> '''PBG:''' ''(rocking back and forth in the shower)'' "What have I done?! The Pikmin are dead!"

[[folder: Link]]
* The song PBG makes up about the Cuccoo Revenge Squad.
--> They'll be comin' 'round the mountain when they come! They'll be comin' 'round the mountain when they come! They'll be comin' round the mountain, They'll be comin' round the mountain, They'll be comin' 'round the mountain when they come.. to kill ya!

!! 'Sucking At' & Let's Plays:

[[folder: Super Mario 64]]
* While racing Koopa The Quick, PBG notices him catching up in the last part and does an [[MundaneMadeAwesome epic]] sidejump up to the top of the mountain, winning the race. And the jumps gets shown repeatedly in slow motion.
* PBG complaining about how difficult doing circles are, when unlocking Mario.
* In Episode 10, he's trying to get the Star for getting the 8 Red Coins on top of the Bowser Puzzle in Lethal Lava Land. He grabs six, then ends up missing the last two and wandering around the level, looking for them. He actually adds a counter into the corner for how long it takes him to realize his mistake. [[spoiler:It takes him 2:52:29 minutes to figure it out.]]
* His RageQuit complaining when controlling Wario keeps hindering him.

[[folder: Luigi's Mansion]]
* PBG's words while fighting the baby ghost.
--> '''PBG:''' [[MakesSenseInContext Just sucking here. Just sucking a baby.]] [[ThatCameOutWrong I hope his parents don't come in here suddenly.]]
* PBG demands Jeff to give him an award for completing Area 2. There's a drumroll and...! Jeff gives him the 'Really Lame Award' Award, complete with fireworks.

[[folder: Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition]]
* His laughing reaction to the end of the first Episode, when Mario turns into a sign.
* Episode 4 ''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin RAGING + CRASHING]]'' has the game first break PBG at the end, when several attempts at playing Cool, Cool Mountain cause the game to repeatedly crash. At the end, he drums his hands on his desk and just keeps repeating 'Mario' like a MadnessMantra song.
* Comparing himself to a [[VideoGame/TheSims Sim]] in Episode 10.
--> '''PBG:''' I feel like a Sim. You know, a bunch of good things happen to me. Got promoted, maybe Woohoo'd couple of times, got engaged. You know. Made some really [[MundaneMadeAwesome good Mac 'n' Cheese]], feeling really good. But, you know, all of a sudden some bad things happen. You know, like, my mai-a thief comes and steals my TV. I [[ToiletHumor peed myself]] in front of a lady. And, you know, I'm still feeling good [...] but one more bad thing happening, one more pee, and it's straight back to depressed.
* Episode 16, when Mario launches off with the wingcap with a butt-rocket.

[[folder: Super Mario Galaxy]]
* The first episode, he first calls the princess "[[MumblingBrando It's Zeldurr]]", only to correct himself with "I mean Princess Peechus". And then there's what he calls her castle when it's taken away.
--> '''PBG:''' Oh, no! It's the prischus peechus castle!
* During a prankster comet race against Cosmic Mario in Honeyhive Galaxy, PBG purposefully walks on honey and pretends like he's about to lose, only for Cosmic Mario to ''really'' pass him by and make him lose.
--> '''PBG:''' [[SarcasmMode Oh, no. I'm stuck on the honey. He's gonna catch up to me...]] (notices Cosmic Mario actually catching up) No! No No No No No No No No! [[BigNo Noooo!]]
* Saying that the Queen Bee is probably suffering from Dia[[JustForPun bee]]tes.
* After following the beach bully shark through rings, PBG leaves the water and throws the shell - only for it to hit Captain Toad! PBG laughs at that coincidence and we get a slow-motion repeat of it.
* PBG telling Luigi that he has no chance with Rosalina, because she's his.
* Rosalina saying that she can see [Mario's] brother on the observatory. PBG cheers that [=McJones=] is here, only to realize she means Luigi.

[[folder: Super Mario Galaxy 2]]
* PBG is initially confused over the cloud power-up, wondering why he can't make more clouds. Takes him a bit to remember that he can only make three of them. And then still has multiple instances of groundpounding and falling, when he wanted to create a cloud.
* A heartfelt apology video is uploaded the day of the new episode, apologizing for something that happened in that latest video. What is he apologizing for? [[spoiler:Not picking up a coin to replenish his health.]]
* A later video, he talks about doing the same thing as above and how he'll have to make a second apology video for it. He doesn't.
* The fiasco with the purple coins at Tree Trunk Galaxy.

[[folder:Super Mario Sunshine]]
* When fighting a gooey piranha flower early on.
--> '''PBG:''' Take my... [[InnocentInnuendo Take my stream into your mouth]]!
* PBG becomes really frustrated in Part 9, when he learned that the ''number'' of obtained Shines is irrelevant to completing the game, but the 7th Episode of each location, and that some of the ones he got previously are now useless.
* Opening up Part 10 with an apology, saying that he was recording the newest video for it and the game footage didn't properly record. He says he tried working on and fixing it, for like five minutes, but just couldn't do it. So, now there are 3 extra Shines that PBG got, but didn't record.
* In Part 20, he stops the video for a second because he hears screaming outside and 'feels obligated to check that noone's dying'.
* Part 21. [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The Struggle]]. ''Everything'' in the video turns into a struggle for him, starting from just getting to the level. He counted and says it takes up to 7 minutes to get there.
* The Finale episode is filled with moments.
** PBG not understanding what he's supposed to do during the battle with Bowser for a good while. He eventually figures it out, but his cluelessness is quite amusing.
** PBG telling Bowser to 'not blow him'.
---> '''PBG:''' Don't blow me, Bowser! [[ThatCameOutWrong Uh]]... yeah. Don't blow me.
** Repeatedly dying when he whomps the fourth pillar of the tub. One time even 'butt-slamming', immediately getting hit by a Bullet Bill and being pushed between the cracks of the floor, killing him.
** Trying to save himself from falling again, he somehow manages to make Mario cling to the bottom of the level, get stuck and have to watch as Mario keeps getting damaged by nothing.
** Sounding exaggeratingly dramatic when [[spoiler:Fludd malfunctions and 'dies']]. And then, a bit later.
---> '''PBG:''' [[spoiler:Fludd]]! [[BigNo Noooo]]! (later on) [[spoiler:Fludd's]] back!

[[folder: Animal Crossing]]
* PBG decides to tell Rover that he can't sit next to him, but then laughs when he does anyway, and Rover says how it's nice to see that there's still plenty of rude people in the world.
* PBG has to name his character and first thinks of going for [=PooBins=]. Then needs to add more and opts for [=PooBinGo=].
** He didn't think of a name for the town, so he just goes and names it... Poopsvil.
---> '''PBG:''' It wouldn't allow me to add another L or E at the end.
* He dramatically plays out deciding which house to pick to be the most difficult choice he ever had to make.
* When writing an entry in his calender, he writes the only thing he can think of at the moment.
--> ''Put the gun down, Nook. Think of your family.''
* When meeting some of the townsfolk, he is ''ecstatic'' to see that the cat Mitzi is there. And admits that, when he was young and played the game, she was his headcanon in-game girlfriend.
* One of his neighbors is a cow. Named Patty.
--> '''PBG:''' Mmmmmmmh, Patty... (imagines a nice, juicy burger)

[[folder: Wind Waker Chaos Edition]]
* On Outset Island, he is horrified when a ''tornado'' is right on top of the outlook he has to get to. There's even a note saying that the game audio has been severely lowered to protect any viewer's eardrums.
* [[FinalBoss Ganon]] appears on Outset Island. As well as ''Re-Deads''. A whole ''field'' worth of Re-Deads.
* PBG requires multiple attempts at jumping the platforms with Nico, because he keeps getting the 'disease' (the purple fog that messes with the controls) and jumping farther than intended. Then there's the obnoxious, high-pitched noise when he opens the treasure chest with the spoilsbag in it.
* When trying to leave the inside of the pirate ship...
--> '''PBG:''' Link, [[ItMakesSenseInContext stop butt-humping the wall]]!
* PBG cannot get the water to work on the withered bomb-flowers and is not sure if that is an issue with the chaos edition or if he's just [[EpicFail that bad]] at aiming the bottle.

[[folder:Super Mario World Randomized]]
* Whenever they drop a Yoshi down a cliff, which happens a lot, it is replayed in slow-motion to sad music and Luigi getting a single tear-drop.
* One level is named "Ghosts of Yoshi."
* Episode 19 is called 'MMMM GOOD $#&%!' after a level in the game that is actually called MMMM GOOD SHIT... where they actually put a mosaic filter onto the shit part.
* Episode 14 to 16 are all only ''one'' level that they have difficulty with. Episode 16 is even called 'Definition of Insanity'.

[[folder:Super Mario Odyssey]]
* PBG makes it clear that he will make sure to get a lot of coins very fast, so he can get the swimming trunks[[note]]The boxers[[/note]] before heading to Lake Kingdom. Why? Because 'Mario nips'.
* In Jungle Kingdom, PBG tries to get Mario to roll along the edge of a tree trunk, but he keeps rolling off. When he rolls off to the right, he thinks that he'll just fall and get respawned, but ends up falling to the lower part of the Jungle Kingdom... and he is absolutely clueless about this area, as he never got to it when first playing through this area.
* Some people comment that he called Zora's Domain "Zora Kingdom" during Part 6.

!! Collection Series:

[[folder: Oblivion Daedric Items]]
* In the very first episode, he dies multiple times. And completely forgets how to even start the quest for Azura's Star, including that he needed to get some Golddust first and had to offer it at dusk or dawn.
* The entire quest for the Wabbajack, given how whacky that thing is to begin with. Especially PBG's reaction to Sheagorath bringing about the last omen of the K'Shara.
--> '''PBG:''' What!? What? [[ItMakesSenseInContext It's raining fire dogs!]]
* In Aerkved's Tower (Vaermina's quest), PBG goes down a hole and finds a sort of cellar full of corpses hung on strings.
--> '''PBG:''' Oh, boy! What the...!? What the...!? [[MoodWhiplash Oh, a treasure chest.]] (loots it)
* During the quest for the Sanguine Rose, he first misses the spell. Then later he turns out to be running away naked himself. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking And with an arrow up his ass]].
* Namira's quest, with one of the priestesses saying PBG is 'too pretty' and having to need to get drunk to start the quest.

[[folder: Skyrim Daedric Items]]
* Encountering a dragon during the first episode and running away from it.
* While following Barbas to Calvicus Vile's shrine, PBG keeps yelling "Barbas!".
** During the journey to said shrine, encountering headless, bikini-clad vampire-zombies and being utterly baffled.
* Encountering a wolf and 'spazz-kicking' it to death, including slow-motion close-up.
* Looking around for Sam during the Sanguine Rose quest, he wanders around all over the place, yelling for Sam. Then he makes a joke on the map running gag from the Minecraft series. "Who needs a Sam?" counter pops up.
* He eventually gains a follower in Faendal. And proceeds to change his name within minutes, multiple times. He calls him Charles, Carl, Chandler or even Maria.

[[folder: Wind Waker Island Collection]]
* During the multi-part videos of Windfall Island, PBG made notes to get all the sidequests done. Then he admits that one of his notes is "Picture of girl, show to guy" and he cannot remember at all what that is supposed to mean. He finally remembers that it's referring to showing Linda's picture to Anton.
* He has huge difficulty saying 'debutante' when doing Milla's quest.
* While fast-forwarding during the reef areas of shooting down all the cannons, the video goes back to regular speed and all you hear of the end of PBG's fast-forward ranting was "so that you don't kill the toys". Then [[LampshadeHanging lampshading]] how it would appear, to just talk random nonsense during the fast-forwarding and ending on those words.
* The final episode (Forest Haven) starting with PBG admitting that he [[IdiotBall saved over his actual file]], leaving him to use an older savefile for this video. And said file does not have all the previously collected islands on it. And then [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking his vocal recording glitched up mid-way through, forcing him to do post-voiceover]].
* "I gotta beat the game... why am I cutting the grass? This isn't Game Grumps."

!!PB & Jeff:
[[folder: General]]
* When either of them comes up with an oddly catchy or amusing expression, one of the two will inevitably shout "PUT IT ON A SHIRT!", despite the fact that neither of them sell shirts, or merchandise of any kind. While this is most prominent in Mario Maker, it comes up in their other videos as well.

[[folder: One Shots]]
* The ''Euro Truck Simulator - Blindfolded Q & A'' has its premise. PBG drives the truck blindfolded and has Jeff as his backseat driver telling him how to steer, while asking the questions. It's hilarious to watch Jeff freak out about trying to ask a question, while trying to keep PBG driving on the road. And then PBG ultimately gets the truck stuck off-road.
* The episode on VideoGame/HotelMario is titled "I WANNA DIE", which just says it all, really.
** During their epic struggle to beat Morton, the guys come across a [[ImAHumanitarian particularly horrifying]] way in which Mario can die.
-->'''PBG:''' ''(horrified) He ate me!''

[[folder: Donkey Kong Country 2]]
* The first episode having the two lament that it's actually a retake, because their initial recording of this episode was [[TheGreatestStoryNeverTold amazing]] and they only realized in post that they forgot to actually record the game footage.
* After collecting the letter tokens in the wrong order, they begin creating new characters such as Donkey Ong, Cool Kong, Donkey Knog, and Donkey Kog.
* Wondering what Squitter the spider's name is, they call it Spider Guy. Then PBG admits that he'd call a spider 'Speeky'.
* Their debate on whether Squawks is spitting nuts or cookies.
* In Part 10, PBG asks Siri to look something up. She keeps recording their message as they continue to talk and they shut up long enough to hear what she has 'heard' from them. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyoWSe_QbuY&t=4m10s It needs to be heard]]. [[note]]4:10 when they begin to record, 4:58 when she repeats it back.[[/note]]
-->'''Siri:''' Searching Google for [[spoiler:PBG Gameplay for me if that works har-har yeah does the ropes? Oh no hey Siri's still going how? She does it? She's still going okay I want to see a stop! But I just go to golden? I need to do what the guy Illinois]].
* Their utter ''failing'' in Episode 12 and 13 on just one level. Their frustration is hilarious to observe.
* In the ''Toxic Tower'' level, they become more and more agitated and switch between the animals. When they change into the spider, both yell "SPIDER NOW?!" at the same time; it's also the title for that video.
* Having difficulty jumping due to a third-party controller, they begin to turn [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I5bQCwuXxQ&t=7m40s their cries]] of "I pressed it to jump!" into a RunningGag.

[[folder: Super Mario Maker]]
* Fan Levels #1
** PBG dies within 10 seconds of playing the first level: ''Flying Fish Deathtrap''.
** They give up on ''Falling for Rosalina'', which was already sent to them with the comment that it was a terrible level.
** [[ThisIsGonnaSuck Their reaction]] to just the name of the level ''I'm So Sorry For This''.
---> '''PBG:''' [[SarcasmMode Well, this is going to be fun.]]
* SCARY Mario Maker
** Going through ''Waluigi's Unbearable Existence'' confuses them.
** ''Will You Save Your Son'' first confuses them because of the messages, then starts to horrify them by actually expecting them to sacrifice Yoshi.
*** They also make a reference to a RunningGag started in their ''Donkey Kong Country 2'' playthrough: "I pressed it to jump!"
* Fan Levels #2
** PBG saying that he [[BlatantLies absolutely dislikes adventures and the likes]]. And that people can quote him on that.
** ''KK's Last Gig'' turning out to be a pretty good maze level. Then they get to the end [[spoiler:and see KK getting pushed into a floor of spikes]]. They do find the end a little funny.
** PBG ignores the feather power-up in ''Flying High'' and promptly dies, realizing that it's required to proceed in the level.

[[folder:Mario Party]]
* Mario Party 1
** Jeff's humiliation conga near the end. Pretty much everything goes wrong on some way, and his SanitySlippage is glorious.
*** [[spoiler:Jeff stealing [=PBG's=] coins to ruin his winning tactic as revenge.]]
** In the finale of Peach's Birthday Cake, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3SEhvdnWyk&t=658s Peach gets Chance Time]] and swaps Wario and PBG's coins, potentially costing him the game. [[spoiler:PBG still wins]].
** Jeff [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTu9PR_ngdI&t=731s rolls a 2]] at the ''worst'' possible time in the finale of Yoshi's Tropical Island. PBG edits in the ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry'' Game Over screen and music, making it look like DK was facepalming.
** Jeff [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nl26uk1xaJI&t=427s gets a Mushroom space]] as a last-ditch chance to get a Star in the finale of Luigi's Engine Room... and gets a Poison Mushroom, costing him a turn.
** Wario [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nl26uk1xaJI&t=661s gets Chance Time]] in Luigi's Engine Room and forces Jeff to give him all of his Stars.
** Wario winning the first match and the third, mainly through Chance Time.
* Mario Party 2 (feat. [=ProJared=])
** In the ''first episode'' everyone, but [[ButtMonkey Jeff]], ends up finding a hidden block. With a Star in it.
** PBG's surprise when they still keep finding hidden blocks, having been sure that there were only four.
** Given the map they are on, not one of them has managed to make it to the initial Star on the map yet. They keep getting thrown back to the starting space by cannons, dolphins or similar.
** [=ProJared=] ends up finding a ''second'' Star in a hidden block.
** Jeff does a bit better in the final episode, earning a lot of coins and even gets the Coin Star of the game. Building up to who the Super Star of the game is, the big question is: Is Jeff's curse broken? [[spoiler:It is! Jeff has managed to win a Mario Party game as DK!]]
** Wario continues the trend of being unstoppable as he ends a Horror Land video by getting a second Star, then using a Golden Mushroom to go for a third Star.

* From the first video on, comments keep telling PBG and Jeff that Pikmin in Olimar's squad at the end of the day will not die or count as left behind, as long as they are actively in Olimar's group when it gets to sundown. It takes them a good 15 episodes to figure it out and ''still'' 'test it as a theory' in the 20s episodes.
* Giving several Pikmin they deem important for an episode a name. They tend to die fast. One of them was even called Jared.
* The absolute horror when the Smokey Progg hatches from the egg onto the map in episode 14. They claim it has a similar appearance to the dirty River God in ''Anime/SpiritedAway'' and proceed to refer to it as 'the Miyazaki monster'.
* Their various reactions to the boss enemies.
** Special mention goes to the Armored Cannon Beetle. PBG cannot recall how to deal with it and they eventually decide that it's probably invincible. [[spoiler:Jeff actually has the right theory - to throw Pikmin into its little "cannon" mouthhole - but it isn't tried out until several episodes later.]]
* Pick em', Pick em', Booty lick em'.
* They are stuck on how to obtain the UV Lamp part. It takes them an extra episode for PBG's memory to wonder if there is a weight difference between the various Pikmin, before it hits him.
--> '''PBG:''' Wait... can you throw some of them... '''higher'''?
--> ''Cue [[MundaneMadeAwesome epic beat playing]] at his revelation''
** Shortly after, while using the candypop flowers to change blue Pikmin into yellow ones on top of a ledge in water, some Pikmin are pulled out... and proceed to immediately run off the ledge and drown.
---> '''PBG:''' Why? Why were they walking over there?
---> '''Jeff:''' I have no idea. [...] They literally just, like, "I have been ''reborn''!" and just, like, walk off the cliff...
* During the Final Trial, they take a while to figure out how to move the box out of the way.
* The FinalBoss dies to two red pikmin that got left behind, presumed dead, while PBG went off to get more yellows. Doubles as an OffscreenMomentOfAwesome. PBG names them Bimmy and Leeny.
--> '''PBG:''' Wait... is he dead?
* In Pikmin 2, PBG leaves his White and Purple Pikmin breaking a spiderweb as the countdown clock goes to 0, under the assumption they'd be OK. It results in them all dying. His reaction is as funny as it is sad.

[[folder: Death Road to Canada]]


[[folder: Death Road To Canada # 1 ]]

* The personalities they chose for some of their teammates. They decided to have WebVideo/ProJared as a Bandit, who is mischievous and a 'ticking time bomb'. [=McJones=] is given a calm head and Dean is given the BERSERK! personality, which means [[LeeroyJenkins he'll rush towards any zombie to defeat it, but only has 1 health point in exchange, meaning the tiniest tick of damage means he'll die]].
* Their terrible luck with their AI allies.
** Todd dies in the very next battle they encounter, after recruiting him.
** They meet and recruit [=McJones=], who pops up two seconds later by saying that '''someone''' in the party hasn't been pulling their weight and he demands someone to be thrown out. After deliberation, PBG and Jeff chuck [=McJones=]. [[note]]For extra fun, [=McJones=] commented that he's sending greetings from Canada, since he got there just fine after he got rid of 'those two deadweights'.[[/note]]
** Dean gets recruited and gets hit '''three''' times when trying to lift a tree. And gets three death messages, too, because of his personality.
* PBG and Jeff die because PBG accidentally shot a propane tank during the Gas Station Rescue mission.


[[folder: Death Road To Canada # 2 ]]

* Part 4 has Jeff decide to have Jared rob a shopkeeper's supply of ammunition. The shopkeeper pulls out a shotgun and shoots them all, with PBG, Jared and Ian dying. Jeff is the only survivor and he dies from being swarmed by zombies in the next battle.

[[folder:Fortune Street]]
* In the finale of the first video, Jeff built a huge space 2 episodes ago... that nobody landed on. Meanwhile, despite an onslaught of rolling 1s, PBG is poised to win the game if he can make it back to the bank without rolling a 1 and landing on Jeff's space. In a spectacular case of TemptingFate, he says there's ''no way'' he'll roll a 1 again and he isn't jinxing it because it's impossible... and [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaNJ6lBBpSE&t=19m rolls a 1]]. The epic music makes it even funnier.
** Even better, someone did the math to find out just how many 1s PBG rolled.
--> PBG rolled a 1 for a total of 20 times out of 54 (I may be missing one turn as the final screen says 55 turns, let me know if you find out which one I missed). So, PBG rolled a 1 37% of the time, more than double the expected 16.66%. PBG moved 164 spaces in 54 turns, for an average of 3.03 spaces per turn, slightly below the expected 3.5.
* Continuing Wario's Mario Party trend of being unstoppable, in parts 5 and 6 of the second video he makes an amazing comeback and has everyone else trying to take him down. Sadly, despite a comeback from Jeff he ends up winning the whole thing.

* The eye pyramids from Djimmi The Great's last phase make PBG think of [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls Bill Cipher]], but he can't remember Bill's name or the name of the show itself.
--> '''PBG:''' What's the name of that freakin' show?! I can never remember the name of it!
--> '''Jeff:''' What are you trying to talk about?
--> '''PBG:''' The show with the twins!
--> '''Jeff:''' The show with the twins?
--> '''PBG:''' The pyramid enemy guy! And they find the ''books!''
--> '''Jeff:''' ''What?''
* In fact, many funny examples in ''VideoGame/{{Cuphead}}'' can be [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gDJagDvBqc found]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOoQOD1sJPI in]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihunWBqiojo some]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt_GJijDCos videos]], especially the funny parts in Beppi the Clown's scenario.
* This funny moment doubles as a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome toward the end of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjGRQI-yYPc this video]], when Jeff delivers a knockout to [[AttentionWhore Sally Stageplay]]... at the moment that she KO'd him a split-second later. After a few seconds, when the Results screen comes up, both players cheer in a sweet taste of victory.

!!Game Squad
[[folder:Mario Party 3]]
* The intro gets replaced from ''PB & Jeff'' to the ''Game Squad'' one.
* Round 1: Woody Woods
** PBG and Ian both want to play as Luigi, so they choose who gets him through rock-paper-scissors. It takes them multiple, ''intense'' rounds! PBG wins and plays as Luigi, with Ian opting for Waluigi.
** Heehee. [[DoubleEntendre Wood]]y [[DoubleEntendre Wood]]s.
** They put up a house rule: No Genie Lamp!
** PBG lands on a Battle Mini-Game spot. The counter for how many coins will be at stake starts up...! And lands on 0. No Battle Mini-Game.
*** It happens ''twice''!
** Shortly after, he steps on a Bowser Space and gets a present: 30 coins!
** The MPIQ Mini-Game revolves into a button-mashing of A and trying to guess the right answer.
** Jeff finds a Hidden Block!
--> '''Jeff:''' Ooooh...!
--> '''[=ProJared=]:''' No! Shut up, shut up, shut up!
--> ''Jeff gains some coins from the Hidden Block''
** Shortly after, ''PBG'' finds a Hidden Block! He, too, only gets coins.
** Nobody notices Jeff's [[{{Pun}} tree]]son joke.

* Round 2: Deep Blooper Sea
** The Star gets put into a location they can only access through a skeleton key. They opt to gain one from the Item Mini-Games, though Jared has a Boo Bell, with which he can steal an item from another player.
** They remove the No Genie Lamp rule from the previous round because it's not a cheesy cheat, like in later games. [[note]]In this game, the player gets transported to the Star's location, but still needs to pay for the Star. In later games, the player automatically gains the Star.[[/note]]

* In general, the speed up music when it's used. And it's always a sped up version of the [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess Malo Mart song]].
* The RunningGag of naming characters EESDESESESERDT and leaving letters off.
** The original EESDESESESERDT from the Hubert skiing game.
** EESDESESESERD for My Sims Kingdom.
** EESDESESESER for My Sims Agents.
** EESDESES is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it name for his pet snake in the ''Animal Parade'' video.
** EESDESESE finally for his character in My Sims Party.
* Repeated instances, where PBG asks his voice-operated phone to search something up for him, only for it to pop up saying "You need to unlock your [=iPhone=] first".