* Paul getting horribly beaten up by an angry customer.
* "[[DrunkenMontage I BELIEVE IN MAGIC!]]" *Falls on his back while also shattering the window behind.
* The slow-motion scene when Paul shoots a drop of hot pepper sauce in the air. The hostages watch the drop fly by.
* [[RunningGag "I don't drink"]].
* [[RealityEnsues "Nobody wins with a headbutt."]]
* While Veck has the customers hostage, his henchmen on the phone ask if there's anything else he wants. Veck’s response?
-->'''Veck''': You know, since you're asking, I'd love a Happy Meal. But make sure the toy is the sea monster, 'cause I already have the dragon.
** While Veck is yelling at his goon, Leon whispers to Amy to hide her phone (which she's using to send an emergency text to Paul).
-->'''Veck''': I'd say, considering all the luxury items that I have stacked up, situation... [[SuddenlyShouting UNACCEPTABLE!]]\\
(''Amy tries to discreetly send a SOS text message to Paul'')\\
'''Leon''': (''whispering'') No, no, no! He's looking!\\
'''Veck''': Gimme a gun.\\
'''Leon''': Put it down!\\
(''Amy hides her phone just as Veck enters the room, holding his gun'')\\
'''Veck''': What are you nodding about?\\
'''Leon''': Uh, I was just wondering, were you serious about that Happy Meal? (''Veck raises his eyebrow in confusion'') It isn't coming, is it?