* Zodon's chair is broken down after ten millennia of hibernation so some other students fix it up for him against his will. And they pimp it up with flames and fins and a sound system that plays thumping bass. But that's not the best part, the best part is that when he tries to activate his hologram to cover it up, [[spoiler:it makes him look like a [[http://ps238.nodwick.com/comic/04282010/ Gary Larson fat-kid]], but in a ''[[http://ps238.nodwick.com/comic/04302010/ pimp suit]]'']].
* Arguably. http://ps238.nodwick.com/?p=368
* Agents of Chaos and Order trying to teach a couple of angels and demons [[http://ps238.nodwick.com/?p=411 how to play foursquare.]]
* Zodon's first [[http://ps238.nodwick.com/comic/12312006/ censored tirade]]: "You FLOWER GARDEN I'll FOXTROT all over your DRINKING FOUNTAIN! UMBRELLA! CRUNCHBERRIES! CORDLESS TELEPHONE!"
* Zodon gets his arm [[http://ps238.nodwick.com/?p=842 snagged by Polly Mer and dragged after an airplane]]. While in his Gary Larson costume. His inevitable cussing tirade is translated by the "Barry Ween" chip into "Seventy Six Trombones" from ''Theatre/TheMusicMan''.
* "I left a [[UsefulNotes/{{Alchemy}} homunculus]] in charge of my science class. We can [[AlchemyIsMagic savor the irony]] [[http://ps238.nodwick.com/?p=175 in-flight.]]"
* 84 pointing out that the arrogant guy taking charge of the mission will either get them through or get eaten...a win-win situation. [[http://ps238.nodwick.com/comic/2014-11-26/ She's definitely been spending too much time around Zodon.]]
* The Revenant is [[http://ps238.nodwick.com/comic/03102008/ instructing Tyler on how to use his grappler]], and Tyler expresses the expected concern at the idea of jumping off a building:
-->Tyler, I'm '''proud''' of you. There are people out there who would think '''nothing''' of slapping on a '''cape''' and risking '''their lives''' and the '''lives of others''' as they '''swing from buildings''' with '''high-tech gadgets'''. They'd '''revel''' in the sheer foolishness of it.\\
But you, you've got a '''common sense''' and '''wisdom''' beyond your few years. That's something to '''treasure'''.\\
* Just how CrazyPrepared is Tyler as Moon Shadow? [[http://ps238.nodwick.com/comic/01182013/ He not only has gum to help deal with ear popping in flights]], [[SigilSpam but it has his logo on it]].
* The SeinfeldianConversation between Tyler and Ron in issue #51, about why Ron would not want fire powers:
-->'''Ron:''' There was a kid at Praetorian Academy with fire powers. He always smelled like gasoline and burnt hair.\\
'''Tyler:''' You're kidding.\\
'''Ron:''' It made his life pretty simple, though. He'd always say, "if a problem can't be solved by being set on fire, it's not my problem."\\
'''Tyler:''' I'd hate to be a cat stuck in a tree if he was the only one around to help.\\
'''Ron:''' After what I saw, you'd probably hate being the tree, too.