* [[OhCrap Play?]]
** [[OverlyLongGag Playplayplayplayplayplayplayplayplayplayplayplayplay!]]
-->'''Verne:''' ''(DeathGlare at RJ)'' You're the devil.
* "Get real Kevin! Cuz when you feel like a dirt bag, that's because you're a dirt bag. Just say it out loud, just own it! Say 'I am a dirt bag.'"
** RJ mouthing the lines...
** "Dirtbag? I don't think that guy's a real doctor."
* During the climactic van scene:
-->'''Baby Porcupines''': Hey, no fighting while we're driving! We will turn this van around, mister!\\
-->'''Lou''': He started it.
* When asked if they know how to drive the van:
--> '''Baby Porcupine:''' Just like ''Auto-Homicide 3''.\\
''(a little later)''\\
'''Baby Porcupine:''' ''(pointing at pedestrians)'' Bonus points!!!
* ''"But I like a cookie..."''
** ''(on top of the roof)'' I got the cookie!
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5rk-8sT_m4 The Depelter Turbo]]
** And right before that, the animals have Hammy drink a lot of caffeine. When he goes out to activate the Depelter Turbo, everything is frozen because of how fast Hammy is actually moving, thanks to the caffeine.
* After RJ's weedhacker story, Hammy's sympathetic reaction, including the aghast and amazed looks he shoots Verne.
* Steve Carrell really nails Hammy's lines.
-->'''Hammy:''' Scary clown!
* "Less claw, more pad!"