* Easily one of the best quotes from the first game (Hard Climb):
-->'''Sorceress:''' Weak, pathetic, small child... Why will you not let me teach you?!\\
'''Apprentice:''' That's what the old man used to say.\\
'''Sorceress:''' I will feast on your heart and bathe in your blood!\\
'''Apprentice:''' ''[chuckling]'' He used to say that, too, when he got a little drunk.\\
'''Sorceress:''' Ugh. I am done. You will never know the pleasures we could have had together.\\
'''Apprentice:''' Wow-- Yeah... He never said that.
* So much of the Apprentice's dialogue:
-->''Shaken, '''and''' stirred! Also stabbed.''\\
''Spring traps, fulfilling orcs' dreams of flight since 1191.''\\
''Let's take a moment to reflect on my mistakes.. AH who am I kidding? I didn't make any!''
* This is a game that allows players to make their OWN crowning moments of awesome/funny. Some kills and trap combinations are so wonderfully efficient and nifty that you will probably laugh in amusement and amazement at your orc killing prowess.
** For instance, in the first game, there is The Balcony. The Orc entrance doorway is already choked with tar traps, the first bridge is choked with Elf archers, and the first archway has several arrow traps for those pesky flyers. It's the final wave. What's missing from this picture? Spring traps pointed at the door, of course, so they can do it ''all over again''!
* The Apprentice dancing whenever he completes a level. Never mind the gravity of the situation - he's loving every moment of taking his enemies down.
* The sequel gives us this exchange upon the discovery that [[spoiler: the Old Mage didn't die]]:
-->'''The Sorceress:''' The Master was lying there ''hurt'' and you just left?
-->'''War Mage:''' Well... Yeah.
-->'''The Sorceress:''' [[StrangeMindsThinkAlike Perfectly reasonable. I'd have done the same]].
-->'''The Master:''' ''[resigned]'' Nice to see you again too, young lady.