* Their very first play-through of One Piece:
-->'''GM:''' A pirate ship! Enemy Attack! Enemy Attack!\\
'''Sailor 1:''' I roll for initiative! 16!\\
'''GM:''' They haven't boarded the ship yet!\\
'''Sailor 2:''' I use my grappling hook!\\
'''GM:''' Why-No! Just go look for the Captain.\\
'''Sailor 1:''' Good Idea. We can kill the Captain and take the ship.\\
'''GM:''' I meant ''your'' Captain.\\
'''Sailor 1:''' That's who I meant.
* When [[http://grandline3point5.thecomicseries.com/comics/9 Natalie first appears]] in the story:
-->'''Nat:''' I poke my head out the door and look around. Do I see anything?\\
'''GM:''' You see nothing.\\
'''Nat:''' I step outside.\\
'''GM:''' As soon as you step outside, you notice Alvida's ship pulling alongside the ship.\\
'''Nat:''' This is the same ship you told me about?\\
'''GM:''' Yes.\\
'''Nat:''' I run back inside.
** Shortly afterward:
-->'''Nat:''' With my trusty zip-line, I make my way across the crystal blue ocean below. As I do this, I ponder about my predicament. I worry about the people back home. [...] With cat-like reflexes, I land gracefully onto Alvida's ship. [...] I stealthily and gracefully sneak about.
-->'''GM:''' Suddenly, someone steps out the door next to you! It's one of Alvida's men!
-->'''Nat:''' I kick 'em in the balls! ... Gracefully.
* When Luke first appears in the story by [[http://grandline3point5.thecomicseries.com/comics/16 popping out of a wine barrel]]:
-->'''Nat:''' Wait hold on. You were inside that barrel the whole time?\\
'''Luke:''' Yep.\\
'''Nat:''' The barrel made for holding wine.\\
'''Luke:''' Uh huh...\\
'''Nat:''' The completely sealed barrel that had to be broken open?\\
'''Luke:''' That's the one! Anyway, I was probably sleeping in there and didn't notice someone was sealing it up.\\
'''Nat:''' I get it now.\\
'''GM:''' You do?\\
'''Nat:''' Luke's playing an idiot.
* When Cory's character was [[http://grandline3point5.thecomicseries.com/comics/21/ about to be killed]]:
-->'''Alvida:''' Are you prepared to ''''''DIE'''''', Coby?\\
'''Luffy:''' Dun Dun Duuuun... wait I thought Cory wanted to die to get a new character?\\
'''Alvida:''' ...Are you prepared to be '''''KNOCKED OUT?'''''\\
'''Luffy:''' Dun Dun Duuuun!
* When [[http://grandline3point5.thecomicseries.com/comics/48 entering the tavern]]:
-->'''Cory:''' I immediately search for traps.\\
'''GM:''' Not this again...\\
'''Cory:''' Damn, got a 4.\\
'''GM:''' We're in a tavern.\\
'''Cory:''' Taverns can have traps.\\
'''Luke:''' One way to spot a trap is to look for an adam's apple.\\
'''Cory:''' ...I stop searching.
** The expressions in the screencaps (such as Luffy's deadpan one above) top off these exchanges.
-->'''Cory:''' Oh c'mon! You let Luke play his character and he's just as if not more overpowered than mine!
-->'''GM:''' Luke actually came up with a name and a backstory for his character.
-->'''Luke:''' ''(as Luffy, blithely smiling)'' I was raised by owls!
* The GM uses skittles to represent {{Mooks}}. Cue [[http://www.drunkduck.com/One_Piece_Grand_Line_3_point_5/5342366/ this]] during the second arc:
-->'''Cory:''' Hooooly Crap. The GM just opened up three bags of skittles.
* Luffy Vs. Mohgi
--> '''GM''': Look, you got cover bonus for the bars, okay? But he's likely to either hit you or miss the cage. Unless I roll an 11 or 12.\\
* Rolls*\\
'''Gm''': Sonuva-\\
'''Luke''': FREEDOM!\\
'''GM''': Who cursed my dice?
* Under the inexperienced Phil's control, Usopp's introductory lies become [[http://www.drunkduck.com/One_Piece_Grand_Line_3_point_5/5400175/ him misreading]] [[BrickJoke the GM's horrible handwriting]]. Doesn't help that he's also [[http://www.drunkduck.com/One_Piece_Grand_Line_3_point_5/5400550/ screwing with him]]:
-->'''Luke:''' Hahaha! Did that really just happen? [[ThrowItIn Can we say that's what happened]]?\\
'''Phil:''' Look, I'm a pirate, right? So that means I at least have a gun, right?\\
'''GM:''' Eh... not really. You do have a slingshot, though.\\
'''Phil:''' ...the fuck?!\\
'''GM:''' And no, I'm not screwin' with you. [[FalseReassurance About that]].
* This exchange, after learning that Luffy and Zoro ate a month's worth of food in a day:
-->'''Phil:''' Don'tcha think the amount of food Luffy and Zoro are eating is kinda unrealistic?\\
'''Cory:''' Hey. Back. Picked up [[BigEater three buckets of KFC, tacos, some burgers, hot pockets, Doritos, and half-off sushi.]] Oh, and those [[MultiMookMelee ten bags of Skittles you asked for, GM.]]\\
'''Phil:''' [[PrecisionFStrike Holy shit.]]
* After Kurahadol shows up and insults Usopp's father, the others try to help Phil [[http://www.drunkduck.com/One_Piece_Grand_Line_3_point_5/5403917/ by putting words in his mouth]].
-->'''DM:''' You guys are a bunch of idiots. On a seperate note, [[NotSoAboveItAll can anyone here do a good Tyson impression]]?
* [[http://www.drunkduck.com/One_Piece_Grand_Line_3_point_5/5405204/ Luke fits Luffy REALLY well]].
* Any time Luke needs to make an important diplomacy check he pulls out his special dice. Cue the newest player going "WHY IS IT ALL ONES??!??"
** Prior to getting that die, he took the simple expedient of putting a d20 on the table with the 1 facing up.
** Luke hitting Buggy's (and the GM's) BerserkButton with a sledgehammer thusly:
-->'''Luke:''' ''(as Luffy)'' HEY CLOWN!!! WHY YOU SUCH A CLOWN?!
* Cory failed on his navigation rolls so bad that [[RefugeInAudacity he ended up on a whole other island.]]
-->'''Cory:''' I have a swim speed, [[JerkassHasAPoint so that's actually kinda plausible.]]
* "[[http://grandline3point5.thecomicseries.com/comics/634 ... And then Sanji starved to death and became an undead skeleton!]]"