!The TV Show
* Lizzie decides to take Prudence's advice and meet her ex Erica at a neutral location, only to be told by Erica that she picked the place they first said that they loved eachother.
* Lizzie introduces herself to Kate by saying it's short for Elizabella, then immediately regrets it.
* Gay or Nay?
-->'''Lizzie''': Oh, she looks really cute!\\
'''Luke''': Gay!\\
'''Leisha''': But that jacket has a puffy shoulder.\\
'''Luke''': Nay! But we've got flannel!\\
'''Roy''': Oh, that's gay.\\
'''Prudence''': ''*after Kate takes off her second coat*'' Is anyone else concerned about her body temperature?\\
** The group then goes from dissapointed to learn she dislikes sports, to happy that she played soccer in high school, to confused when she says she likes tennis. Then they resort to more obvious questions.
-->'''Leisha''': Do you drive a Subaru outback?\\
'''Roy''': Did you watch ''Series/TheLWord''?\\
'''Prudence''': Who do you think about when you [[ADateWithRosiePalms have a bit of a diddle]]?
* Luke explaining how he got Lizzie pregnant in "adult terms", which turns out to be him gesturing to her neck downwards and referring to it as a "no weiner zone". Lizzie then wordlessly moves his arm to include her head.
** And then Lizzie desperately trying to sound appealing while discussing pregnancy matters with Kate.
-->'''Kate''': Any breast tenderness or swelling?\\
'''Lizzie''': Well they've always been swell! ''*immediate {{facepalm}}*''