* The Thing trying to adjust its language to deal with the less technically-advanced nomes.
--> '''Thing:''' Vitally important I communicate information of utmost significance to community leaders, concerning imminent destruction of this artifact.\\
'''Masklin:''' I'm sorry, could you try that again?\\
'''Thing:''' You do not comprehend?\\
'''Masklin:''' I don't know what "comprehend" means.\\
'''Thing:''' Evidently language has changed in ways I do not understand. I will endeavor to clarify my statement.\\
'''Masklin:''' Oh. Jolly good.\\
'''Thing:''' Big-fella Store him go Bang along plenty soon enough chop-chop?
* And when Masklin misunderstands the Thing later on.
-->'''Thing:''' Do you even remember that you are shipwrecked?\\
'''Masklin:''' I'm Masklin. I don't know who Shipwrecked is.
* This conversation, from the TV series.
--> '''Vinto Pimmie:''' ...So this girl fell down this hole, and there was a white rabbit! Oh, a rabbit, er, a big, white, furry thing...\\
'''Grimma:''' Yes, we know rabbits. There were lots of them where we lived.\\
'''Vinto:''' Really?! With watches?\\
'''Grimma:''' Well, we didn't ask them the time...\\
'''Vinto:''' Oh...\\
'''Grimma:''' We ATE them!
* The Nomes' attempts to drive a truck. Especially when they spot a sign "Road Works Ahead". [[AmbiguousSyntax They're quite happy for the confirmation.]]