* In the two-part origin special the ninja first use the Tornado of Creation and end up creating a ferris wheel with the skeletons caged in the gondolas. Nuckal inexplicably has a cone of cotton candy, then Kruncha knocks it out of his hand prompting him to let out a depressed "Aww".
** Another Nuckal and Kruncha moment near the beginning: At the skeletons' strip mining site Nuckal finds a ring-shaped rock and thinks it looks like a donut, then tries to take a bite out of it to see if it tastes like one. It doesn't.
* After Sensei Wu tells the ninja about the golden weapons, Kai reminds him about his sister. The response from Jay is priceless.
--> '''Jay:''' We're saving a girl? Is she hot?\\
'''Cole:''' Jay!\\
'''Jay:''' I just want to know what we're getting ourselves into. (To Kai) Does she like blue?\\
'''Kai:''' (Death glare) Back off!
* Sensei kicking a slice of pizza away from Cole.
-->'''Sensei:''' No pizza for you!
* In "Home" the ninja flashback to times where Zane acted "weird". In Cole's example, he walked in on Cole on the toilet and mindlessly combed his hair, in Jay's: Jay, Nya, and Zane are watching a movie where a couple break up and Jay and Nya are weeping but Zane laughs like a maniac . In Kai's flashback, Kai is walking to the refrigerator for a late snack. The note Zane leaves is hilarious, "I'm sorry, I've consumed the last of the deli meat...cheese?"
** In some versions, Zane is actually STANDING IN the refrigerator eating a sandwich.
* During the part of "Can of Worms" where Kai gets inflicted with Venomari spit he sees the Venomari and Constrictai as elves and gingerbread men.
** Look! A magic flying rope! We can climb to safety!
** When they're saved by Samurai X he mistakes him for Santa Claus.
** Look at Sensei's beard! It's moving like snakes! *sticks a dumpling to his cheek*
* In "Snakebit" Jay's parents were embarassing Jay through their visit and reveal some of his secrets.
--> '''Sensei:''' Now that they have left, perhaps Jay can teach us the art of kissing pillows.
* In "Tick Tock", Zane discovers why his sense of humor is so dry: [[spoiler:he's an android (Nindroid?), and his humor switch is turned off. Turning it on results in a singing, dancing Zane, complete with Michigan J. Frog impression.]]
* In "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", Zane accidentally freezes himself, Cole, and Kai in a giant block of ice. His response? "Oops."
** On another note, Jay's somewhat dumbfounded face after [[spoiler: Nya kisses him]] can be this.
* "The Green Ninja" is chock full of funny:
** Garmadon moves in with the ninjas after a HeelFaceTurn / EnemyMine. He has an interesting lifestyle to say the least, like sunbathing in a thunder storm and filing his teeth with a black dagger. He even refers to Kai as "Mr. Snoopy Pants" at one point (made funnier by him wearing a purple four-armed robe when he says it).
** When Garmadon and Lloyd are reunited, we get this exchange.
---> '''Lloyd:''' Dad, why do you have four arms?
*** This gets [[BrickJoke brought back again]] in "Wrong Place, Wrong Time".
---->'''Past!Lord Garmadon:''' Why do you- I have four arms?
** This short exchange:
---> "What's he eating?"\\
"Condensed evil, it's supposed to be low in fat."
* This part of a conversation in "All of Nothing":
--> '''Snake:''' I'd start preparing for the worst, for when the Great Devourer is awakened there will be nothing it won't consume!\\
'''Zane:''' [[FridgeLogic Won't that mean it'll consume you too?]]\\
'''Snake:''' ''({{beat}})'' [[FridgeHorror Please, you have to stop him. That snake is crazy! I don't wanna unleash the Great Devourer, I'm a snake, not food!]]
* You know what Sensei Wu thinks? SHOTGUN!!!
* After a failed escape attempt and being constricted even further:
--> '''Cole:''' [[SarcasmMode Great, we're in such a better place than we were before!]]\\
'''Zane:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint And now we can't even play checkers.]]\\
'''Jay:''' I was going to be kinged, Kai!
* Jay freaking out throughout the beginning of "Day of the Great Devourer":
** We are so hooped!
** Jay: Let me make a note of that. Giant snake has itty-bitty weak spot that will be TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET AT BECAUSE THE THING IS TOO RIDICULOUSLY HUGE TO DO ANYTHING TO STOP IT!
** He also suggests they hide in the Serpentine tombs until the Devourer crisis blows over, stating they'll be without sunlight for months but at least they'll be safe.
* In "Pirates vs. Ninja" when the ninja ask how they're going to get around Ninjago City without their vehicles Sensei Wu offers them something he claims will allow them to get around better. They assume it will do something like conjure a portal, but when Cole examines the device it turns out to just be a bus token.
** All of the gags that had to do with One-Eyed Pete and his seeing eye parrot.
--->'''Lord Garmadon:''' I told you fools, they're UNSPEAKABLE!
** Not to mention him begging the Mega Weapon to work while chasing the Ultimate Dragon.
* In "Double Trouble", Lord Garmadon and the Serpentine are trying to devise a new plan to defeat the ninja. A Constrictai suggests they get more pirates and gets thrown off the Black Bounty. A Venomari then suggests they recreate the Great Devourer and is also thrown overboard.
** Also, another one suggests making a giant sandwich. When Garmadon asks if it would be a '''poison''' sandwich, the snake hopes not because he is hungry. And when another snake brings it up later, Garmadon throws him overboard as well.
** Throughout the episode, Cole is obsessed with cake.
** Turns out that Zane isn't just a [[spoiler: RidiculouslyHumanRobot, he's also a DoAnythingRobot. He's used as a battering ram and his head lights up. Who knew?]]
** When the teachers and ninja are locked in a room, they try to find a lever that'll let them out. The first lever they pull makes the room compact ala ''Film/ANewHope'' trash compactor. The second lever not only doesn't stop the shrinking, it adds spikes to the ceiling.
* When Cole's dad is eliminated from the race in "Ninjaball Run".
* From "Child's Play", after the Ninja are turned into kids:
* Along with the scene where the ninja find out that they've been turned into kids, and start screaming
--> '''Cole:''' Aw, but I can't be a kid again! I hated being a kid! You can't drive, nobody listens to you... *gasps* Oh no... ''BEDTIMES!''
* Jay's over the top cry of "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!" upon seeing the Stone Samurai in episode 20.
* Three words: "Rock, paper, clamp."
* Skales' BigNo after [[spoiler:the Serpentine are sealed in the Stone Army's storage chamber]] is broken up by him coughing.
* After the ninja [[spoiler:regain their powers]] in "The Island of Darkness", they proceed to kick some Stone Army butt...except Cole, who decides to start dancing on their heads once he traps them in dirt.
--> '''Cole:''' Hee, hee!
* In the beginning of "The Island of Darkness", Lloyd learns that he'll become [[spoiler:the ultimate spinjitzu master]]. He responds by laughing and mocking the four ninja with "Jealous?" Afterwards, Lloyd is forced out of a mission to prevent from facing his father prematurely. Jay responds with "Jealous" the same way Lloyd did just a moment ago, laugh included.
* "Bequeath, bequeath, bequeath!"
* When Garmadon is about to use the Garmatron to launch a dark matter bomb at Ninjago City the ninja stuff General Kozu into the missile silo instead. He ends up getting launched through the window of Dareth's dojo, where his students promptly beat him up.
* When the ninja get to [[spoiler:evil Ninjago and see it's been taken over, Cole gleefully talks about how he can't wait to see the look on the Overlord's face when he sees they're there. Cue the ninja getting shot at by a gun that shoots pure darkness]]
--> '''Zane:''' Is that the look you were hoping for?\\
'''Jay:''' Zane! *Beat* No...
* Jay trying to the tell the guys the moral of the story in "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" and getting shot down by Cole:
--> '''Jay:''' No matter if you're a snake or a samurai, it's important to be yourself--\\
'''Cole:''' Yeah, that's cute.
* Zane freaking out over his Green Ninja dream and wondering if he's still dreaming until Cole smacks him in the face with a pillow.
--> '''Cole:''' Did that feel like a dream?\\
'''Zane:''' *deadpan* No. Thank you for your help.
* "That is not a coconut!"
* When Cole gets his elemental blade and suit, he does a moonwalk. He's Mi-Cole Jackson!
* Jay dressing up as a woman and lying down in front of a train to fool the Samurai into saving him in order to discover "his" identity in "The Snake King."
** From the same episode, Sensei getting excited over a Ferris Wheel.
* The ninja, completely exhausted after their day jobs:
--> '''Cole:''' My feet! ''I can't feel my feet!''
--> '''Kai:''' There were so many... and they wouldn't stop.
* When Garmadon wants to lighten the Dark Bounty's load, he tells the Serpentine to throw off any excess weight. One unlucky snake asks what to throw off. Cue shot to that same snake flailing as he's tossed off the ship, tumbles through the air, and lands in the ocean.
* Dareth. That is all.
* The newscaster during "Day of the Devourer," "People are advised to run away waving their arms in panic and screaming like little children!"
* When Garmadon is confronted with a warm-up period from the Ultimate Weapon,
-->'''Overlord:''' *flatly* How could I? You were monologuing.
* From a sneak preview of the next season, we see that the technology of New Ninjago City... doesn't really like the Ninjas.
** Kai getting his foot stuck in an automatic door.
* P.I.X.A.L. Asking what Zane's name stands for. He doesn't get it t first and says he stands for honor and other things till Cole points her real question out to him.
* From "The Art of the Silent Fist":
--> (after unveiling Nya's CoolCar)
-->Garmadon: Why must ''everything'' have so many weapons?
--> Lloyd: Says the man who once had four arms to possess the Golden Weapons...
--> Garmadon: *chuckles a little* I deserve that.
*** And then Garmadon lets out something like a YEE-HAW when jumping across a chasm in said car.
* "Aw, great, now they come in ''fun size!''"
* Lloyd and his dad play baseball using Spinjitzu in the ninth graphic novel. After 27 innings and the score still at 0- 0, they give up.
** And then they play catch. The ball goes right through ''tree trunks'' when Lloyd throws it.
* Jay and Cole arguing like little kids when they find out about the matchmaker machine.
** Echoed later in the same episode with "BAD SENSEI".
* Dareth saving the students is part this, part awesome.
* If you don't think about the scenario, [[spoiler: Pythor's new scratchy voice can become this.]]
* Nya's date with Cole and Jay in "Codename: Arcturus". After it, they say she promised to tell them who she would choose as her boyfriend and she chooses... [[spoiler:a random robot working at the theatre, claims it has all the best parts of both of them, and names it Jole.]]
* Kai's attempts at flirting with a random girl in "Codename: Arcturus". It does not end well.
* Chen is just walking humor when he wants to be. Most notable are how he delivers some of his lines.
* Jay's reaction to Garmadon [[spoiler:becoming a half-Anacondrai from Chen's transformation spell]]:
-->'''Jay:''' First it was four arms, then you were a dragon. Would you mind picking a body and sticking with it, please?
* Garmadon and Lloyd teasing Pythor mercilessly because of his shrunken size when they go to him seeking advice on how to defeat Chen and his followers in their transformed state. One joke in particular was a complete slip of the tongue on Pythor's part, causing Pythor to admit he stepped right into it.