[[folder: Season 1 ]]

* In the first episode:
-->'''Timmy''': I'm gonna lick these cheeseballs!"
** "Secret Agent Timmy, please call your mother as soon as you've landed. You don't want her to worry, do you?"
** "Boss, I've found your friend's file." *puts nail file on table* "Here's his number *puts down number 9 cut out of paper* and his hotel." *puts down Monopoly hotel piece*
* The duel in episode 2. Complete with extended suicide sequence.
* In episode 3, "Citizen Ninja", the "banana" RunningGag.
* Episode 10: "Oh no, the greatest ninjas of all! DINOSAURS!"
** From the same episode, during Bruce and Gordon's fight, the reveal that Bruce is a robot. Brad Jone's deadpan delivery just sells it:
** And of course, the brief pause where they exchange card based puns in [[ItMakesSenseInContext tuxedos at a finely set table.]]
* The PleaseSubscribeToOurChannel stinger where Gordon calls himself, who acts like it's no big deal that '''he was just phoned by himself'''.
* Bruce's "training montage" which is actually just him [[BigEater stuffing his face with junk food]], including dunking chips in salsa-sauce, with a look of [[MundaneMadeAwesome extreme effort on his face.]]