[[folder: Never Had A Friend Like Me ]]

* Crocker's first scene.
** Actually, any time that Crocker [[SuddenlyShouting freaks out]].
* Norm's continued attacks against the Canadians.
** He ponders the idea of sending Amanda's parents there as another torment.
* As a CallBack to his second episode, Norm keeps wanting to send Amanda's parents on a one-way trip to Mars. And Timmy Turner [[spoiler:if the boy should happen to upset Amanda]].
--> '''Principal Waxelplax''': "Are you an astronaut?"
* AJ builds him and Chester [[RobotGirl robotic dates]] for the dance. Crocker thinks they're foreign exchange students.
* The [[ExactWords ''unwritten'' rules]] of popularity are recorded on a video.
* [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Cosmo's viewpoint]]
* Cosmo's description of Norm as [[WesternAnimation/HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas the Grinch]].
** And his description of [[{{Disney/Cinderella}} Cinderella]], including the part about how she picked fragile footwear.
* Timmy's remark about what would happen if his parents encountered Norm:
--> "They might be oblivious, but even they might notice [[FogFeet the guy without legs]] floating around and insulting them."
* Poof [[TheGlomp hugging]] Norm. The genie can't get him off and is really uncomfortable with it.
* Mr. Crocker's reaction to [[spoiler: [[EldritchAbomination Bob]] being freed]].
-->"[[CasualDangerDialogue Hmm… It looks like someone tore a hole in reality]]," he commented casually. "That can only mean two things. First, this is obviously the work of ''' ''Fairy Godparents''!'''"
-->He flailed around the empty classroom as he shouted, but Crocker managed to avoid knocking over the stack of papers on his desk. That was certainly progress.
-->"The second thing," he continued, "is that I think class is canceled for the day." He smiled briefly, "I wonder if I can make it to the beach in time if I leave now…"
* When faced with the possibility the world being taken over/remade by an evil EldritchAbomination, the fact that Timmy Turner focused on was that [[SkewedPriorities Norm messed with his love life]]
-->'''Timmy''': "''You're'' the reason I couldn't invite Trixie Tang to the Snow Ball? It was ''you''?"
* After spending so much time hating and/or torturing the country of Canada, Norm ends up finding himself there, of all places, [[spoiler:after his OnlyMostlyDead moment]].
* The fact that an EldritchAbomination is named [[spoiler:[[TomTheDarkLord Bob]].]]
* In the [[spoiler: DistantFinale]] final chapter, Timmy's [[ObfuscatingStupidity oblivious act]] needs a little work.
--> '''Timmy''': "Uh… Hello, random stranger I've never met before who is ''clearly'' a completely normal human. Don't mind me. [[spoiler:I'm probably going senile anyway]].
* The three times people have mistaken Amanda for a five-year-old.

[[folder: Tales as Old as Time ]]

* In the sequel/spin-off, a passing observation from Amanda about her schoolmates shows that Mark actually ''enjoys'' being thrown in a trash can by Francis. Considering the planet he's from, it's hilarious and makes sense.
* This quick exchange:
-->'''Timmy''': "I think I can feel my brain melting out of my ears."
-->'''Cosmo''': "I don't ''see'' anything."
-->'''Wanda''': "That's a metaphor."
-->'''Cosmo''': "Would a meta-five or a meta-six be better? Isn't this a math test?"
* Apparently it only took Mark Chang fifteen minutes to complete the test. After he finally stopped laughing about the backwards and primitive 'science' on the test.
** And then Cosmo gives the right answer to a question by sheer dumb luck.
* Cosmo's solution to disguising Amanda on Yugopotamia- cover her up with a bed sheet.
* The Yugopotamians' reactions to Amanda eating a chocolate chip cookie, Mark hugging her, and Mark's description of how humans train their children and how scary they will be when they're adults.