* [[http://www.nofna.com/?T=1-1-50-188 How Fiat and Syncope deal with some of Keratin's guards]].

* [[http://www.nofna.com/?T=1-1-12-27 SV and XZ arguing over the cleanliness of their hands]]. Specfically, the panel where XZ says, "''These hands?''" is a wonderful example of Braun's visual humour; there's no less than five or six jokes in the same panel!

* [[http://www.nofna.com/?T=1-1-15-56 GET OVER HERE!!]]
* [[http://www.nofna.com/?T=1-1-15-285 Who knew spider babies could be so cute? Or loud?]]
* [[http://www.nofna.com/?T=1-1-15-102 Scytodes]] attacks Lycosa by spitting venom-laced webs on her. Lycosa replies with [[http://www.nofna.com/?T=1-1-15-103 a joke about premature ejaculation]] (second panel).

'''''Wild Style'''''
* After trying in vain to get various animals to draw something funny for ''Wild Style'', a frustrated [[AuthorAvatar Braun]] decides to draw it himself - surely a human, [[HumansAreSpecial the ultimate organism]], can pull it off, right? [[spoiler:Nope. [[EpicFail He fails miserably]].]]

'''''Solar System'''''
* [[http://www.nofna.com/?T=1-1-88-47 This exchange between Yuri and Diana]]. It has to be seen; the art ''makes'' this one.
-->'''Yuri:''' Maybe I'm not talking about the ship! ''(smooches Diana and runs off)''