Just because it's [[NightmareFuel/MyLittleCastlevania kinda scary]] doesn't mean it can't be funny.

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* Pinkie Pie introducing Aeon to the other Mane Five. In classic Pinkie fashion, she [[MotorMouth runs her mouth a mile a minute]], explaining she'd met Aeon when they [[NoodleIncident traveled through time to rescue]] ''[[NoodleIncident herself.]]''
* Twilight Sparkle and the triplet Hospital directors. They're just... [[MindScrew trippy.]]
* Rainbow Dash's and Shatterstorm's bickering has become a little more light-hearted than when they were first introduced to the reader, leading to some great insult exchanges.
-->'''Rainbow Dash:''' ''Whatsamatter, Shatters?'' ''[[HeManWomanHater Afraid your balls are gonna fall off?]]''
-->'''Shatterstorm:''' ''[[TheLadette Hey, if it happened to you, it could happen to me.]]'' ''Can't blame a guy for being cautious.''
* Princess Luna shipping her sister with Julius Belmont. There's just something about that that's flat-out amusing.
* Shatterstorm's [[MostAnnoyingSound reaction]] to [[TheThingThatWouldNotLeave Pinkie Pie.]]
* Rainbow Dash DreamSequence of herself and Shatterstorm giving into their passions for each other, "[[DreamWithinADream waking up]]" to find herself in bed with him. Her flustered state after waking up for real seems to be amusing most of the readers, judging by the comments.
* Shatterstorm's response to finding where Rainbow Dash has been imprisoned, only to discover she's already escaped.
-->"Would it kill you to be ''feminine'' for once and let me rescue you?"