* In [[http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2961893/5/Mother-of-Learning Chapter 5]], during Zorian's second loop, he is sitting in class trying to figure out how to send an anonymous warning about [[spoiler:the coming invasion]] when [[KidAnova Benisek]] looks over his shoulder and reads what he is writing. Two days later, after Benisek has convinced the entire class Zorian has a secret crush on someone, Neolu (another classmate) gives him a list of books to look for. Books on how to send messages and gifts that couldn't be identified to their sender.
-->Apparently if you call such advice ''Forbidden Love: Mysteries of Scarlet Letters Revealed'' and phrase it as relationship advice you can get straight past the usual censorship such topics would normally be subjected to.
* In [[https://www.fictionpress.com/s/2961893/6/Mother-of-Learning Chapter 6]], Byrn tries to help [[LeaveMeAlone Zorian]] with his research question.
-->"The academy library-"\\
"First thing I tried," Zorian sighed. "I'm not stupid, you know?"\\
The boy rolled his eyes at him. "Did you search for the books yourself or did you ask the librarian to help you? Mother works as a librarian, and they have these special divination spells that let them find things in minutes that would take you decades if you search by title and skimming alone."\\
[[DumbStruck Zorian opened his mouth before closing it.]] Ask the librarian for help, huh? Okay, maybe he ''is'' stupid.
* In [[http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2961893/8/Mother-of-Learning Chapter 8]], when [[spoiler:Zach Noveda]] comes up with a theory to explain why [[spoiler:Zorian]] is behaving differently than he did in [[spoiler:prior reverts]], the latter's reaction is ''priceless.''
* In [[http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2961893/11/Mother-of-Learning Chapter 11]], Zorian (remembering what he was told about his being standoffish and unapproachable) decides to be nicer to his classmates, starting by answering Akoja's question about where he was yesterday instead of blowing her off. He then calls her arrogant almost immediately afterwards.
-->Well, so much for being nice to Akoja! She stomped off soon after that, shooting him a nasty glare.\\
Resolving to be more understanding towards people was hard.
* After one too many repetitions of [[GoodMorningCrono "Good Morning, Zorian!"]] from his sister, [[https://www.fictionpress.com/s/2961893/13/Mother-of-Learning Zorian lies very still, just long enough for her to start getting worried]] -- [[spoiler:then he screams as loud as he can into her face.]]
* In [[http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2961893/17/Mother-of-Learning Chapter 17]], after being told he is [[spoiler:an empath]], Zorian tries to get a second opinion from Imaya Kuroshka. She asks him a series of questions about [[spoiler:his ability to detect moods]], which culminates in him alluding to [[spoiler:the 'pressure']] that makes him so uncomfortable in crowds.
-->'''Imaya:''' That's... an interesting problem. Tell me, is [[spoiler:the pressure]] constant or does it varies according to some criteria?\\
'''Zorian:''' It varies. The more people there are in a crowd and the more densely they're packed the stronger it is. It's also stronger if the crowd is...\\
[''[[{{Beat}} Zorian pauses]] as [[FridgeLogic realization dawns]]'']\\
'''Imaya:''' Yes? If the crowd is what?\\
'''Zorian:''' ...[[spoiler:emotionally charged]] for some reason.
* [[https://www.fictionpress.com/s/2961893/22/Mother-of-Learning Chapter 22:]] Zorian is assigned a MotorMouth [[spoiler:giant spider]] teacher.
-->'''Zorian:''' Does she come with an off button?
* In chapter 26, Zorian defends himself in a... non-tradition manner from Red Robe:
-->"You shot me!" the Red Robe's voice yelled hysterically behind him. "What kind of mage uses a gun!?"
* In [[https://www.fictionpress.com/s/2961893/51/Mother-of-Learning Chapter 51]], Zorian attempts to submit an anonymous report of Sudomir's activities through the church. Unfortunately, bureaucracy being what it is, he's told the report will likely take several months to go anywhere, which of course is too long to fit in the time loop. While he's there, he takes the opportunity to ask the priest about necromancy; specifically, why someone might want to imprison thousands of souls in a necromantic artefact.
--> Batak gave him a blank look, glanced to the side of the table where Zorian's sealed letter was innocently resting, then gave Zorian another blank look. Then he placed the letter in front of him again and wrote 'URGENT' on top of the envelope in big, blocky letters before setting it aside again.