* Tag runs over Slick's foot and [[AmusingInjuries causing him to hop around in pain.]]
--> '''Gary:''' [[ThatsGottaHurt Ooh!]] I hope he doesn't need that foot for the gas pedal.
* Tag attempts to get in the starting line, but one of the racers keeps shielding to bump him away.
-->'''Gary''': Ooooh, denied!\\
'''Biff''':That's something you're used to, Gary.\\
(Tag uses a [[ShockAndAwe Bolt]] to taze the racer so he can position himself.)\\
'''Gary''': And That, Biff, Is something YOU'RE used to.
** Also a CrowningMomentOfAwesome in that Gary manages to fling a comeback at [[{{Jerkass}} Biff's]] face.