* From "The Good Ship Bad".
-->'''Mike''': A vintage Action Cola can! Complete with contest rules and a worded disclaimer about how [[TakeThat no one can win!]]
* In "Flustering Footwear Flotsam", Margery begins making "shoe portraits" and desperately wants Mike's red shoe to finish a potrait of the island's founder.
--> '''Margery:''' Hello, Mike! Why don't you take off your shoe and stay awhile? Or not stay a while; just ''[[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything take off your shoe.]]''
** And later...
-->'''Margery:''' Can I have a shoe...[[FreudianSlip a word with you?]]
** Also, Og [[DancingPants dancing uncontrollably]] [[RunningGag in tap shoes.]]
** Mike in therapy with Queeks, stating that she's been wearing the same pair of shoes since she came to the island (and they're smelly enough to prove it).
-->'''Queeks:''' ACK!!! YOU KEEP YOURS ON!!!
** The whole episode, really.
* From "Whole Lotta Shakin'"
** Mike worrying about the volcano erupting, admitting that she never saw a PG movie.
** Followed shortly soon after by a BigWhat when Lu tells her that the volcano's activity is a time for celebration rather than fear.
* In "Thanks, But No Thanks", Margery is cooking something that requires her wearing a welding helmet and eventually a ''radiation protection suit''. Talk about LethalChef.
* From "A Boy's Game":
** While playing his extremely difficult handheld game, Og states he was so close. The camera pans out to reveal that he's on the edge of a cliff, during which Og finishes his sentence by specifying that he was close to falling onto some jagged rocks.
* In "The Three Amigas", Lu sees the newly-befriended Mike and Hermione wearing "nose bones". Lu shows up with a bone through her nose too in order to fit in. However, Mike and Hermione reveal that their bones are actually clip-ons. ''Lu on the other hand...''
-->'''Lu:''' Does it hurt?
* In "The Great Snipe Hunt", Margery is cooking a "pea cake" for Og's birthday. Mike questions that it should be a carrot cake. Margery's response?
-->'''Margery:''' [[RealityIsUnrealistic Carrots? In a cake?]]
* In "Giant Steps", Mike is terrified beyond compare at the sight of a spider. Said spider turns out to be a ''baby spider'' (complete with pacifier).
* From "Sultans of Swat":
-->'''Wendel:''' [[IsItSomethingYouEat Can one eat the ball when one is finished?]]\\
'''Margery:''' [[StrangeMindsThinkAlike Indeed.]]
* In "A Learning Experience", Mike gets ready for her first day of school on the island.
-->'''Alfred:''' Are you ready for school, Mike?\\
'''Mike:''' Yep. I've got pencils, a backpack, and a new protractor.\\
'''Alfred:''' That's nice, dear. But, ''are you ready for school?''
** That joke then makes sense about a minute later, when we find out what exactly ''is'' school there.
** Plus, when Og points out a "school crossing" on their way to school, Mike scoffs at the idea, saying there's nothing to watch out for. Once she steps onto the crossing, a ''stampede of elephants'' rushes by.
-->'''Mike:''' [[MajorInjuryUnderreaction Safety first.]]\\
''(pan down to reveal her foot sticking out of her torn shoe)''
* From "Hot Dog"
-->'''Og:''' [[CrazyAwesome YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!]]
** Mike hallucinating everyone else as being hot dogs.
* "The Big Game" has Mike's elephant rolling over in the house and breaking it in the process.
* From "To Serve Lu":
-->"Slave, bring the ocean to me."
* A scene from "Fitness Fever" where Wendel is examining himself in the mirror contemplating [[AmbiguouslyGay "You are da man"]].
** Queeks hypnotizing Wendel into thinking he's a chicken.
* The debate/wrestling match from "A Freudian Split".
* Any scene with the pirate captain and his pink bunny puppet.
%%* This gem from "Fathers and Pies":
%%-->'''Margery:''' ...
* Queeks wearing roller-blades on his arms in "Roller Madness".
* From "Hot Couture":
** The song Wendel sings to himself when he tries to hunt an animal he can wear for the fashion show.
** Pretty much all of the remarks made about Queeks' seaweed ensemble, but this one takes the cake.
-->'''Lu:''' I wonder if I'll smell that bad when I'm old.\\
'''Queeks:''' I doubt you'll get old!