Unsurprisingly, almost all of Creator/MelBrooks' films have their own Crowning Moment of Funny pages. Please post examples there:


* ''Funny/TheProducers''
* ''Funny/BlazingSaddles''
* ''Funny/YoungFrankenstein''
* ''Funny/SilentMovie''
* ''Funny/HighAnxiety''
* ''Funny/HistoryOfTheWorldPartI''
* ''Funny/{{Spaceballs}}''
* ''Funny/RobinHoodMenInTights''
* ''Funny/DraculaDeadAndLovingIt''

* One (Possibly anecdotal) for the man himself. The story says that while on an elevator with a woman, she said, "Mr. Brooks, your new film was absolutely vulgar." Brooks' reply? "Madam, it rose below vulgarity."