* At the beginning, Megamind comments that "It could be worse." Then notes that he's the one falling to his death. Well, guess it can't.
* "Is it a ''puppy''?!" The fact that he was pretending his gift was a puppy, then excitedly asking about it makes it gold.
* The HamToHamCombat between Megamind and Metro Man at the beginning:
-->'''Megamind:''' In case you haven't noticed, you've fallen right into my trap!\\
'''Metro Man:''' You can't trap justice! It's an idea, a BELIEF!\\
'''Megamind:''' Even the most heartfelt belief can be corroded over time!\\
'''Metro Man:''' Justice is a non-corrosive metal!\\
'''Megamind:''' But metals can be melted, by the heat of re-''vahnge''!\\
'''Metro Man:''' It's ''revenge'', and it's best served ''cold!''\\
'''Megamind:''' But it can be easily reheated, in the microwave of evil!\\
'''Metro Man:''' [[{{Metaphorgotten}} Well, I think your warranty's about to expire!]]\\
'''Megamind:''' [[OverlyLongGag Maybe I got an extended warranty!]]\\
'''Metro Man:''' [[SidetrackedByTheAnalogy Warranties are invalid, if you don't use the product for its intended purpose!]]\\
'''Roxanne:''' Girls, girls, you're both pretty! Can I go home now?
* Roxanne's been kidnapped enough to be completely familiar with all of Megamind's deathtraps. Well, the "spee-yiy-dorr" is new.
** Roxanne's utter nonchalance while being kidnapped.
-->'''Metro Man:''' ''[[LargeHam Don't panic Roxy! I'm on my way!]]''\\
'''Roxanne:''' I'm not panicking. ''[Is ignored]''
* There's also her request to have her "frequent kidnap victim card" stamped. Megamind insists that they discontinued that promotion.
* Megamind gets booed by the audience and what's his response? "[[InsultBackfire Booooo! Yes, I can play along, too!]]"
* When Megamind finally takes over City Hall and finally wins, he wished his parents were still alive to see his accomplishments, and Minion consoles that they must be proud, watching him from "Evil Heaven".
* Roxanne also has one when [[spoiler: she finds out Metro Man is alive and won't stop Titan]]:
-->'''Roxanne:''' I say we go back to the evil lair, grab some [[RayGun ray guns]], [[GangstaStyle hold 'em sideways]] and just go all ''gangsta'' on him.
* When Megamind & Minion confront a terrifed Hal in his apartment
-->'''Hal''': Is this a robbery? 'Cause the lady across the hall has way better stuff than me!\\
'''Megamind''': Look! It's Hal Stewart! Quick, the spray!\\
(''Minion tries chloroform spray on Hal, but the can's empty'')\\
'''Minion''': Oops, all out.\\
'''Megamind''': Well, use the forget-me-stick!\\
'''Minion''': Oh, right. ('''*WHACK!*''')
** Hal's [[http://caps.pictures/201/0-megamind/full/megamind-disneyscreencaps.com-4710.jpg dazed expression after getting whacked]] is ''priceless''. It's even become a [[MemeticMutation Meme]]!
* "Good luck, fellas!" "We're gonna ''die''!"
** Plus the Warden's little "well... yeah." nod.
** "Hee hee!... [[FlatWhat wait, what?]]"
* "I'm not allowed to insult guests directly." Oh, [[{{Jerkass}} Bernard.]]
* Megamind, in disguise as Space Dad, gives Hal his superhero suit.
-->'''Hal''': Hey, what does the "T" stand for?\\
'''Megamind:''' Titan!\\
'''Hal:''' [[FunWithHomophones Tighten]]? What's that supposed to mean?\\
'''Megamind:''' It was the only name I could trademark.
* Any time Space Dad opens his mouth. He's basically [[Film/SupermanTheMovie Jor-El]], but voiced by a [[Film/TheGodfather very different Marlon Brando character]].
--> "Unfafomble... unfaf... without fathom"
* When Titan rips the door off the invisible car, Megamind hides by grabbing onto it. When it becomes visible, Titan notices Megamind on it through the door window. Megamind's nervous laugh and expression as he pointlessly clicks the lock on the door is just great.
* Another mention should go to his particularly epic OhCrap face after Roxanne explains how she found his hideout.
* One of the greatest ironies in the entire film comes after Titan learns that Space Dad had really been Megamind under a holographic disguise the entire time. Titan is furious, not only for Megamind deceiving ''him'', but for also deceiving ''[[PaperThinDisguise Space Step Mom]].''
* When Roxanne blows a dangling spider into Megamind's eye, and Minion tries to help by ''punching him in the face'', and then ''stomps on his head''.
* When Megamind and Roxanne are investigating the school.
-->'''Roxanne:''' There are ice cubes in this glass.\\
'''Megamind:''' [[CaptainObvious Yes, that's what happens when water gets cold.]]
** Not to mention [[spoiler: Metro Man coming in behind them, eating a sandwich and silently freaking out as they continue to remark on the state of the ice. Their reaction to turning around and seeing him is priceless.]]
** Megamind's reaction, complete with PuppyDogEyes:
-->'''Megamind:''' [[OurGhostsAreDifferent Are you a ghost... ? ... Speak, apparition....]]
** And then he starts pinching [[spoiler: Metro Man's]] cheeks, to make sure [[spoiler: he's]] real.
* The entire scene where Roxanne infiltrates Megamind's lair.
** Special mention goes to when Roxie finds the secret entrance: a doormat labeled "Secrit Entrance", courtesy of Minion.
-->'''Megamind''': ''Minion!''\\
'''Minion''': (meekly) I kept forgetting where it was.
** When she and Megamind disguised as Bernard stumbles onto Megamind's secret plans hanging from the roof and on the walls. Megamind has to keep switching between enthusiastic and his [[OhCrap real emotions]] as Roxanne looks away then back at him.
** Another special mention to "Bernard" fighting Megamind.
-->'''"Bernard"''': [[ButHeSoundsHandsome I tried my best, but he was too fantastic!]]
* When Megamind enters upon City Hall as AC/DC's ''Highway to Hell'' is playing... he orders Minion to cut the music... and Minnie Ripperton's ''Loving You'' starts playing!
** Even funnier is the fact that "Highway to Hell" [[SoundEffectBleep switches to "Loving You" every time the word "Hell" is uttered.]]
*** Actually, it switches ''to'' a "Hell" just before Minion breaks it to stop it. Well, an "ell", anyways.
* When Titan tells Roxanne that she lives in a fantasy world and she shouldn't go around believing that there's good in everyone: "There is no Easter Bunny, there is no Tooth Fairy, and there is no ''[[EskimosArentReal Queen of England]]!''"
* Also, this exchange between Roxanne and Megamind when [[spoiler: Megamind is fighting Titan]]
-->'''Roxanne:''' Remember the night I dumped you?\\
'''Megamind:''' You're bringing this up ''now''?
* This exchange between Megamind and Minion after the former orders the latter to fire the death ray:
-->'''Megamind''': Uh...Minion? Fire?\\
'''Minion''': Still warming up, sir.\\
'''Megamind''': Warming up?! ''The sun'' is WARMING UP?!
* The entire opening.
* Minion [[spoiler:FakingTheDead for a dramatic death scene]]. Made utterly hilarious by Megamind's utter nonchalance.
-->'''Megamind:''' [[spoiler:What a drama queen!]]
* Any of the dancing scenes.
* This exchange:
-->'''Megamind:''' ''(pretending to be Bernard'') I was just yelling at... my mother's... urn.\\
'''Roxanne''': Well, hurry up.
* And when Megamind/Bernard asks if Roxanne would still like him if he (just as a random example) was bald and had the complexion of a 'popular primary color'. Roxanne's response?
-->'''Roxanne''': You don't judge a book by its cover or a person from the outside.\\
'''Megamind''': ''(adopts a look of relief)'' That's a relief to hear.\\
'''Roxanne''': You judge them based on their ''actions''.\\
'''Megamind''': ''(look of relief vanishes as the implications of that sink in)'' ...Well that seems kinda petty, don't you think?
* Musicman.
-->'''Roxanne:''' "Music Man"?\\
'''Metro Man:''' That way I can keep my logo.\\
'''Roxanne / Megamind:''' ''(in unison)'' Come again? / Cuzzawha?\\
'''Metro Man:''' [[LargeHam Finally, I was free to get in touch with my TRUE POWER!]] Weaving lyrical magic. Check ''this'' out.\\
''(plays on an acoustic guitar)''\\
'''Metro Man:''' "[[DreadfulMusician I have eyes / that can see / right through leeeeeaaaaad]]."\\
''(Roxanne and Megamind exchange horrified looks)''
* Black Mamba. Complete with a fanfare reeking with MundaneMadeAwesome.
* "[[OwMyBodyPart OW, my giant blue head!]]"
* When they go to find clues at [[spoiler: Metroman's hideout]], they find all the things he kept, and Megamind eyes one of the old capes.
-->'''Roxanne''': Hey, come over and look at this!\\
'''Megamind''': (comes crashing in from the right and springs back up, wearing the white and gold cape) ''What is it?'' What did you find?
-->'''Roxanne''': (wearing the quintessential "wtf" face) Um...
* "Okay, Minion! You were right! I was...less right!"
* Megamind fighting [[spoiler: Titan for the first time]]
-->'''Megamind''': Now that's the spirit! Parry. Thrust. Parry again. Now it's time for some witty back-and-forth banter. You go first.\\
[[spoiler:'''Titan''']]: [[{{Kiai}} AHHHHHHHHHHHH!]]\\
'''Megamind''': Okay, look, I'm not sure where to go with that.
* "I wouldn't stay for more than 2 minutes 37 seconds if I were you! We're having the walls and ceiling removed!"
* The mid-credit sequence. [[spoiler:The dehydrated Bernard pops out of the washing machine]] and Minion just responds by admonishing Megamind:
-->'''Minion''': Sir, you really need to clean out your pockets more often!
* When Megamind busts out his MotionCaptureMecha and the rock music to battle Titan the first time, Titan doesn't show... cue the TimePassesMontage as Megamind's rock music shuffles through the whole playlist [[BrickJoke until it lands on "Loving You" again.]] [[FridgeBrilliance The whole robot is slumping over BECAUSE it's a Motion Capture Mecha.]]
** And he finally resorts to playing with a nearby parked car as if it were a life-sized Hot Wheels car.
-->'''Megamind''': Oh no I'm going to crash! Ahh! ''['Drives' the car into the reflecting pool outside City Hall]'' Glub glub glub!
* Megamind "losing his cool" while the Metroman Museum is blowing up behind him.
-->'''Megamind:''' Aaaah! Oh! I'm too close! I'm genuinely scared right now! Oh! I hope no one can see this! Aah!
* "I'm in a heated existential discussion with this dead-eyed plastic desk toy!"
* The entire press-conference after Megamind vanquishes Metroman, which opens with a stubborn sound system insisting on playing "Loving You" to Megamind pretty much admitting that he's got no clue what he's doing:
-->'''Roxanne''': I'm sure we'd all like to know what you plan to do with us and this city!\\
'''Megamind''': Good question... glad you asked that. Imagine... the most horrible, terrifying, evil thing you can think of. And multiply it -- '''''by six'''''! In the mean time, I want you to carry on with the dreary, normal things that people do. Let's just have fun with this, come on! And I will get back to you!
** His Dracula-esque pose with the cape, and crab-walking out of sight...
* Minion, upon being asked if he ever imagined the day Megamind won:
-->'''Minion''': No way. Not at all, sir. Never. Never in a million years. ''[Notices Megamind's glare]'' I mean... [[BlatantLies yes! I did!]]
* When Megamind is riding his bike, it has stabilizers. Simple, but very funny.
** His helmet has a tiny rear-view mirror attachment, and a camera on top.
* When Megamind, disguised as Bernard, is trying to get Roxanne out of his lair.
-->'''Megamind:''' How about this one? This way looks exciting!\\
'''Roxanne:''' No, it says "Exit."\\
'''Megamind:''' ...Which is the abbreviation for "Exciting", right?
** Later, Roxanne tries to leave through the door. It leads to a pit with alligators, squeaky toys, dance music, and a disco ball.
-->'''Roxanne:''' Bernard! You were right about that room being exciting!
** Megamind being forced to blow up his brain bots with dynamite:
-->''[loud whisper]'' Daddy's sorry!
* When Megamind is trying to intimidate Roxanne with his various traps/devices, he eventually ends up spinning a wheel whilst exclaiming "What does this thing do?!"
* This exchange during Megamind and Minion's [[spoiler:"break up scene"]]:
-->'''Minion:''' Well, good luck with your date!\\
'''Megamind:''' I will!\\
'''Minion:''' That doesn't even make any sense!\\
'''Megamind:''' I know... !
* Hal/[[spoiler:"Titan"]]'s very first training session is incredibly hilarious, even if it is {{Foreshadowing}}.
** The look of horror on Space Dad's face as [[spoiler:Hal]] melts away the Megamind mannequin sells the scene.
* The scene where Megamind announces his not-quite-plan for Metro City, and a good chunk of the attendees are recording the whole thing on their camera phones.
* Minion's perfect girly scream after Megamind says [[spoiler: "Maybe I don't ''want'' to be the bad guy anymore!"]]
-->'''Minion:''' ''(thunderstruck)'' ... who ''ARE'' you?!
* Roxanne and Megamind are both talking to Metroman's statue.
-->'''Roxanne:''' Without you, evil is running rampant through the streets.\\
'''Megamind:''' [[VictoryIsBoring I am so tired of running rampant through the streets!]]
* The all-too-familiar training course ([[VideoGame/DonkeyKong with girders and flaming barrels tossed at Titan by Minion]]) is worth a chuckle.
** He's even imitating Kong's movements.
* The "No You Can't" sign.
* When the syringe gun indicates that it needs to warm up, just like the sun death ray:
-->'''Megamind:''' ''[exasperated]'' Minion, if I live, I will kill you.
* "He's not used to ''positive'' feedback!"
** Megamind's face as she says it is priceless as well.
* How [[spoiler: Metro Man]] just [[ShootingSuperman stands there without so much as flinching]] as Roxanne throws one thing after another at him in a fit of anger.
-->'''Roxanne:''' ''(throws a trophy at [[spoiler: Metro Man]])'' How could you ''do'' this?! ''(throws microphone)'' The people of this city ''relied'' on you ''(throws an amplifier at him)'' and you ''deserted'' them! ''(smashes guitar over his head)'' You left us in the hands of - of - ''him''! ''(indicates Megamind, then hastily turns to him and adds)'' No offense.\\
'''Megamind:''' ''(hastily)'' No, I'm with you.
* At the beginning, the criminals doing flashcards with baby Megamind. When they show him a card of a police officer, they shake their heads and Megamind mimics the motion, and when they show him a card of a criminal, they nod and Megamind does the same.
* Megamind's comment about being eight days old, and still living with his parents. "How sad is that? Clearly, it was time to move on."
* The very first entrance into Halís apartment: Megamind enters through the door by blowing it up. Minion then promptly installs a new one.
** What makes this even funnier is the fact that the door is unlocked [[note]](Hal to Roxanne, one scene earlier:) ďIíll leave the door unlocked in case you want to check on me later.Ē[[/note]].
* It's there for about a second, but right when Metro Man is giving his big speech during the unveiling of his museum, one person (presumably Random Citizen) actually shrieks with excitement just to hear what Metro Man has to say.
* There's something incredibly funny about the way Metro Man reveals his big epiphany: "[[LargeHam And THAT'S when I DECIDED...]] to fake my death."
* "Formal speed walking"
* [[EvilIsHammy "PRESENTATION!"]]
* Metro Man's flashback of using his super speed is funny in itself. But at one point, he's standing behind Megamind who is in mid-sentence with the most hilarious freeze-frame expression.
* "And I love you, random citizen!"
* '''"[[LargeHam HAL SCHTEWART! PREPARE FOR YOUR]] ''[[ChewingTheScenery DESTINAAAAY!]]"'''''
* [[spoiler: After defeating Hal, the townspeople come to congratulate Megamind, who misreads the scene as an angry mob, and pulls his gun at the crowd in fear.]]
--> [[spoiler: '''Megamind:''']] [[spoiler: "Get back, you savages!"]]
* Hal's thought-process on superhero costume designs:
--> '''Hal:''' You'd be the brains, so you'd get a little brain wearing glasses on your costume, or something, and since I'm the cool one, I'd have, like, two tanks sword-fighting...
!!Megamind and the Button of Doom
* Megamind's [[ItMakesSenseInContext holographic talking head]] (a leftover from his days as a villain) informing him of what the button he pressed does: "Greetings, hero! You've just unleashed an unspeakable evil upon Metrocity, and you're really, ''really'' not going to like it!"